10 Best Wooden Spatula Set Detail Reviews In 2022

Want to alternate your metallic cookware with healthy and organic utensils? Wooden spatulas can be an excellent option for your kitchen. Through these non-metallic utensils, you will make your cooking healthy and save the environment. However, you should choose the best wooden spatula set to make your money worth it.

I have done a lot of online and offline research to replace my metallic utensils with wooden ones. After doing a lot of inspection, I set out to give complete reviews of these ten products. These products are highly rated and recommended by most previous customers.

All these products are the best and also high-quality cooking spatula sets. However, Riveira Premium Quality Wooden Nonstick Spoons Set For Cooking remains my top pick always. This spoon set can meet most cooking demands with durable and practical functionalities. Besides, the versatile features allow the user to use the collection in any cooking project.

In this context, I’ll provide detailed reviews of these ten products along with my top pick. Furthermore, you will get a comparison table for quick product understanding. You will get a complete buying guide and additional tips and tricks for the rest of the content. Hence, let’s save time and dive into the depths quickly!

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Best Wooden Spatula Set: Quick Comparison Table

Check out the below table to get an idea about the products. This comparison table contains the technical features of the products. Besides, through this table, you can learn the basic features and pick the product according to your needs. If you have little to go in the detail section, read my comparison table to get the short note.

Best Wooden Spatula Set MaterialColorNumber of piecesDishwasher safetyProduct Weight (Ounces)Item dimension (inches)For Price
Riveira Wooden Premium-quality Non-Stick Spoons WoodWood6Yes12 ounces12.13 x 10.04 x 0.71 inchesClick Here
MoonWood Wooden Spatula WoodNatural Beechwood2No1.44 ounces12 x 2 x 1 inch Click Here
NAYAHOSE Natural Nonstick Hard Teak Spatula Teak woodspoon14No6.4 ounces11.8 x 5.9 x 1.2 inchesClick Here
FAAY 100% Healthy Teak Wooden Spatulas Teak woodwood3No3.2 ounces13.5 x 3.25 x 1.5 inchesClick Here
IOOLEEM Natural Bamboo Wooden Utensils Stainless, BambooNatural Bamboo6No10.5 ounces12.6 x 11.61 x 0.63 inchesClick Here
Lochantie Wooden Spoons Bamboo Wooden Spatula Utensils WoodBeige6No9.1 ounces11.81 x 2.36 x 0.35 inchesClick Here
Natural Teak Wood4Yes11.3 ounces12 x 3 x 2 inchesClick Here
AIUHI Wooden utensils Teak Light Teak8Yes15.2 ounces13.25 x 4.6 x 2.4 inchesClick Here
MyFurtive Anti-Scratch Non-Stick Eco-Friendly Versatile Cookware Wooden Wok Spatula WoodWooden Color2Yes3.84 ounces12.6 x 3.31 x 0.59 inchesClick Here
ECOSALL Healthy 100% Natural Utensils  100% Natural Hardwood, Beech WoodSolid Hardwood6No7 ounces11.8 x 2.3 x 1.5 inchesClick Here

10 Best Wooden Spatula Sets: In-Depth Reviews

In these in-depth reviews, I have discussed the core features that make the product best for specific purposes. Besides, these reviews contain significant benefits and drawbacks also. If you want to know the products’ details, continue your reading. It will be worth reading to choose the best spatula set for your cooking pots.

1. Riveira Wooden Best Premium Quality Non-Stick Spoons Set For Cooking

With organic elements, this wooden spoon set perfectly provides moisture prevention. You can clean the utensils easily with water and cleaning liquid.

Feature With Benefits:

Organic Ingredients:

Riveira Wooden Nonstick Spoons Set is made from 100% organic, premium wood and bamboo products. These elements are entirely food-grade and eco-friendly. Besides, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemical compounds.

Prevent Moisture:

The high-quality wooden spatula set can prevent moisture properly. With the complete finishing elements, the spoons can prevent liquid from entering the wood surface. For this reason, this set is relatively safe from mold and bacteria attacks.

Resist Bad Odors:

It doesn’t absorb any smell or bad odor inside the wood surface. Besides, you can use the spoons for any cooking tasks. It doesn’t mix any other flavor into the food.

Practical Construction:

All the pieces of the set contain a practical construction design. That’s why you can use the whole group for various cooking purposes. Besides cooking and frying, you can use spatulas to serve your dishes. The spoons can hold the food perfectly.


