How To Cut Wood In Different Ways? [3 Popular Methods]

Wood is one of the most common choices regarding DIY projects and skills. And wood cutting is a skill that many people want to possess and are highly passionate about mastering. Learning how to cut wood in different ways is essential to getting the hang of the skill and becoming a master in woodworking. 

Wood cutting and working have endless possibilities, from basic household products to major industrial projects. The art of wood cutting is a difficult skill to master and requires hours of practice and patience. However, the work becomes relatively easy when you have access to the right tools and ways. 

To help you in cutting wood more easily and comfortably, I will introduce you to several different ways of cutting wood. So, stay with me till the very end to know the details of the wood cutting methods. 

3 Different Ways You Should Follow To Cut Wood: Choose The Suitable One

In the world of woodworking, there are several ways of cutting wood, including saw, ax, lathe, and many more. So, let me guide you through these ways and help you choose the best option available. 

Way 1: Using A Hacksaw 

Hacksaw is one of the top methods of cutting wood for both beginners and professionals. The tool is easy to use, and the fast performance makes it a top choice. Take a look at the steps of using a hacksaw. 

Step 1: Proper Preparation 

The first step of using a saw is to make the proper preparation. The purpose behind the preparation is to ensure that the final result is precise.  Choose the blade suitable for the type of wood being used and set it up on the saw. Ensure the blade is sharp to make the entire process easy and fast. 

Step 2: Set Up The Wood And Adjust The Blade 

The next step is to set the wood up for cutting. Take the wooden piece and place it on the workstation. Measure the wood properly and mark the area for cutting. Drawing a straight line will make the cutting process easier and more precise. 

After marking the cut, take your hacksaw and adjust the blade by measuring the depth of the wood. This is to ensure a clean cut without any disturbance or adjustments. 

Step 3: Wear Protective Equipment

Wearing protective equipment when working with wood is important, especially cutting it. The bits and dust from the cuts can get into the eyes and cause severe damage. Make sure to wear protective eyewear and gloves before you start cutting the wood. 

Step 4: Cut The Wood

After wearing your protective gear, take the hacksaw and start cutting the wood. Follow the drawn line to make sure that the measurement is right. Once the wood is cut, take a small piece of sandpaper to sand the edges to get rid of the sharp bits. 

Way 2: Rely On A Table Saw

A table saw is an important tool and allows woodworkers to cut the wood smoothly and precisely. The steps of cutting wood with a table saw are mentioned below. 

Step 1: Set Up The Table Saw

Remove the table saw from the power source to set up the blade. Take the blade suitable for the cutting style and adjust it according to the width of the wooden piece. 

Cutting wood with a table saw becomes easier when you have access to the right blade. (1) Measure the width of the wood and set up the blade at the height of a maximum of 0.25 inches higher than the wood width. 

Step 2: Mark And Set The Wood Piece

After setting the blade in position, take the wood piece and put it on the table. Take proper measurements and draw a line where the cut has to be made. Align the line with the blade’s position to ensure that the cut is straight and precise. 

Step 3: Take Proper Safety Measure

Safety cannot be compromised when working with wood, so wearing the proper gear is essential. Wear protective eyewear to protect the eyes from wood dust and tiny particles. Do not forget to wear gloves to protect your hands from blades and accidents. 

Step 4: Make The Cut 

Plug the table saw into a power socket and turn it on. Once the blade starts rotating, slowly push the wood towards it to cut. Make sure to cut the blade according to the marking. Turn off the saw and sand the wood to remove rough edges. 

Way 3: Use A Jigsaw

In the world of woodworking, the jigsaw is one of the most powerful and beginner-friendly tools for cutting wood. It is a versatile and highly efficient tool and works on various materials, including plastic and metal. (2) Let me guide you through the steps to use one. 

Step 1: Setting Up The Blade 

The first step of using a jigsaw is setting up the right blade. The tool makes several types of cuts on various materials; thus, choosing the right blade for wood is a must. Select the blade suitable for the work and adjust it to the jigsaw. 

