Best Circular Saw for Woodworking to Buy in 2022 | Top 8 Picks

Best Circular Saw for Woodworking

If you’ve been engaging in woodworking projects, then you already know all the benefits a circular saw can bring to the table. Powerful and versatile are the two best phrases to describe the capability of this tool.

Whether you want to slice through wood, metal, or concrete, the blade will cut right through. However, choosing the best circular saw for woodworking can be difficult with so many brands out there.

Lucky for you, we have decided to take the wheel and guide your decision-making process. Below, we have listed our top picks in the market to give you a better idea of the best prospects.

Best Circular Saw For Woodworking Reviews

After putting in hours into our research, we have picked out the top circular saws in the market. With weight, design, and versatility in mind, any of these should suit you well.

1. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX 5-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX 5-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw

IF you’re looking for a circular saw that is truly portable, then look no further. This saw from Black+Decker is completely cordless with the right shape and size to aid portability.

For starters, the power source of the saw is a 20V battery, which is also rechargeable. The powerful battery is adequate to provide you with continuous long hours of cutting without fail. But always remember to plug it in after you are done so that the saw is ready for your next use.

Moreover, Black+Decker has done an exceptional job of placing a high-torque motor inside the unit. The motor is well-designed to spin your blade at super-fast speeds. This will ensure that you get the cleanest cuts in the least amount of time.

Furthermore, using this device is as easy as it gets. This is great for professionals and beginners alike as handling this tool and working the adjustments is fairly simple. Also, with the bevel adjustment settings, you can cut those 45 or 90-degree angles at ease.

What’s more, the compact size and design of the blade enhance its usability greatly. Controlling the blade is easy as the tool only holds a weight of 6 pounds. Since it features a 5.5-inch blade, it becomes much smaller than the traditional circular saws.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High-torque motor for clean cuts and precision
  • Adjustable bevel lets you cut angles better
  • Powered by a rechargeable 20V lithium-ion battery

2. TACKLIFE Circular Saw with Metal Handle, 6 Blades(4-3/4″ & 4-1/2”)

TACKLIFE Circular Saw with Metal Handle, 6 Blades(4-3/4" & 4-1/2”)

Versatility is the middle name with this next circular saw from Tacklife. This is the perfect companion for those of you who engage in different woodworking projects. Portable and sleek, you can carry it wherever you want.

Starting off, this saw comes prepared to cut through any material you place in front of it. Matching your blade type with the material to cut is a common rule in the saw world. And so, Tacklife has decided to give you six different blades to cut through metal, ceramic, tiles, wood and the list goes on.

Packing the heat of a cooper motor that runs at 3500 RPM is no child’s play. The speed and stability of the tool will give you smooth finishes and clean cuts. Certain materials need two hand support for stability, but with this motor, the pressure on your wrists are reduced.

Moving on, we need to place a keen eye on the design of the product. Housing a powerful motor with the strongest blades requires the product to boast a design that enhances stability. The metal handle and laser guide will allow you to use the saw in one hand while also cutting as accurately as ever.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 6 different blades included with the saw
  • Laser guide helps you maintain the accuracy of your cutting lines
  • Powerful motor cuts through all materials with ease
  • Portable and lightweight design

3. Rockwell RK3441K 4-1/2” Compact Circular Saw

Rockwell RK3441K 4-1/2” Compact Circular Saw

Once you start using this compact circular saw from Rockwell, it is going to be very hard to switch to other brands. Focused on comfort and excellent finishes, this is undoubtedly one of the top options for the best circular saw for cutting plywood.

Straight out the box, you will notice the 4.5-inch blade, which not only saves weight but also makes the tool easy to control. The body of the blade features rubber grips around it to give you a firm grip while cutting.

Interestingly enough, Rockwell has deliberately placed a smaller blade to make the saw lightweight. But they didn’t stop there, optimizing the motor speed and the reduced thickness of the blade to give you better performance. The reduced blade thickness reduces the effort on your wrists when pushing down.

Moreover, weighing in at only 5 pounds, controlling this blade is a breeze. Using the guides, you can easily cut straight lines or even go 45 degrees. Combined with the inline grip design, you can use this blade with one hand at ease.

In addition, the tool features a built-in vacuum port that lets you connect a dust vacuum to suck up all the debris. This reduces the overall mess you make while also concentrating the mess in one area, making it easy to clean.

