10 Best Scratch Cover For Wood Furniture: The Ultimate Guide

Are you worried about uneven or scratched wooden furniture? Want to repair them the easy way? Then there is a magical solution to all of your problems. Because today I will talk about the 10 best scratch covers for wood furniture.

Wooden furniture or floors get damaged because of regular use and lack of care. And it is tough to go to the workers for repairs regularly. It would help if you had a solution that is easily usable and takes care of the home decor.

But choosing the perfect product is difficult due to the availability of products in the market. It demands proper research and experience to pick up the suitable one.

That’s why I’m going to dedicate a whole article for your convenience. Here I will demonstrate the ten best scratch cover reviews, comparisons, and A to Z buying guide. Also, you can get additional information about using them correctly. So read the entire article and don’t skip anything.

But for busy consumers, take a Set of Two Old English Scratch Covers for regular care and nourishment of wooden objects. The traditional formula of this product will repair old damage and leave a noticeable change with fewer uses.

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10 Best Scratch Cover For Wood Furniture: A Comparison With Product Basics

Here is an essential product description for buying decisions to gain preliminary ideas. I’m displaying ten famous scratch covers information in a well-organized table so that you can catch all of them at a glance.

Products NameApplicable ForFormProduct Dimensions(Inches)Weight(Ounces)FragrancePrice Info
Old English Scratch CoverLight And Dark woodOil7.09 x 1.89 x 1.1 8Fresh LemonClick Here
Howard Polish And ConditionerAll Types of WoodLiquid2.5 x 2.5 x 8.515.5OrangeClick Here
Trade Secret Scratch RemoverFurnitureLiquid‎1.9 x 1.9 x 7.4      8PineClick Here
DEWEL Furniture MarkersFurnitureWax7.6 x 7.56 x 1.578.15Click Here
Ram-Pro Furniture MarkersWooden FurnitureWax‎9.13 x 7.4 x 1.81  2.56 Click Here
SEISSO Wood Repair KitFurniture, Floor, Cabinet,DoorCreamy‎ 4.72 x 3.54 x 1.97 10.23 Click Here
Miller Scratch Fix PenFloor, Wood, Furniture1 x 2.25 x 8.75 0.96Click Here
Set of Two Old English Scratch CoverFurniture7.56 x 4.61 x 2.178Cherry, PineClick Here
NADAMOO Wood Furniture Repair KitTimber FurnitureCreme‎10.3 x 6.5 x 1.7 10.5Click Here
Furniture Clinic Beeswax Polish All Type OF WoodWax‎9.8 x 9.6 x 3.917.37Click Here

10 Best Scratch Cover For Wood Furniture: Review With All Details

It is necessary to mention that this segment results from long-term research. I’ve decorated the review section with the listed products’ benefits, upsides, and limitations. By reading the entire review, I believe you will pick the required one. So no more delay, let’s get started.

1. Old English Scratch Cover: Best For Hiding Regular Scratches

Need to polish home furniture for a long time? Don’t be worried. Here we have the latest solution to hide the scratches from wood. Easy application and great nourishment with lemon scent can change the mood of your interior. Seems interesting?

Features With Benefits:

Old Makes New:

This polishing solution can transfer old wooden furniture to new by covering the scratches. This oil’s unique formula and soothing properties provide extra care for old ones. As a result, the home gets a fresh makeover.

Traditional Idea:

Using oil to polish timber surfaces is a standard method that has been popular since ancient times. It was a beneficial treatment. Here, the Old English scratch cover contains mineral oil to create a coat on wood and increase longevity.

Shine And Glossiness: 

The nourishing formula of this product gives extraordinary nourishment and hides almost all types of stains. The furniture achieves the ultimate shine and glossiness with regular use. Also, the deep conditioning system treats the dry wood and enhances its natural glow. 

