10 Best Cabinet Pulls: In-details Review And Buying Guide

Wondering which kitchen cabinet hardware best complements your cabinets? Should you invest your bucks on a brushed bar handle or an oil-rubbed bronze cup pull? The correct option improves the performance of your kitchen and the overall look of your home.

Cabinet pulls and knobs should be at the top of the priority list when planning a new kitchen or redecorating an existing one, as high-quality cabinet hardware will assure durability. 

For a more secure grip, these pulls are crafted from robust materials with smooth edges that make them easier to open and close. They also require low maintenance, reducing the need to wipe cabinet surfaces soiled by finger smudges and daily use.

There are a plethora of cabinet hardware options in the market. It can be challenging and time-consuming to determine all available products to find the best out of them.

So, to help you with your kitchen remodeling job, I’ve compiled a list of 10 of my favorite cabinet pulls after an in-depth evaluation. I hope you have the perfect kitchen cabinet hardware from the list to give your kitchen a more finished look.

Out of the 10 best pulls for cabinets, Alpine Hardware is one of the incredible options for its durable and aesthetically pleasing design. As a bonus, it offers a drilling template to ensure precise drilling holes in your cabinets.

Let’s grab a detailed review of the best cabinet hardware brands and how they can transform your kitchen’s aesthetic!

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Best Cabinet Pulls: A Head-to-head Comparison

In a hurry and don’t have enough time to read the entire article? Don’t worry. Look at this table, including everything, to understand the ins and out of these ten best cabinet pulls. Hopefully, you can pick the desired one by looking at a glance.

Here is a quick rundown of the options available for cabinet and drawer pulls.

Cabinet Handle PullsMaterial TypeExterior FinishCenter To Center SpacingPull StyleUnit CountProduct Dimensions (Inches)Item Weight (Pounds)For Price
Alpine Hardware Bar Handle PullStainless  SteelSatin Nickel3-inchesContemporary T-Bar Pulls25 Unit‎32 x 8 x 87.9Click Here
Cosmas 305-030SN Cabinet HardwareMetalSatin Nickel3-inchesBar  Pulls25 Unit‎8 x 1 x 0.018.11Click Here
Franklin Brass Satin Nickel Pierce Handle PullWood Or MetalWood, Nickel, Zinc, Or Brass4-inchesPierce Handle Pulls10 Unit‎5.39 x 1.1 x 0.472.4Click Here
Brahmco Matte Black Cabinet PullsMetalStainless Steel3-inchesModern Handle Pulls30 Unit10.2 x 7.3 x 4.69.5Click Here
Plumiss Kitchen Cabinet Handles Modern Drawer PullsStainless Steel MetalMatte3.75-inchesModern Bar Pulls1 Unit‎5.59 x 1.14 x 1.140.634 OuncesClick Here
Ravinte 30 Pack 5” Cabinet PullsMetalNickel3-inchesBar  Pulls30 Unit5 x 0.47 x 0.47‎3.05Click Here
Ravinte 30 Pack | 5-Inch Cabinet Pulls Matte BlackMetalStainless Steel3-inchesBar  Pulls30 Unit‎5 x 0.47 x 0.473.3Click Here
Amerdeco 25 Pack Champagne Bronze Cabinet PullsZinc AlloyBrass, Bronze, Zinc5-inchesAppliance Pulls25 Unit10.12 x 9.65 x 3.945.73Click Here
Homdiy 30 Pack 5-Inch Square Cabinet HandlesMetalStainless Steel, Nickel5-inchesModern Bar Pulls30 Unit5 x 1 x 0.014.22Click Here
KOOFIZO Solid Square Bar Cabinet HandleZincBronze, Zinc5-inchesModern Bar Pulls10 Unit5.35 x 0.35 x 0.353.17 OuncesClick Here

10 Best Cabinet Pulls: Details Review

Learn everything you need to know about the top 10 cabinet pulls and knobs right now! Each of these pulls is a safe bet regarding quality and support.

