10 Best Woodworking Face Shields Review In 2023: Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever encountered wood chips or dust flying back at you when using woodworking tools? Face shields come in handy for protecting the face from damage during woodworking. So, which is the best woodworking face shield?

Every worker should wear proper safety equipment when working in a risky environment. The purpose of using face shields is to protect your eyes, nose, and mouth from wooden bits, dust, etc. Often, our respiratory systems take the biggest hit due to the dust that comes from wood. 

I have brought this guide together to help you work safely without imposing any risk on your face. Here, I will discuss my top picks for face shields to ensure safe woodworking, along with several pieces of information related to the topic. 

If you do not want to read the entire guide and look for a quick solution, let me tell you about my top pick. The NoCry Heavy Duty Face Shield is one of the best face-protecting shields on the market. This product is well-known for its adjustability, comfort, and design. 

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Comparison Chart Of 10 Best Woodworking Face Shields

Choosing one protective headgear when you have several available options is challenging. I have prepared a table to help you choose the correct face shield for woodworking projects.

Product NameMaterial Anti-Fog And ScratchVisor MaterialIndustrial StandardsPrice 
NoCry Heavy Duty Shield PlasticYesPolycarbonateANSI Z87.1 Click Here
Jackson Safety Maxview Face ShieldPlasticYesPolycarbonateANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 Click Here
Uvex Bionic VisorPlasticYesPolycarbonateANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3Click Here
3M Ratchet HeadgearThermoplastic YesPropionate ANSI Z87.1Click Here
Sellstrom Face ShieldPlastic Anti-scratchPolycarbonateANSI and ISEA standardsClick Here
3M Face ShieldThermoplastic YesPolycarbonateANSI Z87.1-2003Click Here
US Forge 99111 VisorPlastic YesPolycarbonateANSI Z87.1Click Here
Sellstrom S30110 Clear HeadgearPlasticNo Polycarbonate aluminumANSI/ISEA Z87.1 standardsClick Here
Lincoln Electric Professional ShieldPlasticYesPolycarbonateANSI Z87.1Click Here
Banxian Face MaskPlastic Anti-fogPolycarbonateANSI Z87.1Click Here

10 Best Woodworking Face Shield Reviews With Pros & Cons

In every industry,(1) workers are at risk of damage to their faces and eyes. Hundreds of visors and facemasks provide protection when working with wood. However, not all of these products are worth the money or patience. Take a look at the reviews of some of the best picks from the industry. 

1. NoCry Heavy Duty Face Visor: Best For Complete Protection

NoCry is one of the leading brands in the market regarding visors to protect against woodworking damage. The Heavy Duty Visor from the brand is highly popular among workers in almost every industry. It is known for its outstanding quality, comfort, and excellent adjustability. 

Features With Benefits: 

Full Face Protection: 

The headgear is designed to provide users with complete protection. It has a curved visor made from polycarbonate, covering the face from all sides. This prevents large and small bits of wood and protects from tiny particles and dust. 

Excellent Fit: 

Proper adjustment of the shield is a must to ensure safe use. This product is highly adjustable and fits the face perfectly. The ratchet knob ensures that the headband is comfortable and does not wobble. 

Heavy Duty: 

This product is sturdy and follows the industrial regulations required for safety. It has a lightweight body that does not put pressure on the face. On top of that, it also protects from harmful UV rays. 

Additional Sweatbands: 

Using a sweaty headband on the visor is extremely uncomfortable. It helps you to work freely without having to endure a sweaty mess. This item comes with three extra sweatbands in the pack that can be replaced easily. 


  • Easy to maintain; 
  • Adjustable and comfortable; 
  • Flip-up visor ensures ease of access;
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch. 


  • Unclear or opaque visor; 
  • Not a great fit for glasses.

2. Jackson Safety Maxview Face Shield: Best For Fit

Getting your hands on a safe and functional headgear is a must when working with wood. The Jackson Safety Maxview Visor ensures top-notch safety for your face from all angles. This product has an excellent fit, great coverage, and meets all industry standards. 

