10 Best Solid Wood Dressers Review In 2023 With Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best solid wood dresser at a minimal price? Luckily, you are in the correct zone to pick the expected one. A solid wood dresser carries almost the same features and style for which these products are hard to choose. As all the construction is done using wood, the best way to select a perfect one is by ensuring the wood quality.

A wood dresser, in general, has wider dimensions and shorter height. The drawers are more profound and broader than regular chest drawers. Selecting the best among all the wood dressers is a challenging part. But don’t worry because this article will help you to choose the exact one for your environment.

If you are in a hurry, go for the Giantex Drawer Dresser. Its elegant design and colossal storage capacity won’t dissatisfy the need for a room dresser. Along with keeping many household items, one can use the top table as a Tv stand. Besides, you can also put showpieces or other decorative items along with a large LED Tv monitor.

A beginner needs help distinguishing between a good dresser and an elegant one. On the other hand, choosing a wood dresser also depends on the individual because some come with an antic design. But other products hold unique features of a wood dresser that are worth looking at.

There are some tricks to ensure the longevity of any wood dresser. The focus checking should be based on foot design and backboard quality. Considering frame also comes in the list as it is the backbone of a whole dresser. Besides, there are some other factors that one must look at, which are present in this article.

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10 Best Solid Wood Dressers: Comparison Chart For Quick Decision

After deep research, I found the 10 best solid wood dressers that meet all the basic requirements. I will demonstrate a comparison chart below for your better understanding.

Products NameProduct DimensionNumber Of DrawersProduct WeightColourStyleFurniture FinishMaterialPrice
T4tream Farmhouse Drawers Dresser15.75″D x 31.25″W x 48″H599.2 PoundsDark Rustic OakFarmhouseOakEngineered WoodClick here
Hostack Modern Drawer Dresser15.7″D x 27.2″W x 37″H5X-LargeRustic BrownRusticRusticEngineered Wood, WoodClick here
Palace Imports Solid Wood Dresser17″D x 48″W x 33″H‎2‎80 Pounds‎Honey PineContemporary‎Pine‎WoodClick here
Transitional Farmhouse Framed Drawer Dresser15″D x 51″W x 32″H663 PoundsCaramelMid-Century ModernPineWood, PineClick here
Giantex Drawer Dresser16″D x 31.5″W x 45.5″H583.5 poundsBrownClassicEspressoEngineered WoodClick here
Signature Design By Ashley Dresser15.83″D x 52.72″W x 26.22″H6109 PoundsVintage GrayContemporaryGrayWoodClick here
Sauder Drawer Dresser18.43″D x 54.65″W x 33.03″H8130 PoundsOiled Oak FinishCountry RusticOak, Wood FinishWoodClick here
Mdesign Drawer Dresser12″D x 17.76″W x 37″H413.57 poundsGray/WhiteClassicGoldFabricClick here
Prepac Drawer Dresser‎16″D x 60″W x 29″H61 Pound‎Espresso‎Classic‎Laminate‎WoodClick here
Walker Edison Drawer Dresser17.75″D x 57.13″W x 35.13″H670 PoundsCaramelDresserPineWoodClick here

10 Best Solid Wood Dressers: Detailed Review

Every product carries its style, structure, rigidity, and durability. In this section, I will discuss the 10 best solid wood dressers.

1. T4tream Farmhouse Drawers Dresser: Best For Farmhouse View

A farmhouse outlook furniture with a non-scratchable effect provides a rustic feeling. These benefits you can get from T4tream Farmhouse Drawers Dresser. Its holding capacity and smooth drawers make it worth the purchase.

Feature With Benefits:

Modern Style Adjustable In Any Position:

The farmhouse design seems a bit old, but with a new architectural structure, the dresser made itself perfect for adjusting in any corner of a house. It provides an aesthetic view both in the bedroom and living room. One can also use it in the entry position or as a farm storage dresser.

Strong Wood With a Durable Handle:

The basement of the T4tream Farmhouse Drawers Dresser includes an extra foot at the middle position along with the four corner feet. Moreover, handles are reliable to push and pull due to metal bearings placed in the sliding of the drawers.

Huge Space With Quality Material:

It has six medium size drawers with a barn look on the front side of each. The wood is rustic, and the fittings are accurate, making this product durable. Besides, the mouth of the drawers is firm and can hold many items inside it.


