How To Attach Dremel Wood Cutting Wheel? [Complete Guideline]

Wood cutting needs a dedicated wheel if you’re using Dremel. In case you don’t know how to attach Dremel wood cutting wheel, the machine can be severely damaged by any wrong step.

To attach the tool, use the Mandrel lock that is designed to match the wood cutting wheel. Pull and twist the mandrel lock to place the wheel into it. Press the shaft lock and insert the mandrel lock and wheel into the shaft. Release the nose cap and the shaft lock.  

That’s how you install a wood-cutting wheel into a Dremel. The Dremel tool is widely used for cutting, shaping, and polishing wood and other objects. If you are still confused about the installation, check the detailed instructions below.

5 Easy Steps To Attach Dremel Wood Cutting Wheel: Check Now

You can’t attach a wood-cutting wheel to a Dremel without knowing how to do it. The attachment should be done by following proper guidelines. Here is the step-by-step instruction.

Step 1: Turn The Power Off

Before attaching the wood-cutting wheel, you should turn off the tool. Detach the power cable and turn it off by using the machine’s power switch. Make sure it stops rotating. Now, it’s safe to attach the wood-cutting wheel.

Step 2: Detach Tips

If there are any tips or accessories attached to the Dremel first detach it using the provided wrench. Now, there should be only the nose cap and empty shaft to insert the mandrel lock.

Step 3: Insert The Mandrel Lock With Wheel

Pull the head of the Mandrel lock downside. The center hole of the cutting wheel now will match the head of the Mandrel lock. Insert the wood-cutting wheel into the Mandrel lock. Twist it and check if it secured the place. The wheel will firmly place on the Mandrel lock.

Step 4: Shaft Lock Button

To insert the Mandrel lock, you should follow this trick as instructed. Press the blue shaft lock button and rotate the nose cap upward. Now insert the attached mandrel lock with the wheel into the shaft of the Dremel. Tighten the nose cap and release the shaft lock button. 

Step 5: Power On 

Installation is complete. Turn the power on and check if the wood-cutting is rotating freely or not. If everything were followed as instructed, there wouldn’t be any problem. 

Installing any attachment to Dremel is quite easy. If you are facing difficulties while installing an accessory to Dremel, you may contact the manufacturer.

Mistakes To Avoid While Attaching Wheel To Dremel: Check Now 

Though the process is easy and can be done by yourself, still some precautions should be followed to avoid any injury. Check the below suggestions.  

Avoid Excessive Tightening

While tightening the mandrel lock, don’t tighten it too much. Excessive tightening may damage the tool. Excessive tightening frequently will prevent the lock from placing firmly.  

Trial Run

Once you attach everything, do a trial run with less rpm. Decrease the rpm/level of the machine and check if the wheel is rotating or not. If there is any problem, you can turn off the machine and check what’s wrong. The trial run will save you from most unwanted events.

Keep the Device Off

Whether there is any problem or not, if you are attaching or detaching anything, make sure you turn off the device. It will be very much risky to change anything with the power on. Detach the power cord for safety.


How Thick Of Wood Can You Cut With Dremel?

To cut thick wood, you are required to use larger wheels. The largest cutting wheel of Dremel has a radius of 3/4 inches. This will allow you to cut wood up to one inch thick comfortably. The result of using a large cutting wheel will be different for different wood types.

Thin softwoods will be easier to cut with a Dremel. You will be able to cut 1-inch softwood easily with a Dremel.

Can You Use A Dremel To Drill Wood?

Dremel comes with different attachments for individual purposes. It’s possible to drill wood easily with Dremel. You are required to use powerful bits to drill wood. Using a diamond bit will make Dremel drill wood comfortably. 

Apart from wood, Dremel can also be used to drill metal, stone, plastic, tile, and others. You should use powerful bits to drill hard surfaces. It’s recommended to start the drill at a low speed and then adjust the speed.

How To Change Dremel Parts?

Well, there will be no problem with changing Dremel parts or attachments. They are designed pretty simply. Turn the power off and make sure it’s not rotating. Press the spindle button and rotate the accessory tool anti-counterclockwise. Keep the button pressed and install the new accessory.

Rotate the tool counterclockwise to tighten it. Release the blue spindle button and check if the tool rotates freely or not. 

Can You Use Dremel As A Saw?

Well, Dremel is designed to work like a mini-saw. It’s possible to cut wood at different shapes or angles. A mini saw attachment is available from Dremel that converts your Dremel into a saw. This will help you to cut thin wood or wooden flooring.

Using the mini saw attachment makes it possible to get a straight or perpendicular cut. The attachment comes with a guard retracting that provides more safety during any application. 

Final Thoughts

There should not be any more confusion about how to attach dremel wood cutting wheel. Be careful while inserting the mandrel lock into the shaft. Don’t tighten it too much while placing the lock into the shaft. Run the machine at low rpm first to check if it’s working perfectly or not.

Installation should be done by turning off the machine. Don’t use the wood-cutting wheel in any steel or hard material. It will be quite effective to cut softwood and hardwood with Dremel.


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