  • High-quality organic materials;
  • Versatile working capacity;
  • Prevent various bad odors;
  • Resist mold and moisture perfectly;
  • Easy to clean and manage;
  • Offers warranty options.


  • Not suitable for the dishwasher.

2. MoonWood Best Wooden Spatula Premium Utensils For Cooking

This premium wooden set can be the best choice for a durable spatula set for your kitchen. If you want a durable set with an affordable budget, this set makes your money worth it.

Feature With Benefits:

Durable Structure:

You can manage your food for serving and cooking without any hassle. With hardwood materials, the wooden spatula set provides the best durability to you. Also, the rigid structure breaks slowly, even after using it for heavy work.

Comfortable Handle:

MoonWood Premium Wooden Spatula Utensils come with rounded handles. For this reason, you don’t get hurt by your hand while cooking the food. Besides, the round-shaped handle works well for moving and serving foods perfectly.

Easy To Manage:

The lightweight and sturdy body construction allows you to manage the spoons easily during cooking time. These spoons are easy to carry and move the foods ideally.

Beautiful Appearance:

It contains an eye-catching appearance with some great features. With the beach wood color and unique grain design, this wooden cooking spoon set gives your kitchen an attractive look.


  • Durable and long-lasting construction;
  • Elegant appearance;
  • Lightweight and easy to manage;
  • Comfortable design;
  • Perfect for frying, cooking, and serving.


  • Contains small length spoons.

3. NAYAHOSE Best Natural Nonstick Hard Teak Wood Kitchen Utensils

If you want non-stick spoons, this wooden set is only for you. This spatula set can cook sticky foods in silicon to wooden utensils without hassle.

Feature With Benefits:

Hardwood Materials:

Teak wood is the main ingredient of this elegant spoon set. For this reason, wooden utensils are heavy and durable. You can use the group for a long time. Again, this spatula set lasts for years without getting any significant damage.

Easy To Clean:

Regular water and cleaning agents are ideal for cleaning utensils. You can clean these spoons with normal dishwashing liquid and soaps. However, you have to clean the set only by hand washing.

Non-Stick Spoons:

With a non-stick surface, the NAYAHOSE Natural Hard Teak Wood Kitchen spoon set prevents any food stickiness quickly. You can cook your food without getting stuck over the spoon’s surface.

Soft And Smooth:

The spoon surface is well-furnished and sanded. Besides, the natural wood finish gives the spoons a glossy look. For this reason, spatulas can’t harm silicone pans or pots easily.


  • Hard and long-lasting;
  • Non-stick surface for stickiness prevention;
  • Glossy and elegant look;
  • Well-furnished design;
  • Easy cleaning methods.


  • Can fade up quickly.

4. FAAY Best Healthy Utensils For High Moist Resistance Cooking Spatulas

This wooden spatula set will give you the best cooking experience for resisting heat. If you want to reduce the heat in cooking time, the wooden spatula saves you a lot in this case.

Feature With Benefits:

Heat Resistant:

With the high heat-resistance feature, this wooden spatula set reduces the temperature. However, it doesn’t change the temperature of the food. It only prevents the heat from coming into the handle section.

Chemical-Free Furnishing:

The spoons are well-polished with coconut oil. Natural oil finishing makes the spoons more healthy and eco-friendly. Besides, the utensils don’t contain any glue or chemical compounds inside the wood.

Completely Handmade:

FAAY High Moist Resistance Cooking Spatulas are entirely handmade products. The artisans of Northern Thailand make these unique handmade wooden spatula sets. For this reason, you will get a natural artistic feeling with this spatula set.

Versatile Using:

There are three different pieces in this aesthetic wooden spatula set. You can fry, stir and serve easily with this single spoon set. Therefore, you don’t need to buy another cooking spatula after choosing this one.


  • High moist resistance;
  • Prevent heat while cooking;
  • 100% handmade spatulas;
  • Variety in using capacity;
  • Holds a large number of foods.


  • Becomes rough quickly.

5. IOOLEEM Best Natural Bamboo Utensil Set For Cooking

This wooden spatula set contains high-quality materials for long-lasting cooking services. If you’re looking for a durable spoon set at an affordable price, this set will suit you the most.

Feature With Benefits:

High-quality materials:

This cooking spatula set will meet your demands with high-quality organic bamboo and wood raw materials. For this reason, you will feel a smooth texture over the spoon surface while cooking your food.