Step 2: Set The Wood In Place

After adjusting the blade into position, it is now time to work on the wooden piece. Place the piece of wood on the work table and secure it with screws. This will prevent the wood from moving and help to ensure a proper cut. 

Step 3: Make The Necessary Markings

Once the wood is in place, take the necessary measurements and determine the area you want to cut. Draw a deep line for a straight cut and recheck the accuracy. Jigsaw also can be cut in various shapes, so draw the shape required with a dark marker. 

Step 4: Take Safety Into Consideration

Wooden bits and dust fly around when you push the wood through the blade. These bits and dust particles can cause severe damage if they enter the eyes or nose. Make sure to take the necessary precautions and wear masks and protective eyewear. 

Step 5: Cut The Wood

Lastly, align the jigsaw to the marking on the wood and turn it on. Adjust the speed level of the saw and move the blade through the wood. Glide it until you reach the endpoint of the marking. 

When cutting shapes, move the end of the jigsaw according to the shape to cut it precisely. Sand the edges with sandpaper after turning off the jigsaw. This will ensure a smooth texture after cutting. 

7 Things Should Consider While Going To Cut Wood In Different Ways: For All Methods

Of course, you need to know some basic techniques and things to consider while cutting wood. I’ll be talking about that in the following sections:

1. A Few Considerations for Blade

To cut wood, you’ll need to consider the blade type. A smooth cut is often impossible because of the dull and wrong blade type. Cutting a smooth slice on a plywood sheet will need a high tooth count. Go for a carbide-tipped blade, like Makita B-07353 165mm X 20mm.

You should ensure that the blades come with a label of finished cuts. Also, have a look at the tooth count. Never use any saw with the wrong size of blade fitting. It’s not only unacceptable to cut but also risks your safety. You can’t believe how many accidents I’ve heard of due to the wrong blade size.

Sometimes the blade that comes with a saw model isn’t good enough and provides splintered ends. It might bring tear-outs and ruin the entire piece.

2. Set Up the Blade

You must use the right depth to set the saw blade over the wood. Make necessary adjustments and take depth to the right amount. A too deep blade setup will make you drag a lot of extra blades through the sheet.

On the other hand, if you work with too shallow a set up of blade, there will be hardly any sort of cutting at all. A golden rule is to keep the saw under the sheet by a quarter inch. If you are working with a ¾-inch thick sheet, set your blade at an inch depth.

3. Using Support Is Important

It’s important to use some support when cutting wood, especially plywood sheets. So that the whole piece has a balance not to move around. Get two sawhorses and long 2x4s laid across them. These will keep your sheet steady while you cut. Make any 2x4s handy and keep your sheet over it with a circular saw.

Some foam insulation with enough rigidity can also be a great substitute for 2x4s and sawhorses. Simply put the foam on the ground and keep your sheet over it. The wood should never slide around this foam board.

The best part about using a foam board is that there will be no snapping off at the end of the cut. Also, it lets you crawl across without any problem. This makes cutting quite easy.

4. Better Side Down Position

Always keep the better side of the sheet downwards. This way, you’ll be able to use the saws in the right method. Let the good face stay down while you deal with the above part as your cutting section.

A saw usually works with blade teeth and goes up and then exits the sheet. There might be some chipping when the saw comes out from the top. Keeping the better face below will cut it smooth.

5. Cut Once But Measure Twice

It’s time to mark down the cutting line. It should be squarely lined with the edge of the plywood. Keeping that in mind, measure carefully.

It’s a good idea to score the line you just marked. This way, you’ll get a smoother cut. Use a utility knife for this purpose. Simply run the knife over the mark you made. You must do this more than once to get a complete score.

You’ll never be able to grow the wood back once cut. So, it’s a good rule to measure twice before cutting. This slight hassle will save you from using another new piece of wood and starting over.

