Best Cordless Electric Broom For Hardwood Floors [10 Picks]

Have you decided to use a cordless electric broom instead of a traditional broom for hardwood floors? It is undoubtedly a timely decision, but finding the best cordless electric broom for hardwood floors can take time and effort, as you will find many options in the market. Indeed, you have to spend a lot of time to find a quality broom that is available in the market, each claiming to be the best.

Honestly, I have spent countless hours testing various cordless sweepers. I realize very well that only some options provide the features you want. I have prepared a list of some products that users may like. I have selected the products based on special features, price, advantages, customers’ opinions, etc., and even personally tested their effectiveness.

As the first choice, I would like to mention the Eureka Pro Lightweight Cordless Broom because its specifications impressed me. This handheld tool is lightweight and has a headlight that allows complete focus on the work area. Besides, its highly efficient digital motor ensures maximum power delivery. Similarly, with a runtime of 40 minutes, you can finish the cleaning process perfectly.

Isn’t it great that you only review a few products instead of hundreds? However, apart from the products mentioned above, there are 9 more products that you should be aware of. Moreover, there is more to understand with a cordless broom buying guide that I will present in this article.

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Best Cordless Electric Boom For Hardwood Floors: Head-To-Head Comparison

The reader should refer to the table below before going into a detailed discussion of the products. From here, you will get an instant idea about each sweep. Knowing the details after this small concept may be more convenient for users.

Cordless Electric BroomController TypeForm FactorRun TimeItem WeightRecommended UsesProduct DimensionPrice
Eureka RapidClean Cordless BroomHand ControlHandheld, Stick40 minutes5.26 PoundsHard Floor, Upholstery, Carpet9.8 x 6.3 x 43.3 inchesClick Here
Tineco ONE S3 Cordless Electric BroomApp ControlUpright35 minutes9.9 poundsHardwood floors11.3 x 10 x 43.3 inchesClick Here
Bissell Featherweight Stick Cordless BroomHand ControlStick, Handheld20 minutes5.8 PoundsHard Floor, Carpet, Upholstery24 x 10.75 x 7 inchesClick Here
PRETTYCARE Cordless Vacuum CleanerPush ButtonStick, Handheld35 minutes1 Poundhardwood floors, carpet, stairs9.84 x 7.87 x 42.72 inchesClick Here
Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Stick VacuumPush ButtonHandheld50 Minute 7.17 PoundsCarpets Above the Floor & Hard floors10.24 x 7.09 x 46.1 inchesClick Here
BLACK+DECKER Power Series Cordless BroomHandheld, Stick40 minutes1 PoundHard Floor, Carpet8.2 x 6.19 x 22.09 inchesClick Here
EIOEIR Cordless Stick Electric BroomPush ButtonStick, Handheld45 minutes7.17 poundsCarpet, Hard Floor, Upholstery47 x 10 x 8 inchesClick Here
Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Electric BroomPush ButtonStick, Upright35 minutes7.26 poundsCarpet, Hard Floors3.74 x 4.33 x 17.32 inchesClick Here
Hoover ONEPWR HEPA+ Cordless BroomPush ButtonUpright10.2 PoundsCarpet11 x 13 x 47 inchesClick Here
EUREKA Cordless Electric BroomHand ControlHandheld, Stick30 minutes5 PoundsBare Floor, Hardwood, Tile Floor, Carpet9.9 x 6.2 x 43.1 inchesClick Here

10 Best Cordless Electric Brooms For Hardwood Floors:

After the head-to-head comparison, you are undoubtedly more interested in the details of the broom models. Furthermore, if you consider buying yours from here, you will need more information than this brief description. However, now pay attention to the reviews below.

1. Eureka RapidClean Cordless Broom: Best For High-Efficiency

Don’t want to spend time looking for a high-efficiency broom? You can immediately start because a high-efficiency sweeper means the Eureka Cordless Broom. It has a powerful motor to clean your hardwood floors easily and quickly. This is an excellent machine with lots of positive reviews.

