How to Make Table Saw Jig Using Wood!

How to Make Table Saw Jig

Just the saw and fence of a table saw can bring you to a wide range of cutting possibilities. This amazing tool can be used for a number of cutting needs. No matter if you own a hybrid version or the normal one.

However, imagine having a collection of jigs at your workshop. It would be giving you a free pass of riding the utmost creativity level of woodworking.

A glad fact is that you can easily make a number of them using some basic steps. There are so many DIY options available to make various jigs type.

DIY a Miter Jig!

I own a Ryobi Table saw that is staying with me for years. I’ve been using this DIY version and made quite a few pieces for my workshop. These are super durable and performs up to the mark. Let me share the process in simple words below.

The Material You’ll Need

You’ll need wood as the main material of this DIY jig or sled. I’ve used the three-by-four plywood for the piece. Make sure the thickness of base is around eighteen x eighteen x three/four inches.

To fit inside the table saw miter groves you’ll need to make sled runners. For the purpose, I have used two pieces of hardwood.

There should be a ninety-degree angle form of top sled. You need the three-by-four plywood for this portion making.

Making the DIY Jig

  1. First, take right measurements and cut the base of sled using a power tool. Gradually make a cut and the size should be 18 x 18 inches.
  2. Now you need to cut the rails for table top miter grooves. Carefully cut two hardwoods into eighteen-inch-long pieces. Make sure they fit right.
  3. Now simply put the rails above miter grooves. You need to grab the sled base and place it over the rail’s top.
  4. It’s time to mark the sled’s center. The dead center here should be at nine inches.
  5. You need to transfer the saw fence. Do so in contrary with the sled base. Keep on moving it until the blade has dead centerline in middle.
  6. Use some glue and nails to fix the sled base to rails securely. It should not move. Double-check if the placement is right and apply some glue or hammer nails.
  7. It’s time to use the 2 by ¾ inches pieces. These need to form an equal ninety-degree with the sled bases which are mitered at 45 degrees each.
  8. To the length of sled base, you need to run saw blade ¾. Use an extra two pieces of 2 by ¾ inches and attach them securely.
  9. At this point run the saw blade 3/4 through the length of sled base. Let the saw blade run once again. Make a cut through the straight board fence. There you are ready to use the miter sled or jig.


So, that was my simple DIY on a table saw jig. Using the simplest tool and some basic knowledge you’ll be able to make them really quick. This is a great way to enlarged your woodworking capabilities. I hope you enjoyed the idea.

That brings me to the end of today’s tutorial. See you again for another fun topic! Bye!

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