Best Random Orbital Sander [Reviews And Buying Guide]

Are you puzzled when choosing the best random orbital sander among numerous options? It usually happens because different manufacturers make multiple sanders, and all claim to be the best. Since I have faced this kind of challenging situation, I decided to share my experience with others to help them choose the best product in a short time.

I am happy to pick some random orbital sanders. Customer reviews and satisfied thoughts give the confidence to choose these products. Their features make them highly competitive in today’s market. So, you can select any of them without hesitation.

While researching each product, I considered some essential features, benefits, prices, and customer reviews. In a hurry? You can choose DEWALT 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander for its efficient and thorough sanding ability. It has a 3.0-amp motor and 12,000 OPM speed. Besides, it is pretty convenient to use.

I also like other products because they also come with many convenient features. Hence, I suggest knowing them delicately. Read the entire article patiently. Then, hopefully, you will become an expert in choosing the best random orbital sander. 

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Best Random Orbital Sander: Head-To-Head Comparison

Do you have less time but want to make a quick purchase? Then, take a quick look at their features, specifications, dimensions, and others from the head-to-head comparison below.

Random Orbital SanderPower SourceGrit NumberSpeedAmp CapacityStyleItem Dimensions Item WeightIncluded ComponentsPrice
BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit SanderCorded Electric‎6012000 OPM 2 Amps‎Sander Only7 x 5 x 6 inches‎1 Pound‎(1) BDERO100 Sander(1) Sanding Sheet(1) Dust BagClick Here
SKIL 5” Random Orbital SanderCorded Electric120‎13000 RPM‎2.8 Amps‎Orbital Sander‎7.87 x 4.8 x 5.51 inches3.44 Pounds‎Random Orbital Sander, 1pc Dust Box, 3pcs Sanding SheetClick Here
DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital SanderBattery Powered‎2208,000 to 12,000 OPM‎5 Amps8.8 x 5.7 x 6.3 inches2.56 PoundsClick Here
Makita 5″ Random Orbit SanderCorded Electric1204,000 – 12,000 OPM3 AmpsTool w/ Case7.5 x 16.3 x 10.3 inches‎3.09 Pounds‎CaseClick Here
DEWALT 5-Inch Random Orbit SanderCorded Electric112,000 OPM3 Amps‎Sander10.38 x 7.25 x 6.18 inches1 Pound‎Sander, Owners Manual, Dust Bag, Carrying Case (bag)Click Here
BOSCH 6-Inch Random Orbit SanderCorded Electric5,500 -12,000 OPM6 Amps15 x 7.9 x 6.6 inches‎5.3 PoundsSander, Dust Canister, Vacuum Hose Adapter, Sanding Pad,  Sanding Disc, Pad Wrench, Removable Front HandleClick Here
PROSTORMER Random Orbit Sander Corded Electric6,000 – 13000 OPM2.5 Amps6.89 x 3.94 x 5.51 inches3.64 poundsClick Here
Ginour 300W Powerful Random Orbital SandersCorded Electric‎813000 RPM‎2.5 AmpsOrbital Sander8.27 x 5.12 x 6.3 inches1.5 KilogramsSandpapers, Wool Disc, Sponge Disc, Dust Box, User ManualClick Here
ENERTWIST Orbital Sander With Variable SpeedCorded Electric1205000 to 12000 OPM‎2.4 Amps‎120V Orbital Sander9.3 x 5 x 7 inches‎3.7 pounds‎5″ Enertwist Orbital Sander with Dust Box, 6pcs Grit Sanding Paper, Buffer Polisher PadsClick Here
ZFE Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander 10000 RPM1 Amp12.36 x 8.15 x 4.72 inches1.52 poundsClick Here

10 Best Random Orbital Sander: In Details Review

A glance is not enough. One must know the details of each to choose the right product. That’s why here I will list the features and pros and cons of the top 10 sanders in the tool I have researched. Hopefully, after the discussion, users can easily choose the device that suits their needs.

1. BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander:

At the top of the list is the BLACK+DECKER sander, which is affordable but capable of giving an excellent finish to any project. Its powerful motor can quickly remove paint, stains, and varnish at 12000 OPM. It is an ideal tool for furniture or old wood surfaces that require a finish before painting.

Features With Benefits:

2.4 Amp Corded Motor: This high-quality motor smoothly completes sanding with precise speed and provides an excellent swirl-free finish. Also, since it is corded, you don’t have to worry about battery lifespan.

