10 Best Basswood For Cricut Maker: Review And Buying Guide

Are you interested in trying out some innovative Cricut wood projects? But can’t you make up your mind on which materials to utilize? A Cricut Maker is a smart cutting tool that can easily and precisely cut wood veneers, balsa wood, basswood, chipboard, leather, and other materials in no time. However, basswood and balsa wood are the two ideal options for creating Cricut wooden crafts.

Balsa wood may be a good option for an artistic project, but it’s somewhat flimsy and not very durable. Compared to balsa wood, basswood is much denser, and its surface is simple to dye or paint. And so it’s my go-to material for any DIY endeavor. 

So, which basswood works best with your Cricut Maker? There are a lot of choices on the market right now. But finding the best basswood for Cricut Maker is challenging. For your convenience, I’ve assembled a list of the 10 best basswoods for Cricut Makers after an in-depth consideration. 

Do you need more time to be willing to compromise with the quality? Then you can put your trust in my top recommendation. Of the 10 best basswoods for Cricut Maker, MJ Unfinished 5PCS Basswood Sheet is a decent investment. These five unfinished basswood sheets come in natural wood colors. This is perfect for DIY house renovations, architectural models, and other creative endeavors.

Explore the post to learn more about the top ten basswoods for Cricut Maker! After reading the entire article, you will arrive at the optimal decision. 

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Best Basswood For Cricut Maker: A Head-to-head Comparison

Limited in time? Need a concise overview of the whole article? No worries. Check out this comparison chart, which contains all the vital features, to get an entire picture of the ten top basswoods to cut with a Cricut Maker. By considering all options, you can make a good decision.

ProductNumber Of PiecesSize(Diameter)ThicknessWeightDimension(Inches)For Price
MJ Unfinished 5PCS Basswood Sheet For Cricut Maker5 Count300mm x 200mm1.5 mm9.9 Ounces12.44 x 9.61 x 0.55 inchesClick Here
Vanblue 12 Pack Basswood Sheets12 Count300mm x 200mm1.5 mm1.68 Pounds118.11 x 59.06 x 0.59 inchesClick Here
DOMG Thin Plywood Wood Sheets For Craft5 Count8 x 12 inches1/16 inches9.9 Ounces12.45 x 9.77 x 0.63 inchesClick Here
Bright Creations Thin Basswood Sheets8 Count10 x 10 inches3 mm1.81 Pounds10.67 x 10.16 x 1.06 inchesClick Here
Lulu Home Unfinished Basswood Sheets5 Count7.87 x 11.8 inches2 mm11.1 Ounces11.69 x 7.91 x 0.51 inchesClick Here
Aolite Unfinished Wood Pieces25 Count100mm x 150mm1.5 mm11.7 Ounces5.91 x 3.94 x 0.06 inchesClick Here
Qj-Solar Plywood Wood Sheets For Crafts5 count12 x 8 inches1/16 inches10.4 Ounces12.3 x 8.4 x 0.7 inchesClick Here
Brmeday 10 Pack Basswood Sheets10 Count12 x 8 inches1/8 inches2.14 Pounds7.87 x 11.81 x 0.12 inchesClick Here
TDOCK Basswood Sheets10 Count300mm x 200mm1.5 mm1.24 Pounds12.09 x 9.57 x 0.98 inchesClick Here
Blulu Unfinished Plywood Board10 Count200mm x 100mm1.5 mm6.3 Ounces8.82 x 8.03 x 0.63 inchesClick Here

10 Best Basswood For Cricut Maker: In-Details Reviews

While using Cricut Maker to create miniatures for crafts, you can’t choose the wrong materials. If the basswood you select is of poor quality, your intended product will also turn out lousy. All the products we’ve highlighted below provide an excellent balance between quality and functionality.

1. MJ Unfinished 5PCS Basswood Sheet For Cricut Maker:

Now that you have a Cricut Maker, you’re probably thinking about what creative things you can make. Remarkably, you can use Basswood and the Maker to create many different things. Now the question may arise of which basswood to utilize. I’ll choose MJ Unfinished Basswood Sheets in the first position for their natural color and beautiful texture. You will be given five sheets of this plywood.

Features With Benefits:

Convenient To Cut:

MJ Unfinished 5 PCS Basswood Sheets can be conveniently cut by any utility knife or laser. This wood has a delicate, homogenous texture and mild luster grain.

