10 Best Wood Stove Door Gaskets Review With Buying Guide 

Did your current gasket of the stove become loose or seem discolored after use for many years? Then, your anxiety may change the old gasket and install a new one immediately. No matter what kind of material it is, any moveable surface (doors) on your wood stoves has a gasket. 

This gasket is generally made of high heat resistance fiberglass, which requires regular maintenance. As soon as this material begins to crack, discolor and break, it needs to be changed. Wooden stove doors are made of glass panels which griddles cannot optimize properly without a gasket.

The inside temperature can be kept by using a rope or gasket. It usually acts as an airtight sealer to maintain the door and fireplace’s controllability. However, finding the best wood stove door gasket with a budget within a short period is so tough.

You can trust this Midwest hearth-impregnated gasket kit if you don’t have enough time to read the entire review. These kits are supremely adjusted to be attached immediately over the stove door. It is formed with wire-reinforced woven shells for flexibility. The glues that come with this one are highly compatible with 2000⁰F. 

Meanwhile, scrolled down to discover ten more gaskets from different sites. These are enlisted through my research.

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10 Best Wood Stove Door Gaskets: Head-to-head Comparison

Check the list below for a short overview of the best wood stove door gaskets. I enlisted all the key features altogether so that you can compare each of them separately. 

ProductsTypesHeat Resistance WeightAvailable SizeMaterial Price
Midwest Hearth Impregnated Gasket KitWoven Shell with rope 2000F1.06 Pound½”×84-5/16″×84″ RopeFiberglass Check On Amazon
Rutland Grapho Glas Superior Sealing Gasket KitGlass Gasket1000F9.6 Ounce¾” with 7 feet longGlasCheck On Amazon
Stanbroil Fiberglass Gasket KitRope sealer2000F15.01 ounce½”×84-⅝”×84″ ropeFiberglass Check On Amazon
Portalwall Full Core Wood Stove GasketRope1100F1.29 pounds1″-⅞” gasketFiberglass Check On Amazon
Portalwall Self Adhesive Window Glass Gasket TapeSelf-stick tape1100F2.39 ounce⅞”-⅝”Fiberglass Check On Amazon
Savita Fireplace Seal RopeSeal gasket rope1022F9.06 ounce0.4 inch in 13 feetFiberglassCheck On Amazon
Stanbroil Graphite Fiberglass Gasket KitRope2000F15.01 ounce½”×84-⅝”×84″Fiberglass Check On Amazon
Alternative Heating and Supplies 1″ Wood Stove GasketRopeN/A8.53 pounds1 inch (50-250 feet)Fiberglass Check On Amazon
LAVA LOCK Adhesive Backed Wood Stove DoorBraided fiberglass 1000F7.9 ounces10 feet longFiberglass Check On Amazon
Liberty Supply Rectangular Gasket Backed Braided Fiberglass 1000F1.19 pounds10 feet longFabricCheck On Amazon

10 Best Wood Stove Door Gaskets: Feature Analysis With Pros & Cons

Wood-burning stoves with tight gaskets maintain the interior temperature effectively to provide diligent results. Therefore, choosing the right type of gasket is crucial and bears some specialty. Based on their crash resistance and materials, here are the 10 best gasket features details for you.

1. Midwest Hearth Graphite Impregnated Gasket Kit: Best For Quality 

This is the best product to use everywhere. Applying adhesive to the stove door is a challenging part for the novice. But this gasket kit has its power since it has well-strength cement to seal the rope. Meanwhile, it comes with some exceptional goodies- 

Feature With Benefits: 

  • Graphite Abrasion Resistant: 

Midwest gasket kit ensures better and more consistent airtight sealer. This gasket kit has high-powered graphite impregnation. This means it is less likely to get stuck with creosote.

  • Gasket Formed With Wire-reinforced Woven Shell: 

With wire-reinforced woven shell traits, this rope becomes more flexible. It comes in many sizes that can fit multiple components. 

  • Tight Knit Weave Benefits: 

Midwest hearth graphite gasket has a tight-knit weave function to compete with any surface type. Tight-knit flat gaskets are better for sealing two flat surfaces. 

  • Professional Strength Cement: 

Gasket installation requires some time, but it can be done quickly if the glue doesn’t have maximum strength. These features allow the glues to withstand 2000℉, which helps adhere to all stoves, such as steel and iron. The glues that come with this can be compared to any professional-strength cement.

