Horizontal Band Saw Safety Procedures | Stay Safe

Working with bandsaw is fun and all for the woodworkers until they try to work horizontally! Yes, even the seasoned DIYers gets confused a little when they are using the saw in this manner. We know the perfect cuts are vital, but more than that, you are important!

You got it right; we are talking about your safety! To protect yourself, you must learn the horizontal band saw safety procedures as soon as you can!

And then you can cut whatever sized workpiece you want in whichever manner you like! Who’s stopping you!

Horizontal Band Saw Safety Procedures | Stay Safe

Preparation Safety Procedures

Here are some preparation safety procedures for woodworking with a horizontal bandsaw. But before everything, you will need an ideal bandsaw! Check out some of the user-loved benchtop bandsaw reviews by WoodworkerHelp! If the device is right, your worry will behalf!

  • When you are working, you must ensure that there are no-slip hazards around. Keep the workspace clean and free from disturbance.
  • Go through the band saw and search for the guards. You must certify that the guards are in their right position.
  • The hydraulic damping mechanism is something that most people forget. All you need to do is have a look at it and ensure that it is functioning.
  • At times, the blade is broken or not in god condition. It can ruin the workpiece and can cause severe accidents too. So, beforehand, check the blade and ensure the perfection.
  • Along with the sharpness and broken blade, you have to check the speed of the blade too. The blade tension is another necessity when it comes to the protection of your woodwork with a bandsaw. Don’t forget the blade tracking. Check if all of these are adjusted and set properly or not.
  • As you are working with a saw, the adequate amount of coolant flow is a must. To deliver this. You have to go through the coolant delivery system. Check it properly and ensure its function.
  • If you are a newbie, there is a chance of you not learning about the switches of the saw. Have a look at the ON and OFF switches of the band saw. Be familiar with these options. Also, if there is the E-stop option, you have to be familiar with that too. In emergency cases, you can always rely on the bandsaws E-stop and save yourself from accidents.
  • Search for any faulty equipment fitted to the device. You might think that there are only small faults and when you start the device, it will work fine. But this is not the case when you are working with such sharp blades. Do not use the machine if you see any fault in the machine.
  • Never switch on the machine and forget about it! Make sure you switch it OFF when you are not around.

Operational Safety Procedures

These horizontal bandsaw safety procedures are for the operation time when you are already placing the wood in its position. Take a look!

  • Before you start operating the device, you have to search for the heat of the unit. Slowly, lift it up. Make sure you lock it in its position. It will be in an upward position here.
  • You have to go through the vice and set its angle. You should also certify the square-ness in this case.
  • When you almost start the work, it is time for clamping the workpiece. Make sure the clamping is firm and strong. If you are using long material, try to get some support for it.
  • As you are working with wood, the size of the wood is not always the same. If you see that there is some unused part of the blade, you must cover it up. Take the blade guards and get this job done.
  • Never take your hands too close to the machine. Keep the hands away when you switch the machine on.
  • The upper head of the band saw will slowly come near to the workpiece and then the teeth will slowly cut the material. Let it be done is a steady motion, don’t force it.
  • While operating, get hold of your hands. Keep them away from the operation point along with the blade.
  • There are times when you will see that the blade is stuck in a jammed cut. In that case, turn the machine off first. Then, you are free to take it to a complete standstill position.
  • Whenever you plan to take off the scrap pieces, it is necessary to switch the machine off. Stop the device at first and then take it to a complete standstill position once again. Now, you are free to remove all the scrap that is near the vice area. In case of some adjustments, you might need to repeat this step too.
  • In some situations, you will see your blade developing a CLICK or such noise. You have to turn the bandsaw off immediately.
  • When you are done or you want to take off the wood piece from the vice, it is necessary to keep the head locked in the upward position.
  • Never push the cutting head down. While it is cutting, if you force it, the blade will break.

Wrap Up

Dealing with a bandsaw can be a little difficult for the beginners especially when it is about the horizontal bandsaw. More than cutting perfect, the safety is required. And the tips we have mentioned are something you cannot avoid!

Check them and memorize them. Never risk yourself when you are working with a blade. We worry about you more than your workpiece!

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