Highlighted Features

  • Optimized blade and motor performs as well as 7-inch saws
  • Built-in vacuum port for clearing all debris
  • Ergonomic design reduces strain during one-handed operation
  • Inline grip aids stability when cutting
  • The spindle lock button ensures safety when changing the blades

4. Genesis GCS445SE 4.0 Amp 4-1/2″ Compact Circular Saw

Genesis GCS445SE 4.0 Amp 4-1/2" Compact Circular Saw

This next circular saw takes portability and lightweight design to the next level. The GCS445SE is a 24T Carbide-tipped blade, which makes it different from the products we have listed so far. While they all use regular blades, the carbide-tipped blade cuts through a wider range of materials.

For starters, the circular saw comes equipped with a 4.0 Amp motor that runs at 3500 RPM. This is more than adequate for all your basic DIY woodworking projects. While being lightweight, the motor provides enough stability to give you smooth cuts that follow the guide.

Moreover, the design of the saw was made such that one-handed operation becomes much easier. The barrel-shaped grip will allow you to firmly wrap your fingers around it, enhancing control when cutting through hard objects. Weighing in at 4.7 pounds, one-handed controlling never seemed this easy.

Much like the Rockwell saw we reviewed earlier, this device also features a dust-collection system. When using the device at other places, this can come in handy as you’ll be cleaning after yourself. The dust collection system takes out the need to engage in post-work cleaning, which can be quite strenuous.

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable one-handed operation
  • A lightweight body makes it easier to handle
  • The carbide-tipped blade cuts through strong materials easily
  • Dust-collection system cleans up debris as you go

5. WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2″ Compact Circular Saw – WX429L

WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2" Compact Circular Saw – WX429L

Not everyone is looking for large circular saws that give you great cutting depths. Portable saws have gained popularity because of their efficiency when it comes to small woodworking projects. The WX429L from WORX is perfectly built to accommodate all your needs in your DIY projects.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice the compact and lightweight unit. Coming in at a weight of only 4.4 pounds, this is probably one of the lightest saws out there. The 4.5-inch blade is housed neatly within the body to make aid its portability features.

Furthermore, portability and lightweight go hand in hand to provide you comfort when cutting through wood. The one-handed operation experience is truly buttery smooth. Also, the cuts that you get are much finer due to the carbide-tipped blade.

In addition, working for long hours should not be a problem with WX429L. The powerful motor, when paired with the blade, will let you cut through wood, metal, tile, and even plastic. The weight of 4.4 pounds really helps when it comes to working long hours as it reduces fatigue greatly.

Moreover, WORX has introduced an EZ blade change mechanism that lets you switch your blade in just 3 simple steps. All you need to do is press a button, use the Allen key to attach the new blade, and you’re all set!

Highlighted Features

  • Compact design aids portability of the tool
  • EZ Blade change mechanism allows you to change blades quickly
  • Comfortable one-handed operation due to lightweight
  • Carbide-tipped blades cut through metal, wood, tiles, and plastic

6. DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

So far, we have seen quite a few circular saws that place emphasis on compact designs and portability. To bring some variation to the list, we bring this 7.25-inch circular saw from DEWALT. Packed with an exceptional list of features, this is a dream addition to any woodworking project.

Firstly, we need to talk about the feature that caught our eye. This large 7.25-inch blade has a very high bevel adjustment level. If you thought 45 degrees is the best you could go, then you’ve been gravely mistaken. This heavyweight will give you bevels up to 57 degrees! Making it super versatile for all sorts of different projects.

What’s more, this saw has an integrated electrical braking system that will instantly stop your blade. If you’ve worked with or seen a saw before, you will notice how the blade slows down once you let go of the trigger.  This can cause extra cuts or ruin the finish. With electrical braking, the blade stops almost instantly once you let go of the trigger.

In addition, when it comes to products from DEWALT, we don’t usually question the durability. They have been in the industry for many years, and their product lines reflect that. If you look closely, you will notice certain tweaks that act as proof that this saw will last you a lifetime. For example, the power cord has a ToughCord layering that makes it more resistant to pressure and internal tearing.

Highlighted Features

  • The large 7.25-inch blade gives you over 2-inches of cutting depth
  • ToughCord system protects your power cord from damage
  • Electrical braking stops the blade exactly when you want
  • 57 Degrees bevel adjustment system aiding versatility

7. Makita 5007F Circular Saw

 Makita 5007F Circular Saw

This next circular saw from Makita is the pure definition of power. The 5007F houses a 15.0 Amp motor, which will slide through whatever you put on its path. Other than that, you get a lineup of the most important features that can make your cutting project easier.

Starting off, let us take a look at the highly durable carbide-tipped blade.  Not only is this perfect for large projects, but it will also cut through literally any material you place in front of it. The blades have been designed with Makita’s very own heat vents, which dissipate the heat better. This enhances your cutting experience as you will be cutting for long periods of time.

