Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews 2021 – [Excellent Performance]

Do you have a big project in mind that requires power, performance, and smoothness?

Then, a light-duty, portable table saw won’t be enough to get the job done. If you don’t have the perfect saw in your workshop, you may ruin your projects. So, you need a high-end unit. But, what if you’re on a budget?

Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

Fortunately, you have an excellent option.

A hybrid table saw can be the best option for you. This hybrid unit combines all the benefits of a professional contractor saw and those of cabinet saw. What’ more, it comes with a bit more affordable price than any high-end cabinet saw.

Today we’re going to show you 5 of the best hybrid table saw that you should consider this year and beyond.

If you’re eager to find out what’s in our list stay with us up to the end of our review.

5 Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews 2021

1. JET 708675PK XACTA SAW Deluxe– Best Overall

Key Features

  • 3-horsepower
  • Quick release riving knife
  • Integrated arbor lock
  • Poly-V drive belt system
  • Left tilt, Wide stance heavy-duty trunnion

To begin with, we have this 10″ Deluxe XACTA SAW from JET. If we had to pick the most efficient and operator-safe table saw from this list, this would be the clear winner. The XACTA is a high-performance hybrid saw that comes with many innovative features.

Firstly, its 3 HP motor along with poly V-belt system offers smooth operation. These features also ensure very low heat generation and resistance to slipping. Moreover, the left-tilting design provides burn-free, safer cuts.

Secondly, it exclusive fence II with T-square design provides you improved performance, accuracy, and safety. There is a full-features miter gauge that follows the slot smoothly and helps you achieve consistency and precision.

When it comes to durability, it uses high-grade materials to make a robust fence system. For added durability, it has powdered metal made locking mechanism. Additionally, the push- button arbor lock lets you quickly change the blade making your project more efficient.

Importantly, this unit comes with a lot of safety features to increase efficiency. The anti-kickback pawl, high-tech modular blade guard and riving knife are some of them. These features not only keep you safe while working but also improve efficiency.

The unit includes a magnetic on/off switch that will protect the motor for power fluctuations. Besides, this switch prevents the unexpected restart of the unit in case of power failure.

Finally, the finely ground cast-iron table is large enough to provide you plenty of workspaces. There is also a heavy-duty trunnion system under the table to ensure its remarkable stability and vibration free operation. And you’d certainly love its enclosed cabinet with built-in sealed storage drawer.

The only downside is it’s expensive for some budget-minded people. However, if you can afford it, we highly recommend that you invest in this hybrid table saw.

To sum up, JET 708675PK XACTASAW is overall the best saw ever.


  • Offers efficient, safe & quiet operation
  • Enclosed cabinet with built-in secured storage drawer
  • Large crosscutting capacity
  • Versatile & Vibration-Free Operation
  • Hassle-free workpiece positioning


  • Assembly Required

2. Baileigh TS-1040P-50– Top Rated Hybrid Table Saw

Key Features

  • 3 HP Leeson motor
  • 10” blades with ⅝” arbor
  • 50” right-side large rip capacity
  • Massive trunnion
  • Polished cast iron table surface

Our next pick is this TS-1040P-50 by Baileigh, one of the best Professional Cabinet Style Table Saw. Ultimately, it’s also one of the top-rated hybrid table saws available.

TS-1040P-50 is an electric corded cabinet table saw. The unit is ideal for small to medium sized woodworking shop for both home DIYers and professionals. Some exclusive features make it a great saw for kitchen built-ins and shelving, Cabinetry and other projects.

First of all, it comes with 3 HP Leeson motor. You can run it on 220V single phase power that means it’ll work in almost any shop. What’s more, the motor gets up to full speed in seconds and turns at 4300 rpm to deliver professional-grade performance.

Secondly, TS-1040P-50 uses 10- inch blades with 5/8- inch arbor. It also includes dado and standard inserts. Furthermore, the 40” x 27” cast-iron table features 50-inch extension board. Thus, it helps you to handle large workpieces. Also, the table surface is polished so that you can bring back the original shininess even after years of use.

The unit weighs 550 pounds which indicate that it’s a rock-solid table saw. The all-steel super rigid base keeps the table aligned and stable. Additionally, there is a massive trunnion attached to the cabinet. This feature protects the unit from wobbling. It also keeps the noise within a safe decibel range.

In addition to all of these features, the unit meets the CSA safety standard. Overall, this is a must have for any woodworking shop that offers deliver professional accuracy.


  • Very solid and well manufactured
  • Delivers professional accuracy
  • Reduced vibrations
  • CSA approved


  • Rip fence made of UHMW plastic. But you can inexpensively replace it.