1. Alpine Hardware Bar Handle Pull

In case you’re looking for the best quality cabinet pulls that manage to be both practical and stylish, go no further than Alpine’s bar handle pull. 

Regardless of how much force you apply, this handle pull bar will continue to provide reliable service for a very long time, thanks to its sturdy construction from stainless steel.

Features With Benefits:

Solid Structure with a Sleek Design: 

The bar handle design gives any cabinet door a distinctly modern feel. They have a high-quality Satin Nickel finish and solid stainless steel. To provide the pulls with a classy semi-gloss sheen, this is softly polished in the finish of your choice.

Easy Installation: 

The screws you’ll receive with your order make installation a breeze. Alternatively, you can get a drilling template directly from the producer for a low cost.

Tested For Precision & Strength: 

The cabinet pull is scrutinized by index tapped for strength and precision. So you can stay assured about the safety and quality of the pulls.

Perfect Size:

This 25 Satin Nickel cabinet handle set features a 3-inch mounting hole and a total handle length of 5.38 inches.


  • Made out of heavy-duty cold-rolled steel;
  • The cabinet’s brushed glossy nickel finish is artful;
  • Screws are included for installation;
  • Available in four popular mounting sizes offering a perfect fit;
  • A breeze to take down and clean properly;
  • It can be chosen from multiple finishes according to one’s taste.


  • The “legs” are misaligned, making the handles look skewed after installation;
  • Most of the provided screws don’t work correctly. 

2. Cosmas 305-030SN Cabinet Hardware 

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen or bathroom with the best kitchen cabinet pulls, your first stop should be Cosmas Hardware. At Cosmos, you may buy anything at the lowest possible price without paying extra fees.

The Cosmas 305-030SN comes in an attractive and modern satin nickel finish and is sold in a quantity of 25.

Features With Benefits:

Functionality With Aesthetic Appeal: 

The clean lines and one-of-a-kind style of this pull are what win me over. These European-style handles will improve your cabinets’ efficiency and utility and update your space’s look.

Solid Build Quality: 

These pulls are made from durable metal and won’t need to be replaced for a long time. When you factor in the absurd price tag, the whole thing looks like a pipe dream. You will get this piece of hardware at the most reasonable price.

Versatile Design: 

You’ll also like the adaptability of these pulls for various uses. These can be used in any house room, not just the kitchen. They’ll be gorgeous nonetheless.

Included Attachments:

The center-to-center spacing is a maximum of 3-inches, and the overall is 5 3/8 inches. You will also get 1-inch mounting screws individually polybagged with your order.


  • Designed for use with a hole spacing of 3 inches;
  • Any kitchen may look more elegant with a satin nickel finish;
  • Affordable compared to other brands;
  • Included mounting screws for hassle-free installation;
  • Durable and lasting performance;
  • The T-shaped design enhances your kitchen décor.


  • The installation is a bit tedious;
  • It doesn’t have a variety of screw sizes. 

3. Franklin Brass Satin Nickel Pierce Handle Pull

Franklin Brass has new cabinet pulls that will look great on your painted or wooden cabinets. You may easily improve your home’s aesthetics by installing a set of ten of their P29615K-SN-B pulls.

Features With Benefits:

Durable Construction: 

The die-cast zinc construction of this pull sets it apart. That’s the only way to ensure its affordability and longevity. The pull’s ergonomic design is another highlight, as it’s comfortable even for those with big hands to use.

Effortless Installation: 

Standard installation gear is included in the package, simplifying the setup process. This 10-pack of cabinet hardware makes replacing old hardware or completing other DIY projects a breeze. To ensure a proper fit, buy the Align Right Template separately.

Multi-purpose Design: 

Franklin Brass provides on-trend, budget-friendly cabinet hardware to help you kick off and complete your weekend project efficiently. Installing this hardware from small cabinets to large drawers enhances your home’s aesthetic.