  • Cut-off Installation Trouble: 

This kit will cut off your installation trouble and need only a few times to do the overall process. Be aware that the stove is cold, and protect the entire area with clothes.


  • Easy to use on every type of equipment on any types;
  • Last longer more than 5 years;
  • Perfectly fit and sealed;
  • The installation process is quite straightforward;
  • Provides exact diameter and length to replace the gaskets. 


  • The glues of the kit dried quickly.

2. Rutland Grapho Glas Superior Sealing Gasket Kit: Best for Longevity 

Rutland Grapho Glas is the superior type of sealing gasket. It comes with a convenient size and packages to cope with every surface. From the beginning of this company in 1883, their motto has been to manufacture products thinking of their customers’ needs. It offers all the opportunities to seal or replace the old gasket within a second.

Feature With Benefits: 

  • Lasts Longer Than Other Kits:

This is the most notable thing on this gasket kit which makes the user enjoy more sealing. Its longevity is super and can last more than a year. With 6.4 ounces of glue, and 5/16″ inch dimensions, installing such a big rope is the right choice for the next projects.

  • Graphite Impregnated Material: 

Gasket materials are crucial when it comes to the fact of wooden stoves. The product is made of the supreme type material of fiberglass. It can resist creosote and soot adhesion to give better abrasion against wood stoves. 

  • Resist Up To 1000℉:

When talking about the gasket, it’s neither too thin like a snake nor too skinny. The gasket thickness is overall perfect to fit on any surface. The rope itself is very decent and has some elasticity. The gasket heat resistance is about 1000⁰F

  • Glues Can Hold More Than A Year: 

The glue’s consistency is also good and easy to spread. Do not come off easily after applying it all over the stove’s door.


  • Best for replacing gaskets from wood, pellet, and coal;
  • Comes with a convenient package;
  • Available in different sizes;
  • The glue has great, thick stuff;
  • Gives better protection from letting outside air come in.


  • The glue adhesive is not up to the mark.

3. Stanbroil Fiberglass Gasket Kit: Best For High-Temperature Cement 

Stanbroil is an awful gasket kit. It wouldst bond to the metal surface, and the length is only correct to fill the gap with stoves. This gasket has a high resistance cement temperature to cope with any surface. Besides this, here you also get-

Feature With Benefits: 

  • High-temperature Cement-made Gasket Kit: 

This is a money-saving product due to its high-temperature resistance. It will not burn easily and can cope with temperatures less than 1000⁰F. And the glue cement can withstand 2000⁰F. All to adhere come from different stoves, from steel to cast iron.

  • Package Contain All Necessary Goods: 

The package contains all the necessary items that are useful for replacing the old gasket. The package comes with a rope and 79 ml bottle of gasket cement, airtight stoves, fireplace inserts, a coal or pellet stoves. No need to buy extra materials for installation

  • Graphite Fiberglass Materials: 

Unlike its other fellows, Stanbroil’s fiberglass gasket also comes with graphite-made materials. It makes gasket rope more abrasive and resistant, providing superior sealing and protection. Moreover, each of the ropes is highly flexible and comfortable.

  • Good for Pellet Stoves & Fireboxes: 

Another significant fact about this gasket is that it provides replacement advantages. This gasket is good for pellet stoves and fireboxes. It keeps your wood or pellet stoves in top operating conditions with full burn efficiency.


  • Can use multiple stoves;
  • The gasket lasts much longer without failing or coming off;
  • Provide better abrasion resistance;
  • Fiberglass rope up to 1000℉;
  • Engineered to give excellent sealing.


  • The tip of the cement tube is too big to use.

4. Portalwell Full Core Wood Stove Gasket: Best For Wood Stove

This gasket comes in the right size, exactly advertised by the manufacturer. It has a narrower diameter gasket inside the larger one. Since this one has two layers of consistent adhesive, anyone could remove the inner tube/gasket alone. For this reason, it becomes easier for new people to accomplish the task.

Feature With Benefits: 

  • Comes With Multiple Size For Better Output: 

This black snaky rope has different sizes and dimensions according to the needs of your wooden stoves. The three common sizes of this rope are about ⅝”, ¾,” ⅞”, and 1″ inch, which is good for various purposes. Yet, the manufacturer advised choosing the big size of the gasket because that rope provides strong support to prevent deformation.