Moreover, once the saw is turned on, you will notice two small LED lights on the body. Makita has placed these lights strategically to aid your cutting precision. When the blade is running, and you’re cutting through a marked line, being able to see the line will help you adjust the cut.

Moving on, the tool has a large and heavy Aluminum base that keeps it flat on the ground. After putting in much research, they have introduced this base as it improves stability when cutting and gives you more control. This also provides much of the balance, which in turn gives you cleaner cuts.

Highlighted Features

  • A high-powered 15.0 Amp motor cuts through all materials easily
  • Assistive LED lights to help up check our line of cutting
  • Heavy Aluminum base for enhanced longevity and control
  • Special blades to dissipate the heat faster

8. Ryobi P507 One+ Cordless 6 1/2 Inch Circular Saw

Ryobi P507 One+ Cordless 6 1/2 Inch Circular Saw

Since we were on the topic of circular saws with large blades, allow us to bring forth our final pick, the P507 One+ from Ryobi. This is somewhat of a mixture of the power you see on the DEWALT and Makita but with portability in consideration.

Right out the box, you’ll see the device has a rubbery texture near the handle. This is contrasted by the highly durable ABS plastic that goes all around the body of the saw. The rubber grip is essential, especially at the top handle, as it prevents your hand from slipping. ABS plastic plays a major role in the overall weight reduction of the tool as it is lighter than metal.

Moreover, this device offers one of the most versatile bevel adjustment settings ever. With just the turn of a knob, you can choose to cut in all sorts of different angles. The maximum you can set is 56 degrees, which on its own is very high.

In addition, we talked about how this device had kept portability in check. Well, it is a cordless circular saw which uses Ryobi’s very own 18V batteries. The battery can efficiently provide you with long hours of service at one go. This is great for the times when you just want to get done with all the cutting for your project in one go.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight and portable while being a large saw
  • 18V power source is ideal for long-running of the tool
  • Maximum bevel adjustment up to 56 degrees aiding versatility
  • Rubber textured handles give you a firm grip when working

Facts to Consider Before Buying Circular Saw for Woodworking

There are certain features you need to consider before investing in the finest circular saw for woodworking. Let’s check them out!

Blade Construction

The blade is the most important element that determines how good a saw is. The stronger the blade, the easier it will be able to cut through materials. If you don’t give extra emphasis on this, you might just end up with a broken blade when using your saw.

There different kinds of blades in the market that are well suited to each material type. So if you’re going to be cutting wood only, there is no need to invest in high-end carbide blades.

Blade Circumference

The circumference of the blade will ensure how deep you can cut through. Getting a large blade will give you the ability to cut through both small and large materials. However, for precision with small pieces, it is better to use a smaller blade, preferably below 7-inches.

Dimensions and Weight

Using a circular is all about wrist movements. In most cases, you’ll be using the saw for many hours at once, which can put a strain on your wrists.

Most of the best small circular saws are portable and lightweight. Excessive weight will make it hard for you to move your saw around and also put extra pressure on your wrists.


Woodworking projects require you to cut various different materials in different dimensions. With a circular saw that is versatile, you should be easily able to adjust the height and depth of the blade. Not being able to do so will become a big limiting factor for the overall outcome of your projects.


This is most important when working with a circular saw. Since you will be manning the tool, it needs to feel right in your hands. Woodworking or any other material projects will require you to be extremely precise with your cuts.

In addition, the finish of the cut also needs to be very clean. This will only be possible if the weight, design, and handle placement of the saw is within your comfort zone.

Getting a hand feel is very necessary as it will also determine how well you are able to control the blade. There are models with handles on top, while others have it at the bottom. Pay close attention to the design features and pick one that feels like it was made for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sharpen my blade?

Ans: Choosing the right way to sharpen your blade depends on your blade type. For example, carbide blades need to be passed onto a professional for sharpening.

But, if you have the regular blade, you can easily file them at home. Also, you can look for crank sharpeners or auto sharpeners to help sharpen the blade evenly.

Q: How deep can I cut through with my blade?

Ans: The depth of your cut entirely depends on the size of your circular saw blade. Most standard saws come with 7-inch blades, which should give you a cutting depth of around 2.5-inches.

Q: Will my saw cut through metal?

Ans: Circular saw blades are designed to cut through almost any material, given that you have the right kind of blade. Regular blades will cut through metal, wood, and laminate very easily.

Q: What is the best Circular Saw?

Ans: The best circular saw is one that suits your needs the right way. This means you should be able to handle it easily and obtain the cleanest cuts. To choose the right saw for you, it is always best to line up your requirements for a  project and look for one that fits it best.


While being one of the most vital tools in woodworking, the circular saw needs to fulfill certain criteria. The tool needs to be able to cut through your desired materials at the right depth, and they should be easy to control.

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