Features With Benefits:

Efficient Cleaning: Equipped with the latest motor, the machine allows the cleaning process to be completed very efficiently. The tool maintains considerable accuracy despite rapid cleaning, ensuring maximum cleanliness and discoloration-free floors.

Long Lasting Runtime: Users can effectively clean carpets and rugs by operating the machine continuously for 40 minutes. Very few cordless sweepers offer high run time to clean different floor options. 

Easy Rest Feature: The tool has a Rest nook feature that allows you to take a break as needed. Furniture vacuuming requires some pauses when working downwards. It helps in that.

Under Furniture Reach: The Eureka RapidClean Cordless Broom can easily reach under furniture and beds. The dust cup of this model is moved to the front, so there is no obstruction when you insert it under the table.

LED Headlights: The precise beams of LED lights allow the user to see easily in any dark place. Unlike non-light options, this great sweeper doesn’t miss any areas but makes blurry spots more prominent.


  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery;
  • Cyclonic filtration system;
  • Easy to maneuver;
  • Lay down flat.


  • Handles may be slightly inconvenient for some users.

2. Tineco ONE S3 Cordless Electric Broom: Best For Easy Maneuver 

Are you looking for something different from the regular mop? Undoubtedly Tineco ONE S3 is a good option. If dirty water is on your floor, this sweeper removes it perfectly. Its suction system perfectly picks up (1) all dirt, dust, and cat or dog hair. 

Features With Benefits:

iLoop Smart Sensor Technology: 

The feature accurately detects sealed hardwood floors. With a lot of artificial intelligence, the machine maintains the consistency of suction power and proper jam flow. It also allows the floor to dry faster.

Highly Time-saving: 

This cordless option is quite self-powered (2), which saves the user time. It treats sealed floors step by step and ensures optimal cleaning. Basically, the tool requires less time.

Self-Cleaning System: 

A user only needs to hold the machine’s handle, and it will detect the dirty areas by itself. Since the machine will work, your hands will be clean and free from fatigue.

LED Display: 

This app-controlled Tineco ONE S3 Cordless Electric Broom comes with an LED display. It allows one to monitor cleanliness easily and identify defects in unapproachable areas.


  • Easy to use upright design;
  • Smart digital display;
  • Low noise operation;
  • App support & voice assistant;
  • Dry and streak-free.


  • Not perfect to use on the carpet;
  • The price is relatively high.

3. Bissell Featherweight Stick Cordless Broom: Best for Light Cleaning

Which sweeper is best for light use? Without a doubt, the Bissell Featherweight Stick Cordless model is a great option. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver (3) compared to an upright vacuum. The machine has received considerable praise for cleaning hardwood floors, carpets, and upholstery.

Features With Benefits:

High-Efficient Battery: 

The 10.8V lithium-ion battery of this machine provides up to 20 minutes of run time. This will be enough time to clean your small areas. The battery can be fully charged in just 4.5 hours.

Two-Way Folding Handle: 

The handle with this particular feature allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas of the furniture. It also requires the least space for storage as the handle can be folded in two ways.

Includes Necessary Tools: 

The Bissell Featherweight Stick Cordless Broom comes with the brushes necessary to thoroughly clean upholstery. Besides, the above floors offer crevice tools for cleaning.

Removable Hand Vac:

The machine has a built-in vac. It allows for easy and quick removal of dirt. You can turn the machine into a hand vac with a push of a button. You can also wash the filter as needed.


  • Best for faster cleaning jobs;
  • Highly portable broom;
  • Self-Standing;
  • Perfect for quick pickups;
  • Multi-surface cleaning.


  • Not recommended for cleaning high-pile carpets.

4. PRETTYCARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Best For Versatile Use

Are you looking for the most lightweight option with advanced features? Well, consider the PRETTYCARE Cordless Sweeper. Weighing only 1 pound, this sweeper has become a favorite of most users. It performs excellent for hard floor and carpet pet cleaning. 

Features With Benefits:

Mighty Suction Power: 

The machine offers extremely powerful suctioning. Besides hardwood floors, they can be used for other cleaning tasks. Thoroughly lifts dog or cat hair from the carpet. You can even trust it to clean all your furniture.

