Bosch 4100-10 Review | 10 Inch Portable Folding Stand Table Saw

Bosch 4100-10 Review - 10 Inch Portable Folding Stand Table Saw

Bosch is a German company that has been delivering products of A1 standard to customers since the 19th century. They are always at the top of their class, and when they are not, they make amends for it. Being pretty well known in their field, they are mostly praised for versatility and high functionality in a wide range of cases.

This Bosch 4100-10 model is labeled a “job-site” tool. The name itself tells its story – It is a sturdy, yet portable tool. Any big constructional project will demand heavy power equipment. And this table saw definitely meets all the criteria. So let’s talk a little about it right here.

Bosch 4100 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw Review

Bosch 4100 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw Review

This table saw operates a motor of 15 amp and a power router that delivers 4 horsepower at its maximum potential. The router is the best in its class, as it can run on variable speeds and allow you to have more control and flexibility to work with varying wood thicknesses.

The regular blade speed is 3650 RPM – a pretty solid deal that will help you to finish tasks more quickly and efficiently. Dimensions of the table are 26 x 22 inches, which is a pretty convenient space for working on the standard pieces of timber. The product endorses a regular rip blade of 25 inches on the side.

Rip blades do not cut to a smooth finish. With only the least amount of effort, you will be able to cut through the log and get a smooth finish with just the minutest bit of scoring. All the sawdust will be collected into the dust collection port of 2.5 inches, which makes it easy for the user to keep everything neat and clean.

Being a job-site table, the 92-pound body of this device has the right amount of sturdiness and strength to manage the weight of average-sized wooden blocks without wearing down. Moreover, this machine is a complete set by itself and needs no external attachment to make all its features accessible to you.

Inside the box, you will find a table saw stand to put the table saw on. As you work, you will be able to keep yourself in a good posture.

Therefore, you will never find yourself complaining about back pain and muscle burn as you work with this tool. There is a barrier-guard device to ensure safety during full and partial revolutions of the saw blades.

It is the most convenient design and the most convenient feat to work with such a tool that is designed to give you the least resistance to fruitful results.

Key Features

There are many features that make the BOSCH 4100-10 stand out in the competition. Here are some of them discussed in detail.


In terms of power, this table saw trumps many industry giants, to take the spot at the head of the hierarchy. Most table saws are limited in performance and versatility. You won’t be able to work with softwood and hardwood both at the same and have satisfactory results.

The Bosch 4100-10 builds dependability in this aspect by being unusually efficient at every task and material that is thrown its way. With the powerful 15-amp motor and the incredible strength of 4 horsepower, the blade slides through tough and delicate wood alike at great speed and elegant fluidity.

Top-Notch Circuitry

The heart of tools like this is circuitry. If there’s something wrong with the circuits and the wiring, you will feel it in every step of the work. With this machine, there is no such issue about any of the work that goes on in the core. The core of this machine is well balanced to give you the right output of power and speed.

It boasts a quick start-up as much as it boasts a fast ramp-up. The motor is not one of those unpleasant ones that starts by waking up the entire neighborhood. This machine has a very soft start-up, and then it quickly gains speed from there. Moreover, it is also extremely responsive to different weights.

You will never have to waste time to run through problems like tripped circuits again.

Large Strong Surface

The top of the table is cast aluminum – an ideal for electrical heavy-duty tools like this because it can withstand very high levels of heat and workload without succumbing to the pressure. Its resistance to corrosion is also another factor that comes into play.

It can retain its dimensional stability despite drastic changes in temperature and moisture in the air. On the surface of the table, you have a finishing coat, which makes it perfect for a high number of applications. And the rip blade has a capacity of 25 inches, with which, it can perform many different jobs on the site.


Just the weight of the saw itself is about 58 pounds. Together, with the rest of the attachments and the stand, the weight rises 92 pounds. The standard weight for portable table saws starts at around 50 pounds.

Being mid-level in the weight charts, this machine will give you the comfort of working on a small machine while you reap the benefits of working with a powerful one.

