How to Make Money with Woodworking & Boost Your Creative Business!

How to Make Money with Woodworking

Woodworking is all about the passion of creating something wonderful out from woods. This amazing job does not need you any high specified educational ability but a heart of practicing and will to keep ongoing.

However, money is also an important part of life, sometimes above passion. I totally understand that! Fortunately, the Crafty and DIY world has a lot of opportunities to make a good amount of money out of woodworking.

Today, I’ll put some spotlight over making money with woodworking and doing well in this sector. Let’s enjoy the ride!

Make Money with Woodworking: Starting Up, Audience Drive & Everything Else!

I’ll sectorize my own thoughts about how to make money as a woodworker and other related facts that you must know before getting into it. Wish me luck, I want to cover down everything for my beginner and looking-forward-to-join buddies.

Assembly with A Start-Up Plan

There are many chores to do before you jump into the business. You need to settle down a few things. First and foremost, ask yourself if you want to work from home or need space leased for the job. The latter option will help you to get better people visitation with a storefront set up. Other things to consider are:

  • You probably need some equipment and additional worktables. Calculate the money you’ll need for these. You should also consider a good budget amount for project completion and making them sellable.
  • There should be some govt or state policies for opening a workshop. You should have a look at the rules and laws of your area. Make sure you fulfill the business license requirements and get a permission.
  • Make a visit to the state’s taxation or treasury department. Have some idea about charges and report state sale tax on the product you’ll create.
  • For buying the wood and supplies on wholesale prices, you’ll probably need an EIN number. You can simply contact the Internal Revenue Service and get a free one.

Choosing Right Product with Value

What’re the tools or stuff that are getting hyped in your area recently? Do you have an idea? If not, get some! You can always observe the selling point of a particular area and then decide what projects to try.

Instead of going with your will of making usual wooden toys, you can also try some educational stuff. These will make parents more interested in buying your goodies.

What I am trying to say is do something different than others. You should choose your DIY choices with depth consideration and coping up with the recent needs.

Let the World Know Your Skills!

How will people know about your extraordinary woodworking skills If you limit it to showcase only in local workshop? How many visitors can you expect coming and observing your talent in that way? The number is not going to be anything high if not you’re a popular dude in your locality.

In such circumstances, you can always use the power of internet to showcase your work. You can open a gallery website and put your created items there. This way your increasing the chances of getting more sales from whole world.

You can customize the set up with including ideas that inspired to create a particular piece. People love to buy unique stuff and maybe an honest idea included can make them want to try it.

It’s also a good idea to include some testimonial of previous customers. Don’t include anything fake, keep it real!

Sometimes a visitor might pop up into your showroom or workshop. For such sudden visits, showing them your works in a nice portfolio with attractive pictures will give your woodworker image an instant boost Infront of that person.

Also, you may want to try placing a rent table in flea markets or craft fairs. With a beautiful portfolio and some fliers, you can always show your crafts in such incredible spots where everybody intends to see woodworking products and services.

Right Spectators for Your Work!

There are different markets in the woodworking field. Which one are you working for? Let me explain what I mean.

Some people are interested in home and business accessories or furniture. While others might want to try cabinets and furnishings that are custom-build and according to personal taste. You need to select a market for which you’ll be contributing.

Next, you’ll have to try some methods or marketing tricks to get those specific target audience and showcase your works. One great way is offering woodworking tutorials to interested people. This is a great way to appeal clients from different markets.

Also, try selling your design plans for a part creation that was used for a finished piece. This will trigger the audience who need such plans for their own DIY projects.

Publicizing Yourself

You can also try social media to target people who might be interested to buy your goodies. Let your friend and family squad know about your woodworking business. If someone is looking for a custom piece, they might want to contact you.

There are so many ways to network yourself. Joining up with flooring companies, painters, remodelers and interior designers will give you so much publicity. These people have a good influence on business and homeowners who might need your custom services or products.

Don’t shy away from asking for recommendations. This might give you a great judicious raise and visitors might come up at your door.

Having lots of product ideas and skills will be actually worth it when more people are able to know about them. So, you need a good way to get your product out there.

A very important part of this is creating a product that people will actually like. Today everybody looks for a “what’s special in it for me” factor that eventually makes a product hit or flop.


Woodworking is possibly one of the best moneymaking hobbies you’ll ever meet, no doubt in that. But of course, there’s going to be ups and downs that you’ll be facing. Nobody becomes huge success overnight. You should be prepared for some sure failures and obstacles throughout the journey.

But don’t lose hope and keep working hard. You’ll see a good result end of the day after such trials. On that note, it’s time for me to sign off. Best of Luck for Your Upcoming Projects!

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