8 Best Sander for Removing Paint from Wood to Buy in 2022

Key Points:

  • Sanding to remove paint from wood by hand is not the best way to do it.
  • Random orbital models are the best option among various types of sanders.
  • While choosing the best sander for the job, don’t forget to select the right sandpaper grit.

From banisters to stair rails, skirting boards, to parquet flooring, the list of things you can restore with a simple orbital sander is pretty long!

I am here to take you on a quest to find the best sander for removing paint from wood. Honestly, with the right controls and sanding sheets, you can scrape, buff, paint and polish old furniture, and reinvent them in any style of your choice!

A sander works wonders in scraping paint off wooden surfaces. A high-quality sander gives fabulous results on wood, metal, stone, and even leather! However, there are quite a few types of sanders out there- each with different specs and powers. Let’s see what suits you the most!

best sander for removing paint from wood

Top 5 Sanders for Removing Paint from Wood:

  1. Best Overall: TACKLIFE Electric Random Orbit Sander PRS01A
  2. Best for Rapid Paint Removal: Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander
  3. Best Rated Cordless: DEWALT 20V MAX XR Palm Sander DCW200B
  4. Best Value for Money: TECCPO 14000 OPM Compact Electric Sander TAMS22P
  5. Best for Tough and Fast Paint Removal: Wagner Spraytech 0282180 PaintEater

What Is the Best Grit Sandpaper for Removing Paint from Wood?

Besides choosing the right sander that can easily remove paint from wood furniture, choosing the right grit sandpaper is also important.

Experts recommend that users use 40 to 60 grit sandpapers for most cases. And, the best practice for sanding edges is to use 80 to 120 grit papers.

But you have to be very careful about choosing the sandpaper. Otherwise, you will sand more materials than necessary.

Pro Tip: Start with lighter grits and slowly move up the number to avoid unnecessary sanding.

Woodworking experts prefer hand or manual sanders for removing the paint. But using an electric model can help you finish the job faster.

Top 8 Best Sanders for Removing Paint from Wood

Considering the speed, motor strength, disk size, and quality, we have rounded up 8 sanders to give you a headstart! From random orbit sanders to palm sanders, we tried to include only the finest products with user-friendly specs that stay well under your budget!

1. TACKLIFE Electric Random Orbit Sander PRS01A

TACKLIFE Electric Random Orbit Sander PRS01A

Key Features:

  • Power: 350W
  • Speed: 13000 RPM Max.
  • Pad Size: 5 inches
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs.

Stripping paint off wood for using it in your next project can be tiring, especially when the “home remedies” have already failed. You need an electric sander to remove paint effectively, and Tacklife brings you an easy solution!

For starters, this electric random orbit sander by Tacklife gives you not one but six different speed levels to adjust with your workload.

If you have a DIY window planter project going on, you are going to need no more than a couple of planks. And setting this handy machine on low speed will get the job done sooner than you think!

After all, this 3-Amp sander can pull up to 13,000 RPM. Professional woodworkers widely use sanders like the Tacklife PRS01A for small to big carpentry jobs.

And what can I say, removing paint from wooden boards and panels has never been easier. Compared to manual grinders, this workhorse of a sander drives thirteen thousand orbits a minute.

It meets all the needs you might have at the garage and workshop- not only for wood but also for plastic and metal!  Truth be told, you can stop looking for an industrial belt sander because this one has both strength and speed!

Not only will the Tacklife sander maximize your productivity, but also let you have the comfiest sanding experience! Thanks to its flawless engineering and ultra-low vibration, this orbital sander is great for noise-free indoor applications.

Let’s not forget, you’re getting a total of 12 sandpapers with 80 and 180 grits for stripping paint and smoothing the surface! Those are the reasons for my decision about this model as the best sander for removing paint from wood.


  • Because of their compact and ergonomic design, Tacklife sanders are perfect for DIYers.
  • You will get 6 different speed settings to get the level of perfection you want.
  • A good handle along with a clever sanding surface design helps smoothen tight areas.
  • The dust collector box makes it easier to use and keeps the air clean.
  • Inside the package, you will find 12 different grip papers to complete various projects.


  • Despite all the good factors, some don’t like it for its small size which is not suitable for big projects.

2. Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

Key Features:

  • Power: 300W
  • Speed: 12000 RPM Max.
  • Pad Size: 5 inches
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs.