  • 500⁰F Ratings Silicon Made Cement: 

This PortalWell full-core wood stove gasket can withstand 500⁰F rating temperature. This means it has an exclusive sealer along with high-temperature acetate clothes. Besides this, the end part of this gasket can be connected with the tape to prevent fiber loose. So here, you don’t need to buy any adhesive tape separately.

  • More Abrasive-resistant Gasket: 

You will get better sealing performance than the hollow gasket. Hence, the rope is not easy to deform and more durable. The tight-knit woven fiberglass makes the job more abrasive-resistant.


  • Made with high-temperature resistant tape;
  • The rope gasket can be firmly stuck in the groove;
  • Easy to deform;
  • Durable, wear-resistant, and strong;
  • The rope length is well enough for any stoves or fireplaces.


  • The gasket material smashed down quickly.

5. Protalwell Self-Adhesive Window Glass Gasket Tape: High-end Construction 

This one is suited for folks looking for something exceptional. It comes with a flexible physical appearance. This gasket’s width and length are good overall to fit in any stove. The gasket has removal tape, which makes it more special and worthy of storing for future use. 

Features With Benefits: 

  • Made Of Glass: 

This snaky window Glass gasket tape is specially made of glass. It looks so charming, and their dimension is also good. The 2 sides of this tape are so thick that it can help you to wrap both sides. Portalwell has a 1-inch width gasket flat tape.

  • High-Temperature Gasket: 

The high-resistance gasket is very flexible and good for all types of working. In this sense, you get the most renowned high-temperature gasket made of fiberglass. For this function, this one won’t get burned and can withstand temperatures up to 1100⁰F.

  • Multiple Sizes: 

There are 5 types of sizes available, including with ⅞” diameter gasket, 1″, ⅝,” ⅞,” ⅛” inch. Both of them are required to use for multiple purposes.

  • Easy To Installation: 

Installing this gasket on wooden stoves is quite easy. Getting them to work is as simple as removing the release paper on the back and sticking them in the middle. After that, press the gasket tape onto the glass on both sides. Press them gently using your palm, and it’s done.


  • Very preventive to remove the smoke from the stoves;
  • Keep the room safe and clean;
  • Good quality gasket;
  • Affordable to buy;
  • Give maximum coverage on the stove’s doors.


  • The rope gasket is too short to attach to a big wooden stove.

6. SAVITA Fireplace Seal Rope: Best For Versatility 

Savita is another flexible rope to bind the stoves in place. The width and length are unimaginable and satisfactory for the person’s needs. It has a coal-shaped figure, easy to store and installed. It takes only a few times to replace it with the older one.

Features With Benefits: 

  • Reliable Material: 

One of the great things I found about this gasket is its material. It is almost made with high-quality fiberglass. Although the material is so common, it is sturdier than other ropes. It holds the stoves like any magnate. 

  • Wear Resistance & Long Lasting: 

Fiberglass material is used to be extremely durable and water-resistant. As well as being water-resistant, fiberglass is also long-lasting. Due to this instant material, you can install the gasket on the stove without asbestos

This is another positive side of this product. Because asbestos is often dangerous to use at home due to some health risk issues.  

  • High-Quality Temperature Resist: 

People always appreciate good things. Similarly, buying such an ideal gasket is compatible with high temperatures up to 550⁰C /1022⁰F. By this term, you get more confidence to install it on wood stoves.

  • Impressive Versatility: 

This one gives more relief than others. The fiberglass can be used for various chimneys, fireplaces, boilers, industrialist stoves, and wood-burning stoves. It is suitable for both home and industry.


  • High-quality fiberglass;
  •  Wear resistance;
  • Long Lasting & easy for installation; 
  • Burned the stoves with confidence;
  • Suitable for both home and industry.


  • A bit small for a 60K EPA stove door.

7. Stanbroil Graphite Fiberglass Gasket Kit: Best for High-Performance 

Stanbroil graphite is a professional manufacturer; they mostly concentrate on unique designations. Since this brand usually makes premium material and delicate designs, their gasket differs from others. The fiberglass gasket kit comes with impregnated rope. For this reason, it is perfect for using a wood stove, pellet stove, pellet insert, and firebox.