Convenient Usability: 

Franklin Brass is one of the best kitchen hardware brands since it has a classic design, and is easy to use even while you’re in the middle of a meal.


  • Hassle-free installation;
  • Available in three different mounting hole sizes – 3, 4, and 5;
  • Perfectly matches multiple decoration styles;
  • Included screws for convenient installation;
  • Options from heirloom silver, satin nickel, warm chestnut, and soft iron;
  • Affordable option compared to other manufacturers.


  • Tightening the screws can be a challenge. 

4. Brahmco Matte Black Cabinet Pulls

In my search for the best cabinet handles, I came across this top-regarded set of matte black pulls, and I have to say that these are among the best-looking pulls I’ve ever seen. The stainless steel construction of this pull ensures its durability and reliability.

Features With Benefits:

Eye-catching Design: 

With its European styling and matte black finish, this pull will surely win over followers of the minimalist or transitional aesthetic. 

Anti-Scratch Coating:

It has a special coating that prevents scratches and smudges and keeps its brand-new appearance for a long time.

Heavy Construction: 

The metallic construction provides enough support for any heavy uses. This cabinet hardware is also resistant to rust and corrosion. Four screws are needed for each handle, which is included in the package.

Perfect For Multiple DIY Projects: 

These Brahmco Cabinet pulls are a cheap but effective way to modernize your kitchen. These sleek black handles pop when paired with matte or neutral cabinetry. This means it can be customized to look excellent in any kitchen.


  • Beautiful update to any kitchen;
  • Installation is like a breeze;
  • Crafted of long-lasting stainless steel material;
  • Rust, corrosion, and scratch-free design;
  • Designing in a European fashion gives a minimalistic visual appeal;
  • The matte black coating protects against smudges.


  • A bit hefty model.

5. Plumiss Kitchen Cabinet Handles Modern Drawer Pulls

While most of the kitchen cabinet handles in my collection are contemporary, there are several kinds available today, from historically opulent to sleek and minimalist, and everything in between.

This kitchen cabinet handled by Plumiss is an excellent deal in terms of performance and price. You’ll get a plethora of advantages with this single piece of cabinet pull.

Features With Benefits:

Extremely Sturdy Handles: 

These handles are made from high-grade stainless steel and are exceptionally durable. As a result of the supplied screws, you will have an easy time mounting these items. And they are offered in sizes compatible with the majority of cabinet openings.

Multiple Uses: 

The layout works wonderfully for a wide variety of purposes. Cabinets, doors, bookcases, drawers, and cupboards are all suitable applications.

Easy Installation With Screws: 

The mounting process is simple, with included screws. You may need a few minutes to complete the process.

Gold Accent Finish: 

The pearly porcelain coating and gold highlights elevate this draw’s already luxurious stainless steel construction. It’ll stand out dramatically against dark backgrounds.


  • Perfect for multiple uses, from cabinets to drawers to bookcases;
  • Built with quality stainless steel, so it lasts and performs well;
  • Matte coating to protect against scratches;
  • A refined design and smooth porcelain are a delight to the eye;
  • The purchase price also includes the necessary mounting screws;
  • Looks great and is convenient to clean.


  • There are many superior alternatives accessible. 

6. Ravinte 30 Pack 5” Cabinet Pulls

Those who enjoy preparing delicious meals for their loved ones will appreciate the stainless steel Ravinte 30 bar handle. This gear is stylish and simple enough to be used in various settings.

Features With Benefits:

Simple As Well As Elegant: 

Ravinte brushed nickel cabinet pulls look great on many different styles of kitchen cupboards and drawers. The satin nickel knobs and pulls are classic in appearance and complement various decor types and eras.

Perfect For 3-inches Hole Spacing:

If you need to replace your handle, ensure the space between the holes is approximately 3 inches. You’ll need to make two holes 3 inches apart for new cabinet pulls.

Sturdy & Long-lasting: 

Its slick nickel covering and stainless steel inner workings pair well with other nickel-based accessories. This satin nickel has a sleek and clean look that works with vintage, farmhouse, industrial, or traditional styles.

