Best Wood Carving Disc Reviews | Top 6 Latest Picks of 2022

Best Wood Carving Disc

Woodworkers often might be confined into a boundary of making flat surfaces with square corners. While there is nothing wrong with sticking to projects that utilize only the basics, adding contoured surfaces to some projects can help them broaden the horizon of their wood shaping abilities.

Power carving tools are a great of expanding horizons. And when the topic of power tools for wood carving comes up, inevitably, the question ‘What is the best wood carving disc?’ follows.

With power carving tools, you will visit an entirely new side of woodworking and be able to try your hand at projects you couldn’t try before.

So, strap in and join us in the ride as we review 6 of the top wood carving discs in the market.

6 Best Wood Carving Disc Reviews

You will come across many wood carving discs in the market. In this section, we have reviewed what we believed to be the top 6, with highlighted features.

1. GRAFF Speedcutter 4-1/2-Inch TCT Circular Saw Blade Grinder Wood Carving Disc

GRAFF Speedcutter 4-1-2-Inch TCT Circular Saw Blade Grinder Wood Carving Disc

We are starting off with a beast called the GRAFF angle grinder. It is made with tungsten carbide material and is the best wood carving discs for angle grinder, in our opinion. Keep reading to learn why!

What I loved the most about this disc is the versatility and universality you get from it. It can effortlessly replace an entire wood carving toolset, all credit of which goes to the teeth’s unique semi-circular design. You can use this little thing as a sculpting wheel, grinder shaping disc, cutting wheel, and circular saw blade.

So, essentially, you can carve, shape, and sculpt wood all the same with this disc. And the application is not where the versatility ends.

You see, you can work on many different kinds of wood and other materials with this disc, such as regular wood, hardwood, hardboards, parquet, plasterboard, plywood, MDF, laminated flooring, chipboard, etc. So, you do not have to carefully choose the material either.

Safety is something that will not be compromised if you choose to use the GRAFF. The disc comes with 3 teeth, which is safer than the 6 teeth design. It does not overheat, no matter how long you have been using it. The design also boasts an antikickback feature.

The GRAFF ensures safety by making a reasonable radial resistance, which is valued at a high rotational speed of 13200 RPM. Also, the special design of its body has a feed stop. So, it will be safe to work with.

Highlighted Features

  • 4.5-inch size for universal application in wood carving, and shaping
  • The unique semi-circular shaped teeth make it very versatile
  • Very safe to use thanks to the reasonable radial resistance
  • A multipurpose tool that can cut through wood, hardwood, plywood, MDF, laminated flooring, etc.

2. ARBORTECH Turbo Plane | Ø 100 mm Tungsten Carbide Wood Carving Disc

ARBORTECH Turbo Plane 100 mm Tungsten Carbide Wood Carving Disc

The second product on our list is also the most expensive one, but once you use it, you will be glad to have spent the money.

This disc will provide you with superior control and balance. It is something every woodworker can appreciate, as not having enough control over machines can really hamper your work

Without control, you cannot cut and shape the wood completely to your liking, which keeps you from making the perfect wood piece. So, now you know why I put this much emphasis on it.

No matter how much control you have, if the disc fails to provide you with smooth, clean cuts, then it can get very frustrating to have the cut that you desire. Don’t worry, Arbortech has got you covered there, too. This disc has wide planning, which contributes to the user getting smooth surfaces.

So, you will have smooth, plain surfaces with easily manipulable controls. What else do you need?

We do not buy wood carving tools and attachments for short term use. How a product performs in the long term is very important, too. Well, this product has you covered in that area, too. If the blades get a bit dull, there is no need to worry. You can easily resharpen the dull blades using a small diamond stone.

And you can use this disc to create both large level wood surfaces and fine sculpting, shaping, and planning. Use it flat to achieve the former and at angles to do the latter.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides superb balance and control
  • Can be easily sharpened with small diamond stones
  • Has a wide planning action, which assures a smooth surface
  • Can be used both flat and angled for different applications

3. Kutzall Extreme Shaping Dish Woodworking Angle Grinder Attachment

Kutzall Extreme Shaping Dish Woodworking Angle Grinder Attachment

If you want to create truly remarkable things with wood, then the Kutzall shaping wheels will be your best friend that helps you achieve what you desire.

When you are cutting wood to shape or sculpt them, the wood shavings and dust often get in the way. Stopping your work to remove them from time to time wastes time and energy.

