How to Remove Chuck from Drill Press with 2 Methods

How to Remove Chuck from Drill Press

You might know how to work with the drill chuck and driver chucks but the method of how to remove chuck from drill press is very different from these. Yes, we won’t deny the process is easy but it takes a lot of effort to be perfect here because you can end up damaging the chuck!

So, we have come up with an easy method of removing the chuck from the drill press without harming any components. Check out the methods for flawless operations!

Methods of Removing Drill Press Chuck

Here are two methods of removing the chuck from the woodworking drill press. No matter what you choose, all you need to be is careful and things will surely go right!

Method 1: Chuck Removal Tool

When it comes to the process of how to remove chuck from the drill press, we always recommend you getting a check removal tool. This is easier and effortless!

Step 1: Inserting the Tool

As you are using the chuck removal tool, it is going to be an easy process for you. First, you have to get your hands on the chuck removal tool and insert it inside the spindle window of the press. Be careful when you do this because people usually mess up in the first step.

Step 2: Start Hammering

After inserting the removal tool, you have to start hammering. Now, hammering the chuck is a bit of a tough job. It is not tough because you have to put in too much effort. Here, you have to use your hands lightly. The hammering process must be light so that you can get your job done. Start hammering at a light pace and get the tool farther inside the window.

Step 3: Keep Hammering

After hammering for a while, you will see that the chuck is falling out. This is the position where you need to stop. Keep hammering until you see the chuck falling out. When it falls out of the press, your job is almost done. In this case, you have to ensure that the press’s drilling table is raised. Keep it enough raised so that you can save the chuck from being too much damaged. If it falls too high, the chuck will surely be damaged. All you have to do is take care of that. Only you take a look properly, you will know how to adjust the table.

Method 2: Hardwood and Hammer

In some cases, the chuck removal tool is not available at your place. Don’t worry; we have other methods to get your work done. Here, you can also use hardwood and a hammer to remove the chuck properly without hurting it.

We always recommend using the removal tool because it is easier for you to deal with it. Using hardwood and a hammer can be a bit tough for the newbie. All you need to do is be careful while working. Otherwise, you will end up damaging your property.

Step 1: Collect the Equipment

So, firstly, you have to search for a hammer that can work for you. As you are not getting the removal tool, a hammer might work in the place of the tool. Along with the hammer, you will need a piece of hardwood. Not all pieces of hardwood will work the best. For a better result, you should pick up a strong hardwood piece. Also, the size should be perfect for you to handle while you are working.

Step 2: Adjust the Angle

In the next step, you have to position the table. By table, we mean to say that you have to position the hardwood. Positioning the hardwood piece will be tricky for you.

Imagine how the angle would have been when you had a drilling table of the press. Just like that, keep the angle in your mind and move it accordingly. Soon, you will get the right angle to adjust it to keep your chuck from falling and breaking.

Step 3: Start Hammering

Now that you are ready with the hammer and the perfectly angled hardwood, you can start the hammering process. The process of hammering is the same as the way you did before. All you need to do is repeat the process here at the same pace and speed. In the case of a real hammer, things will be slightly different.

You had to hammer for a while if you had gone with the chuck removal tool. However, here, you don’t need to work for long! In this circumstance, you have to go for a whack and two and you will be done with the work! For a large or medium-sized hammer, two whacks are enough to do your job. After the whacking period, you will see that the chuck is loosened and will slowly fall out.

NB: As you are using a heavy hammer in this method, you have to be very light with your hands. Also, make sure that the force of the hammer strikes is properly angled. The angle of the striking should be downwards. You have to go as downwards as you can. In this case, the more downwards, the better!

This will help you to keep the chuck shaft safe. If you are not striking it downwards, there is a chance of bending the chuck shaft. Also, drilling the spindle is a mistake that most people do when they don’t keep the hammer strikes downwards. Keep the right angle and the perfect speed and you can easily remove the chuck from the drill press!

Step 4: Clean it up

After you are done with the removal process of the chuck, you must get it cleaned. Often people ignore the importance of cleaning the chuck. However, before you install the chuck, you have to clean it properly and then get it back inside the drill press. If you don’t do it, there will be dirt, dust, and oil sticking to the chuck shaft.

As a result, the hold of the chuck won’t be as good as you expect! Take a rag and start cleaning it. You can add some degreasing agent here so that the cleaning is perfect. Go for acetone if you want to clean it with care. The acetone will evaporate easily and keep your chuck free from dust. Not only the upper portion of the chuck requires cleaning but the inner part also needs cleaning.

With the help of the rag and the acetone, you must get your hands inside the inner part of the spindle. Clean the interior of the spindle of your drill press. And now, you are ready to install the chuck once again or replace the chuck with a newer one!

Wrap Up

So, the process of how to remove the chuck from the drill press was easy, right? You won’t know it until you do it! The method is surely easy but keeping the balance while you work is tough. So, before you are perfect, you have to practice it!

To learn more, you can check out our site and learn about a drill press, spindle, chuck, and all other things you need when it comes to wood and material work! Stay tuned for more info!

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