Comfort Grip Handle: The comfortable handle helps you hold the tool easily in one hand. It also allows an efficient operation of the machine and reduces hand fatigue and tiredness significantly.

12000 OPM: This fixed speed of the BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander can sand material faster. Hence, this is excellent for those who want to work hurriedly without hampering work.

Built-in Dust Collection Bag: The bag effectively collects all the dust. Since the bag is inside, it keeps the collected dust inside. Therefore, the dust cannot enter the working area and disturb the work.


  • Lightweight enough to operate;
  • Offers versatile sanding;
  • Less fatigue to the hands;
  • Paddle switch function;
  • Budget-friendly.


  • No vacuum connection;
  • Does not offer variable speed to control the tool.

2. SKIL 5″ Random Orbital Sander:

Another affordable option is the SKILSR211601 sander, second on my list, with many positive reviews and great features. It is an excellent option for DIYers as they can slowly and efficiently smooth the surface of any material with controlled speed.

Features With Benefits:

High-performing ANd Powerful Motor: This is a slightly more powerful motor than the 2.0 amp. The machine can run at 13,000 OPM, considered one of the highest speeds. It is also beneficial for various sandings.

Variable Speed: It is more convenient. Users can control the speed according to their needs. For example, rough sanding requires more speed and less time for finishing. Variable speed is perfect for these.

Accessible To Clean Dust Container: The dust container of the SKIL 5″ Random Orbital Sander is attached to a clear box and collects the dust. Also, the user can easily see inside. Also, the container is straightforward to clean.

Ergonomic Design And Low Vibration: This design and smooth rubber grip handle allow you to hold it tightly while operating the machine. Besides, it generates relatively less vibration making the work hassle-free.


  • Controllable speed;
  • Reduces hand fatigue;
  • Perfect to sand in tight spaces;
  • Dust sealed on/off switch;
  • Reasonable price.


  • Lacks a vacuum-hose adapter;
  • Some users complain that the dust filter does not always work.

3. DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander:

For those looking for the best professional random orbital sander, the DEWALT 20V sanding tool is excellent. Numerous users have appreciated that it is one of the leading cordless power tools. Professionals can complete any project anywhere with the required power. 

Features With Benefits:

Brushless Motor: Brushless motors make the tool more convenient. It does not create friction like a brush motor. So it can work well with high speed, power, and instant control. Moreover, the machine always demands less maintenance.

Variable Speed: The speed can be controlled from 8,000 to 12,000 OPM while the tool runs, making achieving a smooth surface easier. Besides, controllable speed will help to avoid any fracture of the wood surface.

8-hole hook-and-loop Sanding Pad: The sanding pad is easily replaceable. 8-hole hook-and-loop supports quick and easy grit paper changes. At the same time, all the generated dust can be sent entirely to the dust canister through these holes.

Textured Rubber Overmold Grip: This DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander features comfortable sanding and allows completing multiple projects. You can handle the tool with an overmold grip for a long time without any hand fatigue.


  • Low-profile height to get close to the work surface;
  • Adjustable speeds control aggressiveness;
  • One hand-locking dust bag;
  • Lightweight design;
  • Best for fast sanding.


  • Corded is less durable than the alternative;
  • The price is relatively high.

4. Makita 5″ Random Orbit Sander:

According to woodworkers, the Makita 5″ Random Orbit Sander is the best random orbital sander for woodworking. Woodworkers work with different types of wood. Therefore, they need a well-controlled tool. This sander offers enough power for any project. 

Features With Benefits:

3 amp Motor: The powerful motor of the Makita 5″ Random Orbit Sander delivers more power than the 2.4 amp motor for heavy-duty sanding. It also offers the versatility to work on different surfaces like wood, metal, and plastics.

Variable Speed ​​Control: Use maximum speed to level hardwoods quickly and deal with rough surfaces. Again, users can control the speed while finishing the surface. Besides, they can even make a scratch-free surface.

Ergonomic Rubberized Palm Grip: Users do not have to get tired even after holding the handle for a long time due to its Rubberized Palm Grip. It is incredibly comfortable. Even after you operate the machine for hours, it will have the power to do more.

High Capacity Dust Collection: The system collects all generated dust. It is generally related to the built-in dust port. Therefore, no dust can come out easily. Besides, the vacuum port adapter always keeps the work areas clean.


