8 Essential Woodworking Tools for Beginners You Need to Know

Essential Woodworking Tools for Beginners

Do you want to start woodwork as a hobby? Do you want to complete your DIY project? Before starting your job, one thing first comes to mind: what tools should you use? Then this article is for you.

There are different kinds of tools for woodwork. But as a beginner, you must try with the essential tools. So, it would be helpful for you to learn every essential tool’s characteristics and to cost. But don’t forget about the safety purpose. Here, I am trying to describe the necessary tools below:

Essential Woodworking Tools for Beginners List Below

1. Saws

First, you need to cut the wood for most woodworking purposes—the best way to use a saw in cutting. There are different kinds of saws to cut from hardwood to soft ones. Here, you can get information about some saws below,

Circular Saw

A circular saw is an essential element for woodworking. There is a different brand with the same feature circular saw in the market. Circular saws are operated with electricity.  Most are the coded saw runs with household current, but some are cordless, which has a significant advantage.

Circular saw cuts smoothly and straight. Mostly, it depends on the blades. The circular saw has three types of blades:

  •  Ripping Blades: This type of blade cuts material lengthwise.
  •  Cross Cutting Blades: This type of blade cuts across the grain.
  •  Combination Blades: This type of blade uses for both ripping and crosscutting purposes.

The blades are classified according to their teeth position. Generally, the blades start from 71/2”, but the common one is 10”. For large dimensional woodcutting, the blade size is 12”.

The circular saw has two definite designs – a direct drive and a worn drive circular saw. The direct-drive saw is the most common one and the least expensive. On the other hand, worn drive saw uses for heavy-duty work. Most importantly, before using the saw, you need to know about the circular saw’s safety tips.


A beginner-level jigsaw blade comes in handy for you. This blade is different from a circular saw and helps to cut both curved and straight lines.

Jigsaw cuts with a back and front or up and down direction. According to tooth number, shank type, and material, jigsaw varies in different shapes. These blades cut the inner portion quickly. It uses for cutting metal, plastic, and wood.

Table Saw

Some people choose a table saw at a beginner level. This saw uses for the cut, which is not comfortable with other saws. This saw’s design is upside down, where the blade reveals from the below of the saw.

There are three types of table saw which all are suitable for the beginner. According to the job size and location, you can select the saw.


A handsaw is simple and easy to use. That’s why this tool is standard for every woodworker. This tool is not so expensive, with no bulky weight and cord or batteries.

A handsaw is an old tool around for a hundred years. This saw is made of steel teeth and a wooden handle, which works to slide down and forth. In the beginning level, you should choose the best quality handsaw. Otherwise, you may frustrate by using the dull handsaw. If you want to cut wood faster like an electric saw, you need a sharp-bladed handsaw.

2. Measurement Tools

Measuring is an essential step for any woodwork. Before making anything with wood, you need some measurement tools for the perfect shape. So, it would help if you bought good quality measurement tools. As a beginner, you should know the main measuring instruments, which are given below,

Measurement Tape

Every worker must have at least one tape for measurement. There are different types of tape, but here you can know about some necessary tape:

  • Flexible Reel Tape: you can get this type of tape in fabric or steel over 100 feet in length.
  • Folding Rules: These types are rigid measuring sticks. Most rules fold into multiple sections.
  • Retractable Steel Tape: These measuring tools are standard and are from 12 to 30 feet in length.


For completion of woodwork, squares are essential. If you want to make anything correctly, you should measure angles besides the length or width. It would help if you had these types of a square:

  • Framing Square: This large right angle tool works for a big surface.
  • Combination Square: Using for checking angles and distance.
  • Try Square: Smaller, right-angle hand device for quick verification.

3. Assembly Tools

For completing any woodwork, at first, you have to cut and smooth the wood. But besides this, you need to join the wood for fitting. For this reason, you must have the right assembly tools. If you follow these two things, it will help you to step forward to perfection. As a beginner, you should have the following tools for the assembly works:

4. Hammer

Hammer is the most common tool for woodworking. Though claw hammer uses for almost every woodwork, there are different types of hammer. Generally, a hammer uses for two kinds of work, like pound and pry. Depending on the things it will accomplish the assignments:

  • Hammer weight is an important factor. The lightweight hammer is from 8 to 10 ounch, the medium weight hammer is 16 to 20 ounch, and the heavy-duty hammer is 24 to 32 ounch.
  • Most beginners choose a hammer with a wooden handle because of the weight, which is comfortable. Some hammer has a steel handle. You have to give extra force during work because of the weight of steel.
  • Design of head according to size and weight.
  • Design of claw depending on length and curve.

There are different types of hammers, according to work. So, before purchasing a hammer, you need to identify the work criteria. These are the main types of the hammer-

  • Finishing Hammer: This type of hammer uses all kinds of works. So, it comes in handy.
  • Framing Hammer: This type of hammers is challenging.
  • Tack Hammer: this hammer uses for small work with two different heads but no claws.

5. Screw Gun

A screw gun is an essential tool for beginners. This gun is similar to a power drill, which uses for driving screws. In previous days woodworker uses to drive screws with a hand screwdriver. But in this process, you have to give extra force.

If you work with the screw gun, it will be helpful to fasten your work. The screw gun is valuable for driving multiple screws. Most of the screw gun is cordless now. The shape inside of the chuck is the main difference between a screw gun and a power drill. Generally, screw guns are designed for hexagonal shanks. So, you can easily connect the shank to drive the screw.

6. Some Other Tools

After cutting the wood piece, the edges look rough. Though your saw is sharp and best quality, it doesn’t look polished on the cutting edge. That’s why you need some tools to polish the surface for increasing attraction. Here, some tools detail for the beginner below:

7. Hand Files

For a smooth and perfect shape, it would be better if you use hand files. Hand files are not so expensive and long-lasting if you buy steel made one. These files also work to sharp the blades for woodwork. Typically, metal files have fine teeth and highly composed steel.

8. Orbital Sander

This sander runs with electricity and completes work faster. Sandpaper is attached with this orbital sander which rotates circular or orbital way on the surface. Regular orbital sander rotates circularly and removes the material quickly. It would be better for you to buy a random sander because it rotates randomly and leaves a silky, smooth, and mark-free surface.


Before buying any woodworking tools as a beginner, you should know everything like costing, which is better for work. The most important thing is you must know and follow the safety purpose.


If you are a beginner or a worker who has to like woodwork, you can find your tools from this list. Here, in this article, I introduce some necessary tools for beginners. You can check the details. But the most important thing is to follow the guideline for choosing your essential tools of the woodwork

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