Easy & Convenient DIY Upgrade: 

If you’re looking to update your kitchen, these sleek black knobs are it. A set of screws is included with every purchase to make it straightforward to make any necessary adjustments to your goods. Both brand-new and updated kitchens can benefit from this collection.


  • Convenient installation with supplied hardware;
  • Stainless steel construction with a satin nickel finish offers quality service;
  • Great for different styles of cupboards, bookcases, drawers, or cabinets;
  • Reasonable price;
  • It goes perfectly with light or any neutral-colored cabinets.


  • A bit light in weight;
  • The screws are excessively lengthy and must be shortened before use. 

7. Ravinte 30 Pack | 5-Inch Cabinet Pulls Matte Black

The 30 Pack Matte Black is another cabinet pull from Ravinte, one of the best cabinet pull brands. These bar pulls made of stainless steel are perfect for you if you value minimalism.

Features With Benefits:

Goes With Other Appliances: 

These matte black stainless steel bar pulls are a great addition to any kitchen. This is also suitable for different styles of drawers, cabinets, bookcases, chests, and wardrobes.

Minimalist Look: 

Since a distance of around 3 inches separates the holes, they can be installed in any arrangement with a 3-inch wide gap. Adding to the timeless style of your kitchen, this stainless steel, and matte black combination will never go out of style.

Suitable Size:

Depending on size, these simple bar handles can be used as drawer or cabinet gear. This has been a staple of modern kitchen designs for almost a decade, thanks to its sleek, understated style.

Durable & Long-lasting: 

The stainless steel component makes it durable enough to withstand pressure. And it’s also scratch and rust-proof, enhancing the product’s service life.


  • Minimalist and simple design to fit multiple settings;
  • Included screws for hassle-free assembling;
  • A nickel-plated metal frame ensures durability;
  • Comes with 365-day free trial opportunities.


  • Having a look and feel of plastic;
  • Significantly lightweight for its size. 

8. Amerdeco 25 Pack Champagne Bronze Cabinet Pulls

Whether it’s about giving your home a vintage look or having fun with DIY projects, the Amerdeco 25-pack cabinet pull is a worthwhile deal. You may attach this to any cabinet, drawer, cupboard, door, dresser, or wardrobe. DIY projects are entertaining and may give old furniture a fresh look.

Features With Benefits:

High-Grade Built: 

This pull is composed of sturdy zinc alloy, meaning it will last for a long time in your kitchen. The hardware is simple to set up and feels great to the touch.

Easy Way To Decor:

You’ll use the pulls to get to things, so swapping out the handles on your cabinets is a quick and easy approach to modernize the room. Whether you’re looking to replace the handles on your kitchen cabinets or your bedroom furniture, you’ll find a wide selection here.

Convenient Maintenance: 

These handy kitchen fixtures, which are simple to open and clean, are the finishing touches on a wide range of kitchen designs.


  • Perfect vintage look for your appliances or cabinets;
  • Ideal for a variety of applications;
  • It gives your furniture a fresh look;
  • Solid zinc alloy makes it stable and durable;
  • Well-packaging prevents scratches or bumps.


  • Not an anti-smudge;
  • You may cut the screws for a perfect fit.

9. Homdiy 30 Pack 5-Inch Square Cabinet Handles

These Homdiy cabinet pulls don’t compromise on quality. The finished product is of excellent quality. It has both standard and micro screws included. Longer screws are necessary to attach the handles to most drawers to prevent them from falling off.

To sum up, everyone installing these cabinet pulls will be pleased with the results. And you’ll be pleased with the substantial improvement to your kitchen.

Features With Benefits:

Ideal For Various Decoration Styles: 

The straightforward style works well with traditional and contemporary kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and closets. It goes well with black, brown, white, brown, and other colored cabinet doors made of wood or marble.

Cuttable Screws: 

If you find a screw excessively long, you can use slub screws instead. Pliers can be used as a means of cutting, which is a welcome convenience.