3. Shop Fox W1837– Best Hybrid Table Saw Under 1000

Key Features

  • 2 HP motor (prewired for 120V, 20A circuit)
  • 30-inch rip capacity to the right and 15- inch to left
  • Lift-off Precision Fence with front/rear locking ability
  • Precision-ground cast iron table with steel wings

The Shop Fox brand makes this W1837, one of the best hybrid saw under 1000. And this particular product offers several great features that make it a solid choice if you don’t need all the heft and horsepower of a true cabinet saw.

With this W1837, you’ll enjoy the convenience and performance of both the contractor and cabinet saw. It comes with a range of full features of a cabinet saw while it features the size and weight of an easy to transport high-end contractor saw.

Importantly, it has plenty of power with its 2 HP motor that let you easily rip through hardwoods and cut dadoes. The 0 to 45 left tilting blade is great for cutting bevels or compound miters. Simply turn the handwheel to fix the position of the blade at the desired angle and lock it in place.

Thanks to the safety it gives you. Like any professional cabinet saw, shop fox w1837 assembly consists of important safety features including anti-kickback pawls and quick-change blade guard. What’s more, it has an interchangeable true riving knife that offers protection from kickback during ripping operation.

Shop fox table saw mobile base also offers you great mobility in the job site. It’s also a surprisingly lightweight hybrid table saw. What’s more, the built-in kickstand is handy to move the unit to your desired location easily.

W1837 shop fox table saw parts are ruggedly built to provide many years of trouble-free service. It’ll offer you the same stability and durability over time you would expect from any high-end professional hybrid table saw.

In conclusion, it’s a good buy for the price.


  • Well-built and durable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Runs quiet and smooth
  • Efficient and safe
  • Easy to assemble
  • Competitive price


  • Regular adjustment needed

4. Powermatic PM1000 1791000K– Best Hybrid Table Saw For the Money

Key Features

  • 3-horsepower
  • Quick release riving knife
  • Integrated arbor lock
  • Poly-V drive belt system
  • Left tilt, Wide stance heavy-duty trunnion
  • Independent leaf safety guard

Here is an excellent corded-electric unit from Powermatic gold series table saw which is the first cabinet table saw wired for 115volt usage. This unit has a huge upgrade from a contractor type.

PM1000 1791000K comes with a 1.75 HP motor with a poly- V belt. This feature not only reduces vibration but also maximizes motor efficiency. When it comes to accuracy, this unit is second to none. Its exclusive 30-inch Accu-Fence system offers you the accuracy that you need for your projects.

Another key feature is it includes 60-   degree pivot able sturdy miter gauge. And you can pivot it to either side. Thus, it lets you adjust easily for a full range of cuts. The 7-inch handwheels provide momentum making bevel adjustments and blade height easy.

Furthermore, the machine is ergonomically designed. The tool-free guard assembly is easy to use. It also maximizes safety. What’s more, it has a conveniently located hands-free on/off switch.

This bad boy also comes with superior dust collection power. There is a dust collection hose to provide a clear way, maximizing efficient dust collection.

In conclusion, this Powermatic hybrid table saw is an awesome unit. You’ll certainly get the most value for your money!


  • Smooth cutting result
  • Flawless performance
  • Easy to set up
  • Solid built quality
  • Vibration free operation


  • No complaints

5. LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion– Best Alternative to A Contractor Saw

Key Features

  • 1.75 HP motor
  • Quick release riving knife
  • 36- inch fence rip
  • 0-45° tilt in blade angle
  • Cast iron table

Next, we have this high-quality hybrid table saw from Laguna. It comes with some upgraded features such as 2 pole arbor rising, dustless cabinet design and tilts micro adjustment. The other basic features have remained unchanged. Laguna Fusion is one of the best hybrid saws to provide you the functionality.

Its motor is a true 1.75 HP with arbor speed 4500rpm. It’s not only a real, honest-to-goodness accurate power but also you’ll get what you paid for. It’ll cut accurately, smoothly and without complaint. What’s more, it accepts dado blades up to 13/16- inch.

When it comes to design, Laguna fusion features the most useful, exclusive design. Instead to the top as in the most Western-style saws, its motor/ trunnion assembly is mounted on the cabinet. This layout makes the adjustment easier.

The arbor tilts to offer you micro adjustment for fine tuning. It also has a square design high- quality throatplate with quick remove knob. The square design allows you to change the blade easily. It also makes for better contact points on the cast.

One of the most useful aspects of this machine is it comes with a built-in mobility kit. What’s more, the dustless cabinet design with a 4-inch dust port helps you immediately clean the surrounding in a go.

On the whole, considering the performance Vs. price and workability, this LAGUNA fusion hybrid table saw is the best alternative of a contractor saw.

Whether you’re a serious hobbyist or professional woodworkers, it’s just what you want. The reason is it has the heavy-duty specs of a high-end unit in an economical, practical package.