  • Smooth and fast sanding;
  • Adjustable front handle;
  • Oversized sealed ball bearing construction;
  • Swirl-free finish;
  • Pad brake for maximum productivity;
  • Double insulated.


  • The price is a bit high.

5. DEWALT 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander:

This product is a good option for those looking for a quality random orbital sander with corded power. Both DIYers and professionals can choose to tackle large projects with maximum speed. It has received the most customers’ positive comments.

Features With Benefits:

3.0-amp Motor: This highly energetic motor rotates the pad at a speed of 12,000 OPM. As a result, the surface gets a perfect condition in the fastest time. It also removes all residue effectively.

Lower Height: Due to the lower height of the machine, users are very close to the workpiece and can monitor the work quality. They can also stand accurately with the low-profile design.

The Separate Counterweight: This DEWALT 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander system reduces the vibration caused while the machine runs. As a result, it remains pretty stable while dealing with the workpiece.

Improved Dust-Sealed Switch: The button can lose its life if it gets dusty. But the seal protects the button from improved dust. As a result, users can use the machine’s buttons in the same way for a long time as it gets a long life.


  • High-speed sanding;
  • Soft carrying bag;
  • One-handed locking dust bag;
  • Lightweight and compact;
  • Easy sandpaper release;
  • Low vibration.


  • Does not offer variable speed;
  • According to users, it generates a lot of noise.

6. BOSCH 6-Inch Random Orbit Sander:

This option on my list is a powerful tool for removing stock from surfaces and giving a perfect finish. Considering all its features, I believe it is the best 6-inch random orbital sander for woodworking. An integral pad quickly reduces the rolling marks created when the disc rotates.

Features With Benefits:

6 Amps Motor: This more powerful 6 amps motor is perfect for larger projects. It also allows accessible sanding of any hard and solid wood surface. Besides, it does not leave any scratches or marks on the surface.

Microfilter Dust Canister: Two dust collection systems can collect large amounts of dust. Consequently, users don’t have to worry about it getting full. In addition, it has integrated paper filters and screw-off caps, giving the user a mess-free Jobsite.

Controllable Speed: The speed of the sander can be adjusted between 5,500 and 12,000 OPM as needed. Besides, users can attach sandpaper by adjusting the speed and can use sanders according to demand.

Microcellular Backing Pad: The microcellular backing pad of the BOSCH 6-Inch Random Orbit Sander ensures a fine and smooth finish for flat, contoured surfaces. Even most machines don’t have this feature.


  • Removable front handle;
  • Comfort and a soft grip offer more comfort;
  • Reduces swirl marks;
  • Adjustable speed;
  • Superior dust collection system;
  • Vibration control suspension.


  • Sometimes gets hot after prolonged use;
  • Lengthy cord.

7. PROSTORMER Random Orbit Sander:

Another best woodworking orbital sander is this tool that efficiently delivers enough controlled power to give a smooth finish to wood surfaces. Great for sanding not only wood but various metal and plastic surfaces. Most users have raved about it mainly because of its ease of use.

Features With Benefits:

2.5A 300W Motor: The robust motor rotates at a speed of 13000 OPM. Spinning at maximum speed gets most of the work done quickly. In addition, it completes the sanding and finishing of any surface faster.

12pcs Sander Papers: The random orbital sander offers 12 pieces of sandpaper to meet your different needs. So, ensuring the smoothness of any rough surface is no problem. Moreover, they can be changed easily.

Enough Variable Speed (7) Availability: Users can work with 7 variable-speed combinations from 6,000 to 13,000RPM by choosing the right speed. Most tools do not allow control from such low speeds. It is undoubtedly a good one.

8 Holes Sanding Pad: The 8 holes on the sanding pad allow quick paper changes. The dust generated during sanding quickly passes through the 8 holes to the built-in filter, ensuring a clean working environment.

Light Weight: The weight of the PROSTORMER Random Orbit Sander is relatively lightweight. Any DIYer or professional can handle it quickly, and holding it in hand for a long time does not cause any strain because of its lightweight.


  • More efficient and save time;
  • Double heat dissipation;
  • A convenient loop base allows fast and easy sander paper changes;
  • Dust-resistant switch;
  • Suitable for various surfaces.


  • According to users, the dust canister sometimes falls out.