Features With Benefits: 

Perfect Fit: 

This face-protecting product provides complete protection to your face. It has an adjusting knob that allows users to adjust the mask according to their comfort. Woodworkers can adjust the helmet without taking off their gloves easily.

Excellent Coverage: 

This product provides high coverage to users by covering their faces fully. Not only that, but the coverage does not affect your vision. It also has an extended crown that ensures your face’s utmost safety. 


The protective visor comes with a specific coating that prevents it from fogging. This gives users a clear vision and does not hinder the work quality. It helps workers to work for long hours without having to wipe their windows once every few minutes.

Meets Industry Standards: 

Meeting industry standards is important to ensure the product can provide proper protection. It meets the ANSI Z87.1 standards for great protection. Not only that, but it also matches the CSA Z94.3 requirement. 


  • Does not fog; 
  • Covers the face fully; 
  • Prevents damage to chin and head; 
  • Outstanding manufacturing quality. 


  • The price is on the higher end; 
  • The face screen breaks or cracks easily.

3. Uvex Bionic Headgear: Best For Comfort 

The following product on the list is the Uvex Bionic Face Shield. It is a premium-quality product with outstanding features. On top of that, the item is highly comfortable and fits the face perfectly. 

Features With Benefits:

Complete Protection: 

The headgear ensures complete protection for your face. It has a clear visor combined with built-in protection to prevent the chin from taking a hit. On top of that, it has an extended crown that protects the head from flying or falling objects. 

Highly Adjustable: 

It is a highly adjustable product that ensures a proper fit and easy access. The adjustability makes it an appropriate fit for people with glasses. Users can rely on a ratchet knob to loosen or tighten the screen according to their requirements or preference. 

Multiple Visor Options: 

Workers can choose from a wide range of face screen options. And these options range from uncoated, coated, clear, shade 3.0, and so on. These options allow the users to work freely and comfortably without any trouble. 

Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch: 

This safety equipment is resistant to both fog and scratch. The anti-fog feature allows you to work for long hours without any problems. And the anti-scratch feature makes sure that the wooden bits hitting the screen do not leave any marks or affect the vision. 


  • Long-lasting headgear; 
  • Easy to set and adjust; 
  • Provides protection to the face, chin, and head; 
  • Several available options. 


  • The quality is subpar; 
  • The headgear is quite heavy. 

4. 3M Ratchet Headgear: Best For Quality 

If you are on the search for a high-quality face shield with top-notch safety, then the 3M Ratchet Mask is perfect. This product is extremely comfortable and can be worn for several hours without any marks on the face or headache. 

Features With Benefits:


One of the best features of this product is its excellent adjustability. It fits heads of all sizes, and users can set it according to their preferences and comfort. The crown of the headgear comes with a five-position strap for easy adjustment. 

Face Protection: 

The visor of this product has a curved design that covers the entire face and protects it. This design prevents any bits or pieces of wood from hitting your face. Not only that, but it also keeps liquids from splashing back at your face. 

Outstanding Quality: 

The face mask has excellent manufacturing quality. It is made up of thermoplastic material combined with a propionate screen. These materials ensure that the product lasts for a long time. 

Clear View: 

This product has a clear face screen which ensures a transparent view. Having a glassy view ensures no obstruction to your work. 


  • Comfortable and adjustable; 
  • Meets required safety requirements; 
  • Made up of high-quality materials; 
  • Long-lasting and sturdy. 


  • The price is quite high;
  • The adjustable strap wears out easily. 

5. Sellstrom Face Shield: Best For Longevity 

Over the past few years, Sellstrom has made a name for itself. The brand has an outstanding reputation for its quality and durability. The Sellstrom Mask is a popular product with great longevity and comfort. 

Features With Benefits:

Polycarbonate Screen: 

The safety equipment comes with a polycarbonate screen. It is a high-quality visor that ensures a clear view when working. In addition, it is resistant to scratches and lasts for a long time. 


This product is highly comfortable for users and can be worn for hours without trouble. It has a pin lock that helps to adjust the headgear properly. This ease of adjustment and flexibility allows the shield to fit heads of all sizes. 

Compatible With Glasses: 

The majority of face shields do not sit well with glasses. However, this product is the opposite. Users can wear glasses or protective eyewear, and the shield would still fit the face properly. 