Easy maintenance facility:

IOOLEEM Natural Bamboo Spatula Set For Cooking offers you an easy maintenance facility. You don’t need to face any hassles in cleaning the wooden spoons. Besides, after every wash, it holds its natural shine perfectly.

Complete functionality for food management:

It comes with six different cooking spoon pieces. All these spoons will allow you to cook and serve the foods in your daily life. Furthermore, an egg yolk-detaching spatula makes your egg recipes easier and more delightful.

Long-lasting utensils:

From this fantastic wooden spoon set, you will get the best long-lasting utensils. The company provides you with lifetime cooking spoons. Besides, with this durable set, you can cook your food with great comfort even for years.


  • Comfortable cooking spoons;
  • Sturdy and long-lasting;
  • High-quality and organic elements;
  • Soft and smooth surface;
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Slightly thick and slippery.

6. Lochantie Best Wooden Bamboo Spoons & Spatula Utensils For Cooking

For easy use, this lightweight wooden bamboo spatula set can provide good support to cooking lovers. The spoon set is relatively easy to handle on every side and purpose.

Feature With Benefits:

Long Handles:

It contains long handles for comfortable management. You can hold and cook the food from far away from the cooktop. Besides, the long handles can save you from heat, smoke, and other cooking issues.

Easy Hanging System:

There is a medium size hole over the handle section of every spoon in this set. For this reason, you can hang the utensils on any kitchen hanger. You can even store the spatulas in holders and drawers.


The spoons are pretty lightweight and easy to carry. You can hold the utensils perfectly while flipping the omelets or heavy steaks. Again, it allows you to move the spoon swiftly according to your need.

Sturdy And Smooth:

With a smooth spoon head, this utensil set will prevent your non-stick kitchen cookers from scratching. You will feel too comfortable and light while cooking with these great spoons. Furthermore, the sturdiness offers you a strong feeling in the kitchen.


  • Lightweight body structure;
  • Smooth and comfortable surface;
  • Easy hanging management;
  • Long-shaped spoon handles;
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • Not durable for long-term use.

7. WOODEN HOUSE LIFELONG QUALITY Best Natural Teak Wooden Cooking Spatula

If you’re looking for a non-corrosive wooden spatula set, this teak wood cooking spatula set will fulfill your demands. With these lifelong quality wooden utensils, you will enjoy your cooking.

Feature With Benefits:

Long-Lasting Finish:

The spoons can keep their natural shine even after washing several times with a long-lasting finish. For this reason, you can store the highly glossy appearance for years without effort.

Non-Corrosive Materials:

The spatulas don’t contain any corrosive materials. It only includes natural, premium-quality wood products. Besides, these non-corrosive materials have made the utensils eco-friendly and food-grade.

Non-Toxic Surface:

Lacquer is the main ingredient of this well-furnished wooden spatula set. There is no chemical compound over the spoon’s surface. For this reason, these spoons are pretty safe and secure for cooking, like frying, flipping, etc.

Easy To Store And Maintain:

You don’t need to take any hassles to store and maintain your WOODEN HOUSE LIFELONG QUALITY Natural Teak Wooden Spatula set. This spatula set can resist mold and moisture. Besides, you can clean the utensils easily with warm water and soap.


  • Non-toxic materials;
  • Durable and lightweight;
  • Natural finished surface;
  • Prevents scratch marks;
  • Beautiful glossy coatings.


  • The edges are pretty thin.

8. AIUHI Best Non-Scratch Natural Teak Wooden Utensils Set For Cooking

You don’t need to worry about scratches in your cooking pans with these non-scratch teak wood kitchen spoons. These spatulas will keep your cookware stain and scratch-mark-free.

Feature With Benefits:

Anti-Scratch Formula:

This wooden spoon set contains a fantastic anti-scratch mark formula. Even the edges of the spatulas are quite flat and thin. For this reason, you don’t get any stain marks over the cookware surface.

Non-Finished Surface:

All the spoons are non-finished and well-sanded. The surface doesn’t contain any chemicals or any finish. That’s why it doesn’t include any glossy look and can’t release any flavor or elements in the food while cooking.

Handmade Spoons:

The spatulas are perfectly handmade products. In this set, you won’t get any touch of machine work. Besides, the spoon grains and shapes are quite different because of being handmade.