Protection From Any Stains: 

Proper use of this polishing oil can keep antique wooden decor stain-free. The ingredients of the oil work to a deeper level to remove all stains. Additionally, the protective barrier of this provides safety against further damages.


  •  Cleans, repairs, and Polishes;
  • increases the natural beauty of old timber;
  • Easy polishing solution;
  • Spreads smoothly.


  • May not be suitable for deeper scratches.

2. Howard Wood Polish And Conditioner: Best For Dry And Cracked Wood

Worried about cracked old furniture? The solution is here with the Feed-N-Wax formulation that preserves, polishes, moisture, and recovers cracked pieces without delay. Need this one immediately? Then check the features first.

Features With Benefits:

Protective Coating:

The product contains Brazilian Carnauba wax and beeswax that makes a protective coating on cracked areas and gives even polish to the entire surface. These ingredients are essential for old, antique furniture to get preserved.

Conditioning Oil:

The combination of natural orange oil and mineral oil gives excellent nourishment and condition into the depth of the wood. As a result, there is no chance of drying or fading the shine after long-term use.


Another good thing is Howard Polish, and Conditioner is entirely free from silicone or linseed oils. These ingredients provide even coating but can dry out the wood by repeated use. So no headache for further dehydration.

Seals Natural Polish: 

The timber is protected from drying and cracking by this polishing product. If any incident happens, this intelligent solution is easy to repair. 


  • Formulated by natural ingredients;
  • Prevents dryness;
  • Preserves for a long;
  • Provides extra nourishment;
  • Contains a luxurious fragrance of orange oil.


  • Direct contact with the skin may be harmful.

3. Trade Secret Scratch Remover: Best For Scratch Repair

Who doesn’t want a professional touch-up with an easy application? That is why an effortless solution has come to remove uneven texture and protect for extended periods. Want to know more? Just check in below.

Features With Benefits:


The base component of this repairing solution is coconut oil. There is no artificial fragrance or toxic chemical that can pollute our environment. Moreover, the formulation inspires using natural elements to solve any issues.

High-Quality Scratch Concealer:

Trade Secret Scratch Remover claims they are capable enough to provide a quality formula that can hide any spots from timber or floor within a short time. If the result cannot satisfy the consumers, there is a money-back guarantee.

Easy To Use:

The application process is straightforward. The oil-based formula smoothly spreads all over and also penetrates deeply. No need for special care; be consistent. Users don’t face any trouble applying this to the affected area.

No Stickiness Or Buildup:

We know that oil glides effortlessly. Also, coconut oil’s properties are repaired but don’t allow any buildup. It is easy to wipe on and wipe off. And most importantly, you don’t have to face the messy buildup or stickiness like wax.


  • Multipurpose usage;
  • Repair and protect;
  • Prevent cracks;
  • Easy application;
  • Gives Professional touch-up.


  • May not be suitable for light wood.

4. DEWEL Furniture Markers: Best For Recovering Holes

Does Home Furniture get damaged by shot holes? The repair solution is straightforward. The 17-piece kit, including markers and wax sticks, will recover the instability of the wooden substance efficiently. More features are available below.

Features With Benefits:

Professional Advantage:

A wide range of color options allows the furniture to be repaired efficiently like professionals. When the color matches correctly after repairing the surface, it looks pretty organized and skillful. And the chance of getting a fine match is available with this kit.

Effortless Usage:

Anyone can try and recover their damaged furniture at any time. The use process is relatively easy. Just detect the color, then fill the hole with filler or wax. If the color doesn’t match, mix two or three and adjust.


The repairing set allows you to fill scars and holes simultaneously, removing discoloration and stains from any timber. It is applicable for furniture or even floor. At the same time, filling with shade matching is also available.

DIY Friendly:

Eight pieces of markers and wax sticks with a sharpener ensure you don’t have to go to a skilled person to repair furniture. Just buy a Dwell Furniture Markers kit and do it yourself at home.


