Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges Reviews | Top 5 Picks In 2021

Best Soft Close Door Hinges Review

Tired of getting your cabinet door stuck while you open or close them? What worse, they make these weird cracking noises which can get on your nerves. Well, you might be wondering the fault lies on your door but it’s actually the hinges.

If you use a low-end hinge, your cabinet door will get stuck and make weird cracking sounds. Get yourself the best soft close cabinet hinges to save yourself from this pain once and for all.

Don’t have a clue where to get the best hinge set from? Well, it’s time to take a tour with me. I’ll make sure you have the perfect set of door hinges installed in your cabinet door.

So, why wait anymore? Let’s dive in.

5 Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges Reviews

Below are the door hinges I’ve been talking about. They are running awesome in the marketplace. Give these reviews a read.

1. DECOBASICS Face Frame Cabinet Cupboard Door Hinges

DECOBASICS Face Frame Cabinet Cupboard Door Hinges

If you want durability and functionality to the best, you can put your trust on the face frame cabinet door hinges from Decobasics. This one stands out completely when it comes to giving you the ultimate door closing and opening experience.

First off, it comes with a 105-degree opening angle, for which, you can open and close the door of your cabinets smoothly. No, the door won’t get stuck as you move it. This hinge, unlike the typical ones, will make sure you can have a seamless experience.

I know how bad it feels when you hear all those cracking noises as you close your door or open it. Fortunately, these door hinges come with the best solution to your bummer.

Thanks to the built-in dampers the hinges come with, you get to have a quiet operation 24/7/. So, no more cracking sound from now on. 

If you buy a door hinge and later you find out that it doesn’t blend in with your cabinet doors easily, you’ll regret it, won’t you?

Well, this one comes with dowels and matching screw sets. For which, you get to fit the door hinge easily with your cabinet doors. There’s no need for you to buy anything extra.

As for installation, it’s just 3-way adjustability which will save your time and it’s super easy.

The hinges are made of solid metal which enhances its durability so that you can use it for a lifetime.

Highlighted Features

  • The 105-degree opening angle lets you open and closes the door smoothly.
  • The hinges eliminate all the unwanted cracking noise.
  • 3-way adjustability lets you install the hinge within a snap.
  • Being made of solid metal, the hinges have got enhanced durability.

2. AmazonBasics AB-4013 Hinges

AmazonBasics AB-4013 Hinges

If you’re looking for ideal soft close hinges to redesign your kitchen, office, bath or home, you can think about buying the AmazonBasics AB-4013 Hinges. 

Its ½’’ overlay hinge can easily be attached inside your cabinet door and its adjacent cabinet wall. You can determine the cabinet door overlay before purchasing the hinges.

A total of 50 hinges can be found in each pack. The pack also includes all mounting screws and one pan head screw of 10×3/4’’, two flat head screws of 6×5/8’’ in it. 

It includes some great features like sound-dampening and the soft-close mechanism that allows cabinets to close smoothly and without any noise.

Thanks to the three-way mounting adjustable screws, the hinges give you the room for the ultimate alignment for the better finishing of any cabinet. 

The accuracy of these mountable screws is great considering their precision with any wall or cabinet. Its nickel-plated finish gives the hinges a classy look that complements the overall look of any room, kitchen or bath.

The hinges are hand finished and made from durable zinc-alloy to look uniform with all style and class of hardware sets. It can take all the beatings and stand firm no matter what. So, if you want the best cabinet hinges, this one is the perfect catalyst for you.

Highlighted Features

  • The overlay hinge can be attached easily inside your cabinet.
  • The pack offers you 50 hinges in one pack.
  • With the three-way mounting adjustable screws, you get to have perfect alignment.
  • The durable zinc-alloy body enhances the durability of the product.

3. Soft Close Cabinet Hinges Satin Nickel

Soft Close Cabinet Hinges Satin Nickel

The Soft Close cabinet is the perfect fit for all types of doors in your house. Whether it is the cabinet doors, TV cabinets, wardrobe, bookcase, and what not! 

Its 105-degree angle allows the doors to swing open smoothly and give enough room for the doors to wide open. Made from great quality metal, the Soft Close Satin Nickel is long-lasting and impressively durable. 

The stain nickel finish just plays the icing on the cake. It adds to the durability of the hinge and provides optimum stability and sustenance. 

We know quite well how annoying and pain in the neck; it is when the hinges are not as flat as you want those to be. 

But this is not in the case of this top-performing soft close hinge. It is completely designed to be as flat as possible to ensure the smoothness of operation on any type of door of your household. 

The flat design also allows the doors to trigger the self-closing force – the way you wanted your cabinet doors to be! 

This popular hinge can be installed very easily with the additional mounting screws that it comes with. The door thickness should be between 14 to 22 MM for the best fit. It is even the perfect fit for the broken hinges on your old cabinet doors. 

Highlighted Features

  • Made of great quality metal for enhanced durability.
  • The stain-nickel finish adds décor, stability, and sustenance.
  • The flat design allows the cabinet door to trigger the self-closing force.
  • Easy-installation process lets you set the hinge within a snap.

4. Blum 38N355BE08x10 Compact Overlay Hinge

Blum 38N355BE08x10 Compact Overlay Hinge

If you are looking for a perfect hinge for face frame cabinets, you should definitely have a look at the Blum 38N hinge. These hinges are designed and manufactured, specifically concentrating on the hinge to fit the face frame cabinets.

Its soft-close feature is truly adjustable. You use it or not depends absolutely on your choice and taste, and on top of it, how suitable you deem it to be. Many of us may not find the soft-close feature to be the best fitting with small or light doors. You can deactivate these types of doors very easily.