Easy Storage Capacity:

AIUHI Non-Scratch Natural Teak Wooden Spoon Set For Cooking has a great storage facility. You can store the spoons anywhere, even in wet places. Furthermore, the heavy teak wood can prevent mold and bacteria completely.


  • Heavy body structure;
  • Prevents mold and bacteria;
  • Perfectly handmade product;
  • Anti-scratch mark surface;
  • Non-chemical finished surface.


  • The handle is quite rough and rugged.

9. Myfurtive Best Eco-Friendly Versatile Cookware Wooden Spatula For Cooking

This wooden cooking spatula set is perfectly fitted for the dishwasher for easy cleaning. You can use it comfortably for your kitchen and clean it easily in any dishwasher.

Feature With Benefits:

Reusable Spatulas:

Myfurtive Eco-Friendly Versatile Cookware Wooden Spatula Set is a reusable product. You can use it for years without any damage. Besides, this set is perfectly suitable for reusing after good furnishing.

Perfect For Cooking Rich Foods:

These spoons can perform well in cooking rich foods like cheesy pasta and oil-based recipes. With a non-stick surface, the spoons never stick to the food. You can flip your food easily with these spatulas.

Dishwasher Safe:

It comes with a dishwasher safety option. You can clean all the spoons in any dishwasher with mild liquid. Furthermore, warm water and soap are also suitable for this cooking spatula set.

Longest Spatula:

There are two pieces in this spatula set with the most extended length. The spoons are almost 12.8 inches in length. For this reason, you can cook with great comfort from a long distance from the cookware and cooktop.


  • Dishwasher safety;
  • Longest spoons with handles;
  • Handles oil-based foods;
  • Reusable utensils;
  • Pierced spoon handles.


  • Not suitable for serving a smaller amount of food.

10. ECOSALL Best Safe And Reliable Cooking Utensils Set For Kitchen

With this cooking spoon set, you can save your health and environment simultaneously. This eco-friendly 100% natural cooking utensil set allows you to keep your family from chemicals and other harmful elements.

Feature With Benefits:

Healthy And Eco-Friendly:

You can’t find any glue, finish or varnish in these spoons. With 100% organic wood products, the spatulas are entirely chemical-free. Besides, the hardwood offers you a good cooking experience.

Never Melt Through Heat:

These spoons contain only hardwood. Any regular bamboo doesn’t mix up with these spatula sets. For this reason, the utensils are relatively highly heat resistant. The spoons never melt, even in high temperatures.


For its anti-splitting formula, ECOSALL Safe And Reliable Cooking Utensils Set never breaks or cracks. Generally, these spoons are made from hard beechwood. For this reason, the inside materials can prevent cracking and breaking easily.

Suitable For Crafts And Gifts:

This wooden spatula set will be the best choice if you’re looking for a gift or craft. With an eye-catching appearance, the spoons provide a unique look to any kitchen environment.


  • Completely chemical-free surface;
  • Never split like other wooden spoons;
  • Prevents high temperature;
  • Doesn’t melt through heat;
  • 100% healthy and eco-friendly.


  • Need to sand the surface before using.

18 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Wooden Spatula Set:

Purchasing the best suitable wooden spatula set for your kitchen and cooking takes time and effort. Besides, it becomes more challenging if you have never used any wooden utensils in your kitchen. To buy the best wooden spatula set, consider some factors before buying. I’ll discuss those factors to help you pick your spatula set.

1. Wood Type And Quality:

Wood type and quality is the main thing to buy a perfect wooden spatula1 set. Generally, maple and cherry wood is the best for the wooden spatula and other utensils. These woods can last a long time and provide the best service in cooking and cutting. Try to choose these woods for your set.

2. Appearance:

Appearance matters much if you want to make your kitchen eye-catching with cooking utensils. A good cooking piece can turn your bad mood into a good one. For this reason, check the appearance before you choose any set. Besides, pick a group that can manage your cooking pans with the perfect impression.

3. Surface Finishing:

Almost every wooden spatula contains a smooth surface. However, some spatula pieces include a rough surface. A rough surface can harm the cooking pans and other cookware. However, you must choose a natural-finished wooden cooking set for food safety. Therefore, check out the furnishing ingredients before purchasing any wooden spatula set.

4. Durability:

Generally, wooden spatula pieces are durable and robust. These cooking tools are hard to break and damage. Besides, there are still some mild wooden utensils that can only last for a short time. You can feel the sturdiness by checking it with your hands. Hence, remember to examine the durability of the spatula.