If you’re looking for a palm sander that gets into tight places and removes stubborn paint from wood, Bosch has something you’re sure to love! Their ROS20VSC is the best sander for the deck for its generous speed levels and smooth sanding effects!

To begin with, it is a rare gem of a sander that comes with a dampening ring, extra sanding pads, a vacuum adapter, a dust canister, and an easy-to-carry bag.

Why go for the “tool-only” sanders when you’re getting the whole kit for under 70 dollars? You can get this same Bosch palm sander kit with 6 extra sanding disks under 80.

Additionally, its straightforward design allows you to work on different types of wood and hard-to-reach corners.

The built-in dampening pad was a nice touch, considering how effectively it prevents swirl marks from showing up on wooden surfaces. Bosch ROS20VSC is surprisingly great for removing leftover paint, even with its rather tiny 3/64″ orbit diameter.

This palm sander features an innovative dust collection port with microfilters. Now, these filters catch fine dust so that both your workstation and garage stay mess-free!

Furthermore, the canister shows you the filtered dust level- a feature I haven’t seen in a lot of palm sanders till now! However, its 2.5-amp motor, as powerful as it is, falls short in beating high-end orbital sanders that usually come with 3 amps of capacity.

Finally, you can’t complain, though; using an orbit sander for making a small garden hutch is like breaking a butterfly on a wheel.


  • Alongside a solid construction, the Bosch sander comes with an ergonomic design for comfortable handling.
  • It creates very low vibration and sound helping the users to use it in any situation.
  • The dust collection feature works surprisingly well compared to the competitors.
  • With the help of its variable speed settings, you can complete different tasks.


  • Connecting a third-party vacuum cleaner makes a loose fit. An O-ring would have made it better.

3. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Palm Sander DCW200B

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Palm Sander DCW200B

Key Features:

  • Power: 100W cordless
  • Speed: 14000 RPM Max.
  • Pad Size: 5 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs. (tool only)

From a minimalistic patio table to an immaculate garden arbor, your old painted wood planks still have a lot of fight left in them! And what better way to revive them than using the mighty Dewalt palm sander for the job?

At first glance, the Dewalt DCW200B, with its black and yellow hues, seemed like Bumblebee is back- not in his Volkswagen Beetle but in a palm sander instead.

The unique shape of this palm sander has a major advantage in removing paint with a very low effort from your side! What else I liked about this brilliant sander is its low height and textured rubber over-mold.

It is lightweight, strong, and easy to hold. What’s more, its convenient speed dial offers an authentic speed control from 8,000 OPM to 14,000 OPM. Its brushless motor ensures a long, uninterrupted runtime for restoring wooden surfaces.

A palm sander can be small, but it’s far from being slow! Dewalt DCW200B proves it with unbeatable efficiency and crazy high speeds. Its smartly-designed paper clamp securely holds sandpapers and offers you a hassle-free installation every time!

The dust chute is removable for easy cleaning, and it sure keeps the annoying dust away from your face. As for the things I didn’t like, the battery, charger, and even the DWV010 dust collectors are sold separately. A hundred-dollar palm sander and extra expenses add up in the end. Hence, I rest my case. I think that DEWALT DCW200B is the best sander to remove paint from the wood deck for certain features and performance.


  • Having a brushless motor system, you can expect longer tool life.
  • It has a very wide range of speeds with several adjustable settings to meet the needs of various projects.
  • The sander is very powerful at removing paint on wood quickly and easily.
  • As the tool collects dust in an attachment, you don’t have to worry about the air quality.
  • As a wireless sanding tool, you won’t have to fight with cords and finish the jobs lot quicker.


  • According to a user, using a higher capacity battery (5Ah) can give you tingly shocks.

4. TECCPO 14000 OPM Compact Electric Sander TAMS22P

TECCPO 14000 OPM Compact Electric Sander TAMS22P

Key Features:

  • Power: 132W
  • Speed: 14000 RPM Max.
  • Cord Length: 7’6”
  • Weight: 2.61 lbs.

Put the chemical strippers and scrapers away, and give your hands some rest. TECCPO has an electric sander that does all the paint-stripping and squeezes into a tight budget easily!

And to top it off, it comes with twelve sandpapers to keep you covered for a long, long time. Featuring a washable dust bag and a self-adhesive sanding disc, TECCPO is rising to the top with its all-in-one sander.

The product has a compact shape and weighs less than three pounds. From polishing furniture to smoothing wood, there’s hardly a thing this sander can’t do!

