How To Change Blade on Ryobi Miter Saw- Expert’s Guidelines

How To Change Blade on Ryobi Miter Saw

No matter, which brand’s miter saw you have– Ryobi, DeWalt, Delta, Bosch, porter cable, craftsman or others, every user of all ability levels need to know how to change the blade.

The miter saw is one of the most commonly used power tools in the woodworking project. It’s also a versatile tool too. Although, the main application of this tool is to cut wood, it also be used in cutting metals such as steel and aluminum.

Miter saw blade changing is the most common device maintenance applications. Fortunately, regardless of brands and models, the basic things of changing a miter saw blade is the same. It’s also simpler than you may think. It just takes some know-how and patience.

In this guideline, we’ll show you the simplest way of changing the blade on Ryobi miter saw.

So, what and how long will it take to change the blade?

Only a few tools, and a few minutes.

Without further ado, let’s go through our Expert’s guidelines on how to change blade on Ryobi miter saw.

When to Replace Miter Saw Blades

You may need to change the miter saw blade due to several reasons.

Firstly, the miter saw blades might be blunt and no longer produces quality cuts. If the blade gets dull, you’ll see a high amount of chipping or too many burn marks on the materials.

Secondly, you may need to cut different materials.

For example, you may have a wood cutting blade installed into your miter saw, but now need to cut some metals.

Before changing your miter saw blade, check the blade is really dull or not. When you cut wood with the unit, wood pitch collects on the blade. Wood pitch builds up on the blade may affect the sharpness of the blade and consequently on the quality of the cuts. It may make you think that the blade is dull.

If you don’t clean it regularly, this wood pitch may corrode the blade.

How to Change Blade on Ryobi Miter Saw-Step By Step

Replacing the blade on a Ryobi miter saw is the same regardless of the model you have purchased.

This tutorial shows how to replace the blade in a Ryobi 10-inch power miter saw model. Remove and replacing blade on Ryobi miter saw is very easy if you follow below step-by-step guidelines.

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Step 1: Take a few security precautions

Before making any maintenance of any power tool, it’s important to take some initial security precautions while changing your miter saw blades.

Disconnect the power plug from the outlet. If the miter saw blade is spinning, wait for it to stop completely.

Dealing with a blade is always risky. So, wear the necessary safety equipment before start replacing procedure. Don’t forget to wear safety eyeglasses.

Step 2: Release the blade arm

If the blade arm is in its down position and locked, to release the tension on the blade arm, push the lock slightly on the blade arm. To release the blade arm, pull out the lock pin and let the arm to move upward.

Step 3: Move the bolt cover out of the way

Rotate the blade guard to bring it to the upward position until it exposes the Phillips- head screw. This screw holds the blade bolt cover in place. Loosen this screw and move the bolt cover up and out of the way to expose hex-head blade bolt.

Step 4: Remove the blade

Follow the instruction below to remove the blade from a Ryobi miter saw.

Push the spindle lock button until it fully locks the spindle, stopping the ability of the blade bolt to spin. If the lock can’t be fully locked, turn the spindle by using a 10mm wrench. At the same time, apply pressure to the spindle lock.

Note that the blade bolt is left-handed thread bolt (the reverse of conventional threading), so you have to turn it to the right to loosen and remove it.

  • Remove the bolt and outer of the washer.
  • Then remove the blade from the unit.
  • Use a drop of machine oil on the inner bolt washer.
  • But don’t take out the inner washer.

Step 5: Install the new blade

Replacing the new blade is the opposite process of removing the blade.

Notify that there are rotation arrows printed on the blade. Follow these arrows to install in the correct direction.

Slide the new blade up past the lower blade guard and onto the spindle. Point the blade teeth downward at the front of the miter saw.

Double check you install the blade following the right rotation arrows so that it spins the correct direction.

  • Replace the outer washer and bolt. Turn the bolt to counterclockwise direction).
  • Push the spindle lock and then safely tighten the bolt with the help of a 10mm wrench.
  • Install the spindle cover screw.
  • Lower the blade guard.

Well Done!

Before turning on the saw, make sure that you disengaged the spindle lock.

By using a combination square, check that the blade is in square position to the table and fence.

Expert’s Tips

  • To achieve accurate, precise cuts make sure that the blade is square to the table and the fence is square to the blade.
  • Don’t overtighten the screws and bolts. It may result in cross-threading damage, which is a critical error to correct.
  • Avoid install a blade which is too thick to fit the saw. If you find that the washer can’t engage the flats on the spindle, learn that the blade is thick to fit the saw.
  • You should refer to your miter saw’s owner manual for the miter saw blade replacement. If you miss the manual, just Google the brand name and model number of your saw. You’ll find it online.

Summing Up

In fact, it’s necessary for every DIYer to know how to change blade on Ryobi miter saw.

We’ve tried our best to represent the process as easy as possible.

Hope, this step-by-step guideline on Ryobi miter saw blade replacement will help you a lot to easily replace a blade on your miter saw.

Get it done!

Thanks for reading!

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