5. Spatula Type:

There are available different types and shapes of the cooking spatula. Every spatula type has some specific benefits. Besides, other tools can manage the food differently while cooking. For this reason, you must choose your set according to your needs and cooking style. Ensure the collection can meet your demand perfectly.

6. Working Capacity:

Every spatula set contains a particular working capacity. The collection includes different types of cooking utensils. Furthermore, all these tools are experts in a specific cooking task. For this reason, you must consider the whole set’s working capacity before buying. Choose a spatula that works like an all-rounder in your cooking tasks.

7. Number Of Pieces:

Try to buy the all-rounder set to get almost every type of service from a single spatula set. Generally, most spatula sets contain three pieces with a significant working capacity. Besides, some collections include 6-10 cooking spatula pieces. Always try to pick a group that has a lot of cooking pieces together.

8. Spatula Size:

Spatula size is quite an essential part of buying a cooking utensil set. A 12-16 inch spatula is the best for cooking. The long tool will provide you with great comfort while cooking. Besides, some ideal measurements can offer a good service in any task.

9. Maintenance Facility:

Dishwasher safe spatula set will offer you an effortless cleaning. The maintenance facility depends on the wood material’s type and quality. However, almost every wooden spatula is relatively easy to manage and maintain.

In addition, you must check the cleaning and caring method properly before buying. Furthermore, don’t miss to check for the dishwasher safety requirements.

10. Design And Style:

Design and style modify many features of the wooden spatula. The large and wide shape can contain more food than the little shaped one. Besides, the handle design defines the holding comfort of the spoon. For this reason, design and style not only identifies the appearance but also increases the use of facilities.

11. Weight Of The Pieces:

A lightweight cooking spoon allows you to manage your task easily. Besides, a soft spatula is also easy to carry for other cooking purposes. On the other hand, heavy wooden spoons are heavy to hold. These types of spatula can only provide a little comfort while cooking. Therefore, know the weight and length before purchasing any set for your kitchen.

12. Heat-Tolerance:

Generally, almost all wooden spoons are heat-resistant. For this reason, you can cook without any heating issues. Furthermore, a wooden spatula doesn’t change the temperature of the food. It is also suitable for any frying and cooking pan to reduce heat. Learn about the heat-tolerance level in manual guides.

13. Stickiness:

The surface stickiness is another essential consideration for buying a wooden spatula set. Too much stickiness can stick to the foods easily during cooking time. On the other hand, the highly polished surface can quickly prevent food from getting stuck. While choosing the spatula, feel the surface by rubbing it with your hands to examine the stickiness.

14. Food Safety:

Natural wooden spatula ideally contains food safety. These woods are food-grade and 100% healthy. Also, a food-grade wood finish is an essential part of this case. For this reason, natural and chemical-free wood products are vital for cooking utensils. Check the wood materials and other ingredients to see if they are safe.

15. Sharpness:

Sharp cooking spoons can harm your sensitive frying pans. It creates scratches and other damage over the cooking pan surface. For this reason, if you want to use the spoons in non-stick cooking pans, scrutinize their sharpness. You can use the medium to low sharpen spatula in any cooking pot and pan.

16. Thickness:

A wide spatula can last longer and manage food quickly. Besides, a thick spoon can hold a lot of food simultaneously. For this reason, check the thickness of the scoop first. Generally, hardwoods are naturally thick and heavy. Choose the spatula by exploring the wood materials also.

17. Price:

Most wooden spoon sets are quite reasonable in price. However, the price mainly depends on the number of collections and the quality of the wood materials. If you have a low budget, you should choose a set with essential cooking pieces. Besides, pick the rate set for a high allocation to make your money worth it.

18. Warranty:

Generally, all reputed brands offer the highest warranty services. You will get at least five years of warranties in almost all leading brands. Besides, some brands give two or three years warranties on wooden spatula sets. If you want to use your spatula set for a long time, check out the warranty period before purchasing.

Benefits Of Using Wooden Spatulas:

Wooden spatulas are helpful for cooking work. These spoons can save your health and the environment from harmful chemicals. Therefore, if you believe in green living, wooden spatulas can be the best choice for you. Now, let’s learn about the benefits of using wooden spatulas for cooking.

  • Perfect Heat Conduction:

You don’t need to take any hassle with temperature if you use wooden spoons for cooking food. A wooden spatula can manage the temperature perfectly during your cooking time. The heat-resistant handle can protect your hands from extra heat. Moreover, it can keep the food temperature constant even in the frying pan.