Excellent DIY Material:

These 5 pieces of basswood by MJ are ideal for any DIY chores, doll house, art crafts, or architectural models. Whether you want to create adorable wooden items or a decorative display, just cut basswood into the appropriate shape with your Cricut Maker, and you’re good to go.

Perfect Dimension:

The wood is 300mm in length, 200mm in width, and 1.5mm in height. Both sides are sleekly polished, lightweight, and user-friendly.


  • Made from unpainted, natural basswood;
  • Lightweight yet durable;
  • Possible to cut with a laser or a regular kitchen knife;
  • Convenient to carry and handle;
  • Works well with a Cricut Maker.


  • Not so great for large projects.

2. Vanblue 12 Pack Basswood Sheets:

The 12-pack of 1/16 inches of basswood sheets is designed to cut through a Cricut Maker. The 1/16 unfinished sheets provide many benefits, including high quality, no need for splicing, smooth surfaces, and ease of sanding.

Features With Benefits:

Excellent Gift For Crafters:

Thin wood sheets, like the 1/16 Vanblue craft wood for Cricut, are an excellent present for kids. It will help them develop their manual dexterity, expand their horizons, and discover the joy of learning and creating independently.

Hassle-Free Cutting:

Vanblue Cricut basswood sheets are versatile and easy to work with. They can be gently sanded, colored, varnished, stained, engraved, and so on. The plywood sheets can be utilized to create anything from models of buildings to boats.

Long-Lasting Service Life:

The thin basswood sheets are the most acceptable option for DIY architecture model materials. They are safe, can’t be easily distorted, have a smooth surface free of burrs, and have outstanding strength and durability.

Vanblue basswood sheets have smooth, rounded corners to protect against damage that sharper edges could cause.

DIY Enjoy:

Blank on both sides; the high-quality unfinished basswood boards are regular in size. Basswood for Cricut might be used imaginatively to build lovely jewelry boxes, individualized picture frames, and ornaments for birdhouses.


  • Excellent DIY material to use with a Cricut Maker;
  • Can be applied to cutting machines or manual cutting;
  • Ideal for creating a robust and efficient craft or model;
  • Works well for DIY painting or pyrography art;
  • Not easily distorted.


  • The cutting process may take a lot of time.

3. DOMG Thin Plywood Wood Sheets For Craft:

DOMG’s five-pack of basswood sheets is ideal for any activity that calls for painting, building models, crafting, or even burning. As an added advantage, this plywood is suitable for cutting with laser light or manual cutting.

Features With Benefits:

Good Quality:

DOMG basswood sheets are of the highest quality and come to you in their natural state. You won’t have to worry about finishing or painting, and it offers a mild, smooth grain.

Easy Usability:

This wood can be easily worked with a laser or a manual cutting method. It can also be painted, varnished, or stained. The edges are already crisp and polished, so sandpaper is unnecessary.

Perfect Size For Cricut Crafts:

The thickness of the blank wood is 1/16 inches, and the diameter is 8 x 12 inches. A Cricut machine can make quick work of cutting this out.


  • Made of high-quality basswood and burr-free;
  • The package includes 5 pieces of wood sheets;
  • Perfect 1/16 inches size for a Cricut maker;
  • Compatible with manual or laser cutting;
  • Smooth in texture, unpainted, and unfinished.


  • It’s brittle and may shatter if sliced into pieces smaller than 3/4 inch.

4. Bright Creations Thin Basswood Sheets:

You can use the eight sheets of plywood in this box for various purposes, including crafting, woodworking, gift-giving, and decorating. Bright Creations’ plywood has a natural color and an unfinished feel, making it ideal for further customization with paint or stain.

Features With Benefits:

High-Quality Basswood:

The boards are cut precisely from plywood made of basswood with accurate measurements. That’s why the 3mm wood sheets and panels are incredibly durable and are not likely to crack or chip.

DIY Models Or Crafts:

Bright Creation Basswood sheets are perfect for wedding, holiday, and Christmas ornaments. You may make signage for your classroom art project or pop-up store with the boards.

Arouse Creativity Level:

The unfinished, natural color of the basswood sheets makes painting and polishing them a breeze. As an enthusiast, you can have fun with the family by giving the board a new look with some crayons or paint.