To combat this exact issue, this wood carving disc comes with a feature named ‘Rapid Material Removal.’ It removes these loose material as you work, so there is no need for you to stop and clean every once in a while. This saves some time and energy while also letting you work at a stretch without breaks.

The wear life of this disc is exceptionally long, thanks to its tungsten carbide teeth. They will stay nice and sharp for a long time, without any signs of wear or tear.

Operating this disc is also easy and comfortable. So, you will not face any problems when working with this. Add the material removal function to that, and you have one of the most comfortable wood carving discs on your hand.

You can choose from two different coatings – original or extreme. The original coating is suitable for harder woods. It is easy to control and creates smooth cuts. The extreme coating is well resistant to loading. It is perfect for heavy material removal. This one works well for gummy or wet woods.

Highlighted Features

  • The rapid material removal feature removes cut materials away, saving time and effort
  • Tungsten material has a spectacularly long wear life
  • Effortless and comfortable operation lets you quickly cut through materials
  • Has a coarse coating that removes stock fast and leaves a smooth finish
  • Can be easily cleaned with a torch or soft wire brush

4. CZS Double Saw Teeth Anti-Kickback Woodcarving Saw Blade Wood Carving Disc

CZS Double Saw Teeth Anti-Kickback Woodcarving Saw Blade Wood Carving Disc

At our 4th spot, we have a set of two very powerful wood carving discs from CZS. If you desire terrific performance with powerful cuts, this right here is your match!

This carving disc has a diameter of 4 inches. It will fit most angle grinders with a diameter of 4 or 4.5 inches. So, compatibility is not something you have to fret over.

The blade design in this one is pretty unique. You will find two different types of blades on this disc, each alternating around the disc. This combination makes it a very powerful wood carving disc capable of slashing through the hardest woods. It can cut a wide range of materials ranging from hardwoods to soft plastics.

You can curve, cut, sculpt gauge, and channel wood, and other materials effortlessly with this carving disc.

However, there is a definite con to having very powerful blades. This wood carving disc is not the safest to work with. You have to be very careful and follow all the power tool instructions provided when using this. Otherwise, it poses a risk of serious injury and amputations.

So, do not forget to take precautions when using it. Some users even reported getting injured from it.

One thing that you should know is this product comes in 3 parts in the package which needs assembling. The assembly process is slightly tedious and needs carefulness. But, for the performance and value, going through the assembly is worth it.

Highlighted Features

  • Can cut in any direction and fit most 4- or 4.5-inch angle grinders
  • Cuts a wide range of materials ranging from hardwoods to soft plastics
  • Perfect for carving, sculpting, cutting, channeling, and gauging
  • Extremely powerful blades, so caution is needed

5. KKmoon Six Teeth Power Wood Carving Disc Tool

KKmoon Six Teeth Power Wood Carving Disc Tool

If a three teeth wood carving disc just does not cut it for you, check out this six teeth option from KKmoon.

This unit from KKmoon has everything you could ask for from such a product. First of all, it is very easy to use. It gives you enough control to carve away easily. Installing it onto an angle grinder is also an effortless task.

It will fit any angle grinders with an aperture of 16 mm. So, make sure the one you have at hand fits this criterion; otherwise purchasing this will be a waste. But most standard grinders fall within this range, so it will fit almost any standard grinder.

The six teeth it comes with will allow you a controllable and smooth performance. You can grind and polish wood with ease. And the material this disc is made of is a good quality alloy, which resists wear and stays sharp for a long time. The material is also very hard, which aids in the cutting process.

Much like the other products in this list, this too is a versatile wood carving disc. It can be employed for wood carving, polishing, root carving, etc. You can polish away tea tables and coffee trays with it.

Also, the price of this product is pretty reasonable. In fact, you get great value from it for the price tag. So, if you are a beginner who is unsure whether they would like to invest in a highly-priced wood carving disc, this one could be a great test run device.

Highlighted Features

  • Good quality alloy material ensures proper hardness and wear resistance
  • The six-tooth design maximizes grinding performance
  • Controllable polishing and grinding action
  • Allows the removal of both small and large materials
  • Versatile usage of woodwork, wood carving, polishing, root carving, etc.