  • Prevents Scratches:

With various sizes and shapes, wooden spoons are less sharp than metal ones. For this reason, this spatula doesn’t harm the surfaces of cooking pots, pans, and other utensils. You can use it without getting any scratch marks on the floors.

  • Sturdy And Light:

These spoons contain a sturdy and lightweight body structure. The light body allows you to handle the scoop while moving food. For this reason, wooden spoons are ideal for cake making. Besides, the sturdy feature makes the spatula set suitable for food making.

  • Prevents Bacteria:

Some other ingredients in the wooden spatula sets can protect the utensils. These antibacterial formulas prevent bacteria and other macros easily. Besides, because of these bacteria prevention, you can keep your foods away from various food spoiling factors.

  • Easy To Store:

Wooden spoons are easy to manage and store. You can keep these spoons for years without any hassles. Besides, the washing method is also effortless. With proper care and cleaning, you can save the scoop for years to use them in your cooking tasks.

  • Versatile Using:

If you want to use your spoons in a versatile way, wooden spoons are the best option. Wooden spoons can easily be used for cooking, serving, and other food-managing tasks. For this reason, you can manage your food with a single set.

  • Chemical-Free Material:

These spoons are chemical-free and harmless. As it doesn’t contain harmful elements, it is also completely safe from heat and other factors. You can use it in any food management task without any hassle. Besides, you can use an old wooden spatula even for years with excellent safety.

  • Perfect Food Management:

Different shapes and sizes allow the spoons to manage various types and amounts of food simultaneously. Choose the large and wide sizes if you want to move more foods. On the other hand, small sizes are the best for food management for less food moving.

  • Beautiful Appearance:

A wooden spatula can give an aesthetic look to your kitchen and cooking. The unique look and color make your mind joyful during cooking time. Besides, your kitchen blooms with beauty by keeping these spoons. Pick a wooden spatula for cooking if you want some beauty with work.

  • Safe For Environment:

The main ingredients of these wooden spoons are wood and natural finish products3. For this reason, these utensils don’t contain any harmful chemical compounds. After use, these utensils are quite safe to throw in the environment.

Tips To Maintain The Spatulas For Long-Term Use:

Many users think wooden spatulas last for a short time. However, it is quite a wrong concept. You can spend whole decades with a single set with proper caring and using methods. Now, I’ll give you some tips to maintain your wooden spatula set properly and use it for years.

Tip 1: Use Vinegar To Clean Stubborn Stains:

After using it for a long time, wooden spoons get too many stains. These stains are stubborn and hard to clean with regular cleaners. However, vinegar can make this task easy for you. Use vinegar liquid and soak a cloth in it. After that, rub the spoon surface and rinse with water.

Tip 2: Keep The Spatula Dry After Cleaning

To use a wooden spatula properly, you must always keep the surface clean and dry. After every wash, wipe the wet spoons with a soft cloth to make them dry. Besides, always store the spatula inside a clean and dry place. The damp place can create molds over the spoons.

Tip 3: Use Wood Butter To Season The Spatula Set

You have to season the spatula set regularly. Seasoning makes the spoons smooth and scratch-free. For seasoning the surface, you have to use wood butter. In this case, I prefer using homemade wood butter. It gives a perfect clean spoon to you.

Tip 4: Do Not Use The Dishwasher For Cleaning

Every wooden spatula set needs to be more suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. You must check the manual guides before buying the set. Otherwise, the spoons will break if you put them inside a dishwasher. Generally, teak wood spatula sets are safe for dishwashers.

Tip 5: Never Soak The Spatula Set In Water For Long

Soaking in water for a long time is too bad for a wooden spatula. It damages the inside portion of the spoons. Furthermore, water soaking can break and rot the wood quickly. Therefore, only soak the spatula set in water for a short time.

Tip 6: Season The Spatula Pieces After A Few Using

If you want to use your spatula set for long without any hassle, you must season the spoons at least once a week. Proper seasoning will keep the utensils long-lasting and easy to manage. Besides, herbs can increase the color of the spatula surface.

Tip 7: Apply Coconut Oil To Complete The Seasoning

Remember to apply coconut oil to complete the herb. Generally, wood butter is an essential item for wood seasoning. However, coconut oil adds some extra nutrition to do a deep cleansing and remove the dirt properly. Hence, use coconut oil after using wooden butter in the seasoning.