  • Multiple color options;
  • A whole set to use for different purposes;
  • Fills holes in furniture;
  • Easy to recover;
  • Cash back guarantee.


  • There may need to be more for larger holes.

5. Ram-Pro Furniture Markers: Best For Covering Blemish Instantly

Need a perfect repair set to hide all the blemishes from furniture immediately? This complete fixing kit will be the best solution. The consumer is getting a color-matching set, crayon sticks, and a sharpener in one set. Let’s get other prominent features.

Features With Benefits:

Instant Results:

This Ram-pro Furniture Marker kit can conceal scratches, holes, and blemishes with instant actions. The markers and crayon fillers are straightforward to apply and dry out in no time. 

Covers Smallest Spots:

This touch-up kit’s unique feature effectively restores minor spots or scratches. It allows recolor, filling with wax, and close matching to vintage furniture that gives the highest polish with minimum effort.

Wide Range of Usage:

This kit has different purposes, from the kitchen cabinet to the floor. It is an unbeatable solution to mend blemishes, holes, and tiny spots. Additionally, the all-in-one set offers professional servicing most readily.

Handy Item:

The products become handier due to easy and intelligent applications. Just apply the marker where required and make it disappear. No rubbing or wiping, simply drying and leaving a fantastic finish.


  • Close color matching to all types of furniture;
  • Long-lasting;
  • Dries faster;
  • Recover any minor spots.


  • Doesn’t hide scratches completely but fills them.

6. SEISSO Wood Repair Kit: Best for Treating Unevenness

Facing troubles with deep scratches on wood surfaces? Buy this repair set to cover up medium to large holes with 

an exact color match. How is the polish? That will surprise you. Catch more information below.

Features With Benefits:

Suitable For All Wooden Objects:

When it’s time to renew home furniture or total decor, depend on this filler set. It removes scratches, small holes, stains, and any other uneven situation from the floor, cabinet, or other things. 

Skilled Polish:

We always depend on professional workers for a friendly and glassy polish. But having this set, there is no need to wait. Just apply on the affected area, let it set and see the differences. In this case, remember to use the exact color.

Permanent Solution:

SEISSO Wood Repair kit promises to serve permanently with hassle-free formula. This mending filler is highly sustainable as a polisher, and the color it provides is less prone to get faded.

Unique Color Set:

The twelve unique colors of the kit may cover almost every shade of furniture, and such an extensive range of colors is not available in other kits. Also, there is a chance to mix up two or more for perfect adjustment.


  • Ideal for renovation;
  • Smooth Application;
  • Consumer-friendly;
  • Perfect for home and factory;
  • Price-worthy product.


  • Takes time to get dry properly.

7. Miller Scratch Fix Pen: Best For Hiding Scuffs

How to correct scratches and imperfections from dark wood? It’s another concerning issue. But having this slick solution, never be worried. Give all the responsibility. Read the prominent features below to know more.

Features With Benefits:

Makes protective coating:

The scratch-fixing pen leaves a layer that hides the affected area. The coating is long-lasting, prevents harmful contact, and protects the surface from further damage.

Waterproof Formula:

The ink formula is waterproof and recovers scuffs and stains. That means it can resist the contact of water, and the coating will never wash off. As a result, the repairing area may be less prone to damage in the future.

Good Amount of Ink:

The pen contains thousands of ink coats that last a long time. Also, less product needs to be covered due to the water-resistant formula. That is why it is a cost-effective option.

Widely Applicable:

Miller Scratch Fix Pen can fill both scuffs and stains at the same time, as well as remove discoloration. It works on both furniture and even the floor. And Most importantly, the product is the perfect choice for all shades of dark wood.


  • One product, suitable range of solutions;
  • Covers all types of timber;
  • Dries fastly;
  • Ideal for brown or near-to-black shades;
  • Quick Application.


  • Challenging to wipe off the excess portion due to faster drying.