8. Ginour 300W Powerful Random Orbital Sanders:

The Ginour 300W Powerful tool will meet expectations by enhancing your sanding skills. It offers a relatively good number of convenient features and benefits that set it apart from other options. This is undoubtedly the best professional orbital sander for various woodworking projects.

Features With Benefits:

300W/2.5A Motor: This potent motor provides high power to do each project proficiently and meets your sanding needs on contours or flat surfaces. It also ensures excellent polishing by leveling rough surfaces at different speeds with sufficient power.

Embedded Dust Collection System: The embedded dust collection port collects and traps all generated dust. It will store all the dust in the in-built canister. The tool does not disrupt your working environment anymore.

Ergonomic Design: The grip comes with an excellent ergonomic design. It is wrapped in soft rubber. That is why it reduces maximum vibration. Hence the user feels comfortable while working for a long time. 

15pcs Sanding Disc: Ginour 300W Powerful Random Orbital Sanders offers 15 pcs sanding discs. With these sponge discs and wool discs, users can attach and use sandpaper of 80/100/120 grit to make different finishes.

3.25 Lb Weight: This 3.25 Lb weight sander is very easy to use for new users. DIYers can easily handle the wooden surface of any location. Besides, you can conveniently carry it anywhere.


  • Very flexible to operate;
  • Meets various sanding needs;
  • Creates a cleaner workplace;
  • Highly capable than cloth bags;
  • 6-adjustable speeds;
  • Highly labor-saving.


  • Requires an efficient assembly by an expert.

9. ENERTWIST Orbital Sander With Variable Speed:

Another top choice among consumers of corded power tools is this sander with 6 variable speeds available in the market with the best features to complete any woodworking project. Also, the handle is designed so that users can perform tasks with comfortable use. 

Features With Benefits:

2.4A Motor: High-quality motor that drives the sander to the required maximum speed. To save a user’s time, he will get as much speed as he wants in this machine. In addition, this motor allows the job to be completed in less time.

6 Variable Speed: This is an excellent feature as opposed to a single speed. It offers 6 variable rates from 5000 to 12000 OPM to ensure the accuracy of work. This controllable speed is perfect for different stages of work.

Dust Sealed Switch: The switch is protected even with long-term regular use. So, even if you use the button frequently, it will remain intact. Due to the dust seal, the button has got a longer life.

UL Polarized Plug: Provides a safe measurement for tool cords. It indicates how far the wires are from the work area and the plug. Hence, users can work without facing the hassle of any cables.

5-Inch 8 Holes Sandpaper: It’s fantastic of the ENERTWIST Orbital Sander With Variable Speed. It forces debris or dust into the canister through the holes. Hence no dirt can come out.


  • Compact size and easy to use;
  • Hook and loop system;
  • Significant random action ensures a high-quality finish;
  • Provides a matching speed to work;
  • Rubber over-molded handle.


  • Users complain that the dust blows almost everywhere;
  • Louder sound.

10. ZFE Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander:

The last product in my collection is the ZFE Pneumatic Orbital Sander. Even if it is at the end of the list, you will surely be more impressed using it. This is the best professional orbital sander among the tools that can work with high precision. In particular, the tool’s high-hardness fan blade matches any speed.

Features With Benefits:

Integrated Regulator: Users can control the speed of 10,000 rpm with this integrated regulator. It is excellent for working at high speed. Yet it ensures high horsepower, balance, and long-term use.

Hardened Rotor: The feature strengthens the tool and ensures the machine’s durability. The system also makes the blade wear-resistant. As a result, users can use it for a long time perfectly.

Regulating Valve: Now, there is no problem adjusting the air power. However, because the regulating valve helps to adjust the air power easily, it is much more beneficial for a smooth and accurate operation.

Air Inlet: This excellent feature of the ZFE Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander feature is fantastic. It connects the hose with the air inlet. Moreover, it allows air to get through, making the machine highly workable.

Flat Polishing Sponges: Flat sponges are more helpful in getting the desired finish. It provides excellent and durable polishing on various surfaces such as wood, plastic, and metals.


  • Easy to install;
  • Industrial grade and high precision movement;
  • A vital source of power;
  • Eccentric shaft design;
  • Dust bag with a suction connector.


  • Offers only a single speed.

10 Things To Consider When Buying Random Orbital Sander: Buyer’s Guide

A clear guide to buying the top products and details will help you buy the right one. There are several things I consider when purchasing an orbital sander. These criteria have helped me choose the best tool every time. Hopefully, the following considerations will help pick the right tools for the upcoming projects.