LED Touch Display: 

The sweeper has an LED touch display that allows the user to control the suction power per requirement. The machine takes up all the dirt with a maximum runtime of 35 minutes. You can control the suction power in two modes.

Removable Battery: 

Its removable battery feature is more convenient. If the battery runs out of charge during work, the user can immediately replace it and continue working until the battery is fully charged.

High-Efficient Filtration System: 

The machine has a stage filtration system that efficiently processes dirt and provides clean air. Since the filters are washable, there is no chance of losing suction power.

Easy to Maneuver: 

The PRETTYCARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can be maneuvered in any way the job requires. It can be shaped to reach different angles or crevices. It can easily be converted from a sweeper to a handheld vacuum cleaner.


  • Ergonomic handle;
  • Portable and maneuverable;
  • Convenient to store;
  • Large dust cup;
  • Easy washable.


  • The suction power should be improved. 

5. Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Stick Vacuum: Best High Run Time

Want a broom with the most extended runtime? The Shark IZ363HT model is the best option for users who expect more runtime. This is an excellent machine for hardwood floors that cleans large areas efficiently and quickly. 

Features With Benefits:

Hypervelocity Accelerated Suction:

It offers strong suction power with lightweight features. This feature typically creates a direct airflow path for deep-cleaning performance.

High Runtime: 

With a maximum runtime of 50 minutes, users can operate perfectly on hardwood floors or carpets. Besides, the removable battery system does not allow any interruption in work.

Powerful Brushroll: 

This is a significant feature of carpet cleaning. The powerful brush roll penetrates deep into the carpet very quickly. All the fine dirt comes out and accumulates in the dust cup of the machine.

Hepa Filtration: 

This system of Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Stick Vacuum not only captures dust but also collects allergens and dander. It keeps all harmful fine particles out of the air you breathe.


  • High run time;
  • can tackle all floors;
  • Easily maneuver;
  • Washable foam filters;
  • Engineered to pick up more hair.


  • The quality should be improved compared to the price.

6. BLACK+DECKER Powerseries Cordless Broom: Best For Ease Of Use

One of the easiest-to-use cordless alternatives to electric brooms is this model from BLACK+DECKER. Users have highly appreciated it due to its dual functionality. The machine will work as a stick vacuum cleaner and hand vac simultaneously.

Features With Benefits:

High Run Time: 

With just one charge, you get 40 minutes of runtime, enough to clean the whole house. Users can run the machine for 40 minutes until the job is done.


No support is required to keep the broom standing. If you leave it upright in the middle of work, it will stay upright without falling to the floor.

Handheld Capability: 

Users can make the sweeper suitable for cleaning their desired areas. The tool can easily reach hard-to-reach places. Besides, it provides ample facilities for cleaning the stairs.

LED Light System: 

The BLACK+DECKER Powerseries Cordless Broom is designed with LED light for better viewing of cleaning areas. Even if the user works in the dark, he can see his work area.


  • Multi-surface cleaning;
  • Total home suction;
  • Easy empty dustbin;
  • Extremely lightweight;
  • Lithium Ion cordless power.


  • The suction power should be improved as a few users have complained about that.

7. EIOEIR Cordless Stick Electric Broom: Best For Quality Suction Power

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option among cordless brooms, this sweeper model is from EIOEIR. The machine provides the features you need for multitasking. Customers always prefer it as the price is relatively low compared to other cordless sweepers despite having premium features.

Features With Benefits:

Lightweight Vacuum: 

It is lightweight, so it is easier to vacuum the whole house. There is no hassle of plugging in or out while moving from one room to another. Besides, the user can operate the machine with only one hand during the entire run time.

Powerful Suction: 

The tool provides a maximum suction of 20,000Pa with 200W, which is very powerful. There are also 3 power modes where the user can activate the required time between 9 minutes, 25 minutes, and 45 minutes.