8. Set of Two Old English Scratch Covers: Best For Restoring natural glaze

Do you think about regular polishing for home furnishings? This product is the most competitive solution for hiding scratches and restoring shine in dark wood with a simple application and great nourishment. Also, more information is available below.

Features With Benefits:

Regular Care:

The set of Two Old English Scratch covers takes exceptional care of dark wood furnishings through consistent use. This oil’s special recipe soothes and restores the natural beauty and glossiness and protects from blemishes.

Increases Longevity Of Wood:

Oil polishing is an efficient way to maintain wooden objects, an ancient practice. The mineral oil in the product creates a coat and increases the furniture’s longevity.

Condition And Nourishment:

This solution provides incredible nourishment while concealing all types of stains. Also, regular use gives the furniture an extra shine and glossiness. The deep conditioning system also reduces dryness and improves the natural shine of the furniture.

Keeps Blemish-Free: 

This polishing oil can keep dark wooden objects free from stains and spots. The combination of the oils can go into the wood and work to heal the scratches. Additionally, the protective coating reduces further damage.


  • Easy to Spread;
  • Adds more shine to furniture;
  • Improves texture;
  • Gives a new look to the old one.


  • May not be fit for lightwood.

9. NADAMOO Wood Furniture Repair Kit: Best For Repairing And Restoring Color

Who doesn’t want to preserve home furniture quickly and smartly? This intelligent solution is here with scratch-filling formula and excellent polish. Not only these, but other fantastic features are also available below.

Features With Benefits:

Anytime RE-Touch: 

Due to ease of use, anyone can apply the solution to re-touch their home furniture in no time. By noticing stains or scuffs, apply immediately and get a good look. Also, it dries out fastly.

Updated Product Design:

We may find 12 pieces of filler kit, but the brush set and manual as additional components are rare in a polishing set. NADAMOO Wood Furniture Kit is slightly updated there. They provide four pieces of applicator and guidelines for proper usage.

Hassle-Free Application:

The application is so easy that anyone can give it a try. Select the blemish first. Then choose the exact color. Squeeze the filler into the area and polish it with a brush. Let them dry, and this is the whole process.

All Purpose Usage:

Anywhere in your home, from furniture to the floor, this kit can solve all the scars, stains, holes, or any uneven texture. To hide all of these, it is an innovative and handy weapon. Besides, this product allows professional touch behind the easy application.


  • Wide range of color options;
  • Cover up holes and scratches;
  • Applicable for all timber substances. 


  • Not for Larger damage.

10. Furniture Clinic Beeswax Polish:Best For Polishing Scratch 

Need a quick makeover on your luxurious furniture? Then arrive on time to grab this one to get a polished, protected, and rich surface. Check below for other important features.

Features With Benefits:

All-in-One Solution:

Furniture Clinic Beeswax kit can work on restoring scratches, stains, and spots and cleaning antique furniture. This range of problems gets solved by the product from the first use. 

Natural Formula:

Natural beeswax is the base component of this product that has more potential to repair wood. On the other hand, the natural formulation is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Rich Finish:

Beeswax is the hero ingredient of the product that can nourish, polish, repair, and protect. Also, it can conceal moisture and leave a nice shine that lasts for a long time.

Safe And Secure:

Due to avoiding synthetic ingredients, this product doesn’t harm wood by further drying, roughness, discoloration, etc. Also, the users have no risk because the product is non-toxic.


  • Cleans and polishes fastly;
  • Secure solution;
  • Protective for bare wood surfaces;
  • Leaves natural shine;
  • Long-lasting service.


  • May feel sticky if the extra residue leaves.

11 Things To Consider Before Buying Scratch Cover For Wooden Furniture

While purchasing any goods, some primary considerations for buyers can help get the product’s height utility. According to today’s discussion, I’ve displayed a list of things that can assist you. These things depend on the type of product and consumer requirement.  