It’s always annoying to hear the cracking sound of the door while being closed. Have you been looking for a way out? Get the Blum 38N right away! The Compact Blumotion works like magic! No sound whatsoever, anytime you close the door!

Slamming the doors is very common among us, and Blum thought to come up with a solution. The Blumotion feature can resist the damage caused by hard slamming. No matter how hard you slam it, it will still close slowly and softly.

Like the soft-close feature, the Blumotion can also be deactivated whenever you feel like, and it will not exaggerate the design of the small or light doors. However, even if you deactivate it, the top-quality motion of the door will remain the same.

Highlighted Features

  • You can adjust the soft-close feature all by yourself easily.
  • It eliminates all the unwanted cracking sound.
  • The Blumotion feature resists damage when the door’s slammed hard.
  • You can deactivate the Blumotion feature whenever you want.

5. Silverline Face Frame Cabinet Hinge

Silverline Face Frame Cabinet Hinge

If you want the best face frame overlay hinges, you can take a look at the Silverline face frame cabinet hinge and trust its functionality with your eyes closed.

I know you must be tired of the typical cabinet hinges. Not all of them will offer you the durability you need. You know, material matters!

Well, the face frame cabinet hinge from Silverline is made with solid stainless-steel material. For which, it can all the beatings like a pro no matter what. On top of that, you don’t have to worry even for a bit when I said ‘steel.’

Thanks to its anti-rust and anti-corrosion feature, this one makes sure the cabinet hinge doesn’t get corrosion or rust anytime soon. As a result, you can use it for years to come.

With the 105-degree opening angle, you can close you’re the door of your cabinet very easily and smoothly. You can say all those weird cracking noises goodbye with this hinge in your arsenal.

The hinge eliminates the cracking sounds once and for all while you get to move the cabinet doors however you want.

As for installation, it will take a few minutes to set the hinges right. Plus, it comes with 96 to 102 pcs of screw set, for which, you don’t have to buy new screw sets.

The whole set offers you 25 pieces of hinges, so you can use them for a wide number of doors.

Highlighted Features

  • Solid stainless-steel material enhances durability.
  • The anti-rust and anti-corrosion feature protect it from rust and corrosion.
  • It eliminates all the cracking sounds as you move the cabinet doors.
  • The set offers you 25 pieces of hinges for a wide number of doors.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Cabinet Door Hinge

So, you’re going to buy a cabinet door hinge set for you? Awesome, but do you know what features to look for before you buy a hinge-set? If the answer is no, you can take a look at the things to consider before buying a cabinet door hinge.

1. Smooth Mechanism:

You want a simple and smooth opening and closing of your cabinet as your slight bit of ruggedness will make you uncomfortable. Having a smoothly operating cabinet hinge not only feels satisfying to open, but also performs efficiently. The soft-close mechanism improves the durability of your cabinet door tenfold.

So, while shopping for a soft cabinet hinge online, look for one that is small in size, lathes easily to your cabinet wall and performs smoothly while opening and closing the cabinet door. The stronger the attaching screw is, the more durable and smoother the cabinet door will feel while operating.

2. Noise Reduction:

Your house is where you spend most of your time relaxing and finding mental peace after a tough day of grinding. A little bit of noise can affect your mood and make you feel irritated. On top of that, a close cabinet hinge that produces noise while opening and closing will sure add up to your annoyance and make your day even worse.

Looking for a soft close cabinet hinge that produces less to no noise is a must if you want mental satisfaction. Especially when closing one down that makes a loud noise that might wake up your child or just cause a disturbance in the house.

3. Mounting:

Mounting mechanism is also a factor that is needed to be taken into consideration before buying a soft close cabinet hinge. There are various ways of mounting a hinge on your close cabinet wall to attach the door with.

Such as three-way mounting where adjustable screws give greater alignment and make the overall finishing of the cabinet performance-wise top notch.

While ensuring the mounting, pay close attention to the screw type and size that you are using to mount the hinge.

4. Design:

The overall beauty and outlook of your house depending on how greatly you color combine and match each piece of equipment so that everything should go along with one another. This also includes furniture accessories as well. Every bit of detail adds up to the visual aesthetic of that particular equipment.

That applies to the close cabinet hinges as well. If the hinge doesn’t match with your cabinet door, it will spoil the outlook and make it look less appealing to the eyes. So why even let that happen in the first place when you can just consider this factor while purchasing soft close cabinet hinge beforehand.

5. Build Quality:

The type of material that is used to make a hinge sure does affect how durable it will be after using it for a longer period. While the price is a factor that contributes to the selection of top-quality material hinge, you should look for the best one at your budget range to maximize the durability.

Such as zinc-alloy is a great material that is used to make soft close cabinet hinges and usually lasts for a longer period. Although they cost a lot compared to traditional hinges, they sure live up to their price point in terms of quality, flexibility, and durability.

FAQs About Door Hinges

1. Are these hinges durable enough?

Ans. Yes, each of these hinges is super durable and you get to use them for years to come.

2. Am I getting any warranty offers with these products?

Ans. Of course, all of these products have got super warranty offers. However, if you want to know the duration, you have to contact your seller.

3. What’s the best brand for door hinges?

Ans. All of these brands offer you the best door hinges but if you want me to tell you any specific brand, I would suggest going for Decobasics or AmazonBasics.

Wrapping Up!

Well, that was everything about the best soft close cabinet hinges. I tried to talk about the best ones over here in the review rather than giving you a wide range of options. Do your homework right and go for a product that suits you. You won’t regret it for sure. 

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