6. XuSha 90mm 6 Teeth Power Wood Carving Disc Woodworking Milling Cutter Tool

XuSha 90mm 6 Teeth Power Wood Carving Disc Woodworking Milling Cutter Tool

We are ending our reviews with a product that can be used by professionals for years to come. Not only that, it comes with a ridiculously affordable price tag!

This wood carving disc has a diameter of 3.5 inches, with an aperture of 16 mm. So, it will fit most standard wood grinders. The product boasts 6 teeth, which are made of tungsten steel. This material is capable of cutting all kinds of hard and softwoods, so you do not have to worry about the material you are working with.

And if you are a professional in need of a wood carving disc that you can use very frequently, this one is up for the job. It can effortlessly withstand the roughest use. The high durability and wear life will be able to handle heavy work pressure with no problem.

Much like the Kutzall product you have read about earlier, this one rapidly removes material, too. So, it saves time and effort, allowing you to work for prolonged periods without breaks. All of these features make it perfect for professionals, as I have stated before.

The application of this product is versatile, too. You can use this product for sanding, carving, polishing, grinding, etc., on all kinds of soft and hardwoods.

And the cherry on top is the price of this item. Compared to its counterparts in the market, this product is ridiculously affordable. So, you would not have to shell out much if you choose to get this one.

Highlighted Features

  • Tungsten steel build can work with all kinds of hard and soft timbers
  • Outstandingly high durability and wear life, capable of lasting under heavy use
  • Usable for sanding, carving, polishing, grinding, etc.
  • Very efficient saves time and effort of the user

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Things to Consider Before Buying Wood Carving Disc

Buying wood carving discs is actually pretty straightforward. There are not many considerations that you should be aware of when shopping for one. However, there are a few things knowing which definitely helps.

Disc Diameter

This is very important to check, as the wrong sized disc might not fit your grinder at all. Generally, you should try getting a disc with the same diameter as your angle grinder. A disc with a slightly smaller diameter works, too.

But, if the diameter of the wood carving disk is longer than that of your grinder, it will not fit. So, check the diameter of the tool you have before going shopping.

Also, the larger the disc you have, the bigger the cutting depth you will have. Generally, bigger discs also tend to be more powerful. However, smaller ones provide more control to the user, and they have higher RPMs. But they cannot cut as deep as the larger ones.

Also, smaller discs need more frequent replacement.

Number of Teeth

Usually, the more teeth a disc has, the better quality of grind or cut you will get. But if you want fast cuts and do not necessarily mind slight roughness, then a lesser number of teeth is more suitable for you. Discs with more teeth also provide more control.

Teeth Shapes

Not all teeth of discs are the same. The shape varies by manufacturer and model. Different teeth shape can affect the speed of work. Also, certain tooth shapes are more suitable for use on certain materials.

Generally, all wood carving discs will more or less work on different types of wood and wood boards. However, if you tend to work more with a specific type of wood, for example, hardwood, then you should find a disc with teeth more suitable for that specific kind of material.

Material Being Cut

This also matters, too. As stated before, certain wood carving discs work well with certain kinds of materials. So, the type of projects you work with the most and the kind of material you use the most frequently matters.

Suppose you work mostly with softwoods and MDFs. In that case, choose a disc that will be able to cut, polish, grind, and sculpt these materials better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a wood carving disc to cut through tree roots?

Ans: Yes. The roots of big trees are just like regular wood. So, if you can cut woods with a carving disc, it is safe to assume that you can cut tree roots, too.

Q: How should I check the compatibility of a wood carving disc with my grinder?

Ans: You have to match the diameter of the wood carving disc to that of the grinder. The diameter of the disc has to be equal to or smaller than that of the machine’s. Otherwise, it will not fit. For example, a 5-inch wood carving disc would fit a 5- or a 5.5-inch angle wood grinder, but not a 4inch one.

Q: Does the guard that comes with grinders provide an anti-kickback function?

Ans: No. This guard works to protect your hand when working. It also directs wood shavings or chips away from you and your face when in use. But it does not provide anti-kickback like a chainsaw.

Q: Which one is better – 4 teeth or 6 teeth wood carving discs?

Ans: Compared to a 4-teeth disc, a 6-teeth version provides a smoother finish and better control to the user. So, it is better in my opinion.

Final Words

The best wood carving disc will be able to shape, sculpt, and smoothen your wood pieces with the highest precision possible. And from this article, you can choose one such wood carving disc. I hope I was of use to you through this article.

Happy carving!

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