1. Types Of The Cover:

There are numerous types of polishing agents in the market. I’ve already mentioned four categories of bodies: oil, wax, pen, and filler. But buyers have to remember what cover they need. 

For regular polishing or nourishment, oil works well. When the surface has a lot of small holes, fillers will be perfect; for deeper cracks, markers and fillers work in an organized manner. Besides, sometimes the cover needs to be colorful, sometimes not. All those things entirely depend on requirements.

2. Formulation: 

Formulation greatly influences product performance. Such as oil-based, non-oily, waterproof, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, etc. The product formula may vary concerning the Scratch cover.

Now the question is which formula cover to buy? In this case, the simple answer is to take this decision according to the surface and the issue.

3. Ingredients:

Check the ingredients list before buying this product. However, it is leveling on the product. If you want, find out the functionality of the ingredients on the internet and know the benefits. From this, you can easily understand whether the product will work or not.

While buying a scratch cover, ensure it has nourishing, illuminating, antioxidant, and filling properties. These ingredients can significantly increase the quality of the product.

4. Silicone-free:

 Silicone is a component commonly used in polishing products. It creates an immediate coat on the surface. In addition, silicon is a very protective ingredient. However, due to the use of such material for a long time, the wood can become more dehydrated, which is long-term damage. So it is better to avoid silicone.

5. Color:

Color is essential for wooden furniture to repair. Scratch covers of any color will never give sound output. For example, buy separate covers for light and dark wood. Repairing covers of different colors are available in the market.

Oil-based polishing solutions are dark and light in color. Again the filler kit has 10 to 12 shades. You can also customize the color by mixing them.

6. Coverage:

Wood furniture can have small holes, scuffs, and stains. Product coverage is critical in restoring these. otherwise, it is impossible to hide blemishes. Know the density to get good coverage. Moderate density scratch solution will be good.

7. Treatment:

A repair solution should be purchased to see if it targets a specific problem and works. A consumer may be looking for a scratch cover for regular polish but instead buys repairing filler. Then everything is in vain. 

To retouch a piece of colored furniture, take a non-colored solution. In that case, the same problem happens. So know in advance what specific service the product will provide.

8. Application Process:

Knowing how to use it while buying a scratch cover is best. However, they are straightforward to use. Still, if there are any specifications, it would be beneficial to know them. And this is important to know because it is essential to understand whether the method of use will work perfectly or if there are any complications.

9. Applicator:

Most polishing kits do not have an applicator. However, these days some updated products provide comfortable applicators, such as brush sets or sponges. Using these allows you to avoid messy situations and get an excellent finish.

10. Safety Features:

Safety is the first consideration in any job. So before buying, know how safe the product is. Scratch cover with toxic chemicals can cause skin irritation and sometimes chemical burns. Know in advance whether there is any such possibility. Also, buy safe environmental products.

11. Budget:

Budget is the main criterion in buying decisions. Check the quality of the product and then allocate the budget accordingly. I suggest knowing about the features of the product first. Invest if they match your requirements. Don’t spend money to buy a scratch cover by looking at a good brand.

How To Apply Scratch Cover On Wood Furniture For Best Results (7 Steps)

Once the purchase has been made, it is time to put it to use. Although using the scratch cover is relatively easy, users should know the correct rules. Then the work is very organized, and it is easy to avoid errors. Here I am discussing a complete process step by step.

Step 1: Examine The surface

First, identify the targeted area. See what problems there are, such as dryness, blemish, stains, holes, scuffs, etc. Also, remember the type of wood or its color and sensitivity.

Step 2: Select The Exact Type Of Cover.

Now select scratch cover as required. If there are more holes or scuffs, choose filler. The oil-based products or wax are better for getting nourishment or polishing effects.

Step 3: Find The Color

Color maintenance is significant in furniture polishing. If the color of the surface and cover do not match, inconsistencies may occur. Besides, color matching is necessary to remove the discoloration of furniture. So at this stage, decide the color of the cover and surface.

