How to Change Drill Bit Black and Decker Models!

how to change drill bit black and decker models

Power drills are nothing new and almost every home these days have one. Maybe for hanging a family picture in the drawing-room. Or probably the kitchen shelf needs to get fixed at some wall. These are all cases where the need for a proper drill and bit comes into play.

While the story keeps on going, some cases want you to use different types of drill bits. This makes a requirement to change the drill bit. And so, you need to be aware of the right method for changing a drill bit.

How to Change a Drill Bit: Black & Decker Edition!

There are different types of power drills available these days. Black and decker is a very common and popular brand that comes with so many well-known models.

If you own one of these, then you’ll find today’s writing even more convincing. Yes, we are about to talk about how to change drill bit black and decker. Let’s Go!

Understanding Chuck

Before we start with the actual process, I want you to know about chuck. Now, what exactly is a chuck? I’m going to brief that out as well because many novice users are reading this.

So basically, chuck is a portion of your power drill. This segment has the responsibility of holding drill bit securely.

Most of the time, chuck of a power drill comes with three haws. It could be open or close in manner. It actually depends on the rotation direction of chuck’s sleeve.

Now for a new bit, you’ll have to simply place it in chuck’s center. A large bit is usually simple for centering here. However, a small bit can be very confusing to fit. Because it has a great risk of getting stuck between the chucks

This might bring bigger problems. Since the bit will surely spin off-center once you try to drill a hole.

Moving on to the black and decker drill’s chuck, it usually comes with two types of design. The cordless version comes with a keyless chuck system. While the corded version comes with a key. The keyed drills are good at engaging chuck’s splines.

Both of these types have different drill bit changing process. Don’t worry, I’ll put down them both.

Changing Keyed Chuck Drill Bit

For keyed chuck drill bit, here’s the replacing process in a few steps.

Stop & Unplug

The changing process needs you to unplug power tool. For this, you need to release the trigger button. This will make your drill stop completely. It may take a few minutes so you need to wait patiently. As soon as it is turned off, simply unplug the drill.

Locating Key & Hole

Once the drill is completely stopped, it’s time to find out key cord connection. Yes, you will check for the area where key and cord of drill are engaging together.

The area should have some gear teeth which actually surround a knob located on top of the key. You may also notice that the key is black and a metal bar T-handle is situated there.

Next, look for the round hole. It usually stays on the chuck’s side. When you turn the drill on this area usually rotates around chuck. The hole should be somewhere near following chuck’s gear teeth.

Removing Bit

Now you’ll be putting the key’s knob inside chuck’s hole. Make sure both have their gear teeth meshing with each other.

You will simply turn the handle with an anti-clockwise motion. Make sure the drill is firmly held. While doing so, you’ll notice that the bit is detaching at some point.

It’s time to remove the bit from chuck area. You need to do this while maintaining a steady and firm grip. So, hold the body of drill securely.

Drill America 29 Piece M35 Cobalt Drill Bit SetNew Bit Placement

Now get back the old drill bit and let it stay somewhere aside. Bring your new drill bit for putting on its place. Insert the new drill bit gradually, don’t try to hurry here.

Now hold the handle with one hand and rotate with a clockwise motion. This should make it tightly attached to the chuck.

You are done fitting the new drill bit!

Changing Keyless Chuck Drill Bit

Now for those who own a black and decker drill without any key, here’s your treat.

  • Start with locating the switch area of your drill. This is where you should find out the opening direction basically. The area should be above drill’s trigger part. Now You’ll set the part into anti-clockwise direction for opening.
  • You need both your hands for some gripping. Use one hand to hold the drill. Now with your other hand grasp the keyless chuck’s outer sleeve portion.
  • Time for turning the drill off by pressing trigger. Let it be completely off and wait for some moments to make that happen.
  • Once the chuck opens, you can stop. Make sure you don’t pull the trigger while chuck opening. The drill bit might just fly out.
  • Get rid of the old drill bit and make way for new one. Make sure the cutting tip of bit is towards you while inserting it.
  • Use the clockwise motion to rotate sleeve of drill. Do this with gradual hands and make sure it is tightened nicely. And You Are Done with The Changing!

If Chuck Does Not Close…

Some cases will bring you to issues of chuck not getting closed. This might be because the chuck is unable to fasten drill bit. There might be some dirt, trash or grime into your chuck. The obstacle is possibly making prevention of jaw-closing.

So, before you actually put drill bit, make sure to clean the inside. A regular rag or fabric is more than enough here.

Once the area is clean, you need to place drill bit smoothly. Don’t be rushing over the process because that can lead to teeth damage inside.

Sometimes the problem is flow. So, you have to check the thread for finding if there’s any stuck problem going on. To remove the cartridge simply use a screwdriver.

There should not be any problem after this troubleshooting. But if you still find that the chuck is not closing, carry drill for a repair.


For my early days, I used to be very confused with the drill bits changing method. But later after a few usages, the task became pretty simple. And actually, it is an easy job to do for even mere beginners.

It’s just that I needed more time because the basics were not clear with me. I hope that does not happen to you. Try visualizing the entire process, maybe check a few videos as well if necessary.

This is pretty simple and you just need some time to adapt. Also, don’t forget to be careful enough and not hurt yourself. Let me know if there’s any confusion going on anymore in the comment section below. Till Then Have A Great Day!

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