How to Sharpen Lathe Tools without a Grinder?

How to Sharpen Lathe Tools without a Grinder

Getting a few nicely sharpened tools is often a challenge for those who are just starting off with woodturning. While making your basics strong, you also need to avoid overlooking the significance of having sharp tools on board. If you don’t have the proper guidance, then even with your willpower to keep things sharp, it’s going to be somewhat frustrating.

But what’s even more frustrating is ending up having blunt tools that can’t be quickly fixed because you lack a grinder for sharpening. The thought of how to sharpen lathe tools without a grinder will make you go nuts. Unless you decide to find out more about alternative options available. 

All About How to Sharpen Lathe Tools without a Grinder.

After getting your budget wood lathe and tools, it’s important to keep it sharp enough for meeting fewer operation cracks and broken results. Since as a woodturner, error-free outcomes will be good for both your time and money. And that is why paying attention to keeping things sharp is so important even when you don’t have a grinder available. Can you sharpen your lathe tools properly without a grinder and if so, what’s the options, let’s talk about that?

The Alternative Way.

You can use a belt sander instead of a grinder for getting the sharpening done quite easily. And how is that going to work? Well, if you manage to find a belt sander that has non flexing platen, then that’s going to be enough for the task.

This is for ensuring that when you turn chisels while sharpening, there’s no incident of rounding out cutting edge. Also, a belt sander is not just for shaping and sharpening but a lot of other things. And so, you will have kind-of a multipurpose tool instead of a grinder. Since a grinder is quite limited with what functions it is used for.

There are various types of belt sanders as well that are used to sharpen not just chisel but also gouge with close to perfect results. Even if you don’t have a belt sander at home, buying belt sander instead of a grinder might just be a better money-saving option looking at the fact that how versatilely usable it is.

You need right belt and wax stock lubricant so that the belt sander can work fast and good for sharpening lathe tools. The wide flat platens will help you in with poor alignment. Because avoiding facet is very important here.

Wheels that need frequent dressing are less superior than this idea. Moreover, belts are cheap compared to grinders. You can go for changing grits in seconds to keep up with the process.

Also, if you get a sharpening jig alongside, then the whole process can be even better. The fact that a belt sander creates less friction in comparison to a grinder is simply enough evidence that it can do wonders at such a crisis. So, if you’re good with using a belt sander, then you should not worry about not having a grinder.

Wrap Up

Still, worried over how to sharpen lathe tools without a grinder? Hopefully not. If you think that it’s not quite possible to achieve the perfect sharpness without a grinder and also, for the long run its’ a bit inconvenient, then go ahead and invest in buying one. However, for a situation where you need a way out, a belt sander can be a savior undoubtedly. You just need to be aware of the tools you’re sharpening and how to not mess up anything.

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