How to Measure Drawer Pulls Like A Pro!

How to Measure Drawer Pulls Like A Pro

Pulls are a great addition to not just drawers but also cabinets in so many spaces at your home. No matter if you want to add one into kitchen cabinet space or get a replacement for your drawer’s previous one, there’s a need to care about getting measurements. And that’s what I’m about to talk about today. We’ll get through how to measure drawer pulls the right way for proper measurements that can help for such purposes. Keep on Reading…

Everything About How to Measure Drawer Pulls:

The matter of drawer pulls measurements have quite a few perspectives. When you are determined to know how to choose the right size cabinet pulls or the one for drawers, this varying point of view can make things confusing. So, let’s cover as many of them as possible today in the sections below.

A Bit to Know About Before

Using screws, usually, the pulls are attached with cabinet drawers. On the very backside, you should notice a thread post on pulls. And the cabinet faces get screws to slide into posts for making an attachment. In most cases, you’ll notice pulls have two holes at least.

And the gaping in between is two and a half inches. Since there are so many styles and types of pulls available for cabinet drawers, the measurement process also varies. And that is why it is required for you to have some idea of which type of pulls we are talking about.

For the measurements, you need to focus on three things. One is the length. Then you should get the distance from center to center. And finally, an idea about depth or projection.

At the Very Beginning

Now let’s assume you are starting from scratch and you have no hardware at all. There’s nothing you can use as a sample of your new drawer pull. In such a case it’s best to figure out the drawer’s width specifically. In the case of cabinets, we go for height, but since it’s a drawer, more important distance is width. Now once you have the drawer width, divide it by two. Your new pull should not be longer than this figure that you just get. In some cases, cabinets have pretty long drawers. We are referring to the ones that are more than 36 inches long. Then it’s best to stick with two pulls. Let both go on either side for making the best usage of them.

Measuring Center to Center

This is when you are actually making a replacement since the old ones cannot serve as before. Get some tape measure for use. Start from one end and go all the way to others. This length is going to be applicable to choosing the pull-type you should go for.

Depending on the pull-type, this measurement will have a different purpose though. If there are predrilled holes on the drawer, then case is different. You need to use a ruler or tape measure and hold it onto one screw hole’s center area. Then find out the distance up to other screw hole. This is your center-to-center distance for getting a new pull.

If you end up with millimeter results, turn it into inches. Since that’s what pull center to center measurements are usually refer to. Simply divide that number by 25.4 and you’ll have inches result. The more common type of pull is the 2.5 inches center-to-center distance one.

Now there could be a chance of your new pulls are not fitting into the old screw holes. There’s nothing to panic even so. You can use some wood filler. Or go for putty. And use these to simply fill up those old holes. Then sand down the area. And after that, you can apply a paint or stain coat on the drawer. Now you are good to create new holes for the pulls. Go with the right sized drill bit for achieving finest result.

Projection or Depth Finding

Projection is not only necessary for Cabinet Pulls purchase. It is also important when you are buying pulls for your drawer. And the measurement needs to be accurate enough for proper after results.

By projection, I mean the gap that you’ll use for grabbing the pull. With large projection, you’ll have a better comfort of gripping the pulls. And if it’s smaller, then your hands won’t fit between pull handles. And that’s why there’s a lot to do with projection measurement to ensure comfortable gripping.

To determine the perfect projection or depth, open drawers as well. Does it bang into other surrounding objects? Then you need to go for a slightly smaller pull. That way there will be no risk of suddenly hitting anything that could be damaged because of a bang.

Wrap Up

And now you know how to measure drawer pulls as well as the complete idea of size for getting a suitable one. Don’t ignore the fact that while buying a new pull or simply getting one for a drawer that’s also recently bought, whole thing significantly depends on measurements.

Whether it’s about pulls or anything else related to it. Hardware for your cabinets and drawers are not very hard to install or fix. But little details similar to getting accurate measurements are what makes the ending results how you’d like it to be. So, don’t guess measurements and spend enough time calculating the proper figures. Good Luck!

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