Best Wood Screws Reviews | Top 5 Picks in 2022

Best Wood Screws

Knowing how to drill screws is a handy skill that everyone needs at some point in their life.

But what most people focus on is the drill or the driver instead of the fastener itself. As a result, they end up cracking the wood.

Therefore, to drive one without a hitch, one has to know about them first. Once you know what you’re dealing with, the task will become easier.

While driving it isn’t that difficult, but we still mess up often. The problem is most people know too little about them.

So, we have jotted down the best wood screws for you, as these are the only ones you need to know about.

5 Best Wood Screws Reviews – Expert Reviews

We have determined the finest options for wood projects by testing them on various wooden surfaces and under different pressure levels.

Let’s see the ones who passed our tests.

1. Kreg SML-C125-500-4-Inch-Coarse-Washer-Head-500-Pack

Kreg SML-C125-500 1-1 or 4-Inch

Kreg has been highly useful to woodworkers for a long time. With a variety of products in the line, this screw has been notably their finest for woodwork.

When the quality of the product is bad, it’s likely that it will rust or corrode, making unscrewing impossible without damaging the wood. That is something you don’t want as this looks equally dreadful.

But this zinc fastener is resistant to rust and corrosion, and hence, you can rely on it to be alright for a long time.

The feature that got us to pick this as one of our favorites is the course style thread. It makes drilling a simple task even for amateurs as the thread pushes in by itself. Therefore, there is no risk of over-driving it either.

Furthermore, the head was specially designed with a flat underside to smartly distribute force to the tip of the screw and make sure you don’t split the wood.

To conclude, you’ll be glad to know that this set is considered by many as the best screws for plywood.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality zinc which resists rust
  • Coarse style thread to support self-drilling
  • Flat underside head prevents wood splitting

2. 4 x 1/4″ Stainless Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw

Stainless Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw

When we hear stainless steel, we immediately look at its durability. These nifty short screws are super resistant to any sort of corrosion. In other words, once you drill, you don’t need to think about it again.

This is a product we can get behind without breaking a sweat, as the quality of steel assures us significantly. Not to mention, it is also resistant to rust alongside corrosion.

Meaning, you can use it on both outdoor and indoor wood. It is also weather-resistant, hence, great for outdoor items that deal with rain, snow, and heat.

The thread starts from the tip and goes up till the head. Although, not a self-drilling tool, this goes in with ease into the clearance holes.

Furthermore, the full-body threads hold the pieces together firmly. Hence we can say, these fasteners are ideal for hardwoods.

Lastly, the head is also sturdy and won’t bend under pressure.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel prevents corrosion
  • Sturdy head; won’t get crooked
  • Full coarse thread to hold the joints together
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor items

3. Hillman Power Pro 48611 Premium No Strip Exterior Wood Screws, 9 x 3 Inch

Hillman Power Pro 48611 Premium No Strip Exterior Wood Screws

If you’re preparing a deck, this is the product you need in order to build it to perfection.

To start off, the beautiful bronze coat goes well with any deck setting, making this one of the best screws for a wood project.

In addition, the special shank design enlarges the holes just enough to shred any doubts of the wood ever splitting. The twisted shank is just the subtle modification needed to stop cracks.

The thread exhibits a bore-fast serrated design, meaning no pre-drilling is needed. Moreover, the pointed end of the tip easily sinks into the wood without any additional effort exertion.

Not only that, the underside of the head displays countersinking blades to discharge the wood particles from within the drill. Hence, it perfectly seals the hole.

The main reason we love this is that it’s less likely to split the wood than most other designs. Therefore, for wood safety this is definitely a product to look into.

Highlighted Features

  • Twisted shaft prevents spilling
  • Thread tip easily drills into the wood
  • The bronze coat goes well with wooden designs

4. Reliable Hardware Company RH-5112BO-A 1/2-Inch Wood Screw

Reliable Hardware Company RH-5112BO-A Truss

Don’t go judging it based on its size, as this is one of the sturdiest fasteners in the market.

If you’re looking for shorter products for a thin wood piece, then your search ends here.

It exhibits a black oxide and wax finish that not only looks stylish but prevents rust and corrosion. Perfect for most DIY projects in your home.

The thread starts at the tip and covers the full-body ensuring easy drilling. Moreover, the tip is sharp, so clearance holes aren’t needed.

Further, the head design is flat and looks perfect whenever driven evenly. Gives the fastener an elegant and smooth look when viewed upon.

