Breaking Down Cabinet Saw VS Table Saw: The Front-Runner?

Cabinet Saw VS Table Saw

Woodwork is a certain field of creativity where not only your ideas but other things than that need to participate. I’m talking about materials and tools. I doubt if anybody from the professional level here has not owned a table saw ever.

A compact table saw is probably one of the most common tools in a woodworking workshop. However, when we get into classification, there’s more than just a regular table saw design. Technology has blessed us with many versions of this popular tool and one is the cabinet table saw.

I’ll be firmly talking about cabinet saw vs table saw to tell you what major difference these family members hold.

Cabinet Saw VS Table Saw: One Rocks Hard-core Than the Other

I know a few fellow workers who own so many works that standouts and most are based on cabinet table saw. This tool is a literal definition of what presentable cabinets and woodworks require. With numerous options to try for table saws, there are two major categories you should know by now.

These are stationary and portable table saw. Cabinet table saw falls under the stationary category. It’s mainly the most upper-level table saw in this family. Yes, this classic also beats hybrid table saw performance wise.

Well, this should not sound too simple yet. So why don’t we have a look at what cabinet and other types of table saws offer that makes them stand on different sides?

A Look at Table Saw’s Features

Cabinet Saw VS Table Saw

Table saws come within a lot of options. You can have benefits of portable, hefty and sometimes both according to your budget and requirements. In most cases, the common table saws are portable ones. These are pretty useful to work on sites.

Because of the portability, you don’t have to worry about carrying them along. These easily fit inside your vehicle and the hassle plus time needed for heavier version simply gets cut off.

Table saws work with the crosscuts and rip actions. Also, these are perfect for cutting and mitering. You can deal with a number of compound angles, tenons and rabbets using these. Some even come with amazing sanding and shaping benefits. All you would require is a properly equipped blade and that’s it.

In most cases, these are made with aluminum. So that portability can be accessible. Also, the design is kept simple with motor, blade mechanics and controls. Of course, these are included with the tabletop.

The portable versions also allow you to detach the leg sets. People love to use them on top of workbenches, level surfaces, and even sawhorses. You also have access to quite a lot of types of cutting adjustments. For various thickness stock, blades are moveable to bring up or down. Bevel cuts are also possible with the compact version.

But then again, most of the compact table saws are pretty much lacking with a smaller cutting surface. This is the major disadvantage to highly professionals and experts who needs to fulfill tough demands for their projects. Also, with narrow table top, working is not as safe as the large versions.

These Are Perfect For:

The fast and efficient cutting speed with around 3 to 5 thousand RPM. You can easily handle small to medium tasks through this speed quite quickly.

Accurate cutting with fence support that results better than hand saws or other similar tools.

Guiding and cutting easily without the need of being extremely experienced in using. Beginners find it very simple to make cuts.

Versatile using that requires portability and multiple cutting angle benefits.

A Look at Cabinet Saw’s Offering

Rookies, DIYers and experts, everybody can have a wonderful time with a proper cabinet table saw undoubtedly. This is the type that can allow you to get done with any carpentry task in a breeze. Some find them easily accessible within industrial settings. However, even casual users and hobbyists are loving the benefits recently.

You can work with any dimension or size wood; this is one of the major benefits included with cabinet saws. There is a huge amount of cutting surface with a cabinet saw which makes working safe and stable as well. Often for making huge furniture, you need to slice or shape large timber boards. And a cabinet saw is the best nominee to help you here.

Also, because of the large frame, the cabinet saw can carry a big motor. We all know that an increased size in motor means higher power experience. And so, with the additional power, users are capable of cutting through any material with flexibility.

The affordable line of cabinet saws is capable of dealing with sheet materials and soft metals quite seamlessly. While there are high range versions as well that can tackle even masonry materials. You can usually handle materials such as tiles, woods, sheet metals and so on. Of course, you need to use right blades for the process.

But unfortunately, all of these benefits are coming along a big weight score. And that’s where someone who is engaged with working from one Jobsite to another will have trouble. These are not suitable if you are in need of lightweight designs. You can find relatively less hefty versions for sure. But still, they won’t be absolutely simple to handle according to weight.

These are perfect for:

  • Added accuracy with the most minimalized vibration experience because of huge cast iron and steel construction.
  • Heavy-duty tasks that require a powerful induction motor for continuous operating.
  • The finest accuracy for cutting through thick and dense materials for heavy furniture making.
  • Fast speed of cutting that is important for heavy wood ripping activities.
  • Very smaller number of burned cuts even with fast pacing projects.
  • Rigid blade settings for a safe experience of cutting or ripping. Also, there are enclosed motor and belts for no accident chance.
  • Collecting dust efficiently without making the whole place a mess.

Focusing on Thin Differentiation Line

Now let’s focus on the differences that cabinet table saw comes with compared to regular ones. The compact or more widespread type of table saws is pretty less to struggle with.

They have very fine design and shape that bonds with the right amount of functionality. Usually, beginners and novices are more attracted to a version like that. Portable options are the exact opposite of the cabinet table saw, that’s why I’m referring to them till now. But when you consider fellow stationary saws then also cabinet version shows a lot of distinct points.

For example, if you consider the sliding table saw that is almost same stationary companion, it comes with a part on left of blade. There’s a sliding table here and so you can move it around. That’s definitely not the case with cabinet saws.

With a cabinet saw you get better functions such as high accuracy cutting in less time, thick material handling and effortless working. It’s surely a great choice when the circumstances demand such type. Both novice and expert can have the cabinet saws to design enhanced furniture and pieces.

Choosing the Right Type?

Now that you know better about types, choosing one seems to be the right next step. But before you make a decision, consider a few things that I’ll be pointing out.

The first thing you need to think about is your skill level. If you are a mere beginner, there’s hardly any project that is going to need heavy cutting functions. And so, paying for an expensive upgraded cabinet table saw might not be a smart decision.

Are your future projects really demanding a quality cabinet table saw? Or maybe you can manage the chore with a compact version coming with better price tag and versatility. Think about it and if the situation says you don’t need one, then maybe buying a cabinet saw later will be better.

Not every DIYer or woodworker does his or her job in a similar manner. Some prefer working from their workshop while others have to travel from one spot to another. This point is very thought-provoking because mobility is an important deciding factor in getting a cabinet saw.

If you don’t have to travel a lot, then probably investing in a cabinet saw will be a lifelong or at least longtime investment. However, if you are always on a run, it’s going to get ignored laying in one corner of your house while you work with a compact version. So, Think About That!

And finally, are you ready to invest for a proper cabinet table saw? Yes, that’s an important question because cabinet saws are expensive possession. Even the less feature included version is going to cost a generous amount. So, make sure you are making an investment that is affordable but also practical for a worthy cabinet saw.

If you feel all these concerns are not being an obstacle in your case, go ahead and get that choice you’ve made.


So that’s all for the detailed comparison on a cabinet saw vs table saw. Hopefully, you have a better idea of the issue now. If you have made your mind to get a cabinet table saw then there’s one thing I need to say. Great Job!

Cabinet saws are a worthy possession that lasts long enough with you for your whole career. So, when you have reached the point to actually buy one, it means that you’re doing pretty well in this industry. It’s sort of a seal mark that you’re a serious or experienced woodworker.

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