Excellent Construction: 

High-quality Homidy handles are made of Stainless Steel and are hollow but very strong. It doesn’t leave fingerprints, is hard to rust, and will last a long time.

Latest Square Pull: 

The Homdiy drawer pull with polished nickel hardware finish gives the cupboard a new style. Cabinets with a square design are suitable for kitchens, bedrooms, and bedrooms. Smooth surfaces help maintain the attractive appearance of the handles.


  • High-quality nickel-plated steel provides durability;
  • They are attractive and straightforward to clean;
  • The product is also economical;
  • Classic pulls have an elegant appearance and a solid feel;
  • A warranty from Homdiy covers this item;
  • Each handle contains convenient 1-inch and 1.57 inches fastening screws.


  • Depending on the thickness of the cabinet, additional screws may be required. 

10. KOOFIZO Solid Square Bar Cabinet Handle

What I love about the KOOFIZO cabinet hardware is its seven different sizes. You can fit those bar handles either vertically or horizontally. The T-shaped design is a perfect addition to any modern home, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

Features With Benefits:

A Variety Of Colors: 

KOOFIZO offers you four different colors to choose from – Black, Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Wide Applications: 

This is excellent for appliance drawers, doors, wardrobes, and cupboards in homes wanting a clean and contemporary look.

Modern & Sleek Design With Soft Touch: 

With KOOFIZO cabinet handles, you can give your kitchen or bathroom storage a more classic look. KOOFIZO cabinet knobs add a touch of stunning looks to today’s kitchens and bathrooms.

Convenient Screw Sizes: 

KOOFIZO comes with 25mm and 38mm screws, free of charge, and is designed to fit the typical board thickness of kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts.


  • Screws are available in different sizes for an appropriate fit;
  • A solid pull handle is ideal for any setup in your home;
  • Easy to fit and handle;
  • 100% money back or new within three years;
  • Four color options to meet your demands.


  • The screws are a bit delicate. 

10 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Cabinet Pulls

The best quality cabinet hardware pulls are visually appealing and serve a practical purpose in their installed space. So, before you place an order, think about these considerations.

When picking the ideal cabinet hardware for your home, you should consider the cabinet hardware’s kind, material, form, color, and compatibility with your kitchen cabinets or furniture.

1. Types/Style Of Cabinet Pull:

Usually, there are several types of cabinet pulls, including cup or pin, Handle or bars, bail, drop or handing, and finger pulls. All of these are perfect and suit better. Cup pulls are the types that you can use for heavy cabinet drawers or cupboards. It is unique in shape and holding.

Finger pulls, or edge pulls, are also perfect to use on the edge of a cabinet drawer or door. It is easy to grab and pull. There is also a pull called drop pull, which is used in ornate cabinets.

Bar handles are minimalist in design yet functional. They go perfectly with any modern or traditional kitchen look. 

Conversely, T-bar cabinet pulls are a welcome addition to contemporary cabinets. The style is perfect for anyone who wishes to add a touch of refinement to their plain, one-colored cabinets.

Think about installing suitable handles on your drawers and cabinet doors. They might look good together, aesthetically speaking.

2. Materials:

Knobs and pulls material is as significant as design. Most knobs and pulls are made of metal because they last a long time, are easy to clean, and come in various attractive designs. The metal alloy is used to construct metal hardware, which includes bronze, brass, zinc, and steel. These will make the base solid and long-lasting.

In addition to metal components, ceramic, wood, crystal, glass, and strong fabrics are also used to make practical and beautiful cabinet hardware. It is up to you which component you want to add to your cabinets and whether you’re comfortable using it.

3. Style & Shape:

Whether you’re looking for circular knobs or pulls shaped like animals, foods, or other natural items, you’ll find a wide selection of cabinet hardware to suit your needs. Choose something more creative if you want to give your space personality. A subtle change in the aesthetic of a space can be achieved with cabinet hardware.

