How to Install a Deadbolt Lock to Improve Home Security?

How to Install a Deadbolt Lock to Improve Home Security

Considering your home-security a big deal is definitely something appreciable. It’s never too much of being careful when it comes to avoiding theft and imposters getting into our lovely home. And so, if you are contemplating about the ways to improve overall security, doing great.

Now some people may think owning a dog and keeping them outside during the night is enough. They’ll throw their vicious bark at every unwanted person who seems suspicious or unknown.

However, there’s another way that isn’t much expensive and more effective in terms of safety measurements. I’m talking about a heavy-duty deadbolt.

Let’s talk more about this and how to install a deadbolt lock at your door. 

How to Install a Deadbolt Lock- Picking the Right Style, Required Tools & Installation

Now, let’s talk about the entire process in detail below. I’ll mention about the suitable type you need for your home and whole installation guide. Keep on Reading!

Picking the Right Deadlock

Medeco 11TR50319 Maximum Residential Deadbolt Lock

Before you jump into how to install a deadbolt lock on wooden door or such specific concern, it’s best to identify the right type that would fit your concerns perfectly. Basically, these devices come in two styles. The common and more residential demanding one is single-side keyed lock version. The other versions involve keys on both sides of door.

Now if safety is the only concern and there’s no way for an intruder to break into from inside, then first type is probably enough. Since you will have keyed part only on the outside. So, in case of any emergency such as a sudden fire disaster, you don’t have to look for keys while trying to save yourself. And also, to keep convenience in mind, an un-keyed side on inside sounds more appropriate.

However, if there’s a window located near your main door, things are not that simple. Since here you have a huge chance of an intruder using that window to unlock your main door easily. That’s when the second version with keys on each side works the best.

Grab Some Materials & Tools

  1. One-inch spade bit.
  2. Hole saw of 21/8 inches.
  3. One inches chisel.
  4. Drill or screwdriver.
  5. Speed square.
  6. Marking pencil.
  7. Tape measure.

Make Sure To:

  • Read the provided instructions or manual carefully before any actual installation.
  • Double checking that all necessary parts are provided within the package by going through label. In the middle of installation, finding out one part is missing will be very frustrating.
  • Work during the day when there’s enough lighting available. Have some time on hand as well since this process will require it.

Determine the Ideal Location

You need to decide on the right location for placing deadbolt. Usually, it should be six to twelve inches above the key lock. The rough distance from door’s bottom part is around 44 inches. You should use a tape measure to identify the right spot for placement and mark it on door’s side. This is basically where the bolt will extend.

You need to make a straight line next with the speed square and pencil. Make sure the line is extending all way through door’s side. Once again use speed square to make that line continue onto back and front side of the door. Now you have a single uniform line that runs continuously around the door.

Mark Things Up for Ease of Installation

On every side of door, you need to mark point that is 2-3/8” or 2-3/4” apart from the edge. This will clearly depend on the latch bolt’s length. You should refer to the manufacturer provided template to be more specific.

Now on door’s edge, simply mark the midpoint. These three marks are going to get drilled. The first hole will be for lock cylinder. Now attach the 2-1/8″ hole saw into your drill. Time to work on the door’s front mark with this.

Don’t go all way through. Instead, only make a hole one inch deep. You can drill from the other side to meet this previous hole. This will provide a clean and circular hole at the end for better results. Now use one inches spade bit to drill point on the door’s side. Keep going until it meets the other.

Fixing The Faceplate

There should be faceplate among the supplied lock parts. You need to match faceplate’s hole with the holes you made on door’s edge. You need to hold it onto a place and trace it around using a pencil. So that you get the silhouette marked.

Within this tracing, you need to create a mortise next. The mortise needs to be 1/8 inches deep. You should use a one inches chisel for this task. Now the faceplate and bolt should be attached to each other. Time to install both concurrently.

You need to confirm the bolt’s right side up to slide it through latch hole. Make sure the flush of faceplate is with door’s edge. Finally, secure this plate using the provided mounting screws next.

Now you need to work for a key cylinder. You need to fit it inside door’s larger hole on the face. But before that make sure the cylinder’s tailpiece goes through bolt’s corresponding holes nicely. After placing it securely, use the screw to fit cylinder tightly with door.

You need to repeat this whole process with another half of the cylinder next. Slide, join and screw carefully.

Activating the Bolt – Final Step

You are done with the complicated parts of this installation. Now you just need to lock and unlock the mechanism for a few times. This will help you to check for any faultiness that needs repairing. Simply activate the bolt and shut your door. Make it go as far as it can. There should be appointed on the doorjamb where bolt hits, mark it down.

You need to drill a hole using the one inches spade bit here. This is to accept the bolt. The parts that are still unused of lock bolt will have a strike plate. You need to fit this plate over the hole.

Use a pencil to trace it around, quite similar to how you managed for faceplate in the earlier step. Move on with making a 1/8 inches deep mortise. Set the plate on this mortise and let it flush with jamb. Use screws to secure this on the place. You Are Done!

And that was how to install a deadbolt lock into your house…

Now, You Can Sit Back & Relax Knowing No Average Bulgar Has a Chance Getting to Your Valuable Assets!

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