  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Zero percent clearance
  • Clear set up instruction
  • Lightweight and easy to move


  • Based on the types of materials you intend to cut, your cutting methods need to be adaptive.

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How to Choose the Best Hybrid Table Saw

Undoubtedly, a hybrid table saw offers the best features of a contractor saw and the cabinet saw. That means you’ll get the double benefits in a single tool at an affordable price.

But how to choose the right one? There are a few factors to consider before making a buying decision.

The Dimension Of The Unit

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the saw. Depending on the available space in your workshop, choose the right one that will fit perfectly.

Ease Of Assembly

Look for the ease of assembly of a hybrid table saw. There must have clear instruction, and the unit must be easy to assemble.

Motor Power And RIP Capacity

First, consider your types of project that you’ll need to accomplish with a hybrid table saw. Based on the needs of your project choose the motor power and rip capacity.

Easy Adjustment

Your selected model should offer the easy adjustment of the alignment of the blade. An easily adjustable blade can ensure smooth and accurate cuts. Thus, it allows you to comfortably work with the machine and improve the quality of your work. Moreover, the height of the blade, bevel, the fence position also must be easily adjustable.  Hybrid table saw parts need to be easy to lubricate and there shouldn’t be any friction while adjusting the accessories.

Drive Belt Design

A drive belt connects the motor and the blade. Drive belt causes vibration while operating the units. Good- quality effects on the stability of the machine. So, you need a good belt system to get the maximum output. A hybrid table saw may come with wedge-, regular-, Poly-V belt or serpentine drive system. However, Poly-V belts produce less vibration and offer smooth operation. Avoid the belt system which is prone to breakdowns.

Quality of the parts

Before choosing a model, you should consider the quality of the various part of the unit. The rip fence is an important accessory that must be high-quality. Metal made parts are better than plastic parts as it’ll enhance the durability of the unit. Although cast iron construction is for a hybrid saw, it makes the unit heavier than steel or aluminum. 

Dust Collection System

Due to poor dust collection system, you’ll face not only pesky cleanup issues but also health issues. In fact, the poor dust collection system is one of the problems of contractor saws and some low-quality hybrid table saws. It’s wise to select the unit that comes with at least 4” dust port.

Safety Features

Importantly, you don’t have any scope to overlook the safety features of a hybrid table saw when choosing a model. Look for the riving knife, blade guard, emergency on/ off switch and other safety features.

Price & Your Budget

In fact, your budget is an essential factor when buying a hybrid saw. Although hybrid table saws are less expensive in comparison to cabinet saws, these price ranges seem to be somewhat high for regular DIY hobbyists or budget- conscious people. But if you consider the quality-price ratio, it’s not too high.

A Cabinet, Contractor And Hybrid Table Saw- Which One Is The Best Option For DIY Hobbyist?

Great Question!

Cabinet table saws are large, heavy that comes with many features perfect for professional use. They are expensive, too. However, although the price is worthwhile for a professional/ contractor, it’s too high for DIY users.

Contractor saws are less expensive than cabinet style table saws, but they don’t come with enough power for middle-type projects. What’s more, they’re hard to adjust and have poor dust collection.

A hybrid table saw combines the features of a contractor saw, and cabinet saw together. The hybrid table saws come with many features that you’ll find in any high-end cabinet saw. Additionally, hybrid saws are smaller, lightweight and less expensive than cabinet table saw. If you compare it with contractor saws, hybrid saws offer better performance. These also need less maintenance.

So, when a cabinet saw is simply too much for your intended job, a hybrid saw is the ultimate hybrid between a cabinet and a contractor saw.

Obviously, a hybrid table saw is the best option for any residential DIY projects or Woodworking.

FAQ On: Hybrid Table Saw

1. Why is a riving knife an important safety feature for a hybrid table saw?

A riving knife is located behind the table saw blade. An adjustable riving knife lets you move it with the blade. When properly aligned riving knife keeps the workpiece against the fence and helps to prevent kickback- a very common event that occurs during the ripping process. 

2. What are the possible causes of kickback during the ripping process of a hybrid table saw?

A table saw blade might get overheat for various reasons such as- dullness, free-handing a cut, a build-up of sap on the blades. An overheated blade may cause it to warp, and the workpiece may propel back toward the operator at high speed suddenly.

3. What is Rip capacity of a hybrid table saw?

Rip capacity refers to the space that you have at maximum between the edge of the rip fence and that of the blade.


Hope, this list of the 6 best hybrid table saws has helped you to make a wise buying decision.

All of these listed units are the top performer in their class in terms of quality, efficiency, performance, user-friendliness, and price. So, whichever you choose, it’ll certainly make a bridge the gap between a cabinet and contractor table saw- for an affordable price.

So, why are you waiting for?

Bring any of the above-listed hybrid saw and accomplish your projects efficiently!

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