Easy-Peasy Tutorial 2022 – Changing Table Saw Blade!

Changing Table Saw Blade

DIYers and carpenters cannot imagine working without a table saw. These are common for working on job sites as well as home-work-spaces. For most of their projects, it’s a must-have tool. However, you need to keep it in good shape, and sometimes that includes changing the blade.

Getting a new blade for your table saw seems pretty straightforward and uncomplicated. But replacing the whole thing is not that simple. You surely need some useful guidelines to follow. Today I aim to give you a few simple steps for the process.

Changing table saw blade is a very detailed task that needs your extra attention. Since we are dealing with sharp stuff, be sure to take all proper safety measurements as well as do it with utmost patience. Let’s get into this!

Changing Table Saw Blade in Steps Given Below

Get Some Materials

You need few tools before jumping into the whole process. Just get them from a home improvement shop. Some of them might be already at your home. These are: 

  1. A tiny block of wood.
  2. Wrench (Allen or Hex)
  3. Screwdriver.
  4. Replacement for table saw blade.

Removing & Installing New Blade

You should move the blade to its highest position while removing it. The edge might turn on. To avoid that, place a woodblock of small size against the edge. This way it would keep any accidental turns away.

Now using a wrench turn the nut of blade clockwise. This is the ideal table saw blade direction for detaching nuts usually. Some may want to change table saw blade without wrenchSo, they try using their hands. This is risky and you should avoid it. Remember, you are dealing with blades here.

Once you trace and remove nuts from washer, gradually get out the blade. Detaching the blade is that simple. However, make sure to place it somewhere safe. You should not get into accidents later.

Now it’s time to remove the gloves and unpack the new blade’s packaging. Use an knife and simply cut around the packaging. Don’t rip or tear it with bare hands. Blades inside may cut your hands or fall off from it.

Wear the gloves once again. Get the saw blade and go for your table saw’s housing. The tip should be facing front side of table saw. Now get back the table saw blade nut and washer. Using the same wrench tighten them up with a clockwise direction this time.

You should use the wooden block once again for this step. This way you’ll be able to tighten the nuts more preciously.

Putting Everything Back Together

Now you should get back the machine’s remaining screws and table plate. Make sure to tighten them up by placing correctly. The blade should not be able to touch any slot’s side. There should be no space given to the blade. It’s only possible when the fastening is done right.

If you figure out that the blade is touching an edge, re-adjust it by taking off once again. You can alter washer or nuts to make sure the blade placement is right.

Once you are done reinstalling the blades perfectly, overall look should be natural. It will look exactly Same as before.0

Now simply plug the machine into a socket. It’s time to switch on the machine and check if everything is working fine. Run your blade and be sure the placement is right. It should be working as usual.

If there is no vibration or shaking and it runs smooth as before, congratulation! The replacement was successful and you did it! You can use a small wood piece to test everything out in no time.


It was simple, right? Changing table saw blade is actually a piece of cake if you pay enough attention and patience. The process is tricky only because you would be dealing with sharp blades.

There is a safety concern about if you would be able to avoid accidents completely. But usually, mishaps don’t meet once the user makes sure to follow instructions gradually.

You would be doing this replacement quite a few times while using a table saw. After a few trials, I’m sure you’ll be doing it without the hassle and quite fast. Good Luck!

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