Step 4: Prepare The Cover.

Now unpack the product. Attach the applicator if it comes with it, or uses a microfiber cloth. At this stage, read the instructions for use from the manual or leveling supplied with the product.

Step 5: Start Action

Now, start working directly according to instructions. In case of using filler, squeeze into the affected area. On the other hand, apply oil paint on a cloth brush or cotton pad and rub it. Also, draw the spots when using markers.

Step 6: Wipe Off The Excess Residue.

Remove extra residue for perfect finishing. Do this very quickly, as some scratch covers dry instantly. Then it is almost impossible to clean. Again, refrain from rubbing so aggressively with different product cleans that it ruins the polish.

Step 7: Let It Set

Now, let the area dry. It dries instantly, then no problem. Some scratch covers take longer to dry, mainly fillers. Depending on the weather, they take 2-4 days to dry completely. Be careful at this time. Any touch before drying can ruin the finish.

12 DIY Solutions To Fix Wood Scratches Within Less Time

Scratch cover review, product selection, and the process are all discussed. Here is some extra information. It can also repair wooden furniture without commercial polishing solutions. I will tell you how to do them now. Most of these are natural ingredients and DIY ideas.

1. Using Wood Wax:

Various non-branded wood waxes are available in the open market. They are in powder form. After purchase, anyone can even make the wood surface repair (3) by mixing water and making wax of firm, sticky consistency. The method is very effective in covering holes in furniture.

Mix synthetic colors while making wax. Also very cheap. However, it is quite a hassle to match the colors here.

2. Lemon Juice Polish:

Citrus can reduce minor scratches and stains from wood. Additionally, lemon contains cleansing properties that polish and remove spots. For best results, add some drops of natural oil with lemon juice and rub it gently on the affected area.

3. Combination Of Vinegar And Baby Oils:

Another excellent solution is a mixture of vinegar and baby oil. Vinegar is familiar with removing spots and stains and has an antibacterial property. On the other hand, baby oil is a mineral that provides nourishment and shines on furniture. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar and the same amount of baby oil to make this. Mix them properly and rub them firmly with a microfiber cloth until the stain disappears.

4. Getting Shine With Butter:

Butter contains fatty acids that can protect furniture with a barrier and gives a nice shine that lasts for a long time. Besides, butter can moisturize with an oily coating on the wood. 

It helps to maintain the natural glaze and reduces stains gradually. Rub some butter with a cotton pad or cloth and see the magic. Also, You can use peanut butter to avoid much oiliness.

5. Rubbing Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum jelly is a mineral for extreme nourishment. Also, it creates a protective barrier on the wooden objects and reduces unwanted damage. Rub this cheap solution regularly to see a visible change. The stains may be entirely removed with daily use; even the blemishes will not return. 

6. Dark Shine With Tea Or Coffee:

Dark wooden furniture is difficult to maintain Because of discoloration. Besides, it becomes worse when getting scratched. To avoid this situation, mix tea bags or instant coffee with water and apply them to the targeted area. Additionally, the caffeine of coffee helps to rejuvenate old ones.

7. Filling By Walnut Or Almond:

Most users know walnut meat can fill the scratches effectively. The process is hassle-free and time saver. Put a slice of walnut meat on the scratches with sufficient pressure. Continue this application until the oily substance comes out.

8. Glossy effect with Shoe Polish:

Shoe polish can help to recover blemishes from dark or near-to-back wood. Use the black polish on the targeted area and make a nice finish and allow it to set. Furthermore, the shine may surprise anyone. Shoe polish is ready to use and essential daily—no need to do extra cost.

9. Nourishing Oil Paint: 

Oil paint reduces scars and stains and cleans and leaves a glassy finish. The mixture of natural and synthetic oil creates a coat on the top of the surface that cleans, nourishes, and repairs equally.