1. Power source:

When purchasing a power tool, the most crucial consideration should be the power source related to performance and cost. Random sanders generally provide 3 types of power sources – corded, cordless, and Pneumatic. Decide which one you want.

  • Corded tools are usually more cost-effective than other options because the user does not have to worry about battery life. You can work with the same energy for hours.
  • The advantage of the cordless option is that it is highly portable and easy to operate. But its performance becomes limited when it comes to running out of battery.
  • Pneumatic tools offer you the portability of a cordless sander even though it is corded. Its specialty is that the compressor can produce 40 cubic feet of air per minute which is comfortable enough for orbital sanding work.

2. Performance:

The second important thing is the performance of the tool. How efficiently it will perform depends on the amperage capacity. Sanders with an amperage capacity of 2.5 amps or less will experience a heavy load on the user. But motors with higher amps will continue to cut effortlessly.

The voltage between 18V and 20V usually measures the performance of cordless tools. Both voltages are almost the same, but the device uses a slightly lower voltage when starting and increases further while running. 

3. Speed Variable:

Considering speed variation is significant to buy a random orbital sander. The smoothers with variable motor speeds are more versatile than others. A study in the book “American Woodworker” (5)shows that rough sanding is essential when removing burdensome stocks. Sometimes low speed is required during stock removal, and occasionally, high speed.

I used maximum speed during the operation and moderated the pace slightly while removing the residue. For final buffing, the workpiece demands a lower rate as there is a matter of maintaining precision.

4. Size Of The Tool:

The size of the random sander is usually determined by the diameter of the disc. Although discs range from 2″ to 12″, the 5″ models are the most popular. This size meets the needs of most projects and is preferred by DIYers and professionals for its ease of operation. It is also ideal for the quick sanding of large surfaces. 

The tool is the best. Regardless of the size, none of these smoother models is heavy. The 2″ or 3″ discs are relatively small and unsuitable for professional use. But they are suitable for regular use at home for small jobs. The 12″ discs are for larger projects. 


This is another essential factor that undoubtedly deserves consideration. Sanders provides speed in RPM or OPM metrics. But many users don’t know which one they should prefer. RPM refers to the disc’s rotations per minute and the number of times the disc will rotate in an unstable orbit. 

But it cannot give exact information because the disc does not rotate in one place. Therefore the RPM follower gives an approximate index, but the actual count is unavailable. OPM, on the other hand, accurately indicates how many times per minute the disc rotates in a random orbit. 

6. Weight:

Random sander weights range from 2 to 7 pounds. However, 5-inch smoothers are up to 4 pounds maximum. Mini tools weigh between 1.5 pounds and 2 pounds. Therefore, users should choose lightweight tools. 

Since users can perform tasks with such equipment in a short time with very little fatigue, it is possible to complete several projects quickly. However, more skilled workers may use larger and heavier smoothers for factory work. 

7. Extra Handle:

Most random orbital sanders have comfortable and convenient handles. However, if there is a possibility of doing massive sanding with the same tool in the future, the handle may lose its effectiveness. In this case, purchasing a device with an extra grip is a good idea. 

In this, you will get the facility to handle the tool with two hands and experience easy control. But the tools with extra handles are not inconvenient, but a convenient feature you should consider while purchasing the device.

8. Dust Collection:

This tool generates a lot of dust which can cause various physical problems, including breathing. Therefore, almost every power tool has a built-in dust collector to facilitate the user’s work. 

Many recommend setting up the vacuum hose on a canister machine, but these often don’t fit well into the smoother port. Therefore I suggest you consider getting a quality dust collector with the product.

9. Cost:

You must show proper consideration concerning costs. Random orbital sanders naturally come at affordable prices. But consider features and benefits if you want a more affordable option. Unfortunately, inexpensive tools are not standard in most cases. 

You must do enough research to go for the more affordable option. A product with the features you need that customers have already expressed satisfaction in using. But quality should be prioritized over price, even if it costs more. 

10. Customer Reviews: 

Before buying any new product, you should check its user reviews. I consider this one of the most important criteria to get a good product. Don’t just be attracted by price or features; look at genuine user reviews. These will surely help a user to make the right decision.

Be sure to visit popular platforms like Amazon for customer reviews. Search here for the desired tool model and observe its ratings. Trusted platforms always capture positive and negative feedback from real customers so that others can make informed decisions.