Lightweight Yet Sturdy:

The 8 Pack basswood sheets are light in weight; yet thick enough for any DIY purposes. It’s 10 x10 inches in diameter and 3mm in thickness. The excellent basswood doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and won’t distort when stained.


  • Ideal for creating minor signs and customized ornaments;
  • An easy-to-paint and natural color surface;
  • Perfect for slicing through a Cricut Maker or Laser;
  • High-quality 3mm basswood sheet that won’t easily distort;
  • Eight pieces of plywood sheets for wood-burning projects.


  • This is not suitable for Cricut Maker 3.

5. Lulu Home Unfinished Basswood Sheets:

These Lulu Home basswood sheets are an excellent option for beginners in the DIY field. These sheets are the go-to wood material for DIY newbies and experts alike for their superior quality.

Features With Benefits:

Ideal For Crafting:

DIY projects, architectural model making, craft classes, dollhouses, etc., benefit significantly from using Lulu Home’s basswood sheets. The board’s thinness makes it an ideal candidate for use with a cutting machine, and the results are excellent.

Premium Quality:

The unfinished wood sheet from Lulu Home is created from eco-friendly, sustainably sourced basswood. The surface is gorgeous and natural in texture; it’s very smooth, neat, and straight. Each sheet is cut precisely and then kiln-dried.

Natural And Color Easily:

The Lulu Home unpainted 2mm wood board is composed of chemical-free basswood. Since the board is so clean and smooth, it’s ideal for painting and staining. Its natural grain and coloration will not change the final product. It could have a natural and harmless woodsy aroma.

Adequately Thick:

These 5 basswood sheets are 0.08 inches thick and 7.87 x 11.8 inches in diameter. Your model will be sturdy and long-lasting thanks to its thickness.


  • Smooth, clean, natural, and non-toxic;
  • Perfect for novice enthusiasts;
  • Works well with any cutting machine;
  • Durable despite its little weight;
  • Each piece is cut precisely and then kiln-dried.


  • They will warp from the heat.

6. Aolite Unfinished Wood Pieces:

Aolite unfinished wood pieces are perfect for small projects. These incomplete basswood sheets have a beautiful, even grain and are very simple to work with. Features such as its workability and good surface finish make it a necessary model and do-it-yourself material.

Features With Benefits:

Multi-Purpose Uses:

Aolite Unfinished Wooden Boards can be utilized to make a sculpture, house model, pagoda bridge, wood home décor, plane model, and more. It’s also perfect for any DIY or school projects.

Smooth Texture:

The unfinished planks are a natural, unaltered shade of wood. There are no sharp edges or other imperfections on the surface. You won’t have to sand the edges much because they’re already perfectly square and smooth.

Wide Size:

The 25 pieces of lightweight wooden boards are 100x150mm in diameter and 1.5mm in thickness. It’s perfect for a Cricut Maker since you won’t need to worry about the blade getting dull.


  • Convenient to process and carry;
  • Easy to carve with laser and Cricut Maker;
  • Lightweight and excellent built quality;
  • 25 sheets of basswood with a thickness of 1/16 inches are available;
  • Can be colored, marked, and painted easily.


  • Works fine for small wooden jobs but not for large ones. 

7. Qj-Solar Plywood Wood Sheets For Crafts:

With Qj-Solar’s smooth texture and grain, this unfinished piece of basswood is a pleasure to work with. Having excellent durability and surface integrity, it’s one of the most crucial building blocks for models and DIY projects. This one is great for wood-burning projects, DIY crafts, mini dollhouse building, handmade models, and school projects.

Features With Benefits:

High-Grade Basswood:

Qj-Solar Plywood sheets are high-grade basswood, non-toxic, burr-free, and natural in color. These 5 pieces of plywood sheets are long-lasting and straightforward to carry.

Perfect Dimension:

These rectangular basswood sheets are 300 x 200 mm in diameter and 1.5mm in thickness. Each side of the sheet is smooth, unpainted, unfinished, and relatively easy to paint, carve, varnish, or sand.

Broad Uses:

Wood boards can be applied to make a house model, wooden sailing, plane model, sculpture, DIY craft, and so on. Thanks to its smooth and unfinished surface, you can efficiently perform wood-burning art or staining.