Some oil paints potentially protect the wood from harmful insects. Try this holy grail with a brush and make a lovely finish.

10. Cleanse With Activated Charcoal:

Activated charcoal is famous for its purifying quality. In terms of scars removal, it has an outstanding contribution. Please take a little charcoal and rub it on the uneven area until the scars appropriately fill. With the repeated use of charcoal, all the scratches and scuffs from dark wood may disappear.

11. Transparent Finish By Nail Polish:

Transparent nail polish does an incredible job of recovering scratches from any wooden object. Though it is highly synthetic, give it a try for immediate purposes. Gently apply a coat of nail polish on that area and let it dry. Refrain from using excess products.

12. Removing stains By Toothpaste:

Toothpaste is a cleanser that is also applicable for furniture to remove scars and spots. It works fantastic on light wood to remove all the stains permanently. Toothpaste can make the timber drier. Apply a generous amount of paste directly on the surface and brush it gently. Also, be careful about repeated usage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Old English Scratch Cover Work?

Old English scratch cover is a gentle solution to take care of wood furniture and protects it from damage. This polishing product nourishes, moisturizes, and cleans the surface with regular use. Also, it can remove blemishes and stains with a few applications.

These items come in various colors, primarily dark and light wood. The solution is both nutritious and safe to use regularly. The mineral oil formula provides additional care for dry and aged wood. It’s also necessary to mention the oil’s fresh lemon fragrance.

How Do You Fix Scratches On Wood Furniture?

There are too many ways to fix scratches from wood surfaces. Rubbing the mixture of mineral oil and pumice can effectively cure the condition. Besides, regular mineral oils or commercial fillers work better to improve them.

The safest way to tidy up uneven wood is to use natural or mineral oils and beeswax. Polishing with these ingredients will leave a visible change with fewer users. And the scratch-filling markers give better output. And lastly, you can try DIY recipes like lemon juice, baby oil and vinegar mixture, wax, etc.

Is Scratch Cover For Wood Furniture Worth It?

Scratch cover for wood furniture is the finest choice for covering blemishes. The mineral oil formula of this product takes enough care of the dry and old wood. And importantly, the nourishment by the oil is incredible.

Consumers can get a regular touch-up at a less cost, and the product lasts for a long time. Also, it’s suitable for both dark and light wood furniture. And The oil-based formula never makes the timber dry or flaky.

What Are The Available Options For Covering Scratches On Wood Furniture?

Natural ingredients and home DIY are the most available option for covering scratches on wood furniture. The equal amount of vegetable oil and vinegar mixture works excellently to cover up blemishes. Just dip a rag into the combination and squeeze, then wipe on the surface.

This is effective and completely safe. But the result takes time. Repeat this for at least three days to see the change. The oil-vinegar mixture covers the scratches and cleans and moisturizes the old ones. Also, it doesn’t make the surface dry.

How To Protect The Wood Furniture From Scratches?

It is challenging to protect wood furniture from scratches or damage because they are the most usable substance at home. But you can be more conscious about safety. Put on a protective pad or cloth on the furniture, which can provide the highest protection.

Regular cleaning and wiping off with scratch-covering products can prevent it. Besides, mineral oil or beeswax offers enough protection against uneven texture on wood. 

Final Verdict:

We have reached the very end of the discussion. By now, you must have found the best scratch cover. However, at this stage, I would like to give a final recommendation so that you make sure everything is correct in buying.

Already I have mentioned  Old English Scratch Cover as a regular polishing solution. The next is a highly recommended Howard Polish And Conditioner for dry and cracked wooden surfaces. The protective coating and silicone-free formula provide extreme care to the home furniture. 

And finally, another handy solution Miller Scratch Fix Pen, for hiding scuffs and stains from any wooden object. Also, the product lasts for a long time which is cost-effective as well.

And that’s all about the discussion. Now it’s time to make a decision. But remember my recommendations. Prioritize your own choice and concern, then select the best one.


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