The headgear is primarily designed for woodworking and other industrial uses. But it is a versatile product and can be used as a medical mask. It will prevent the entry of viruses, dust, and many more. 


  • Made in the USA; 
  • Protects the entire face; 
  • Fits all head sizes;
  • Easy to clean;
  • The screen is scratch-proof. 


  • The shield is too soft; 
  • The screen fogs up easily. 

6. 3M Face Shield: Best For Affordability 

If you are looking for a top-notch face shield without poking a hole in your pocket, go for the 3M Mask. The brand established an outstanding reputation for itself in the market. It is a popular product in the industry for its protection and affordability. 

Features With Benefits: 

Durable Materials: 

This protective headwear body is made up of top-quality thermoplastic and comes with a polycarbonate window. Both of these materials are highly durable and last long without any trouble. 


The visor features a pin lock system, ensuring a custom and proper fit. All head sizes are perfectly fit by this item, and it is straightforward to adjust. You can also remove the face screen and replace it with a new one easily. 


The screen is clear, which offers a transparent view to the user. This means that the worker can see through the window without restriction, allowing them to work without interference. 

Safety Measures: 

This product is suitable for all types of work environments, especially where there is a risk of substances hitting back. Safety and industrial measures ensure the product serves its intended purpose. 


  • Affordable pricing; 
  • Manufactured in the USA; 
  • Lasts for a long time and is durable; 
  • Easily replaceable screen; 
  • Easy to maintain and adjust. 


  • The headband breaks at the pivot point; 
  • Less comfortable compared to the competition. 

7. US Forge Headgear 99011: Best For Glasses Compatibility 

US Forge is a trustworthy and reliable name for workers from several industries. The 99011 is one of the most popular products introduced by the company. It has a transparent view and a smooth adjusting feature. 

Features With Benefits: 

Transparent View: 

A top feature of this protective visor is that it offers a clear view. The screen is manufactured using polycarbonate, and the view is clear as regular glasses. It allows the workers to work with ease at all times. 

Perfect Adjustability: 

Adjusting the product is very simple. It properly fits all head sizes and can be adjusted easily. There is a knob attached to the side of the crown that helps you to tighten or loosen the shield. 

Compatible With Glasses: 

Simply wearing the visor will not provide you with the best protection. Wearing glasses or protective eyewear underneath is a must. This mask fits on your face even when you are wearing glasses. 

Long-Lasting Performance: 

The plastic and polycarbonate manufacturers ensure that the product lasts for a long time. This allows users to work easily for a long time without having to replace or buy a new one. 


  • Excellent durability and longevity; 
  • Highly reasonable costing; 
  • Fits the face perfectly; 
  • Provides full protection. 


  • The glass becomes opaque after a few weeks; 
  • The screen is difficult to assemble and replace. 

8. Sellstrom Advantage S30110 Face Shield: Best For Versatility 

Next on the list is another great product by Sellstrom. The company has an extraordinary reputation in the industry for its quality and service. The S30110 Headgear is proof of the promise made by the brand. 

Features With Benefits: 

Industrial Certification: 

This item has the required safety certifications that ensure its protection and quality. ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 standards of the product ensure that it can prevent woodworking injuries. 

Complete Protection: 

The shield has a curved design that protects the entire face properly. It covers the face from all angles and prevents both big and small bits from reaching the face. In addition to that, it also prevents dust from entering the mask. 


This product uses a plastic crown and a polycarbonate aluminum screen. These materials are highly durable and last long without any problem. Not only that, but the durability prevents the screen from cracking or breaking when hit. 


The face shield is suitable for woodworking and applicable in several industries. It prevents all types of substances from harming the face and ensures top-notch safety. 


  • Durable and comfortable;
  • Outstanding longevity; 
  • Protects the entire face; 
  • Reasonable cost; 
  • Fully assembled. 


  • The screen is opaque; 
  • The screen scratches easily. 

9. Lincoln Electric Professional Headgear: Best For Anti-Fog

Similar to 3M and Sellstrom, Lincoln Electric is also one of the top brands in the industry. The Professional Headgear is a high-quality product of the company. This product is popular for its comfort and durability. 