6. A Good Guide Is Indeed Necessary

A guide is a great way to ensure you are not cutting in the wrong line. This also helps to control the cut and make it as accurate as possible. First of all, get a piece of plywood with the factory edge. Now using a few clamps, you need to attach them to the cutting surface.

The saw’s base plate is an important consideration here. The same goes for the shoe. The shoe needs to fit tightly with a guide, so you should make careful adjustments. Make sure the blade is correctly in line with the cut mark.

If you are someone who needs to cut a lot of plywood, let’s say for your woodworking projects, then I suggest getting a quality saw guide. This guide will help you a lot while making any circular saw cut. There are lots of models available both online and in hardware stores in your locality.

7. Time to Cut

It’s time for the moment of truth. Once again, you need to ensure that your saw is in the correct line with the guide, the blades are at the right mark, and your posture as well. Now simply turn the saw on. The shoe needs to be run through along with a guide. You should be careful to cut straight as possible.

Related Questions: 

How Do You Cut Different Shapes Of Wood?

Wood can be cut with a lot of different tools, but not all tools can successfully cut different shapes in wood. Both the table saw and the jigsaw is great tools for cutting wood in different shapes. The versatility of these methods makes them a popular choice among woodworkers.

Set up the table saw or jigsaw and adjust the blade suitable for the cut. Make sure that the blade is sharp for precise cutting. Place the wood and mark it properly. Turn on the saw, cut according to the marking, and get the desired shape. 

How Do You Cut Craft Wood?

A lathe or chisel is a great way of cutting craft wood. The sharp edges of the tools allow you to work through your desired shape and pattern easily without much trouble. 

Place the wood on the workstation and mark it after taking proper measurements. Select a suitable blade with good sharpness. Cut the wood slowly with the help of the lathe or chisel and work your way through the design. Even though it is time-consuming, you always end up with smooth craft wood

How Do You Cut Curves In Wood?

Cutting curves in wood seems like a challenging process and is typically difficult for beginners. You can rely on a jigsaw or circular saw to cut curves in wood. Set up the blade and the wooden piece properly. Take the proper measurements and mark where you want to cut. Mark the curve with a deep line and glide the saw along the line. Sand the edges for a precise and smooth cut. 

How Do You Cut A Heart In Wood?

You can simply cut a heart of wood with the help of a jigsaw or circular saw. Both of these tools will make it easier for you to work on the curves. 

To cut a heart in wood, set up the blade first and mark the heart with a dark marker. Turn on the saw and glide it over the heart and ensure to follow the marking properly. Do not forget to sand the heart with sandpaper to smooth the edges. 

What Is The Best Way To Cut Different Shape Wood?

The best way of cutting different wood shapes is to use a scroll saw or jigsaw. The jigsaw is the most suitable way of cutting basic circles and curves. Choose the blade suitable for you and draw the shape properly before cutting. 

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to more complicated and intricate cutting, the scroll saw is perfect. It can be used on several other materials, including plastic and metal. In addition to that, it is easy to use and suitable for both experts and beginners. 

Which Is The Most Budget-Friendly Way To Cut Wood?

The most budget-friendly method of cutting wood is to use a hacksaw or other basic woodworking tools. Jigsaw or other power tools are efficient and fast, but the price of these tools is quite high. Not only that, but these tools operate using electricity and come with a good operating cost. 

The basic tools used for wood cutting include chisels, hacksaw, crosscut saw, and many more. These tools are easy to use and operate manually without energy. 

Final Verdict:

Wood cutting is an essential part of a woodworking project, and every DIYer or worker requires proper tools for the job. Every way of cutting wood comes with its perks. Now that you know some effective methods to cut wood in different ways, you can easily get into the art of woodwork. 

Ensure proper measurements and markings, and do not forget to recheck the accuracy to avoid mistakes. Make sure to follow the safety precautions properly before cutting the wood. 


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