  • Good assemble guidelines;
  • Sturdy wooden frame from all sides;
  • Extra footer in the middle to hold the drawers firmly;
  • Adjustable and blends with any part of the house;
  • Ample storage capacity.


  • Some drawers need a little bit of effort to be installed;
  • No instruction comes with the package.

2. Hostack Modern Drawer Dresser: Best At Premium Quality Hardboard

With its stylish pattern of flat drawers, the Hostack Modern Drawer Dresser comes with ample storage that blends in any place of your house. The quality of the wood is premium MDF which makes it long-lasting.

Feature With Benefits:

Versatile Drawer With Unique Pattern:

The front side of the dresser carries a flat shape handled drawer, which provides a simple look from the outside. Its outer face makes it adjustable for clothes and storing ancient items.

Hard Wooden Frame With Durable Drawers:

Along with the rugged wooden structure, the drawers are also durable to pull and push. The metal bearings are stable enough that make you move them more quickly. There are three long drawers and two short drawers on the top.

Large Holding Facility:

The top of the table is long enough to place a laptop along with other decorative items. Inside the drawers, ample storage can hold pillows, including all the clothes. Moreover, there is a guideline with the non-assembled parts that tells about the extensive storage system.


  • Sturdy outer frame with a versatile look;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • It has Compact drawers;
  • Wood materials are of premium MDF;
  • Usable as any carrying items.


  • Tough assembling the drawers;
  • The wood is closer to the original one but not absolute.

3. Palace Imports Solid Wood Dresser: Best Aesthetic View

A stable basement that carries an extra two wood cross is the Palace Imports Solid Wood Dresser which provides rigidity. The vertical panel in the center gives a robust structure to the whole outer frame.

Feature With Benefits:

Aesthetic Structure Resisting The Micro-Crack:

The back side of the drawer has thin 4mm plywood that provides a sturdy structure to the whole dresser. Its top table provides prevention of micro-cracking due to framed cover. Moreover, the roller glides are durable enough to friction out the smooth pull and push of the drawers.

Natural Look:

The glow over the top portion of the drawers makes Palace Imports Solid Wood Dresser more real. It comes with five different original wood colors, which gives an aesthetic view from the outside. Including the Mahogany and Mocha outlook, this product comes with white, honey pine, and Java combinations.

Enough Space To Carry Lots Of Clothes:

The pine wood prevents the actual Shape of the drawers making the capacity huge. It also stops the splitting of the items inside the drawers. The tenon in the wood firmly holds lots of clothing items, including other household accessories. There are a total of four double-size drawers and two middle drawers in this versatile dresser.


  • The wood material is sturdy and premium;
  • Lock facility in the top portion of the drawer;
  • The whole frame is manufactured of wood;
  • Attractive outlook with easy drawer adjustment;
  • Large storage facility.


  • Absence of enough screw holes at the primary stage;
  • The adjustment of the knobs is not perfectly fittable.

4. Transitional Farmhouse Framed Drawer Dresser: Best At Giving Antic Look

The Transitional Farmhouse Framed Drawer Dresser provides an original pine wood wooden frame. It keeps the whole dresser well-balanced with the help of a stylish foot. The legs are slightly angled in design, following the tradition of mid-century furniture. 

Feature With Benefits:

Transitional Look:

From the outside view, the transitional farmhouse framed drawer dresser gives an exciting transition with its aesthetic old traditional design. The outer look provides a cultural vibe related to past wooden fabrication.

Mid-Century Design:

It follows the middle age customized wooden dresser that does everything over the wood. The angled leg and the cut handle make this product a versatile drawer dresser.

Manufactured With Original Pine Wood:

As the design follows the traditional dressers, every inch of the finishing edges is stained with original pine wood. The quality of the wood is sourced from renewable forests providing a stylish handle. No extra material is attached as a knob; the manufacturer designs those handles by giving a deep-cut edge.

Can Carry Pillows, Including The Cloths:

The jumbo-size drawers are enormous enough to hold extra bed sheets, including pillows and blankets. Moreover, there are enough spaces for keeping additional sleeping items, including clothes.


