How to Measure Cabinet Hinges – Know Before Buying a New One!

How to Measure Cabinet Hinges

Typically, there are numerous styles and varieties available to pick from when it comes to hinges. However, one thing you can never skip for getting a hinge is measurement. With the proper measurement, you can tell what hinge size will go well with your cabinet. And that is a pretty important part of this whole cabinet hinge replacement agenda.

So today, let’s talk about some easy methods on how to measure cabinet hinges.

How to Measure Cabinet Hinges to Buy the Right Size.

After determining what type of door and cabinet you own, next phase involves measuring the size of your future hinge. Here’s some step to do that…

The Traditional Way of Width-Length.

Get the Hinges Out

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Get a screwdriver to remove your old cabinet hinges. You need to apply a counterclockwise motion to remove all four screws (in most cases) to get the hinges. Now gradually bring all hinges one by one to the surface and lay them flatly. These hinges should be the same size all, so you can choose to measure only one.

You can use a utility knife to clear out the build-up paints if there’s any. Don’t measure without removing these otherwise, you’ll end up measuring wrong numbers. Also, measuring the hinges attached to the cabinet is okay, but you won’t get an accurate figure. So, it’s good to remove them.

Find Open Width

Typically, a hinge should have two sides of leaves. A vertical pin should be in the middle that separates these. Both leaves should be lying flat and so, you need to open hinge all the way up.

Between both leaf’s outer edge, simply stretch a tape measure. Get measurement for the widest part here. You should hold tape over the pin sitting in middle of hinge. Using this open width, you can easily shop for the replacement hinge. Since it’s the most common way to get a new one. But for the best accuracy, you should follow all measurements I describe today.

Each Leaf Width of Hinge

Starting from central pin all the way to leaf’s outer edge, this distance is known as its width. Depending on what type of hinge you need, these could vary. So, you should have an idea about the measurement for each of these leaves. Make sure to get the widest parts noted.

Top to Bottom Length

Usually, there are many hinges that come with a single pin on center which is known for being its tallest component. You should parallelly hold a tape measure to this for counting height figure.

In case of a hinge with different sized leaves, make sure to measure the height for each of them. You should also consider identifying clearly about which hinge goes on door side and also the ones corresponding to cabinet side. Usually, the cabinet side leaf is huger in most uneven hinges. So that the door is easy to open and close.

Measuring Overlay to Understand Hinge Size

Closing the Door of Cabinet

The amount of overlap a door does on a cabinet frame is basically known as overlay. People usually use overlay measurement to get a new hinge. You need to close the cabinet door to start measuring with tape. This method is only suitable for cabinet doors that use overlay.

Measuring on the Door Side with Hinge

There should be no left-over mark on the cabinet. So, using masking tape is a good idea. You should vertically place the tape exactly up next to door’s hinge side after closing it.

Right above the lower hinge, it should be placed nicely. Press it on the frame of cabinet. To stick it nicely in place, smooth out as much as you can. You can also mark the door’s edge to measure overlay. Simply make a mark along the side of hinge. A pencil will help you to put a mark that is later erasable.

Open the Door to Measure Again

There should be a part sticking out of tape noticeable once you open the door. It should be somewhere below on the cabinet door. This is basically the tape’s inside edge part. And it is the nearest one to door’s hinge side.

On an uninstalled door, you can easily move them to get a more visible tape. Place a ruler or tape measure starting from this sticking out part all the way to frame’s inside edge. In most cases, the overlay is between 0.64 to 3.81 cm. depending on built of cabinet, the number for overlay size can be different.

For Partial Inset Door

A partially inside or overlapping door is called a partial inset door. You should check the door’s edge first. Inspect from the top part. Now using a ruler find measurements for the distance between door’s edge to inner cabinet edge. In most modern-styled inset doors, 1.9 cm is a common measurement for hinges. The other sizes are a bit difficult to find.

Determining Right Hinge Size

The same overlay sized hinge should be a good fit for your cabinet. You should be able to find printed overlay size on the hinge itself. However, if there’s no such note, you can use a tape measure to simply check the amount.

In this case, you should know the mounting plate’s width. Basically, it’s similar to what we discussed in the previous method. Put the mounting plate and hinge width together. And this should match the overlay. Only then you can declare that the hinge will match your cabinet.


There should be no confusion on how to measure cabinet hinges. Hopefully, you will use the tutorial for a better choice making on cabinet hinges. Know the right method for installing cabinet hinges to do it yourself. Also, there are several ways to hire someone so that they can do the job for paying a very little amount.

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