Features With Benefits: 

Top-Notch Protection: 

This product provides outstanding protection to your face. The headgear’s lens is thicker than most of the market’s visors. A thicker screen provides better protection by preventing damage to the screen or your face. 

Highly Comfortable: 

Another top feature of this product is that it is highly comfortable. The face shield is easily adjustable and fits the face properly. The headband’s construction ensures that it does not cause any discomfort or marks on the face. 


A fogged screen will hinder your work, affect your visibility, and increase the risk of accidents. This item’s anti-fog and anti-scratch coating allows you to work freely and prevents the screen from losing its quality. 


Along with woodworking, this product can be used for several purposes. It comes in handy during welding, painting, grinding metal, and many more. One mask can protect in multiple situations. 


  • Excellent protection; 
  • Easy to adjust and maintain; 
  • Durable; 
  • Versatile. 


  • The price is on the higher end; 
  • The shield is quite heavy. 

10. Banxian Face Mask: Best For Maintenance 

Last but not least, I will share the details of the Banxian Protective Shield. The product is famous for its affordability and comfort. It is a favorite among woodworkers for its excellent protection and great durability. 

Features With Benefits: 

All-round Protection: 

The product includes a crown, a protective screen, and a built-in chin rest. Your face is completely protected, and your chin is also protected. Complete protection will allow you to work more freely and safely. 

Easy To Clean: 

This item is effortless to clean. The mask can be washed with water and soap to remove debris, dirt, etc. However, do not scrub the surface with an abrasive brush. 

Compatible With Glasses: 

A major feature of this product is that it is compatible with glasses. Workers can wear regular glasses or protective eyewear under the shield. This will not affect the view or work pace in any manner. 

Highly Versatile: 

This item is perfectly suitable for several industries, along with woodworking. It is a protective shield for welding, grinding metal, and many more. On top of that, it also works as a protective mask against germs and viruses. 

14 Things To Consider Before Buying Woodworking Face Shields

Woodworking face shields are a matter of safety and protect our faces from injuries and accidents. When purchasing headgear, there are several factors to consider to get the right one. Look at some factors in this best woodworking face shield buying guide. 

1. Purpose Of Use: 

When it comes to choosing a woodworking face shield, consider the purpose of its use. In the world of woodworking, workers use several power tools in their projects. These tools include saws, miter saws, chainsaws, and many more. Choose a face shield that can provide protection when using these power tools. 

2. Visor Type: 

There are two types of visors available in the industry: plastic and mesh. Both types are trendy, but there are quite a few differences. Mesh screens ensure top-notch airflow and prevent wooden bits from hitting the face. The mesh screens cannot stop dust from entering the body.  

On the other hand, plastic face screens offer adequate airflow combined with complete protection. Not only that, it prevents the entry of even the tiniest particles. 

3. Visor Clarity: 

One of the most important factors you must consider is the clarity of the visor. Visors are typically available in three types: clear, opaque, and tinted. Clear face screens are the best option to get the proper view and work freely. 

Opaque and tinted screens are not typically preferred as workers cannot see properly. Not only that, but these screens also increase the risk of accidents and injuries. 

4. Adjustability: 

Face shields are available in only one size. However, one size does not fit everyone. And that is why these protective masks come with straps or knobs for adjusting the product. You can either go for an adjustable strap or pin lock knobs. 

The adjustability allows workers to loosen and tighten the visor to fit the head. This ensures that the headgear does not move around or fall off when working. Not only that, but a proper fit is essential to reduce the risk of damage and injuries to the face.

5. Airflow: 

The airflow into the face shield is a factor many people miss when looking for a new one. This is a highly essential part of the buying guide as it ensures the breathability of the user. The majority of the protective face masks offer adequate airflow to the users. 

Make sure that the visor you are choosing has a proper ventilation system. Improper ventilation will affect your work quality and increase discomfort. Inadequate airflow will also cause the screen to become foggy. 

6. Protection Level: 

The protection level is a crucial factor to take into account. It is dependent on the design of the face mask. Shields with a straight screen do not protect your face, as dust and debris can easily reach the skin. 

