How to Adjust Ryobi Table Saw Fence Yourself!

how to adjust Ryobi table saw fence

With so many powerful and specialized woodworking tools going around, the game of creating has become much fun. No matter if we talk about hybrid table saw or a regular chainsaw, it has become difficult to choose a particular model with so many good options.

Ryobi is a well-known brand that offers quality power tools. However, for some reason, there is a lot of request coming around to me to explain the adjustment of a Ryobi table saw fence.

Making the Right Adjustment!

A perfectly aligned table saw fence can get you the most accurate cuts. Just like any other prized equipment, you want to know the right way and keep them in good shape. I’m here to make that possible. Keep on Reading!

Making Adjustment on Ryobi Table Saw

  • You need to unlock the knife lock lever in your Ryobi table saw. Get rid of the throat plate as well. This is the first step to remove blade guard.
  • Now simply return lever to its locked situation and bring upwards the riving knife. You need to reinstall the throat plate next.
  • Press the button on side and hold it. In the riving knife’s rear hole, you need to align center. Release it! This is important for the anti-kickback.
  • You’ll find a guard lever on the assembly of blade guard. Simply release it.
  • There should be a center inside the riving knife. Gradually bring the guard’s back down to this center hole. Apply some force over guard’s front and let it be parallel with the table.
  • Make sure the knife is in a right position by keeping it parallel with table. You just need to lock the guard lever and proceed for a cut.

A Final Check is Important!

You are done with the fence adjustments. But it’s always a good idea to check once again before going for a cut. Just make sure the measurements are right. A slightly crooked fence might create problem later. You can use a Tri-square or T-square for the process.

Safe & Steady Wins the Race!

While dealing with power tools, always wear protection guards. This is something you absolutely can’t ignore. Make sure you pay enough attention to wearing proper gloves, eyeglasses and face mask. Go ahead with the process but don’t rush or force any step. Take your time to move slowly.


See, it’s super simple and efficient. Just make sure to be completely aware of what you are doing. This is something that needs careful precautions and processing. I hope these simple steps were easy for you to understand. You can now get perfect alignment with your Ryobi table saw fence.

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