For instance, hardware made of glass or mirrors are just as functional and add a unique look to your kitchen. Personal preference will ultimately determine the best design and shape. However, there are different cabinet hardware styles- vintage, modern, traditional, or industrial structures.

Some people are on the lookout for decorative hardware that serves a practical purpose. These coatings give ordinary knobs a touch of class. For a more classic setting, choose cabinet hardware with a traditional design.

The best modern cabinet hardware will have a minimalistic design that complements the rest of your space. For example, standard round or square knobs and bar pulls go perfectly with a muted design scheme. Streamlined, neutral metal finishes look great with modern lighting.

There are gray, white, or black colors available regarding vintage cabinet hardware. It creates a look that is both contemporary and discreet. Copper, brass, and gold can make cabinet hardware with more intricate designs.

Sharp edges, short handles, and a pipeline silhouette are all safe bets. Metals like copper and brass, as well as darker shades of gray and black, are common in industrial design.

4. Center To Center Spacing:

The space between the two screw holes on your cupboard or drawer is millimeters. If you don’t know this, dig new extra holes in the cabinets after purchasing cabinet pulls that aren’t the proper size.

Check the distance among the mount holes on the bar handles before continuing with the installation process. In most cases, screws for installation will be supplied. Following the installation instructions is all you need to do.

5. Overall Length Of The Hardware:

The overall length of the handle refers to the total distance from one endpoint of the handlebar to another. Shorter handles, as opposed to longer ones, are popular among enthusiasts. Nonetheless, the entire length of the handle can be measured to give you a rough sense of how it’ll fit in the cabinet.

6. Exterior Coating:

The right type of finish can complement almost every interior. And here’s the best part: Distressed neutral pulls, vibrant, rainbow-patterned handles, polished woods, and a variety of metallic finishes are just a few of the countless color and texture combinations available.

Modern cabinet hardware is excellent because of its flexibility in terms of design. Brushed satin nickel, chrome, and bronze are the most popular choices, but you’re not limited to just those three.

The brushed or polished satin nickel coating enhances your kitchen décor and provides prompt access to your cabinets. It’s not like there aren’t better alternatives; many of those deliver equally reliable results.

7. Compatibility:

The thickness of the cabinets is a crucial consideration when fitting the hardware. The screws often included with knobs and pull are 1 inch in length. Sometimes you’ll need to go out and get the screws on your own, especially if you’re working on something like a cabinet or drawer that’s a bit more substantial.

A bit of measuring may be required before installing cabinet pulls to ensure they are compatible. Even on the front of drawers or cabinets with beveled edges or designs, there should be a convenient place to drill the two to more holes needed for installation.

Make sure the handle on the sliding cabinet doesn’t get in the way when you’re trying to open the cabinet.

8. Height:

The ideal proportions for a cabinet handle are one-third the length of the cupboard door and one-third the breadth of the drawer. Pulls are generally 5 to 12 inches in height. Look for a long cabinet pull if you want something for your drawers or doors.

However, 5-7 inches pulls are suitable for any cabinet. These allow easy access to your cabinets even in the middle of working.

9. Colors:

Cabinet pulls are attainable in various decent colors – Matte Black, Champagne Bronze, Satin Nickel, Brushed Nickel, or Oil-Rubbed Bronze. It is entirely up to you to choose a color that suits your preferences and complements your cabinetry.

Chrome and brushed nickel handles are the most well-liked accessory choice for white shaker cabinets, but other options can still look great.

A classic aesthetic can be achieved by installing nickel knobs, a vintage one by installing oil-rubbed bronze or brass, and a contemporary one by installing matte black knobs.

10. Value For The Money:

You get what you invest in drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. That is to say, if the cost is low, the build quality is probably down. Pulls are available at a moderate range from $10 to $80, but you should consider them before making a purchase.

Find a product that meets your needs while staying within your budget.