Feature With Benefits: 

  • Comes With Multiple Sizes: 

Installing such a gasket won’t bother you anymore. It has come in different sizes, including 1/2×84″ rope, ¼×84″, 3/4×84″, ⅝, ⅛,” and 84″ flat ropes. The wider size you have, the easier it becomes for you to install them swiftly. Hence, many options exist, no matter how wide a stove size.

  • High-Temperature Cement: 

High temper resistance is the ultimate function of this product. It has very sticky cement, worthy of using multi-purposes. The braiding and staying power of adhesive let the user enjoy the work with less trouble.

  • Less Likely To Get Stuck: 

The adhesive comes with this one and is less likely to get stuck with creosote. Plus, Stanbroil graphite fiberglass provides a better and more consistent seal.

  • Specially Made For Wood: 

According to many reviewers, this one takes only 30-45 minutes to install on any stove. It is especially worth using wood stoves due to the dimensions. Its ½” rope can cover up the half hinge of stoves, and ⅝” need for the latter half. Overall, it gives better coverage.


  • Adheres to all types of wood;
  • Provides efficient sealing;
  • Glues stuff can resist up to 2000⁰F;
  • Evaluate better tightening seal;
  • Doesn’t burn easily.


  • The adhesive is so old.

8. Alternative Heating & Supplies 1″ Wood Stove Gasket: Best For Installation 

Sealing the gap between the fireplace vent and the stove is a good idea to do with this one. Because this 1″-inch-thick gasket from Alternative Heating and Supplies is a must-buy product for easy installation, as advertised by the manufacturer. It is cool to seal most outside areas of the wood stove. It is suitable to use any wood stove, like any traditional gasket. 

Feature With Benefits: 

  • Can Seal Most Of The Outside Wood Furnaces: 

This sealer is a great alternative to glues and is suitable for use in an outside wood furnace. It can work as a knitting fiberglass rope to outdoor boiler door rope. 

  • Great Thickness: 

Thickness is the obvious matter in terms of wood stove gasket. Thankfully, this one has an accurate thickness of around 1″ inch. For its size (6 feet to 250 feet) and thickness, it fits fully with the wood stove door. 

  • High-Heat Silicone Sealer: 

To give a hard sealing experience, it comes with a high-heat silicone sealer. Silicon base sealer is a good alternative to glues that give the best support.

  • Round Fiberglass Rope Sealer: 

One of the common features I find here is its round-shaped fiberglass rope. The round shape is suitable for adjusting any wood stove sealing board. It takes less time to install, though. 


  • Didn’t leak smoke during the work; 
  • Doors are sealed up tightly;
  • Comes with high quality;
  • Great for sealing; 
  • Easy to understand installation guidance.


  • This rope is so compressing and not dense like others.

9. LAVA LOCK Adhesive Backed Wood Stove Door: Best For Extended Size

The Lava Lock adhesive works perfectly to install everywhere. This one works on and spreads and smears so evenly. The most relevant matter that one can’t skip is their “sheds” glass fiber. The fibrous material can gasket high projects such as industry, factories, fireplaces, etc.

Feature With Benefits: 

  • Sticky Enough To Hold In Place: 

It is confirmed to hold the material in place. Ensure enough tightness, so the internal air pressure won’t come off. 

  • Didn’t Come Off In High Temperature :

The gasket is at a high resistance temperature and didn’t come off even if installed in the fireplace. It can resist up to high pressure. This could compete with any stove. No matter if anyone cooks charcoal grills, boilers, or anything. 

  • Made of Braided Fiberglass Gasket: 

It’s become very tough to beat this LavaLock adhesive wood stove. Because this one is made of a braided fiberglass gasket. This means it fits well without lifting any corner of the stoves uncovered.

  • Give Permanent Bonding: 

Since this braided gasket intends to aid in ease of installation, it gives a  permanent bonding between stoves and gaskets. Its temperature resistance is up to 1000⁰ F, and its length is around 10 feet. By this, you get more coverage here than others.


  • Super high quality;
  • Great for BBQ-sealed firebox; 
  • Goes each corner of the glass perfectly;
  • Can seal powder coating oven;
  • Comes with perfect thickness.


  • It has no well-guided instructions for installation.