I especially loved the way sandpapers stuck to their orbit. Thanks to its hook-and-loop design, replacing sandpapers can now be done in a jiffy.

You will also notice how its orbit shape is a bit different than that of an orbital sander. Its triangular orbit looks fairly similar to a clothing iron. And, when it comes to building a unique patio and poolside furniture, a smart sander like this comes in handy. Take a garden pond and planter duo, for example.

You can easily use old floorboards and banisters for the job, and this sander right here will be perfect for the job!


  • One can ensure smooth finishing as the TECCPO sander can reach narrow spaces in stair rails.
  • It accepts almost all types of sandpapers which is suitable for different sanding jobs.
  • To achieve high speeds and smooth sanding, the sander comes with a heavy-duty copper motor.
  • It is suitable for sanding different materials and DIYers love it.


  • The quality of the Velcro pad that holds the sandpaper is very poor.

5. Wagner Spraytech 0282180 PaintEater

Wagner Spraytech 0282180 PaintEater

Key Features:

  • Power: 384W
  • Speed: 2600 RPM Max.
  • Pad Size: 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs.

While tool-free disk replacement and flexible positions might be the top two features of the PaintEater, I am here to tell you that this Wagner sander is no less than extraordinary! And here’s why.

Affordable power tools with great functionality are all the rage right now. When they’re from Wagner, you know just how durable they would turn out in the long run.

I recently had my hands on the Wagner Spraytech 0282180 PaintEater, a dedicated paint removal tool for restoring vintage furniture and floorboards.

The main thing I found interesting about the Wagner PaintEater is its robust 3.2-amp motor. Although it’s not a brushless motor like the one on Dewalt DCW200B, its high amperage rating means that the motor will run more effectively and generate much lower heat!

Moreover, it comes with a handy strap for hanging the product on a ladder. While pulling up its specs, I found more about its user-friendly qualities, especially the Velcro strap and multi-surface compatibility.

You can safely use this sander on vintage furniture, concrete, Masonite siding, steel, wood, and whatnot. Its Velcro strap allows you to keep your hand movements flexible. Say goodbye to arm fatigue and work your way through that timeless patio bench right now!

Lastly, the sanding disk on this Wagner sander is not made out of mere sandpaper. Behold, the spun-fiber disk is going to be a bad-ass on paint, even the small patches on your stair rails.


  • Compared to its competitors, Wagner Spraytech is almost 4 times faster.
  • Having a side handle in the design helps keep it in control effortlessly.
  • The sander guarantees powerful sanding with its abrasive spun fiber material on discs.
  • Because of the Flex-Disc system, the tool can provide consistent sanding on uneven surfaces.


  • Expensive replacement discs make it inconvenient for some users.

6. TACKLIFE 1/2 Sheet Sander PSS02A

TACKLIFE 1-2 Sheet Sander PSS02A

Key Features:

  • Power: 300W
  • Speed: 12000 RPM Max.
  • Pad Size: 9×4.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.31 lbs.

I already have the Tacklife PRS01A sitting at the top of our list, and now it’s time to see how their sheet sander PSS02A performs in professional carpentry applications.

Considering its innovative sanding sheets and multifunctional use, it’s quite a catch if you ask me.

“What is the best sander for removing paint” is a question that can make you think long and hard. But after all the digging and comparing for the past few weeks, I have finally decided to look into a Tacklife sheet sander.

To begin with, building a porch trellis has been a dream of ours. I simply couldn’t wait any longer after seeing a cotton-white latticework trellis just two blocks away.

And, to give a rustic look, I decided to restore timber from our powder blue vintage furniture- knowing very well that removing paint from the wood is going to be a tough job!

And that is when I stumbled upon this remarkable sheet sander by none other than Tacklife. Now, the best thing about sheet sanders is that they do not leave swirl marks as orbit sanders do.

Although the Tacklife PSS02A incorporates an orbital sanding motion, its inner configuration is unlike the traditional sander I’ve grown up seeing! You can turn this electric sander into a polishing sander in one easy step!

Simply clamp a polishing cloth to the hook, turn on the sander, and you’re good to go! To be honest, you can attach all types of sanding sheets available at your local hardware store without thinking twice about compatibility.

It ensures a smooth, spot-free surface with its precision-engineered aluminum sanding plates. The 2.5-Amp motor drives the sander at a maximum of 12,000 OPM, which is more than enough for small to medium outdoor projects.