Reasons Why Random Orbital Sanders Used For Woodworking

Users highly prefer a random orbital sander as a versatile tool. This means it provides an excellent combination of quick stock removal and swirl-free finish(1) to smooth various surfaces, including plastic, metal, and wood. However, the tool has some other benefits you might not be aware of.

  • Easy To Use:

The random orbital works just as well to add a smooth finish to your wood surface. Being lightweight, users can easily handle it. You can manage even longer without exerting too much effort. The user should try to keep it as straight as possible while running, as it can damage the wooden surface if it tilts. 

But controlling the tool is not difficult at all even if you have little experience. Besides, DIYers and homeowners feel comfortable using it due to its simple features.

  • Removes Residue Efficiently:

After applying paint or putty to a wood surface, it leaves a residue that can be difficult to remove. Random sander makes this difficult task manageable and eliminates your frustration. In addition, using it makes it possible to remove all residues from the wood surface quickly. 

The tool will help remove any hard stock without damaging the surface. As a result, the workpiece quickly gets from an unstable condition to a balanced state. But even in this case, the user must hold the tool upright.

  • Makes A Soft And Scratch-free Wood Surface:

This random orbit sander gives a smooth and pleasant finish to wood surfaces. Undoubtedly, it is suitable for creating a scratch-free surface (2). The device freewheel’s pad on a shaft moves evenly. 

This tool simply deals with any uneven wood surface. It is a better option compared to other tools. Some models have multiple grits that can be applied depending on surface smoothness. 

  • Variable Speed Makes The Job Accurate:

Most smoothers models offer variable speed. As a result, users can set the speed of the brush according to their needs. For example, the DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander allows for 8,000 to 12,000 OPM speeds. Therefore one has the right to choose the speed at which one wants to work.

With the maximum speed of the Random orbital sander, I completed my project in less time than other smoothers, which only took a few hours. 

  • Gives The Right Shape:

If the workpiece is curved or its edges are not even, you do not need to go for a giant tool. Instead, this small tool will solve the problem. Generally, the sander is driven straight to level the surface.

But in this case, it has to be slightly curved when the edges of the wood are pretty uneven. So, with the machine turned on, hold the wood’s edge at an angle. Then, run it over all the edges. 

  • Ensures Less Hand Fatigue:

Another significant advantage of using a random orbital sander is that it ensures less hand fatigue. If I talk about traditional tools, this option is the most convenient because there is no need to move your hand excessively.

Moreover, the user gets enough power to complete several projects simultaneously.

How To Use Or Maintain A Random Orbital Sander? 7 Steps To Follow

According to “USA Today(3), the most useful power tool in your arsenal is the random orbital sander that provides maximum finishing efficiency. But new users may not know how they use it. Following a few steps correctly will allow you to complete the job successfully.

Step 1: Choose The Right Grit

Choosing the correct grit for the job is paramount. Grit should be selected according to the surface roughness of your workpiece. Grits of 20 to 36 are considered suitable for different rough surfaces. Also, 40 to 60 grit is ideal for medium roughness. 

150 to 180 grit is used when it comes time to give a final finish to the wood surface, such as when you are preparing to finish the project. 

Step 2: Attach Disc To The Sander

After choosing the correct grit, attach the disc to the machine. First, hold the sander upside down, like bringing the sanding side up. Now place the surface with the small loop of the disc on the device. Finally, adjust the holes in the disc with the machine, so it is appropriately set. 

Step 3: Wear Safety Goggles

Sanding produces a lot of fine dust that flies and can quickly get into your eyes and airways. According to “NIOSH(4), the tool generates significant amounts of dust that can cause skin irritation, allergic problems, and eye and respiratory tract infections. 

Step 4: Keep The Workpiece Stable

Movement of the workpiece during sanding may cause some difficulty. The tool may seriously injure the user even if it suddenly moves. Also, the tool can tilt and cause deep cuts on the surface. It is crucial to secure the workpiece to avoid these problems. 

Step 5: Start Sanding

Now that the machine is fully prepared, it’s time to start. If the tool is corded, plug it in and if the battery is operated, turn on its power button, making sure about the battery setup. Use it on a discarded piece of wood after you start the tool to avoid damage to the original workpiece. 