10. Liberty Supply Rectangular Gasket: Best For Price

Liberty supply gasket is well-worth for multiple uses. As this brand is usually manufactured in the U.S.A., it has a temperature of 1000 degrees. This one is also 1.5″ inches in width and 1×4″ in thickness. Its length is also appreciable because the gasket size is around 10 feet

Due to the long width, buying this gasket is a wise decision. The length of the shortages won’t delay your projects.

Features With Benefits: 

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: 

This gasket is manufactured with pressure-sensitive adhesive. This means those come with foil tape for HVAC works. Since most of these gaskets are made from viscoelastic polymer, they’re more consistent, strengthened, and durable.

  • It Fits Nicely & Seals Well: 

One of the common benefits of using this sealer is its thickness. The thickness is wide enough to fill all the areas of the stove doors. It fits nicely and seals well.

  • 1000⁰F Ratings

Heat resistance is needed to cope with the internal atmosphere of stoves. Otherwise, it may be damaged, burnt, and loose gasket. Fortunately, this gasket has 1000⁰F heat tolerance to adjust to any temperature.

  • Manufacturing With Well-Compressible Material 

It is manufactured with a compressible material. For this reason, this gasket won’t come off easily and will stick to the stove’s glass tightly.


  • Exactly fit on every object;
  • 1000⁰F heat resistance;
  • It is durable and versatile; 
  • Very strong, excellent for a multitude of applications; 
  • Has a full appreciation for meeting expectations.


  • The adhesive is not heat-resistant.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Wood Stove Door Gasket

Adding a piece of rope to a wood stove can do so many things to make your cooking experience good. A gasket without a stove or a stove without a gasket is impossible. 

But some things must be considered while buying a wood stove door gasket. Here are all the things which should be considered significantly.

1. Gasket’s Material: 

Wood stove gasket material is an important thing to consider before buying a stove. In that case, it is good if the gasket is made of something tight and stretched. Its material must be durable, solid, and heat-resistant because a form of adhesive will be spread on the gasket to cement it inside the stoves

Typically, a gasket’s material comes with fiberglass, glass, and fiber. Fiberglass is much like a piece of rope and is well-resistant to high heat, water, stones, tiles, etc.

2. Know The Materials Fluid Temperature: 

Try to know the metal fluid temperature of the gasket. If the gasket isn’t properly aligned with the application environment’s heat, pressure, and temperature, it will increase the risk. Remember that a specific range of fluid ambient or high-temperature resistance varies for each gasket.

Silicone, for instance, has a minimum temperature range of around 500⁰ F to 1100⁰ F. However, one must know the gasket’s minimum to maximum operating temperatures to get a better result.

3. Chemical Makeup Of Fluid For Gasket: 

Another crucial fact is to understand the chemical makeup of the fluid using a gasket. This will help to determine the gasket’s pH level, oil or water content, and oxidation power. A powerful gasket must have these traits to cope with every situation.

4. Pressure Level Or Heat Resistance: 

Wooden stove gaskets perform differently, depending on their pressure level. Door gaskets often provide a low-compressed seal. You won’t expect the pressure level here to be around 60 psi. This is well enough to match extremely high pressure. It can compete in both door and gas-processed plants.

5. Types Of Gaskets: 

Unlike the gasket materials, you will also find some different types of gaskets here. Some popular varieties among them include: 

  • Silicon Gaskets: they come with a soft, synthetic interior outlook. Some of them are available in wide varieties.
  • Rope Gaskets: Most of these gaskets are durable and strong and require a lot of compression force to seal the wood stove doors.
  • Rubber Gaskets: This gasket has a rubbery texture and is easy to bend. It’s overall a flexible and reliable sealer.
  • Glas Gaskets: It has a metallic core. The top and bottom are ringed. It creates a tight seal along with a gasket edge. With extra reinforcement, those gaskets are easy to repair.

6. Gasket Thickness: 

Be aware that your gasket is thicker than any other and perfectly fits with the applicator door. Gasket thickness is crucial to know for analysis of the degree of surface unevenness. The thickness of the gasket is important due to the handling and constraints during manufacturing. 

Sometimes a thinner gasket resulted in less loss of bolt torque. However, the wood sealing gasket must be 3 mm to 20 mm thick for better outputs. Therefore, you must consider this size to achieve good results either.

7. Gasket Size: 

I mentioned above that thicker gaskets won’t seal as many flanges as you expected. It is another factor that needs to be focused on properly. Some common wood stove gasket sizes are 3/16″, ¼,” 5/16″, and 1″ etc. 