  • Five pieces of natural-colored basswood sheets;
  • Perfect for DIY, house model, and wood-burning projects;
  • Hassle-free workability;
  • Conveniently takes to paint, varnish, or stain;
  • Works well with Cricut Makers.


  • The quality of the wood is subpar. 

8. Brmeday 10 Pack Basswood Sheets:

One common question among hobbyists is whether they should use basswood or balsa wood when working with wood to create crafts. Basswood is much more long-lasting than balsa wood, with more consistent strength, density, and texture. Brmeday’s 10-pack of basswood sheets is made with premium basswood and offers an unpolished, untreated surface with uniform grain.

Features With Benefits:

Widely Used:

These wood sheets are perfect for making Cricuts and other DIY projects like model airplanes, arts and crafts, puzzle boxes, carvings, and pyrography. Put your imagination to work and see what you can come up with.

Premium Material:

The basswood used here is of the highest grade and has a beautiful natural color and smooth grain. There won’t be any splinters or bumps because the basswood sheets have been polished. Even young children might feel comfortable using it for art projects.

Thick Enough:

Each piece of basswood measures 12 inches in width and 8 inches in length and is 1/8 inch thick. And constructed from premium basswood with a homogeneous grain and a beautiful, all-natural finish.

It’s perfect for making crafts, toys, and decor out of wood. To prevent injuries caused by sharp corners, the Brmeday 10-Pack Basswood Sheets are crafted with rounded edges.

Get Creative and Have Fun:

These smooth, unpolished basswoods are ideal for your next DIY woodworking or painting project or for encouraging imaginative play among young people. It’s more heartfelt than just buying pre-made decorations.

A flat surface on both sides is essential when working with wood for painting or burning wood. That freedom is yours to cherish when working with this beautiful basswood.


  • Compatible with laser cutting and Cricut Maker;
  • 10 pieces of unfinished sheets with good surface quality and functionality;
  • High-quality basswood with natural color and uniform grain;
  • Easy to stain, carve, or cut;
  • Designed to stimulate the level of creativity.


  • Decent but warped by thick paint. 

9. TDOCK Basswood Sheets:

TDOCK 1/16x8x12 plywood sheet is an excellent material for wood models and do-it-yourself projects, and it may be used as a fun and educational present for kids just starting in the creative world. Natural, unsealed, light wood grains are ideal for wood burning and painting. With this wood ply, your DIY endeavors will be much more exciting.

Features With Benefits:

Size Details:

Each TDOCK basswood sheet is 300mm x 200mm in diameter and 1.5 mm in thickness. The basswood used in its construction is of the highest grade and has a uniform grain and a light color. Simply put, it may be used to create any object out of wood.

Simple To Use:

Easy cutting features compatible with laser cutting and Cricut maker, wood burning, DIY crafts, school projects, and more! Both sides of the wood have been polished and smoothed down, allowing you to complete your hand-painted artwork for dyeing and wood-burning art quickly.

Multi-Use Basswood Sheets:

These 10 unfinished basswood sheets are ideal for wooden craft decoration projects or stimulating kids’ creativity. It’s a far more significant gift than simply buying already-made decorations.

High-Grade Plywood:

The wood sheets are composed of strong wood that is both smooth and spotless, and the surface of the wood is burr-free, smooth, unpolished, and unpainted.


  • High-quality construction;
  • Smooth, clean, unpainted surface;
  • Convenient to use with painting, carving, or varnishing;
  • Easy to cut through a Cricut Maker;
  • Perfect for creating a variety of DIY projects.


  • The wood is a little too thick for the Cricut Maker.

10. Blulu Unfinished Plywood Board:

Let your creativity no longer be constrained by this easily-cracked wood. These thin basswood sheets work perfectly for almost all craft activities or carpentry, such as wood engraving, drawing, painting, model making, pyrography, hollowing out, etc.

Features With Benefits:

Excellent DIY Accessory:

Blulu thin basswood sheet has a transparent texture, is non-toxic, and does not readily get deformed. It can also be cut without burrs, which can help you achieve tasks for school and projects that you make yourself at home.

Large In Size:

Each basswood plywood sheet comes in 7.87 x 3.93 x 0.059 inches or 200 x 100 x 1.5 mm. They are flat and splice-free, making them easy to sand, lacquer, or other processes.