Step 6: Move The Sander Across Surface

Move the tool across the surface. Hence the entire area is evenly smoothed. Remember to avoid applying any pressure. Move it uniformly in front of the surface of the workpiece once and back again. Move forward along a line and remember how many times you have moved. 

Step 7: Remove Disc From Sander And Clean It

Once your project is complete, plug out the machine. But you have some work to do before finally saving the tool. First, check if the workpiece has achieved the desired result. Now remove the disc from the tool. 


What Is The Best For Woodworking Between The Orbital Sander And A Random Orbital Sander?

Using a random orbital sander for woodworking will undoubtedly give the best results. This is because the orbital sander only rotates in one spot in a circular motion, while the random orbit sander works equally in front and back areas. In addition, due to the spontaneous movement of the tool, there is no possibility of creating additional depth in the wood surface. 

The random sander works excellently to smooth the edges of the uneven workpiece and give it the correct size. This tool is best for those who want to work perfectly along lines on a flat surface. The orbital sander is certainly relatively affordable, but it is difficult to achieve a rapid, smooth finish (6) on wooden surfaces. Also, it is not portable enough. 

What Type Of Sander Gives The Best Finish?

A random orbital sander can be users’ best choice when they want an excellent smooth finish on different surfaces. Also, the tool is simple to work with when compared to other options. It provides a perfect finish to wooden surfaces without expending extra energy. Moreover, removing all the uneven solids from the surface gives the desired surface to the user without any scratches. 

It even produces more efficient results than the orbital sander. Especially newbies can start with this tool most of the time. It works properly. As opposed to a belt sander, the random sander is easier to replace the sandpaper because replacing the belt is quite time-consuming.

Why Is A Random Orbital Sander Better Than A Palm Sander?

When choosing a sander for a large project, you should select a random orbital sander instead of a palm sander. This is because larger projects require a lot of power for faster sanding and stock removal that only a random orbital sander can provide. Moreover, the tool’s powerful motor can complete sanding very quickly, which is almost impossible for a palm sander. 

Also, a random, rotating disc creates a highly smooth finish without a scratch. On the other hand, the palm sander is designed to deal with smaller pieces of wood because it is better at removing inside corners and minor imperfections.

Is There Any Good In Variable Speed Orbital Sander?

An essential requirement for a smooth surface finish is variable or controlled speed, which not all sander models have. So, sander models with varying speeds are an excellent option for users. However, if the tool is operated at excessive speed while smoothing the finish, it may accidentally damage the surface of the wood. 

A controlled speed will help you when you want to remove residues quickly without damaging the surface. Although the equipment comes at a slightly higher price, a variable speed can always give the best results.

What Is The Best Orbital Sander For $50?

The best random orbital sander under $50 is the BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander. This tool is best for those looking for an affordable option with some good features. This product has almost 10000 positive reviews on Amazon, where users have continuously used the tool for more than 1-year. Even though some have crossed 2-year, it is still intact. 

It doesn’t even require any simple repairs. It also provides a lot of power for fast sanding, which is impressive. Overall, this tool is very affordable when compared to expensive alternatives. It’s fortunate to get such a versatile smoother at such a low price.

How Many Materials Or Woods Can Be Sand With Random Orbital Sander Within An Hour?

A random orbital sander can sand a surface about an inch per second. But how many kinds of wood or other materials it can grind in 1 hour depends on the shape of the surface. Medium workpieces such as 3.5″ – 4″ can be sanded with about 900 pieces of wood in one hour. 

In addition, you will be able to perfectly sand larger pieces of wood, such as about 200 pieces of 18″ length, in one hour. Also, if you use the tool on a larger project, you can sand less material in an hour.

Final Recommendation:

Hopefully, the detailed discussion of the 10 products on my list will help you search for the best random orbital sander. After a lot of research, I have selected only 10 tools from hundreds of options on the market that meet the needs of DIYers and professionals. Perhaps users will have a great experience with them.

You can choose the BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander for compatibility and affordability. It is easy to handle and relatively low cost. Also, the Makita 5″ Random Orbit Sander is the best among the cordless options. Its lightweight and powerful motor offer changeable speed, which users like. Moreover, the DEWALT 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander is the best in ease of use and the maximum speed for fast work.

However, here I have highlighted only 3 products but do not forget to read the information about the others. Each product offers something unique based on price features and benefits. Therefore I made this short list for quick decision-making. So, don’t skip a single field of research. 


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