Advanced HEPA Filtration: EIOEIR Cordless Stick Electric Broom’s HEPA Filtration system maintains a healthy environment by perfectly capturing even the smallest particles on hardwood floors with up to 99.97% power.

Plus Handheld: 

This versatile feature makes it easy to clean your home quickly. The user does not feel tired even after holding the handle for a long time, as it allows the machine to be operated conveniently, even in the upper part of the field of use.


  • LED light function allows user to reach dark areas;
  • Saves floor space;
  • Lightweight and versatile;
  • Easy to maneuver;
  • Affordable price.


  • The plastic parts are likely to be broken with pressure.

8. Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Electric Broom: Best For Versatile Use

This cordless sweeper model is an excellent option for cleaning every house corner, including hardwood floors. The machine accurately treats soft to hard surfaces and ensures maximum cleanliness. It is widely appreciated by customers mainly for its versatile use. 

Features With Benefits:

Cord-Free Convenience: 

Like other cordless options, it is convenient but has a removable battery. It allows instant battery change with cord accessible facility. The battery requires only 3 to 4 hours to charge fully.

Ultra Lightweight: 

The machine is relatively lightweight. When the user lifts it, it feels like a sweeper weighing only 9 pounds. It also feels like 2 lbs when leaning against something.

Holds More Dirt: 

The broom can capture 3 times more dirt than other options. Its powerful suction captures the finest dirt. It doesn’t even leave any pet hair on the surface of the house.

On/Off Brush Roll: 

The On/Off Brush Roll feature on the Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Electric Broom is quite handy. You can effortlessly move the machine from carpet to floor with just the touch of a button.


  • Antimicrobial pet filter & brush roll;
  • Advanced swivel steering;
  • Clean in 50% fewer passes;
  • Multi-surface cleaning;
  • Delivers maximum removal of dirt.


  • The battery may have a short life, according to a few. 

9. Hoover ONEPWR HEPA+ Cordless Broom: Best For Upright-Like Capacity

Are you looking for a broom with an upright-like capacity? This model may be the best for you. The machine can be an ideal choice, especially if you have an allergy and asthma sufferers in your home, as its HEPA filter captures around 99.9% of dust and debris. 

Features With Benefits:

Hepa Filtration Dirt Trap Technology:

It has a 5-Layer filtration bag system that can capture most dirt and debris. Moreover, the captured specks of dirt do not get any chance of accidental exposure.

Lightweight Design:

It is pretty portable compared to a vacuum cleaner. It is about half the weight of conventional vacuums, allowing you to work for long periods without tiring.

More Time Cleaning: 

Users get enough time to clean the surface because there is no need to empty the dust bag quickly. A vacuum can collect and hold 4x more debris than a bagless vacuum.

Premium LED Headlights: 

The Hoover ONEPWR HEPA+ Cordless Broom allows the low-lit dirt spot to be precisely identified. You can see and clean the fine dirt in the corner of the room.


  • Fingertip control system;
  • Optimized for carpet and hard floor;
  • Lightweight design;
  • The battery is easy to swap out.


  • Some parts need to be made well;
  • No accessories included.

10. EUREKA Cordless Electric Broom: Best For Different Floor Use 

The last recommendation on my list is this model of EUREKA Cordless broom. It is an advanced option for your daily house-cleaning activities. Compared to high-budget alternatives, it offers convenient features and easily meets any user’s budget.

Features With Benefits:

Grab & Go: 

It’s not only cordless but also lightweight enough that it’s perfect for everyday use. Besides, the user can conveniently hang it on the wall, which does not require a separate room and saves space.

Easily Convertible: 

This tool can easily convert your sweeper into a handheld vacuum for versatile use. After use, you can quickly turn the machine back into a sweeper.

Under Furniture Reach: 

Can’t easily clean under furniture or cabinets with a regular vacuum. But the cordless broom can do the job quickly as it gets into the hard-to-reach areas without any hindrance.

Two Cleaning Modes: 

The EUREKA Cordless Electric Broom offers users two cleaning modes. One can switch on the power at his convenience. Quickly select the required strength for carpet and hardwood floors with a fingertip.


