How to Cut Straight with Circular Saw | 3 Methods

How to Cut Straight with Circular Saw

Saws are expensive and so, you cannot always buy each one of them. In this case, the multi-purpose saws are the perfect ones! Do you know that a circular saw is also a multi-functional saw? Yes, you can cut straight with it too!

Here, we will check out how to cut straight with a circular saw in some easy steps. These are the baby steps that you are going to enjoy for sure!

Step by Step Straight Cuts with Circular Saw

If you have ever used a circular saw for woodworking, you already know how important it is for your toolbox. And when you can replace a table saw with the circular saw if you learn how to cut straight, why wouldn’t you check it out!

Method 1: Without a Guide

The first method we will be talking about regarding how to cut straight with a circular saw is the without guide method. This method works best on boards that are less than 8 inches. If you have a wider board, you better prefer the method with a guide instead of this one. However, for the smaller ones, let us check this one!

Step 1: Prepare the Board and Position

Your first work for cutting the board is to set the board. We recommend you getting some sawhorses. Or else, you can also rely on some scrap wood for this process. All you need to do is set the board that you are going to cut on the scrap wood.

Supporting the board is necessary when it comes to cutting it. At times, you might want to cut the wood on the ground. In that case, you have to keep some distance between the board’s height and the ground.

Otherwise, when you will use the circular saw for cutting the board, the saw blade will touch the ground. There is a chance of your saw blade breaking if this happens! So, the best you can do is keeping the board a bit high. You can settle for two stacked wood to get the right height

Step 2:

Once you are done with preparing the board and positioning it, you have to check and double-check how you want to cut the board. First of all, you have to measure the board properly. After measuring the board, check the area you want to cut with your circular saw. As you will make a straight, it won’t be that tough.

It is recommended that you mark a line exactly on the straight line that you are going to cut. Keep in mind that you have to measure 3/5 points so that you can get an accurate measurement. After this, you have to mark several dashes, and by adding these dashes, you have to create a line that you are going to cut.

Step 3: Start Cutting

So, you are ready to start your cutting procedure. First of all, take the circular saw and line it up. You have to keep it exactly on the drawn line. It is time for switching the circular saw on. When you are switching it on, ensure that the blade is not touching any object or your skin otherwise, it will damage your property.

Now, start cutting the board. Here, all you need to do is follow the line you have drawn. But you must be consistent throughout the process. After you are done cutting it, all you need to do is switch the circular saw off and see how easily you have done it!

Method 2: DIY Guide

In this method, we will tell you how to cut the board straight with the help of a circular saw. In most cases, people get into difficulties regarding their guides. In that situation, you can also create your DIY guide to avoid hesitation!

Step 1: Preparing the Guide

First of all, you have to get a straight board. This piece should be equal to or longer than the board you are going to cut. At times, people also use long levels as their guide for cutting straight lines.

If your level is straight, this can be an easy way to deal with it. Here, you will surely need wood clamps to keep the board in place.

Step 2: Draw the Line

As you are ready with the additional board, you have to start the measurement. All you need to do is measure the distance you need to cut. Just like before, make a few marks or dots on the board and then connect them. You will get a straight line. This cross line will go across the wood.

Step 3: Measure it

After you have done it, you have to take a look at the blade and the circular saw’s left edge of its bottom guard. The number will be more or less 1 ¼ inches or close. In most situations, the measurement is usually written on the guard. But we always recommend you to do it yourself so that you are sure of it!

Step 4: The Second Dash

Now that you are done measuring it, you must get your hands on the market and mark a dash at the edge of your board. This dash will be parallel to the line you have drawn before. Now, take the circular saw and hold it up.

Take it to the edge and ensure that the edge of the guard and the blade of the saw are on the same line. Now, take a look at the measurement once again and if it is perfect, go for another dash. This dash will be on the other side of the board. However, here, the distance will be the same.

Step 5: Start Cutting

In this final step, you have to get the straight edge and clamp it to the board. Finally, it will line up to the dashes easily. This is what we call a DIY cutting guide! Now you can hold the circular saw and run it on the lines you have created. Clamping the board here is necessary because the board will move a lot.

Method 3: Kreg Rip-Cut

If you don’t like to invest so much time in the DIY guides, you can simply get your hands on the Kreg Rip-Cut tool. Check it out!

We recommend using this told because it reduces the problem of measurement and makes the whole procedure easier for you. Marking the boards is not necessary here too.

All you need to do is here set the guide to the accurate measurement you require. And after this, line it up. Make sure it is the straight edge of the board. With this tool, you can easily cut 24 inches, wide boards!

Wrap Up

You do not need table saws if you have a circular saw in your house! All you need to learn is how to cut straight with a circular saw and you can do it alone!

Have you ever tried this method of cutting straight? If you have, share your opinion with us. Also, don’t forget to comment below about what tricks you use when you cut the line with a circular saw.

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