  • Fast and quick to assemble;
  • Original wooden look with compact design;
  • Hard frame with quality drawers;
  • Reliable functioning of metal bearings;
  • Huge storage facility.


  • Need to put the drawers steadily with a massive amount of time;
  • Absence of screw holes at the primary stage.

5. Giantex Drawer Dresser: Best For Keeping Huge Items

The Giantex Drawer Dresser always comes first on the priority list for an elegant designable dresser. From Shape to height, size to weight, this product is perfect to fit any room, even in an office. 

Feature With Benefits:

Vertical Design With Versatile Structure:

The outer structure of the Giantex Drawer Dresser looks thinner with an anti-top table. Its edges are widened from the base of the top portion of the dresser. This prevents the accidental tilting of the dresser and damage on the back from the wall.

Giant Space Holding Every Bedroom Objects:

With five substantial drawer sets, this product can carry every personal belonging like children’s toys, household decorations, books, etc. One can keep all the clothes, including the pillows and the guest items.

Strong Handle With Durable Bearing Drawers:

The backside of this dresser carries a PB board that holds the drawers firmly and supports the structure for long-term use. Its handle is round in construction, which provides a good grip in pulling out the drawers.


  • Prevents the drawer from making a large or hollow sound;
  • Compact structure to place it in a small room;
  • Metal bearings are robust;
  • Quality Chest;
  • Large top table to keep a large-size flat LED Monitor.


  • Inadequate guidelines in assembling this product;
  • Wood needs to be more vital to hold rush movements.

6. Signature Design By Ashley Drawer Dresser: Best In Providing Unique Design

The Signature Design By Ashley Dresser has six large drawers that can hold many household items. As the dimension of this product is large, the top table has a vast area to place a large Tv along with showpieces.

Feature With Benefits:

Linear Outer Structure With Compact Storage:

There is no complicated design on the outer structure of the Signature Design By Ashley Drawer Dresser. The drawers are not huge, making the dresser compact and adjustable to a small space. Its outlook gives a vintage vibe with a cherry grain that makes the system linear.

Aesthetic Design:

With a nickel holder on each drawer, this dresser carries a simple structure with a gorgeous outlook. The drawers are framed in two rows keeping three on each side. Besides, its color combination follows a single coating with a dim aesthetic view.

Simple And Smooth Pullers:

The drawers are simple, with sturdy metal bearings that firmly hold with the frame of the dresser. Smooth pull and push of each fragment are possible, which prevents the accidental tearing of clothes concerning the corners or edges.


  • Assembling is durable and easier;
  • Reasonable price with excellent quality wood;
  • Smooth metal bearings of the drawers;
  • Huge top to place a large inch Tv monitor;
  • Compact and easy to fit in small areas.


  • Rails are not very strong;
  • You cannot put pressure on the drawers.

7. Sauder Drawer Dresser: Best At Its Versatile Frame

With a T-lock patent system, the Sauder Drawer Dresser provides quick assembling guidelines with a stable basement and higher security to prevent the tip from falling from both front and back directions. The structure of the drawers is unique and compact, taking average space in the whole frame.

Feature With Benefits:

Stable Strong Basement:

The Sauder Drawer Dresser’s footer is designed uniquely to keep the whole body balanced. Its edges on each corner are slightly cut off to avoid tilting in both front and back directions. This reduces the possibility of falling and prevents damage or accidents.

Extra Bottom Drawers For Huge Capacity:

This product carries two extra drawers row-wise at the bottom frame. It makes 8 drawers where the upper four are small and adjusted in a horizontal row direction. Thus, one can keep extra blankets or household items as storage.

Unique Front Structure With Beautiful Outlook:

The front view of the whole frame has a T-structure with 12 sturdy knobs for 8 drawers. Those knobs are manufactured with cast iron. The outlook provides a glowy look as the oak wood has an oily finish at the end.


  • Easily adjust through the narrow door gaps;
  • Smooth sliding of drawers;
  • Quick to assemble with helpful guidelines;
  • Sturdy basements prevent tilting;
  • Final burnish provides a bright oak wood color.


  • Need washers to pull out the drawers at the initial stage;
  • Can carry heavy loads but unable to handle pressure.