You won’t have to bother with external purchases, as the stand is included in the package. It is a Gravity-Rise stand – top of its class and amazing delivery in performance.  Setting up the entire station of work is only a matter of seconds.

And once the set up is complete, you will also have the privilege to adjust the height of the stand and work in your optimum stance.

Rip Fence Squarelock

The rip fence is a very important component of any table saw that is made with security in mind. This is a well-designed fence that allows very high accuracy in clamping. It keeps your hands safe from injury by standing like a shield between the blade and your hand.

Chances of injury are further reduced because the riving knife and the anti-kickback pawls are added for extra protection.


  • Very lightweight and sturdy
  • Has a one-handle release which is very convenient to work with
  • The miter gauge is heavy, long and of the utmost quality
  • Outstanding circuitry which enables constant speed and performance
  • A sharp blade with a high rip capacity


  • Rip fence might be troublesome to work with

Why you choose the Bosch 4100 10

One of the best table saws available in the market right now is the Bosch 4100 10, and our Bosch table saw review should make it clear. The brand has a number of different table saws and Bosch contractor saws to choose from, but if you are looking to get the best of the best then you should consider getting their newest model which has all the brand new fixtures and fittings.

One of the main reasons why you might be happy to choose the 4100 10 is its powerful motor. Cutting boards is not the easiest task, and it is especially difficult when it comes to the thick ones. With a powerful motor, you will be able to cut through the boards like butter.

Along with the power you would need speed while cutting boards. The advances circuits in this table saw will enable you to make cuts at a much faster pace, that means you will be much more efficient and would be able to save time while cutting.

Moreover, the table in this particular model is one of the best you will find. It is extremely sturdy, so while cutting logs or board you will not have to worry about too much weight, the table will be able to take it. Along with that, you will get a lot of surface area on this table, therefore more space.

There are many other amazing features of this table saw. The blade changing mechanism is very easy, and it is very portable. Also, you will also get storage space. All of these combined make this the finest option out there.

Bosch 4100 10 VS Bosch 4100 09

Now, some of you might be confused between the 4100 10 and the 4100 09. Which one to get? Our Bosch portable table saw review will make that clear.


The Bosch 4100 10 is an upgraded version of the 4100 09, so you should expect some better or enhanced features in the new one. So here there is a trade-off between the price and the features you get from the table saw. Even though the 4100 10 has a higher price point, Bosch justifies the price with the additional features in the newer model.


When it comes to saws their power is a very important part. If the motor is weak then you will not able to do much work with them. You will also not be able to deal with large chunks of wood either.

If we are to compare between the 4100 10 and 4100 09 then the winner here would be the former. It has a newer engine therefore it is more powerful. Having said that, the 4100 09 is also an excellent choice, only lags a little behind the 4100 10.


The next important thing on our list is portability. Ideally, you would want to work with this in your own work station, but there are certain situations where you might have to take them with you to a location. In that case, the table saw should be lightweight and easy to carry.

Both of these tables have the feature. The main difference you will find here js that the 4100 10 is a bit lighter than the 4100 09, but is still able to do an excellent job.


I would say that Bosch 4100 10 is the more superior table saw. But the 4100 09 is not too far behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to remove the riving knife for cutting dado?

Unfortunately, the riving knife cannot be removed. But the machine has the technology to have the riving knife slid into the tabletop before you start cutting dado.

2. Does this machine have proper dust collection capacities?

Yes, in this model, you will find a vacuum hose of 2-1/2 inches and a hose adapter for 35 mm hoses. You will also get a dust bag for carrying the dust away.

3. What is the maximum capacity of the rip blade?

On the right, it has a maximum capacity of 25 inches, and on the left, it has 8.5 inches.

4. How wide is the blade?

It runs about 10 inches in diameter and has a standard width of 1/8 inches.

5. What upgrades have been added to the Bosch 4100-10?

The main difference lies in portability. It’s easier to carry because of the correction in weight and the quality of the stand.


Power, safety, versatility – get it all in one tool. If you want to be fast and efficient in the job-site, then you will be really impressed by the magic and ease of use of this tool.

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