Overall, considering the features and performance, TACKLIFE PSS02A is comparable to the best sander for removing paint from wood.


  • The proven durability of this tool comes with its aluminum base plate.
  • Besides removing paint on wood, you can use it for polishing purposes also.
  • In the package, you will get a fine sanding plate and dust bag which are convenient for new buyers.
  • As it supports almost all types of sanding sheets and stick-on papers, you can complete various tasks with it.


  • Having no speed controlling option can be a deal-breaker for some customers.

7. EnerTwist Random Orbit Sander ET-OS-280

EnerTwist Random Orbit Sander ET-OS-280

Key Features:

  • Power: 288W
  • Speed: 12000 RPM Max.
  • Pad Size: 5 inches
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs.

If you’re thinking about what’s new with a random orbit sander, I am going to say a sander-polisher duo! The ET-OS-280 is nothing like the traditional hook and loop sanders. It is a sander and a polisher at the same time!

Just when you thought orbital sanders couldn’t get any better, EnerTwist is here to show you what modern-day sanding machines can achieve! With this marvelous device, you can scrape off old paint from wood and polish it right after!

Featuring six adjustable speed levels, a sealed dust port, easy disk replacements, and a super quiet motor, this is, hands down, the best sander for deck refinishing.

Its 5-inch sanding pad might seem small at first, but honestly, when you consider the powerful 12,000 OPM, removing paint from your old deck is hardly a day’s work.

Its rubberized handle can be positioned in three different settings so that you can have a comfortable grip on the sander. The speed-controlling dial is located at a convenient spot so that you can keep the other hand free from holding the workpiece or the ladder.

Moving on, you get quite the bundle of accessories with this one. Starting with six sandpapers with fine, medium, and coarse grits, you will find two polishing and foam buffing pads in the box.

The transparent dust collector not only keeps sawdust away from the worksite but also prevents the newly-produced dust from clogging up the sander’s internal machinery.


  • The sander comes with variable speed settings with an easy-to-dial system.
  • Its dust collection system works perfectly making your workplace clean.
  • Lightweight yet durable construction along with the ergonomic design helps work for a long time.
  • Within the package, you will get 2polishing pads, 2 foam buffing pads, and 6 sandpapers which saves some cost.


  • According to the users, pressing the power button is hard.

8. Meterk 5 Inch 2.5A Random Orbit Sander MKRS01

Meterk 5 Inch 2.5A Random Orbit Sander MKRS01

Key Features:

  • Power: 300W
  • Speed: 12000 RPM Max.
  • Pad Size: 5 inches
  • Weight: Not Specified

Reduced vibration, long motor life, and consistent speed are the three things I heard about this Meterk random orbit sander. And some even say that it’s the best sander for the deck. Is it true? Let’s find out!

Be it a backyard boardwalk or an island deck; popular home woodworking projects aren’t the easiest to get started with. You’ll need the right power tools and suitable materials- all of which you need to source from miscellaneous places all by yourself.

Refurbishing antique furniture or restoring wood for a brand-new project are two amazing options. But there’s always the hassle of removing old paint and leaving a smooth finish later on.

However, with this random orbit sander by Meterk, you are going to have the most fun. Apart from sanding, finishing, and polishing wood, this wonderful RO sander by Meterk opens doors to a lot of carpentry applications just for you!

Its 80-grit coarse sandpaper is great for removing paint from parquet flooring. Yet, the medium, 180-grit sandpaper might not be able to get fine, polished sanding effects. It’s going to cut the deal for restoring skirting boards, though, and that’s a win!

Additionally, its wear-resistant cable can take a few twists and turns during applications without getting damaged at all. Each of the six-speed levels serves a different purpose, such as coarse to fine sanding, smoothing, finishing, polishing, and other steps in between.

Finally, its robust dusting system sucks all the sawdust with a 1-8/3″ vacuum port and keeps the surface clean. And, you can consider it as the Best sander to remove paint from furniture.


  • Dust is a real problem in sanding but Meterk has solved it by providing a dust collecting bag.
  • One can quickly change the discs without any tool for its self-adhesive design.
  • Though the handle is plastic, it has a non-slip construction for comfortable usage.
  • The sanding tool is suitable for various tasks alongside paint removal.


  • The overall build quality is not as impressive as other sanders on the list.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Paint Remover Wood Sander

Setting up DIY patio chairs from an old cupboard smothered with thick brown varnish sounds like a bad idea. It makes little sense when Halloween is so far away.