Hence, we recommended this for DIY projects which show off the screws noticeably.

Highlighted Features

  • Black oxide and wax finish protects from rusting and corroding
  • Full thread shaft easily drills in
  • Best for DIY and indoor wooden projects

5. WoodPro-Fasteners-AP9X212-5-Construction-500-Piece

WoodPro Fasteners AP9X212-5 T25 5-Pound Net Weight

They’re not only Pro by name, but by the game as well. Since their inception, Woodpro has been developing fasteners that support woods well.

Their use isn’t restricted by any parameter. You can use them for any wood, indoor and outdoor. They’re sturdy and durable even in harsh environments. Chances of crooking are also minimal.

Moreover, the screws are self-drilling and designed to easily sweep in without much hassle.

It saves time and can be driven effortlessly. The long shank is easy for even amateurs to handle.

In addition, the head is also designed in a way to be compatible with drilling machines, making your work a lot simpler. Moreover, the special design of the nibs under the head give a countersink for a clean surface.

Finally, considering the price, the value for money is rewarding as you get 500 pieces in one buy.

Highlighted Features

  • No splitting or cracking
  • Special head design for clean countersinking
  • Sharp tip helps in self-drilling; quickly and effortlessly
  • Inexpensive; 500 pieces in one box

Things to Consider Before Buying Wood Screw

If you still aren’t able to decide on the best screw for wood projects, then look into the following traits to understand what to expect.

Drive Type

While it’s almost for certain people no longer use hammers, but electric drills and screwdrivers are still popular.

However, in the store, you will see a thousand types of screws that may confuse even the eyes of a professional. Therefore, before buying the product check the label to know what type it is.

Usually, the most common ones are flatheads and Philips screws.


The fine line between splitting and not splitting is often decided by the threads. They’re usually of two types. Coarse and fine threads.

Coarse threads are better for plywood and softwood. As they have more space in between, they also don’t often need pre-drilling. As a result, these type of screws can be driven in easily and quickly.

Fine threads, on the other hand, are for harder woods and require nuts in between to make the screw firmer. However, it takes a longer time, and more effort is required with this type.


The reason why you should be paying attention to heads is to see how it sits on the piece.

Depending on the design of it, the screw head might be shallower than the wood, or at the level. It could even be above with space under it. Thus, it depends on your preference.

The countersunk ones sink inwards as you drill them. On the other hand, non-countersinking ones stay at level or top.


Now, this is something you should definitely be certain of. Whilst the other ones can be made to work even if it isn’t exactly to your preference, but if your screw is of the wrong size then the whole task will go unattended.

The size of the screws should be bought, keeping in mind the thickness of the wood pieces. If you buy a long shaft for thin wood, chances of splitting increases rapidly.

Material and Price

Depending on the use of the wood, the material should be selected.

That is, if you need the screw for an indoor item then, you can make do with cheaper ones with uncertain rust and corrosion resistance. Usually zinc products should be enough for an indoor project.

However, the outdoor situation is a lot harder as you have to consider the weather and moisture.

As such, any product that isn’t precisely resistant to rust and corrosion runs a risk of ruining the adjacent surface of your wood or at least making the product look dirty.Therefore, highly resistant material like stainless steel should be picked for outdoor projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does wood have specific screws?

Ans: Wood screws are specifically for wood materials. To avoid splitting, wood screws need a different design.

2. Is drilling a hole necessary before driving the screw?

Ans: Not always. Some screws are self-drilling while some are not. The properties should be properly mentioned on the cover of the item.

3. Is it necessary for the hole to be greater than the diameter of the thread?

Ans: It depends on the type of hole drilled. A clearance hole has a larger diameter, while a pilot hole has a smaller diameter.

4. What type of screw is proper for softwood or plywood?

Ans: Self-tapping screws are usually better for softer woods. As with a stronger screw, the chances of splitting or cracking may rise, it is better to use these kinds.

5. Is it difficult to unscrew these?

Ans: Unscrewing becomes difficult if it starts rusting or corroding. Therefore, it is best to buy items that don’t rust easily.

Final Words

While we certainly don’t want to waste time looking at the numerous kinds of screws with different heads, threads, tips or so on, it is still something we need to do to buy the right item.

However, if the task is too daunting, then our suggestion would be to go with the stainless flat head Phillips wood screw as it is one of the best wood screws. Moreover, you can hardly go wrong with stainless steels.

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