A curved screen design of the protective shield provides better protection than a straight screen. It fits the face properly and prevents dust, debris, etc., from entering the mask. On the other hand, a few masks come with a built-in chin rest. 

Face shields with chin rest ensure full protection and prevent wood or other substances from injuring the chin. It fully protects your face from danger. So, choose a fully covered shield if possible.  

7. Material: 

The material plays a major role in determining the durability of the face shields. Not only that, but it is also significant regarding the protection level. Typically, the body of the product is made up of plastic or thermoplastic for durable performance. 

Screens are usually made from polycarbonate or propionate. Polycarbonate screens are usually suitable for projects such as woodworking, metal grinding, and many more. However, propionate masks work great for dealing with liquid or chemical splashes. Make sure to choose the right material based on the project. 

8. Durability: 

Ensuring durability is important before investing in a product. To get a clear idea about the durability of your protective shield, pay attention to the materials used. Ensure the product lasts for a few years, at least before it requires replacement.

9. Comfort: 

Woodworking, welding, metal grinding, and so on are time-consuming work. Therefore, using comfortable protective wear is a must. Working long hours wearing a face shield can often cause discomfort or headaches. 

Ensure the item is made of high-quality materials and has a good finish. Wearing a comfortable visor will help you to work for several hours without causing any discomfort. 

10. Compatibility: 

Many woodworkers wear glasses due to eyesight problems. And for fine particles(2) or exposure, workers are recommended to wear both the shield and protective eyewear. Considering the compatibility of the mask with the glasses is essential for good view and safety. Make sure to rely on a product compatible with protective eyewear or glasses.

11. Anti-Fog: 

Even though many people do not consider it, it is an essential factor in woodworking shields. When you breathe into a mask or face shield, you will often notice that the screen fogs up. Fogged-up screens will not only affect your quality of work but will also increase the risk of accidents and injuries. 

Several masks come with an anti-fog coating. This coating ensures the headgear does not fog up and affect your vision. Pick a mask that comes with an anti-fog coating.

12. Anti-scratch: 

Scratches on the window can significantly impact your view. Similar to the anti-fog coating, many masks come with an anti-scratch layer. This protective layer ensures that the surface is not scratched even when wooden bits or other substances hit it.

13. Ease Of Cleaning: 

Proper maintenance and cleaning of the face shield are essential for long-term use. The majority of visors can be cleaned with regular soap and water. In contrast, some only require a mere wipe with disinfectant. Make sure to pick a product you can clean easily after each use. 

14. Price:

Even though the cost of face shields is not that high, considering them is necessary. The cost of a protective face mask depends on several factors, such as brand reputation, materials, design, durability, and many more. 

The price of face shields varies from $15 to $50, depending on factors. However, ensure that you focus on other qualities and find a product suitable to your requirements and budget. 

Benefits of The Woodworking Face Shield

There are several benefits that woodworking face shields offer. This includes protection from harmful viruses and bacteria, workplace safety, etc. Check out the advantages offered by this product. 

  • Protects Your Face At Work: 

The face shield is a requirement in many industries. Workers must wear these shields in labs or workshops when working with wood, chemicals, metal, etc. These face shields prevent wooden or metal bits from hitting the face. It also protects against chemical splashes in laboratories. 

  • Provides Protection Against Bacteria and Viruses: 

Diseases and illnesses caused by airborne viruses or bacteria are increasing worldwide. Keeping the face covered reduces the risk of these diseases. Face shields keep your eyes, nose, and mouth covered and prevent the entry of harmful bacteria and viruses. 

  • Prevents Respiratory Problems: 

When grinding metal, cutting glass or wood, and so on, the dust often enters the body through our nose and mouth. These dust particles often cause several health issues, such as allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Protective face masks prevent the entry of dust and reduce the risk of health issues by a notch. 

DIY Woodworking Face Shield-making Process At Home

If you are looking for an affordable solution, making a woodworking face shield at home is the best idea. Take a look at the steps of easily making a DIY face shield at home. 

Materials Required: 

  • Stapler; 
  • Elastic band; 
  • Foam weather stripping; 
  • Transparent film. 