How To Install Cabinet Pulls: Step-by-step Guide 

This can be exciting, and if you’ve done any DIY projects before, this task will be effortless and less time-consuming. Once having access to a power drill and a suitable pattern, you are ready for the next step.

Step 1:

The first step is using the template to install the cabinet pull correctly. This could be a cardboard or plastic template designed accurately for this function.

Step 2:

Hold a cardboard piece in the exact place to install the first knob. Ensure the cardboard’s corners are flush with the cabinets. Then drill holes through the board. The other holes in each cabinet will be marked from there.

Step 3:

Taking precise measurements for knobs and handles on cabinets and drawers can be nerve-wracking. It would be now if there were a time to calculate twice and cut once.

Step 4:

Once knowing where to drill, just drill without fear. Place the drill bit in line with the spot you designated on the cabinet’s face frame. Ensure the drill is as level as possible, and begin drilling slowly.

Step 5:

Let the games begin! Take the screw out of the knob and place the finishing touch on your cabinet.

Step 6:

It’s best to hold the handle against the door’s face by screwing it into place from behind. After giving the screws a hard turn, finally, the work is done.

Related Questions:

How Do You Maintain Cabinet Pulls To Extend Lifespan?

Maintaining the sound condition of your cabinet pulls is not a challenging task. All you need to do is properly clean your pulls regularly. To clean, just repeat the steps I listed below. Stains that remain after a vinegar soak can be eliminated with soapy water.

Take the hardware out of the soapy water and put it on clean paper after one or two hours. After polishing each piece using a delicate cloth, set it aside to dry on a fresh sheet of paper towel. After that, you can reinstall it on your cabinet. Now is the time to use metal polish to bring back the glossy look and protect against further tarnishing.

Which Material Is Best For Kitchen Cabinet Pulls?

Stainless Steel material is widely used for kitchen cabinet pulls. This is a popular choice among customers for its durability, smooth edges, and shiny look. Whether having a traditional or a modern kitchen, stainless steel cabinet pull is the perfect mix for any kitchen design. This material is also scratch-proof and corrosion-resistant.

You will have a lot of other options to choose from – bronze, brass, nickel, chrome, silver, and more. Bronze or brass cabinet pulls are often found in traditional or farmhouse kitchens. On the other hand, chrome or nickel is excellent if preferring something vintage for your light-colored cabinets. 

How Long Does the Cabinet Pull Last?

Proper maintenance and care of your cabinet pull should last between two and five years. But the material it’s manufactured from and its intended purpose are the two most important factors.

Stainless steel pulls are pretty strong compared to bronze or brass cabinet pulls. Cabinet hardware with a brushed nickel finish protects the surface from scratches or finger smudges. High-quality cabinet hardware is also corrosion and rust-resistant. 

Are Pulls or Knobs Better Options For You?

When deciding between a knob and a pull or using both, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. All drawers and doors may benefit from having knobs or pulls installed. A pull is used on any large door, including pantry cabinets or a pull-out cabinet door. Using a pull to open a cabinet is significantly more convenient.

Instead of only grabbing with your fingertips, it is possible to use your full hand. This is a lifesaver, given how full a drawer can get from all your kitchenware. When there was less variety of hardware available, many older kitchens followed the trend of only using knobs. All pulls can be considered a more modern design choice, although they are also common in historic kitchens with older-style hardware.

Final Recommendation:

Having read this, you should have a good grasp on which cabinet pulls are worth your money. Everything I’ve recommended in this post is reliable and built to last.

However, I’ll recommend Alpine Bar Hardware as my top pick for its incredible combination of elegance and functionality. This European-style bar pull incorporates a contemporary touch to any kitchen cabinet. You can find Alpine Hardware in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your preferred kitchen decor.

And Cosmas 305-030SN Cabinet Hardware is one of the best cabinets pulls for those on a budget who want to update the look of their kitchen or bathroom without sacrificing quality. This deal is excellent for those who wish to complete DIY projects in multiple settings.

Get specific about your requirements, then go with the one closest to your needs.


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