Tip-8: Avoid Split Wooden Spatula

Splitting wooden utensils are unsafe to use. If your spatula becomes split and scratched, it is better to stop using this kind of spoon for cooking. After using it for years, wooden spoons get so much divided over the surface. Therefore, avoid using these spoons.

Tip-9: Use Lemon Juice To Remove Bad Odors From The Spatula

The wooden spatula can absorb various odors and essence inside the wood, for example, onion, raw meat, etc. To remove these bad odors, use lemon juice with a clean cloth. Rub the fabric over the spoon and rinse it with clean water properly.

Tip-10: Sand The Spatula Surface To Make It Smooth

Sometimes, the spatula surface becomes stiff and damaged. In this situation, managing the food with the spoons becomes a hassle. You can sand the surface with sandpaper to make it smooth like before. However, rub the spoon sparingly.

Related Questions:

What Are The Best Brand Of Wooden Utensils?

NAYAHOSE and Riviera are the best brands of wooden utensils. These brands make the best quality kitchen and cooking utensils at an affordable price. Besides, the wood material and design are also eye-catching and long-lasting. You can choose these brands without any doubt for your kitchen.

Moreover, these brands provide the most comfort with quality in making wooden utensils for kitchen purposes. By choosing these brands, you will get the highest finishing and services. Besides, AIUHI and ADT are also suitable for wooden spoons. These companies make good wooden utensils for kitchen and cooking purposes in a budget-friendly way.

What Are The Best Quality Wooden Spoons?

Durable and natural wooden spoons are considered the best quality. With proper natural wood and other useful ingredients, these wooden spoons provide excellent services. Besides, you can use these spatulas for years without any hassle. Also, these spoons are fully safe for the environment.

On the other hand, buying the best quality wooden spoons requires considering some more essential factors. Lightweight, sturdy, compatible, and well-finished spoons are quite easy to manage. Again, these types of utensils are healthy and food-grade. True compatibility is vital to using spoons for any cooking pan and pot.

Are Wood Cooking Utensils Better Than Silicone?

Wooden cooking tools can provide the best performance with eco-friendly features. Wood cooking utensils are much better than silicone utensils. You can cook anything like steak, fries, and curries. Also, with its non-stick cooking surface, you can even cook eggs without breaking them into pieces.

Besides, wooden tools are environment-friendly and safe for any food. Silicone utensils are also good for cooking. However, these aren’t eco-friendly. Even some brands contain harmful elements. Again, silicon frying pans can’t cook foods like eggs smoothly. For this reason, I prefer wooden utensils for safe cooking.

What Kind Of Wooden Spoons Are Best For Cooking?

Large and wide kinds of wooden spoons are the best for cooking food. Frying and round scoops can work like an all-rounder. Also, these spoons can hold a large number of foods. A rounded shaped spatula is suitable for moving food like rice and curry. Frying spoons work well for egg frying.

Wooden spoons come in different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, there are various designs available for wooden spoons. It would be best if you chose the spoons according to your need and work purposes. However, go for the rounded and frying shapes to get all the benefits with a single spoon set.

Are Wood Spatulas Non-Toxic?

Wood spatulas are non-toxic and food-grade. These spoons are made from only natural wood and finishing elements. For this reason, the utensils don’t contain any harmful ingredients. Even wooden spatulas are free from any chemical compounds. Sometimes, it can add some extra flavor to foods.

Besides, these spoons never create scratches or other damaging marks on the cooking pan surfaces. You can use these spatulas in any wooden or silicone cookware. On the other hand, wooden spatulas are quite a safe environment for your health. Therefore, you can use wooden spoons without worrying.

Final Recommendation:

As a final recommendation, I will suggest my top three products. All these three products meet most of the user demands. If you have a budget concern and want to buy a durable set, MoonWood Premium Wooden Spatulas will fulfill your needs completely.

Myfurtive Eco-Friendly Versatile Cookware Wooden Spatula Set is perfectly suitable for dishwasher users. Moreover, choose ECOSALL Safe And Reliable Cooking Utensils Set for healthy and eco-friendly utensils. This set is entirely organic and secure for both health and the environment. If you don’t want to take much hassle to clean your spoons, this set is definitely for you.

Apart from these three options, other products on the rest of my list are also demandable. You can check them according to your needs. Besides, remember my tips and tricks to choose the best wooden spatula set for your cooking. Remember to share your purchasing experience through the comment section!


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