The most important reason for choosing the thicker gasket is it fills the entire area of the applicators. Check below the wood stove door gasket size and their replacement kits.

How To Install Wood Stove Door Gasket: Step-by-Step Process

The gasket is the most important part of a wooden stove for burning firewood correctly and efficiently. To do this work appropriately, here are some steps. Concentrate on each of them attentively to avoid further complexities.

Step 1: Tools You Need Most For This Job

You can’t reach the final destination without the right equipment or tools. You should gather the necessary tools to get the job done quickly. Below are some tools that are essential for this task.

  • Tape measure or Ruler;
  • Hand gloves;
  • Flatten head Screwdriver;
  • A wiring brush;
  • Any wooden stove gasket kit with an adhesive;
  • Scissors or a little knife;

Step 2: Separate The Stove Door 

First, you have to separate the stove door. Door stoves are often found with two pins situated at the corner. Just push those pins forward to lift it out of the main frame. 

In case the wooden stove didn’t come with a lifting pin. Pick a screwdriver, and put it in the inner corner of the stove. Push the pins gently from the opposite side. Make sure to push the pin by inserting the screwdriver into the pinholes. 

They can also be installed from the bottom of the pinholes. Continue to push it from both sides until the stove door comes off the base.

Step 3: Pull Out The Old Gasket

Next, remove the stove’s old gasket. Wear gloves and place the stove door on a table or flat surface. Measure the gasket’s dimensions and length before you remove the old one. 

Since an entire wooden stove surrounds it, measuring the correct length of the gasket is a bit difficult. Put your tape measure onto the board. Hold it straight and measure the right size from one to another. Write it down in a note to trim the new gasket righteously.

Now, get ready for the next steps. Follow the below process as well.

Step 4: Trim The New Gasket

Take the wood stove door gasket kit out of the package. Pick the gasket and lay it down straight on a flat surface. Mark the accurate length of the old gasket and trim it using scissors. While cutting off the rope, keep the length 1 or 2 inches greater than the oldest gasket.

It is because the gasket of the newest one will shrink after removing from the packet. When you keep them long, attach them to the stove door to become perfectly fit.

Step 5: Remove The Old Gasket 

In this step, remove the old gasket. For this job, take a sharp knife or pliers. The sharp edges of the knife will be steadfast in the work of removing the old gaskets. Be aware of the edges while removing the gaskets. Polish each section lightly with the wiring brush. 

Remove all the dirt you get from there. Do it patiently. It may take 30 minutes to carry away all the residues of the gasket. 

Step 6: Glue The New Gasket To the Stove Door

Our next beat is to glue the new gasket to the stoves. Pick the glue and put this around the wood stove’s door. Smear the glues with a stick or an old toothbrush. Take the new gasket, and put them aside. 

Most of the glues come in red and white colors with liquid textures. Those are gently spread evenly and generously into the board. If you have this sort of glue, ensure to use a paintbrush.

Only this brush (paintbrush) could help you to smear them over the board like butter. Smear them as much as it is needed. You can skip using a painting brush if the glues have a very thicker density with silicon. Those glues can easily be put over the stove gates using your finger.

Step 7: Put The Rope Inside The Door Board

In these steps, you have to put the rope inside the board. Put the rope at the end of the board, and press it using your middle finger. Gently push it and give pressure with your palm. Do it early unless the glues may dry off.

Put or glue each part individually, and continue to press them with your palm. Following this will be very useful to cover the entire area with a door stove with a gasket. Press it as much as possible. 

Lastly, trim the end parts of the rope when you come to the final parts. Cut it using a pair of scissors or attach it with duct tape. Fold and adjust both parts equally with glues.

Apply simple tricks to make it more convenient. Bring the two end parts together, and tuck them with a flathead screwdriver.

Notes: While installing the new gasket, remember to keep it tight enough and tight enough. Just let it sit over the door freely. 

Step 8: Put Some Masking Tape (If Not Want To Remove The Stove Door)

Use some masking tape while installing the new gasket. It is a crucial tip to finish the job perfectly. Putting masking tape inside the gasket will let the stove door hold it until the glue is dry. Now, leave it to dry for some time. Check it frequently to make sure the glues are completely dry.

