How to Install Drawer Slides on Face Frame Cabinets Simply?

How to Install Drawer Slides on Face Frame Cabinets

Face frame cabinets are definitely different from frameless ones. And so, using the right method and correct slides to install are important things you need to think about.

Talking about how to install drawer slides on face frame cabinets, there’re various methods and ways involved. Let’s keep this beginner-friendly.

You can always call an expert for these things, but DIYing is fun. It’s definitely pleasing when you can save some bucks from these simple things. Let’s give it a try, okay?

How to Install Drawer Slides on Face Frame Cabinets:

There’s a need to use something that will provide you a little bit of clearance between the cabinet’s carcass and drawer box sides. And for this purpose, the finest choice is probably Undermount Soft Close Drawer Slides.

The drawer box’s bottom and lower sides are easy to mount using such type of slides. Yes, you can find type that can mount straight into the bottom of box alone. However, they do demand a bit of uplifting in the drawer bottom area. So that the slide assembly’s thickness could get some accommodation.

We’ll talk about those things some other day, let’s focus on the installation guide for now…

You Will Require…

Get started with some basic tools for this project. You’ll need some common gears such as a level, combination square a, tape measure and jigsaw. Special gears that you need to buy are a screw tipped power drill and suitable bits of a quarter inch.

Also, don’t forget to get proper safety glasses when doing these types of projects. You want to wear protective gear as well. Get high-quality protective gear in a bundle or separately for such needs. If you already own these, bring them out from their cabinets or drawers. Learn more at

The Preparation Phase…

Place the drawer on any tough surface, usually, a worktable works best here. You should be facing the drawer keeping it opposite to your body. On the very upside part of drawer go to left. Place the left front mounting bracket here. It should be against the drawer box’s left and front side.

Using mounting screws, you will next attach brackets to the drawer box’s side and front part. Do exact step for the right-side mounting bracket as well.

The Measurement Phase…

Using tape measurement simply take notes of the slide’s width. Now make a measurement from drawer box’s lower left-hand corner to top edge of the back. Use a pencil to mark it down. Using a combination square, you need to extend this mark. Let it go all the way down to drawer box back through the edge.

Usually, the distance of lower drawer box down to bottom edge is around half an inch. On both the left and right sides, you need to transcribe this measurement. Now along the left edge of drawer back, place a square. Make a parallel line with the bottom of drawer. It should go across the back edge. Let it meet the line previously made.

You should get a notch by now that will be cut next. Use the same method to cut a perpendicular mark for the right drawer slide.

Making Cuts & Holes…

Now simply cut those two notches. Use a jigsaw here. Let the left slide get placed between drawer back notch and front bracket. You want to locate the pinhole location for marking and drilling next. Do the same thing for right-side pinhole as well.

You need to drill a hole using the quarter-inch bit at this point. Now place a level on drawer opening. Span the bottom-left edge to drawer opening distance. The bubble needs to be in center between two lines. S

o, you must adjust the back edge of level. It should be up or down until the required results. Using the bottom edge as a guide, simply make a mark on carcass back. Do this for the right side of carcass as well.

Attaching Bracket Phase…

Now using those marks as a guide, you need to place mounting bracket for attaching it with included screws. Simply position the left slide into carcass. Push it back all way to mounting the bracket’s tab. You need to make a connection between the left edge and side of drawer opening using mounting screws. Do this for the right-side drawer slide as well.

Finishing Installation

Settle the drawer now inside carcass. The left drawer should click inside front mounting bracket when forwarding. You need to make sure the pin on backside of drawer goes right into the hole. Do the same thing to position right-side drawer slide as well. Finally slide the drawer in and out to confirm a successful installation.


And with that final step, you have learned how to install drawer slides on face frame cabinets. It is not as difficult as it may sound. You can follow the instructions to achieve a pleasing result. Just make sure you don’t rush into the process and keep it gradual.

Also, if you feel the process is somewhat difficult due to extreme measurement and cutting requirements, there are many options to try this with expert help. A small charge to any skilled professional will give you the perfect outcome.

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