How To Seal Your Wooden Deck? [Full Guide]

Every wooden surface requires a sealant to keep it in shape for a long time, and your deck is not left out. Hence, to do this, you must utilize a proper sealant to protect your deck surface from the effect of the sun, temperature changes, and other factors that could tamper with the beauty of the wood. They are, therefore, very essential when it comes to having the best wood deck.

Would that not be too expensive? Yeah, I guess that is the question on your mind currently. Of course, wood sealing is expensive. At present, the cost of hiring a professional to do the work for you ranges between $550-$1260.

But here is the good news; you can do the work by yourself. Oh yes, you can. Hence, this article is specifically for you; to show you the tricks on “how to seal your wooden deck.” So read on, so you can be proud of your first personal project on wood sealing.

How To Seal Your Wooden Deck

What Is A Wood Sealant?

Wooden sealant refers to a see-through coat that can penetrate the wood fibers and forms a protective film layer on the wood surface. This way, the product helps to reduce the infiltration of water and other moisture content. Hence, it helps the wood maintain its original form and structure for a long. This way, it sends it prevents the activities of fungi or other organisms that could cause wood rot. They are ideal for teak, cedar, and mahogany; this way, the grain and natural color of the wood are retained as it is.

However, wood sealing is not an easy process you have to learn and practice so woodhappen wood sealing tutorial can be an idle choice for you where they explained everything about wood sealing with detailed process.

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Types Of Deck Sealants

Deck sealants come in different forms based on the type of wood they are to protect. The forms include:

1. Penetrating Sealers

These include sealers such as Hemp oil, Linseed oil, and Tung oil. It also contains natural and synthetic waxes mixed with vinegar or mineral spirits. They penetrate the wood grain and help enhance it to bring the wood luster out.

The method of application can either be hand-rubbing or by painting with a roller or brush. In the future, we do not have to strip or sand the wood surface. This makes it easy to redo the areas that wear quickly without touching the entire deck.

2. Coating Sealers

Use these types of sealers to provide the surface with a hard finish. It helps to protect it from moisture and is capable of resisting scratch. However, they take a long time to dry up and peel off or crack easily, especially Shellac and Lacquer sealers. A better sealer in this category is the Spar varnish, with high water resisting capacity. Hence they are the favorite choice for sealer ship decks.

In general, we have the following types of sealants:

  • Oil-based sealants- these absorb into the wood and help to protect it against factors like mildew, rot, and moisture.
  • Acrylic resin-based sealants- these soak into the wood fibers and form a strong bond with them.
  • Water-based sealants- penetrate the grain and help to keep moisture out after they are dried.

Tips To Seal Your Wooden Deck

The process of wood finishing involves sealing. It is easy to learn and master, especially when you know the tricks involved. Here we have listed some of these tricks which can help you make your first project a success; they include:

1. Choice of Sealer

The first vital factor that affects your deck finishing is your choice of sealer. You get to choose between any of the types of sealers we listed above. Your choice should be dependent on the type of wood you are sealing. You want a sealer that will not tamper with the natural color of the wood.

Is the deck going to be exposed to a significant amount of sunlight? Then consider getting a sealant that can offer protection against UV rays, no matter how small the protection might be. Another option would be to use a Stainer after sealing the wood. But that changes the natural color of your wooden deck.

2. Proper Timing

There is the best time to seal your deck, and so if you want the best result, you should consider doing so at the right time.

  • Leave the wood deck for about 48 hours under the sun to dry.
  • Sealers should be applied when the temperature of the deck surface and the surrounding air is above 50℉.
  • Drying should take at least 24 hours.
  • We advise you do the sealing process on a calm day with little or no wind.

3. Pre-sealing

Before sealing, you must carry out proper prepping. This includes

  • Repairing or replacing bad or broken boards. This action helps to prevent future hazards.
  • Washing/ scrubbing the deck with a power washer to clean the surface.
  • Lastly, move on to the sanding should be done, using sandpaper with grit between 60-150, or use a sanding disk.
  • Thoroughly sweep off the pieces.

Process of Sealing Your Wooden Deck

After taking note of the tips above, it is time to seal your deck. Here, we have highlighted some of the points you need to know, and they include:

1. Stir the Sealer

This process is an essential step; it helps to ensure consistency. Do not shake the sealer; Instead, stir it using an object. This is because shaking the product may cause it to form bubbles which would affect the finish.

2. Application of sealer

For the application of sealer onto your deck,

you would need a brush, or a spray bottle, or a paint roller. Anything that you can work with comfortably. Start by applying a thin layer of the sealer to a 2-3-board section. After it dries up, you can add an extra layer if you want. You should wait for two hours after applying the first coat.

For better finishing, you would need to work in pairs. You apply the seal; another person uses a broom for spreading puddles.

3. Fine-tuning

Repeat the step above and finish the entire deck. Then use a different paintbrush and apply the product onto the difficult areas. This includes such as railings, staircase steps, and even cracks.

4. Drying

Now that you have finished sealing leave the deck to dry for about 24 hours before you start using it.


Now you know how to seal your wooden decks yourself. Congratulations! So, you do not have to employ the services of anyone next time; you can get good at this and retain the perfect look of your deck at all times.

However, it is crucial to note that, although decks get dried after 24 hours of sealing, we recommend you avoid making use of them for the next two days to be doubly sure. Besides, maintenance is also essential if you want your deck to last long; hence, you should seal continuously, at least once a year.

So, there you have it; a DIY project that will keep you busy this season.

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