  • Efficient cleaning;
  • Empty dust cup;
  • Offers intuitive assembly;
  • Zero maintenance costs;
  • Easy to maneuver.


  • A few users need to appreciate the suction power.

What To Consider To Buy The Best Cordless Electric Broom: Buyer’s Guide

Buying an electric broom is not just about listing a few good products; there are factors to consider to get the tool with the desired features. These are usually the main criteria to find a good option that I also thought about while choosing the preferred one.

1. Suction Power:

This is one of the main criteria for buying a good sweeper. This feature mainly refers to the ability to pick up dust. According to the book “Kiplinger’s Personal Finance,” (5) a stronger motor provides more substantial suction power. The stronger the suction power, the faster it will pick up dust and reduce hardwood floor cleaning time. 

Also, choosing a tool with strong suction power is best if you have pets at home. Above all, it is essential to know whether the suction power works on a multi-surface. Sweepers used for multi-surface work usually drain batteries quickly and waste suction power.

2. Maneuverability:

Another vital factor you should consider is the maneuverability of the cordless broom. You should look for this feature in your chosen electric sweeper. This advanced technology allows the user to move the sweeper without too much pressure. 

Only some cordless sweepers on the market have this feature, even though they are among the best. So you must consider the presence of maneuverability for ease of use and good house cleaning experience.

3. Filtration System:

Remember to check how efficient the broom’s filtration system is. During vacuuming, the vacuum pulls in the dust and all the debris with the air. Without a robust filtration system, the tool will release all the fine dust while releasing this air. A quality filtration form will never remove fine dust from the exhaust air. 

It can also remove various bacterial particles and allergens from the air, along with fine dust. Brooms with HEPA are called cyclone filtration because they collect up to 99.99% of fine airborne dust.

4. Broom Weight:

Weight is one of the crucial considerations. Most cordless electric sweepers require manual operation. So it is most convenient to be lightweight. A sweeper usually weighs between 6 to 7 pounds. The 7-pound weight is pretty light and convenient to use. The lightweight tool allows the user to operate for long periods without fatigue. 

The BLACK+DECKER Power series Cordless Broom is highly functional as a lightweight option. This tool can give the user an excellent experience cleaning hardwood floors weighing only 1 Pound.

5. Floor Type:

Although this article focuses mainly on cordless brooms that can be used on hardwood floors, users may also want to use them for multi surfaces. It doesn’t matter because a sweeper suitable for use on hardwood can sometimes be ideal for other surfaces. 

In this case, you must consider the type of floor, as only some tools can be suitable for multi surfaces. Some sweepers are capable of working equally well on hard floors and carpets (6).

6. Run time:

A cordless broom means battery life is related to its runtime. Each model offers a different runtime. Most models typically provide 15 to 30 minutes of runtime. However, some newer models allow up to 1 hour of cleaning. 

If your room space is quite spacious, it is better to choose the tool that provides more runtime, in which case you will probably have to spend a little more. On the other hand, in the case of a small area, you can buy sweepers with less runtime. 

7. Battery Type:

Think about what type of battery your broom has or what you expect it to have. Cordless sweepers usually come with two types of batteries: built-in and removable.

  • A built-in battery is convenient for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of changing batteries. But once it is charged, it has to be connected to a charging cable and left for charging. Also, the user has to wait and stop working until it recharges.
  • The removable battery option is quite convenient for continuous work. When the user uses a sweeper with a removable battery, he allows another battery to be charged while working. As a result, as soon as the charge of the existing battery is over, he can change it and keep the work going.

8. Price:

Considering the price must also be given equal importance. If you have a specific price range, search for products within that range, which will likely get you what you want faster. If the user is on a tight budget, they should choose a cheaper option that doesn’t compromise quality. 

There are some products in the budget range that come with premium features. A high price does not necessarily mean the best sweeper, so buying a high-priced alternative should only be done with consideration.

9. User Reviews:

Although I put this point last, it is one of the essential factors everyone should consider. When buying a cordless electric broom, check its user reviews. Users also feel free to express their satisfaction when investing in a sweeper. 