8. Mdesign Drawer Dresser: Best As A Movable Dresser

The Mdesign Drawer Dresser is more of a chest drawer than a real dresser due to its different structure. It is easily movable and compact in design. The outer frame is manufactured with synthetic fabric with removable drawers.

Feature With Benefits:

Thin Long and Versatile Drawer:

With light weighted synthetic fabrication, the outer frame is thin and long in size. Its width space is considered negligible compared to a general dresser. But the top table is small to fit three small showpieces or decorative items.

Sturdy Frame With Hassle-Free Installation:

Mdesign Drawer Dresser is easy to install as the drawers are smaller and the frame has huge gaps to fit. The synthetic fabric used to manufacture drawers are sturdy. Moreover, the hard steel body and the MDF board on the back hold the drawers rigidly.

Unique Storage Facility:

The Chest is more profound, and the height is huge to occupy enough household materials. Besides, its unique pattern suits any place or room of a house. As the drawers are removable, one can put plenty of items at the primary stage by pulling them out.


  • A robust metal frame firmly holds the chests;
  • Quick assembling and easy to place;
  • Adjustable to any corner of a house;
  • Movable and light in weight;
  • Drawers are easily removable for washing.


  • Can’t hold heavy loads;
  • Not a uniform outer structure.

9. Prepac Drawer Dresser: Best At Providing Laminated Hardboard

Using laminated MDF woods, which are not toxic, Prepac Drawer Dresser carries ancient bronze knobs with a smooth metal roller. It is compact in structure and wide enough to have lots of items inside the drawers.

Feature With Benefits:

Versatile Classic Structure:

The top table of the Perpac Drawer Dresser has sidewise drawers, which is a versatile outlook. Its finishing gives a dark wooden aesthetic view that glows with the light’s reflection. With an antique bronze knob and enough space on the top to place a large Tv, this product gives a classic vibe.

Flat Enough To Carry Huge Items:

The dimensions of this dresser are so flat that it can hold many clothes and other household items. It is 12.5 inches in diameter, 24.75 inches in width, and 5 inches in height.

Durable Drawers With a Stable Basement:

There are a total of six drawers in this product, which carry strong curve plate handles. The knobs are furnished with bronze, and the metal rollers are smooth with a safety lock. Its foot is sturdy enough that it gives a flat base.


  • Gorgeous outlook with bronze knobs;
  • The sturdy frame holding the drawers firmly;
  • The depth of the drawers is high enough to store massive items;
  • Large top tables that provide colossal space to keep large inches of Tv;
  • Smooth metal bearings of each drawer.


  • Damages or Scratches might happen while shipping;
  • Pulling off the drawers requires a little more energy.

10. Walker Edison Drawer Dresser: Best At Maintaining A Balance Frame

With three different color combinations, the Walker Edison Drawer Dresser provides a solid frame of pine wood. It carries extra feet at the center along with the rest four feet. The number of drawers it holds is six, with four partitions in the upper row.

Feature With Benefits:

Strong Holding Frame Of Drawers:

Pinewood generally provides a sturdy structure to any furniture due to its good inner quality. Similarly, the frame of the Walker Edison Drawer Dresser is solid enough to hold these vast six drawers with good stability.

Wall Attachable:

Another attractive part of this dresser is its attaching capability to the wall. It gives the frame more stability. The structure is manufactured so that the hardware’s anti-tip holds this dresser to the wall.

Can Carry Vast Item:

The drawers of this product can support loads of 50 pounds in weight. As there are six large drawers, many household items, including heavy blankets, can be easily adjusted. The overall dimension of this product is 8.5″ x 24.5″ x 13.75″ in height, length, and width.


  • The hardboard and the frame are of premium pine wood quality;
  • Guidelines for assembling the product are easy;
  • The sturdy laminated board gives good support to the drawers;
  • Powerful barefoot keeps the dresser balanced;
  • It has an anti-tip wall attachable hardware system.


  • Panels are not of solid wood but give good support;
  • Packaging damages the staining look of its few portions.

7 Factors To Know Before Buying A Solid Wood Dresser: Buyer’s Guide

A wood dresser has many versatile designs and unique structures that differentiate the brand. Knowing the requirements and types is necessary to jump into the market for purchasing. This section will deal with those necessities that one must ensure before buying.

1. Price:

The price of a wood dresser varies concerning the nature of the wood type. A particle board used in a wood dresser comes at a meager cost and fails to ensure longevity.