Premium Quality Material:

Quality basswood was used to craft these sheets, so they will last and won’t warp. They also look great and are easy to transport.

A Variety Of Uses:

These wooden sheets are great for building scale models of anything from miniature dwellings to airplanes. They are also excellent for styling, hollowing out, intarsia, and restoring furniture, in addition to sculpting and decorative work.


  • 10 sheets of versatile basswood;
  • Convenient to process, paint, or varnish;
  • Capable of being precisely trimmed without producing burrs;
  • The texture is smooth, clear, non-toxic, and not readily distorted;
  • Natural color, lightweight, and portable.


  • The wood is somewhat tough to cut. 

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Basswood For Cricut Maker

The versatility of basswood as a creative material is undeniable. However, there are a few key aspects to consider when picking the basswood for your Cricut Maker.

1. Material Quality:

Choosing basswood after first checking its quality is a good idea. Bows and warps in your basswood of choice should be minimal. There should be no snags or flaws on this. If knots are in the basswood, you should not use them for cutting.

To begin with, the standards set by quality manufacturers ensure that their products are more durable and less likely to break than their less reputable counterparts. You can tell if a product is of high quality by inspecting its components, reading reviews written by satisfied buyers, and learning about the manufacturing process.

2. Thickness:

The second consideration is determining if your Cricut Maker can handle basswood by measuring its thickness. Generally, basswood is available in two (1/16 inches and 1/32 inches) sizes. A basswood thickness of 1/16 inches is ideal with a Cricut Maker.

3. Smooth Surface:

The unfinished, unpainted variety is the best basswood to use with a Cricut Maker. Both sides are suitable for painting or staining with their clean gloss and subtle wood grain. Basswood that has burrs, warps, or tangles will not take paint or stain evenly and may deform when you try to cut it.

4. Warranty Policy:

When purchasing items costing more than $2,000, consider an extended warranty. The best Cricut wood material has a solid guarantee to cover you if something goes wrong. Before making a purchase, knowing how long the trial period is crucial. Depending on the service or product, there may be a warranty period of one year or three years.

5. Price:

The best purchases are those that strike a balance between cost and quality. If you want to save money, you have to be willing to sacrifice quality. It could also mean a financial loss. It’s recommended that you select basswood with the highest quality-to-cost ratio.

How To Cut Basswood Perfectly With A Cricut Maker In 6 Easy Steps

The Cricut Maker can be used to cut basswood, but there are certain things you should know before you start. Let’s get started by learning how you should prepare basswood for cutting and how to cut it.

You’ll need a few things for the whole process:

  • Basswood;
  • Cricut Maker;
  • Strong Grip Mat;
  • Knife Blade;
  • Masking Tape;
  • Compressed Air Or Painting Brush To Remove Debris.

Step 1: Choosing A Simple Design

Create or select a straightforward design. Cutting will be easier for designs with fewer complications. In addition to the interior and exterior cuts, the minimum cut size should be 0.75 x 0.75 inches. The width of the cutting should be a pencil’s diameter at maximum. Ensure all cuts are approximately 1/4 -inch from the basswood’s edge.

Step 2: Setting The Material

Click “Continue” and prepare the material. Select browse all the materials, then enter basswood in the search bar. If you are using an iPad and it does not appear, use a PC instead. As cutting basswood requires more time, I recommend connecting your Cricut Maker to your computer, so you maintain connectivity. This is possible with over-an-hour-long cuts.

Step 3: Taping Basswood To Grip Mat

You’re all set to roll up your mats now. You usually just lay the material on the mat and get to work. But since this is a heavier substance, you should pull out the painter’s tape first. Tape the basswood down to the mat with the right side facing up.

Step 4: Loading The Knife Blade

Before loading your mat, you must equip your knife blade. The knife’s blade is extra-deep, and it can cut basswood. To load the blade, carefully pull the cover from the knife blade and open slot B on your Cricut maker. Set the blade so the gear is flat. An open portion would be against the machine.

Step 5: Cutting The Basswood

You are now prepared to equip your mat. Lay your mat into the grooves and hit the illuminated arrow buttons on your controller. Once the mat has been placed, the Cricut “C” should also illuminate.