Trusted platforms usually publish genuine customer reviews, so newbies get a clear idea about the product. To get the right product, one must choose the sweeper with the most positive reviews.

5 Tips For Maintaining Cordless Electric Broom For Hardwood Floors:

Following some tips for maintaining the cordless electric broom for the hardwood floor is essential. These tips will help you use the sweeper correctly and avoid possible mistakes.

Tip 1: Read User Manual Carefully

A user manual is attached to a purchased electric broom. So to ensure the proper use of the tool, it must be used appropriately. The manual also includes ample information on maintenance that is necessary to extend the lifetime of the sweeper. Also, you may run into some minor issues with the tool, which will be addressed in this guide.

Tip 2: Clean The Brush Timely

It doesn’t matter if you use the broom on a hardwood floor or some other material. It is essential to clean it on time; otherwise, it can become permanent as dirt accumulates on the brush. After work, slightly open the dirt tray and pull the brush out to the side of the machine. Press gently to eradicate the dust. 

Tip 3: Empty The Tray After Cleaning

Never store the sweeper with dirt in the tray. When finished, put the machine in the parking and pull out the tray. Throw the dust in the tray into the dustbin. Reattach the tray to the machine. If there is a lot of dust to clean, clean the tray once in between jobs to make it more efficient.

Tip 4: Make Sure The Battery Is Fully Charged

When the battery is exhausted, charge it before it dies completely. But take your time while it charges. A fully charged battery will provide you with total working hours. Also, the battery will get longer life. In the case of an in-built battery, you can do other work till the charge is completed, but it should only be plugged out after the charge is completed.

Tip 5: Store The Broom In The Right Way

Brooms require standard maintenance that many may forget after use. Although this compact tool requires a small storage space, choosing a suitable area is essential. Be sure to clean the machine after work in a safe place. Some models are folding, making them easier to store. But keep the sweeper in a cupboard for an extended time.

Benefits Of Cordless Electric Broom For Hardwood Floors:

Why use cordless brooms for hardwood floors is a profound question for new users. Since wooden floors are pretty sensitive compared to other flooring materials, a convenient sweeper is necessary to avoid damage (7) to these floorings. This has many advantages that beat other options.

  • Quicker Than The Regular Broom:

Regular brooms were previously considered the most convenient for cleaning the house, but this perception has changed over the years. Traditional sweepers require a lot of time to clean the house as they work relatively slowly. 

In contrast, an electric cordless broom efficiently picks up all the dust and debris from hardwood floors in less time. Regular sweepers take a long time to remove fine dust, but electric options leave almost nothing on the floor.

  • Keeps Hardwood Floors Harmless:

Hardwood floors are susceptible, so not all brooms/vacuums suit them. Also, heavy tools are likely to leave scratches on the wood. That’s why brooms are considered the best cleaning tools for this type of floor. Generally, cordless sweepers are pretty lightweight and easy to handle. Their brush rolls are made suitable for use on wooden floors. 

  • Ease Of Use:

Cordless electric sweepers are very easy to use. This is an excellent tool compared to corded options. Since there is no cord, it can be moved and used conveniently. Corded options may hinder smooth operation somewhat as they come with long cables. 

There is no such hassle for cordless tools; the user needs to keep an eye on whether it has battery life. You can quickly charge or replace the battery once it runs out.

  • Requires Less Effort:

If you are looking for a convenient tool to clean the floor with the least effort, you should decide on a cordless broom. This will save you from sweeping directly. Only you operate the machine while sweeping. There is no better option for cleaning Smartly hardwood floors.

  • Clean Hardwood Efficiently:

Usually, using a wet mop or vacuum is not very convenient for removing dirt from hardwood floors. Most cordless brooms clean floors efficiently in dry conditions. Many people think that fine dust may remain in a dry state. But electric sweepers collect all the dirt without touching any water. However, some tools offer both wet and dry cleaning.


Is There Such A Thing As An Electric Broom?