Secondly, a medium-density fiberboard used in a dresser gives a glorious outlook with good quality. But a few cons, like swelling and inability to carry heavy loads, make it worthless, and the price is low.

So, the price range gets higher if you are looking for a good wooden board. This pricy board, known as plywood, supports the dam background and is stronger than the other two boards.

2. Durability:

Durability matters a lot for keeping the drawers working for an extended period. It ensures the smooth pull and push of each drawer. Moreover, the type of handle on the drawers also affects a user’s thinking about comfort. A robust and durable handle always has a thin metal bar attached to the wood.

3. Style Of Dresser:

A basic dresser comes with only drawers and a top table. If you want drawers with cabinets, then look for a combo dresser. But there is a huge dresser with long drawers and huge wardrobes. But in general, the dresser’s structure is extended in width but short in height, carrying colossal space.

4. Finish Or Unfinished Dresser:

There is a massive difference between a finished dresser and an unfinished dresser. Its price difference is also huge. If the dresser comes with a dead type, the price increases, but you cannot change it.

On the other side is an unfinished dresser in which one can see every design on each corner and edge. With that product, you can do whatever method you want. Those are cheaper as one has to invest extra money in furnishing and coloring.

5. Wood Category:

Based on different categories of wood, the price range of dressers varies. Make sure you choose the dresser depending on your living area. One can choose a dresser with an MDF board for simple usage and lesser load. If you want to put your dresser in a luxurious room, go for those with plywood as a backboard.

However, if the budget goes very low, there are dressers with particle1 board. They are cheaper, and one can keep them applying a nice wood color. But talking about the quality and power, the board is worthless, and the dresser associated with it is a loss to purchase. 

6. Match The Home Environment:

One of the most mandatory parts of selecting a perfect dresser is to decide where you want to put it. If the place is small and compact, one should look for a 30 to 55 inches wide dresser. But if the area is large and wide, one should select a 70 inches wide dresser.

7. Building Process:

There are three trees from which the frame and the drawer of a wood dresser are manufactured. These are rubber, pine, and thick Woods. Their building process is different, along with the built-in quality.

Rubberwood provides dressers that look light in color, are a plain design, and have fungi protection. Those dressers often come in black and white colors and have a simple structure. On the other hand, pine wood dressers are the simplest one that has some quality drop.

The best wood dressers are structured using oak and teak woods. Oak wood gives a beautiful finish and smooth edges to a dresser, whereas teak wood provides a sturdy frame from the outside. The grains of oak wood are straight but gravy for the teak wood. Both these wood dressers are costly in the market.

Types Of Dressers And Their Uses

Based on the structural view, a basic dresser carries three different categories on which the price range also varies. A user can select any wood dresser according to the home space requirement.

Type 1: Horizontal Dresser

A horizontal dresser carries drawers that most of which have double rows or single large. This type of dresser is perfect for a double bed bedroom. It is jumbo in size and comes with a substantial-top table. One can put a large LED screen on top of this dresser.

Type 2: Double Dresser

This type of dresser usually carries two horizontal structural frames and is the largest among all the other types. A double dresser suit ideally has a large mirror attached for a king-size bedroom. One can keep lots of stuff along with large blankets inside it.

Type 3: Combo Dresser

When it comes to the dual combination of drawers and cabinets, a combo dresser is structured in this way. But there is some dresser that brings both drawers and cabinets sideways. These dressers carry drawers from the second self and the cabinets on the top shelf in a sidewise direction.

4 Tips For Understanding The Best Wood Dresser

As you already understand the factors of choosing a perfect wood dresser, there are a few techniques for understanding sturdiness and durability. This section will deal with those hints, making your choice easier.

Tip 1: Good Quality Wood

A wood dresser is differentiated only by the category of wood used to build a frame. Always go for solid timber manufactured from pine, oak, etc., woods because it will deliver sturdiness. They come costlier because of their quality performance.

On the other hand, Rubberwood is best produced to a large extent. So, they also come at low prices due to their availability. The dresser of this wood is considered solid wood. But the manufacturing process of rubber wood hurts the lungs. So, it is better to go for teak, oak, or pine wood for health and safety.