After you press this button, your maker will begin to cut. As you’re slicing through thick materials, the Cricut maker must perform numerous passes on your artwork. The longer it takes to carve a design, the more complicated it is. 

Step 6: The Final Step

Remove the masking tape from the mat. Invert the mat and detach the basswood. Pop up your cutting pieces. If resistance is encountered, you may require an Exacto knife. And If the knife blade is old and needs replacement, you may need help to cut through the basswood completely.

Don’t fret. Trace along with your Exacto knife. I recommend performing this task on a self-healing cutting surface or mat.

Related Questions:

What Is The Difference Between Basswood And Balsa Wood?

Choices abound. Wood makes a difference whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Some woods bend easily, while others are more robust. Woodcarvers use basswood because it is cost-effective and straightforward to carve compared to most other wood species, whereas balsa is used to make model airplanes, structures, and buoys because of its low weight.

Basswood is lightweight, similar to balsa, although it is more durable and less likely to warp. It won’t expand or contract in response to humidity because its pores are much smaller than those of balsa wood, making it impervious to atmospheric moisture. When crafters need weight and functionality, both types of wood are preferred. 

How To Troubleshoot Cricut Maker Problem When It Is Not Cutting Through Basswood?

Verify that the Design Space material setting or Smart Set Dial is correct for the material you intend to use. If the Smart Set dial is adjusted to Custom on an older Cricut Explore model, check the Custom Materials list to ensure the correct material was chosen. Always use a blade from the Cricut brand. Unscrew Clamp B to take the blade housing off your machine. Check the edge and its housing for debris, then clean it off. After you’ve cleaned it, try a test cut.

Try cutting some printer paper or other material with the correct setting. Alternatively, you can click the Manage Custom Material tab via the Design Space option, add pressure settings for your component from 2 to 4, and do a test cut. It may be necessary to raise the pressure settings two to three times by enhancements of two to four to notice a difference in the cutting result. 

What Is The Best Wood To Cut With Cricut Maker?

A Cricut maker performs exceptionally well when cutting through thin layers of delicate wood. Straight and extremely uniform wood grain is ideal. Basswood and Balsa Wood are the best choices for use with a Cricut. However, Basswood is dense, thick, durable, and simple to paint compared to balsa wood. Therefore, basswood should be the material of choice for any DIY or home decor model.

Since it’s so light and smooth, balsa wood is often used for making toys. Thinly sliced balsa wood can be used in a Cricut. The Cricut also works quickly and easily with basswood. It’s light and straightforward to manipulate. Plus, the wood grain is so subtle that it’s almost invisible. 

What Size Basswood Can Cricut Maker Cut?

The maximum thickness that can be cut with the Cricut Maker is 2.4mm (3/32 of an inch). Therefore, you can precisely cut through materials up to 2.4 mm thick. And the diameter can be whatever you want it to be.

Basswood for the Cricut is ⅙” thick. Since ⅙” and 1/12” are the basswood settings in computer design settings, you should only purchase wood one of those sizes.

How Thick Of Wood Can The Cricut Maker 3 Cut?

When it comes to smart cutting machines, nothing beats the newly new Cricut Maker 3! The Cricut Maker 3 can efficiently and precisely cut hundreds of different materials, from thin textiles and papers to thick chipboard, leather, and basswood. Cricut Maker 3 can cut through up to 3/32” of thick wood.

A Cricut Maker can precisely cut 2mm basswood. In general, Cricuts can handle materials up to ½ inches in thickness. Thicker materials, like basswood of 2.4 inches in thickness, are no problem for some of the newest Cricut machines like the Cricut Maker.

Final Recommendations

After reading this, you should have a solid grasp on the best basswood for Cricut Maker that is worth your money. In this post, I’ve only included trustworthy and decent options.

However, if I had to choose one product, I recommend the MJ Unfinished 5PCS Basswood Sheet For Cricut Maker. These 1/16 basswood sheets are suitable for cutting through a Cricut Maker. Both surfaces of the blank wood are unfinished, unpainted, and smoothly polished.

Vanblue Cricut basswood sheets are an excellent option for people who wish to discover the world of DIY and woodworking. The 12-pack of 1/16-inch basswood sheets offers a smooth surface without burrs and does not easily get deformed.

Examine each feature critically before deciding on a product, and choose the option closest to fulfilling your needs.


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