  1. Take a piece of elastic band and cut it according to the measurement of your head. Cut 11 to 12 inches if the band is stretchy. If not, then cut a piece of about 14 to 15 inches.
  1. Take the foam weather stripping and cut it. Measure the crown of your head and adjust the measurement according to the size.
  1. The next step is to cut the transparent film. Take a piece of film and mark the length and width. The size of the foam stripping and transparent film must be equal.

So, if you cut 11 inches of foam, make sure that the film has a length of 11 inches. The width of the screen should be between 8 to 8.5 inches.

  1. Take the stapler to staple the ends of the elastic band to the transparent film.
  1. Join the adhesive part of the foam strip to the transparent film. Make sure that it adheres properly. Otherwise, the screen will come off. 

Related Questions: 

Is A Woodworking Face Shield Worth It?

Woodworking is a time-consuming and risky task. Small wooden bits or pieces often fly back at the worker when working with wood or cutting it. These pieces cause severe facial and eye injuries due to the high speed. However, wearing a woodworking face shield can prevent injuries.

When you wear a face shield over your face, the wooden bits and pieces that fly back hit the mask. And these pieces fall off after hitting the mask, unable to affect your face. This protects your face from damage and accidents and protects your eyes.

What Type Of Face Shield Is Best For Woodworking?

Face shields covering the entire face are typically the best choice for woodworking. When the wood is thrown back to the worker during cutting or breaking, it does not target a particular area. The bits can hit the eyes, cheeks, chin, or anywhere on the face. 

Choosing a shield that protects the entire face is a must for woodworking. It helps to reduce the risk of injuries by a great chance. On top of that, it also prevents the entry of dust or tiny wood particles from entering the body.

Which Is Better For Woodworking Between Face Shields VS Safety Goggles?

Face shields and safety goggles are popular protective measures in the woodworking industry. However, the face shield is more suitable when working with wood. This is because the goggles only protect the eyes from dust, wooden bits, etc. 

On the other hand, face shields protect the entire face. It ensures that the wooden bits do not go into the eye or hit any other part of the face. Not only that, but it also prevents health or respiratory problems caused by dust, debris, and so on from wood. 

Is It Ok To Wear A Face Shield Instead Of A Mask?

Face masks have become one of the most essential protections since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in all corners of the world. Wearing face shields instead of a mask is acceptable and protects against germs and bacteria. However, wearing a mask and a face shield will provide better protection. 

The face shield’s level of protection depends on the mask’s design. If it has a curved design and fits the entire face perfectly, then a face shield will provide good protection. 

How Does Face Shield Work?

The functionality of a face shield is effortless. It covers the entire face and prevents germs, bacteria, dust, and so on from entering your eyes, mouth, and nose. Face shields typically come with a transparent polycarbonate screen at the front, which covers the face, eyes, nose, and so on. 

Not only that, but a face shield also ensures top-notch protection against damage caused by wooden bits, chemical splashes, and many more. It is a great tool for both industrial and regular applications. 

What Is The Purpose Of Wearing A Face Shield?

The purpose of wearing a face shield, as the name suggests, is to protect the face. In workplaces, such as labs and workshops, the face shield protects against harmful chemicals, wooden bits, dust, and so on. It is a multipurpose item and works great for industrial and everyday use. 

In everyday life, face shields protect you from various germs and bacteria. It also reduces the risk of diseases caused by viruses. In addition, face shields are the best way of protecting yourself from the coughs and sneezes of other people. 

Final Recommendation: 

Face shields are undoubtedly one of the best choices for protection in both personal and professional life. Woodworking face shields protect you from wood recoil and prevent small wooden pieces or big chunks from hitting your face. However, finding the best woodworking face shield from hundreds of available options takes work. 

Now that you know the top face shields for woodworking, I hope you can pick up the best one without much struggle. If you want personal recommendations, I suggest the 3M Face Shield and Sellstrom Face Shield

I have recommended these two products because of their outstanding brand reputation. These products provide excellent protection and ensure top-notch durability for a long time. Make sure that you properly focus on the factors that go into the buying guide. 


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