Step 9: Re-Install The Stove Door

Once the glues on it are completely dry, re-install the stove door again. Finally, please put it back on the wood stove, then close the door tight. This time the door may feel so tight due to the new gasket. 

It would be better to leave the door closed for more than 12-24 hours. Doing such tricks will help the gasket to come to normal tightness.

Related Questions:

How Do You Determine Wood Stove Door Gasket Size?

Closely checking the right size of old door sealing may help to determine the wood stove gasket size. It is a common way for a beginner to a mid-level person to determine the correct size of a door gasket. In the next step, one must be aware of measuring the width and depth of the channel.

After that, pull out some edges to configure the exact width of the channel. Use a blunt, slender tool to pry that section, and then note the correct measurement by marking it with a pencil. There is another way of measuring the right size of the gasket. Circular circles should have diameters inside and outside.

How Do You Seal A Wood Stove Door?

Wood stove sealing requires only three basic steps, so applying those elements is necessary. Use furnace cement and a replacement seal to do this. Pull the old seal using a screwdriver if it is stuck on the track so tightly to seal the stove door. Clean the glues or adhesive from there.

Now, stretch the new sealers around the door, and press it roughly to place on points. If it seems too tight, open the door, and try to adjust them, removing any kinks or bulges. Lastly, keep continuing to shut and close the door to ensure all you’ve done is set properly.

How Often Should You Change The Gasket In A Wood Stove?

A common sign of changing the gasket in a wood stove is when it starts to harden or frail. If you see everything inside through the gasket, it is time to look for a new one. You can also try lighting a match around the gasket to determine if it’s time to replace it. 

According to Steve Maxwell, wood stove gaskets create an airtight seal with full control over the internal temperature, thus requiring occasional replacement. It may be necessary to replace the gasket every ten years, depending on the burning season. A new gasket is still rumored to be installed. Discolored, shabby, and old gaskets are often mistaken for evidence that they need replacing.

How Do You Know What Size Gasket?

Knowing the exact size of the gasket in a wood stove can be done through 2 strategies. One is to determine the right size for the older gasket. Using a tape measure, you can take it as a sample and measure the length and width. After finishing this, keep a note and measure the circle’s diameter. 

The second is to measure the bolt’s size, holes, and circles using your hand. Hold the tape measure and put it on the right side bolt to the left side of the bolt. When putting the tape measure, keep your hand straight and tight. Keep a note of this measurement too.

Is It Worth Repairing A 10-year-old Stove?

A normal lifespan of a kitchen wood stove is 13-15 years. But it may vary on the materials, models, how often you use it, etc. But if it passes 10 years or more, you should start planning to buy a new one or repair it because wood stoves may already seem very shabby and hard to clean after that.

I have used my wood stoves for more than 8 years. Despite showing some silly issues, it’s overall good. But I should replace it for the dirty outlooks and cost. The repairing cost of the stove is beginning to expand according to its lifespan. In short, if you take good care of your stoves daily, it’s not necessary to change. 

Do All Wood Stoves Need A Gasket?

You may find some old wood stoves in the market with a fitted ground cast iron. This is usually known as a “gasket,” working to seal tightly around the doors. The main reason for a gasket is to reduce leaks into the firebox so that the air can only enter the stoves. 

You don’t need a gasket when the stoves already have this mechanism. Hence, you would buy a new functional stove if it does not have such facilities. New-functioning stoves don’t have such traits, so the heat will escape from the stove. Especially when boiling water at a high temperature.

Final Recommendation: 

I would like to advise you to check the condition of the gasket annually. Every time you find the looseness of the stove door, tightness may alert you to change the gaskets. Otherwise, it could be very difficult to adjust to blackened, unfitted gaskets in the future. 

If it seems very unstable, then replace it without any doubt. As a clear suggestion, I recommend three efficient gaskets from the above 10 best wood stove door gaskets. 

The first is Midwest hearth graphite-impregnated gasket for well-efficient heat resistance and excellent manufacturing design. Second is the Portalwell self-adhesive window glass gasket. I chose this for easy installation. It has automated duct tape, which can be put on any surface. As novice people cannot install a gasket on their first attempt, it could be a better option.

Lastly, you can buy SAVITA fireplace seal rope. Versatility, water resistance, and coal-shaped figure are the main benefits of this sealing rope. Figure out which suits your budget, plan it and then buy.


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