Another thing that is similar to the electric broom is the stick vacuum cleaner. An electric broom got this name because of some similar features. The electric sweeper can be considered a stick vacuum due to the elements it is designed with and its functionality. 

This excellent tool includes a broom, a dust canister, and a low-powered cordless vacuum. A stick vacuum usually consists of these functions compared to an electric vacuum. But a cordless broom is much better than a corded stick vacuum cleaner as it is lightweight.

Is A Broom Or Vacuum Suitable For Floor Cleaning?

Brooms are most convenient for cleaning floors when vacuums don’t fit everywhere. Although vacuums provide relatively more power, they can only reach some house areas, while brooms can clean mostly small dirt areas. A stick vacuum is quite portable but less convenient than a sweeper. 

Here you constantly have to think about battery life as it provides more power. On the other hand, brooms use less power under vacuums, so their battery life is less likely to run out quickly. Even cordless options don’t require finding a wall plug.

How Often Should You Vacuum My Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors should be vacuumed one day a week so that there is 1 week between the first and the following cleaning. This time limit is for dry vacuums only. Wet vacuuming is recommended every 1 month or 2 months. However, damp vacuuming may vary depending on traffic. 

If there is frequent movement of people in the house, then the time range should be reduced, such as vacuuming should be done earlier than the unoccupied time. But if the opposite is the case, like there is relatively less traffic, then the scheduled time is suitable for vacuuming. However, one must be careful with dry vacuuming as it does not allow regular dirt to settle on the floor.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Cordless Electric Brooms?

Cordless brooms have advantages and disadvantages that every user should be aware of. One of its main disadvantages is that you must always be mindful of the battery charge. Especially those with in-built batteries can be more inconvenient to use. When the charge of the in-built battery is finished, it is necessary to charge it by connecting a charging cable. 

Users need to keep it off until the charge is complete. Another disadvantage of this, unlike corded electric tools, is that it does not allow you to clean indefinitely as it has a fixed battery life. Also, the faster you operate the sweeper, the faster the battery will drain, and the suction power will decrease as the storm drains.

Can A Cordless Electric Broom Replace A Traditional Vacuum Cleaner?

An electric broom is undoubtedly the best replacement for a traditional vacuum cleaner. Unlike a conventional vacuum, the electric broom offers quick and easy cleaning for many floor materials, including hardwood floors. It is also great for reaching delicate and small areas as it has no wires. Also, users can work in any room as no wall requires plug points. 

Moreover, vacuums are pretty heavy compared to cordless options, which makes it difficult to move quickly. At the same time, corded vacuum cleaners consume a lot of electricity even though they can work for a long time. The user can perform his work without wasting power within an uninterrupted period. Cordless sweepers have no such possibility.

Can A Cordless Electric Broom Be Used On Upholstery?

You can use a cordless electric broom on your upholstery. As these tools are incredibly light, users can also use them to clean their furniture and wooden floors. Since they have good suction power, they do a perfect job of removing even the fine dirt on the upholsteries. 

Users consider it an ideal broom for daily small and medium cleaning tasks in the home. Several well-known models make carpet and upholstery cleaning more convenient than hardwood floor cleaning at an affordable price. So if you want such a versatile tool, you must check the presence of the desired features before purchasing.

Final Recommendation:

A cordless electric broom is one of the most convenient options for hardwood floors. However, choosing the best cordless electric broom for hardwood floors without a shortlist can be difficult, as researching hundreds of models is time-consuming. Keeping these in mind, I have prepared a list of only 10 products you already know in detail about.

Here I have selected the products based on the overall needs of the users. You can choose the EIOEIR Cordless Stick Electric Broom as a budget-friendly option. It is affordable compared to other machine models but has most of the features you want. Moreover, the BLACK+DECKER Powerseries Cordless Broom has been appreciated by users for its ease of use. This lightest tool is relatively easy to maneuver.

Although I have only briefly mentioned two products from my favorite list above, you should still research all of the products mentioned. It is necessary to look at reviews of at least 10 products to make a good choice and buy a quality broom. Also, remember to follow my given buying guide, as it will help you get the right thing.


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