Tip 2: Proper Finishing Details With Blend Corners

A finished wood dresser always comes in a readymade form with aesthetic colors and a unique carpeting design. But sometimes, the plywood board carries scratches that are not visible from afar. So, look closely at the back side of the dresser and the corners of the top table. It is to ensure the proper blending of the filler.

Tip 3: Strong Footer And Its Proper Placement

The basic structure that holds a wooden dresser is the strong 4-footed thick wood. But the dresser, with an extra two feet in the center, firmly holds the drawers and prevents accidental breakage. It is best to purchase feet having a little bend in the outer direction, which provides more durability.

Tip 4: Good Burnish And Enough Storage Facility

Always prioritize choosing a dresser that ensures enough storage to keep all your clothes. Besides, ensure that the dresser can easily hold the household items like antics, showpieces, necessary documents, and large blankets.

Well-furnished wood furniture must have a good outlook and aesthetic view from the outside. In this case, you should check the proper blending of color on the corners and front designs of the dresser. Check the plywood to ensure the area is scratchless and that the color gives a bright glow.

Related Questions:

What Is A Good Depth For A Dresser?

The standard dresser has six drawers, but sometimes nine-drawer dressers are also available. The actual depth for a dresser goes 16 to 20 inches deep. However, the average dresser has a 17-inch depth from the inside frame.

The depth of a dresser depends on the height and width. According to the adjustment of the size and number of drawers, the depth of it is determined. The height of a dresser varies from 26 inches to 44 inches, and the width goes from 36 inches to 60 inches.

What Is An Oversized Dresser Called?

The dresser in a tall and wide structure with a combination of door sections to the drawers is oversized. Along with the drawers, this type of dresser carries a long door on one side of the front side.

Most of you know this dresser as a gentleman’s chest. This type of dresser carries a unique design with a good quality wooden board on the backside. Its top is also compact in length and width. The total number of drawers it takes is four to five.

What’s The Difference Between A Chest Of Drawers And A Dresser?

For large bedrooms, a dresser is preferable as it needs colossal space due to larger dimensions. But a chest of drawers usually remains narrower and more compact, which matches in a smaller room like a dining space or living room.

A dresser is wider on the horizontal axis and lowers on the vertical axis carrying a maximum of five drawers. On the other hand, a chest looks long on the vertical axis but thinner from a more comprehensive direction.

What Is The Largest Dresser Size?

The overall dimension of a large-size dresser is 70x50x24 in width, tall, and depth. Almost all dressers come with lower size heights and larger size widths, and they take up lots of space to fit in a room.

A general dresser ranges from 30 to 70 inches in width, 30 to 50 inches in height, and 18 to 24 inches in depth. So, it varies concerning the brand and the product type. Moreover, one can make the custom dimension of a larger dresser according to the room’s requirements.

Is A 36-Inch Drawer Too Big?

If you make a custom drawer in a dresser, 36 inches is vast, concerning a normal-size dresser. The typical depth of each drawer in a dresser limits up to 30 inches. It is due to the prevention of breaking down.

The usual structure of a dresser can not hold a 36-inch drawer for many reasons. First of all, continuous pull and push can break the metal bearing due to heaviness. Second, pulling and pushing will take a lot of work, resulting in frame breakage.

Final Recommendations:

Choosing the best solid wood dresser mostly depends on your environment and thinking. Some like ancient designs, whereas some go for modern ones. Both types are best in their category. Moreover, the price range also varies depending on the type of solid dresser.

As I have already mentioned, one is the better one, but there are a few products worth taking the place of recommendations. All these are judged on the excellent storage facility and the number of drawers with versatile structures. If you want a traditional designable wood dresser with a firm angled foot and compact design, go for the Transitional Farmhouse Framed Drawer Dresser.

For those who want special features in a wood dresser and to stay away from tilting danger, go for the Walker Edison Drawer Dresser. It has a built-in hardware system that can attach itself to the wall. Moreover, the width is so huge that the jumbo drawers can hold many items. Besides, one can use the top as a Tv stand because it is extended from all the edges and corners.

Thus, one now has an overall idea of choosing the right wood dresser. Make sure to look at the quality of the hardboard as it supports the back part of a dresser. Plywoods and MDF woods are better to have as they give a solid wood vibe to a dresser.


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