But what if I told you that you could make the same plank of wood look all-new again? You need the best sander for removing paint and, most importantly, know the qualities that make a sander worth the buy! Keep on reading!

Types of Sanders

Random orbit sanders, palm sanders, and industrial belt sanders are a few among many power tools created till now for effective paint removal.

Using old planks of wood for a new project is a great idea. But often, the timber I have lying around is either covered in mold or old paint. If you have a large workpiece and little time in your hands, an orbital sander is the one you need.

While a belt sander is a straight-up professional, a random orbital sander is the closest option. It sure does the job well, considering that its highest speed averages around a whopping 12,000 OPM.

Random Orbit Sander vs Palm Sander

Palm sanders are cool for small projects such as restoring a birdhouse, small garden bench, and plant stands. Removing white paint from a garden arbor, porch trellis, or wooden closet with a palm sander is a bit of a stretch.

Moving on, you’re going to have the most bang for your buck with sheet sanders because they use inexpensive sandpapers. But you’re not left with a lot of options in abrasiveness in that arena. 

Multiple Speed Settings  

Got a vintage wardrobe that needs refurbishing? If that’s the case, then getting a high-quality sander is a step in the right direction! You need a sander that can drive its speed levels from quite low to very high. An 8,000 OPM to 14,000 OPM is a cool range because you can remove paint a lot faster and get some real polishing done at one go.

Orbit Diameter 

Restoring antique pieces, preparing floorboards and wooden walls for new paint, or simply using old planks for a new set of patio furniture call for a great sander. And when it comes to moderate to big carpentry projects, an orbital sander is your best friend.

It’s going to take twice as long to finish the work with a palm sander simply because of their tiny ¼ sanding sheets. The sanding disk diameter, at the end of the day, decides the area you can effectively cover within a fixed time frame.

Motor Strength

Motor quality and amperage play an important role in removing paint quickly yet efficiently. Because the speed is not high enough, covering the entire surface even with a large sanding disk won’t cut the deal.

I faced the same problem that time I decided to build an island deck to remodel my backyard using old timber. Anything less than 2 Amps for a random orbit sander is a big waste. Get your hands on a sander with a 2.4A brushless motor, and consider yourself lucky!


You may wonder why I am giving grip of the sander such importance. As one has to hold the tool for a long time, poor handle design and grip can cause numbness, tiredness, or raw feeling.

So, you must buy the best paint-removing sander with the most comfortable handle grip.

Dust Collection

As you sand an uneven wooden panel, dust is sure to pick up around your working area. It can cause respiratory problems, waste more time on clean-ups, and damage the inner circuitry of the RO sander itself.

This is why modern-day sanders have a built-in dust collection system with see-through dust canisters. This way, you know exactly when to take that dusty trash out!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use an orbital sander to remove the paint?

Yes, you can use an orbital sander to remove paint without leaving deep marks as it rotates and vibrates simultaneously.

2. Is a belt sander good for removing paint?

Besides the orbital sanders, you can also choose belt sanders for removing paint. In terms of speed, you won’t feel much difference between the two types.

3. Should you sand old paint before repainting?

It is not compulsory to sand old paint before repainting. But doing so can give you lots of advantages.

4. Why is a brushless motor more suitable for a sander?

A brushless motor is much quieter and faster compared to other motors. It also produces a low amount of heat even after you’ve had it running for a long period. Due to their low heat generation, brushless motors are also a lot safer to use.

5. What can I use instead of an electric sander for removing paint?

If you don’t want to spend extra money on electric sanders, you can get chemical paint strippers and a sturdy scraper for the same job. Baking soda and hot water do it for metals, but when it comes to wood, you have to be extra careful.

6. Will sanding remove paint from wood?

Yes, sanding is one of the most effective ways to remove paint from wood. And, it doesn’t damage the surface in the process.

7. Is sanding the best way to remove paint from wood?

According to experts, chemical stripping is the finest method to remove paint from wood as it can reach the tightest corners and intricate areas.


With a suitable random orbit sander, you can scrape off flaky old paint and smooth the surface for an exciting new project!

And yet, here I am with the best sander for removing paint from wood. It is no other than Bosch ROS20VSC. This one comes with a stalwart motor, extra sanding pads, a dust canister, and an easy-to-carry bag to top it all off!

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