How to Sharpen Table Saw Blades Using Diamond Blade!

How to Sharpen Table Saw BladesSomebody who’s familiar with a little bit of woodworking will know how expensive it is to replace a saw blade.

I don’t know if this happens to everyone! But the previous table saw I owned was getting on my nerves needing replacements too often. While on my band saw, I think it goes pretty well with one-time replacement.

The point here is to find a solution instead of going for replacements on a blade. The only thing that comes to my mind is sharpening. Yes, you can expect a table saw sharpening process to be saving a lot of amount. You’ll just need a suitable tool and the process after that is relatively simple.

Sharpening Method for Table Saw Blades

Table saws are coming in various types and the quality of blades also differ. I’ve been using the Ryobi table saw that gives amazing features for my regular chores. It’s super functional after I do my minimal maintenance that includes sharpening as well.

The Sharpening Tool I Use!

I wanted to invest in something that brings me value. Since it would be used multiple times. So, I decided to try the diamond blade technique. It did wonders for me. There should be some safety rules to follow.

I Like to Go Safe!

You should take your time for the sharpening process and never hurry. Make sure the table saw is unplugged and it does not start midway.

Don’t forget safety gears. You’ll need a good pair of gloves that are hard. Take care of your ears with foam buds. If you are a bit more concerned or a mere beginner, I think investing for a respirator would be a wise choice too.

With added safety, you’ll be able to make the sharpening even more efficient. Go for jig and include it for propping up the blade. Using drywall as a substitute will also do. However, jigs are more preferable and easier to deal with.

Blessed with Sharpness!

Time for the actual operation. Concentrate, here’s the method:

  • Bring your table saw close to the diamond blade.
  • Simply push the tooth up against it. Don’t force it into the diamond blade.
  • You should make the tooth touch briefly.
  • Once done pull it back and go with the second tooth.
  • Keep on doing this for each of them.
  • After going through all the tooth of a table saw, they should be sharpened
  • Congrats, you’ve saved the blade and they are not dull anymore.

Keep in Mind!

Not every table saw blade will work with this process. If you own a stable saw with quite older and curved blades, it won’t be able to make any progress. Today, most of the modern-day hybrid table saw don’t include such blade design anymore.

Popular brands such as Grizzly Table Saw are focusing more on easy usability and better carbide quality.

So, this should not be a concern hopefully. However, some latest models might also not benefit from this sharpening method if it has less carbide. Also, if your table saw blade is absolutely worn down with too many sharpening previously done, you’ll probably need a replacement.

Right Time to Sharp?

The type of cut you get with a table saw says a lot about condition of its blade. If a particular cut on wood takes you forever, your blades are dull and need some sharpening. Another indication is seeing burn marks on wood while cutting.

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So, that was all about my table saw blade sharpening process. I hope you can make the trick work for yourself as well and get rid of that extra replacement expense. If you still feel confusion, my comment box is always open for you.

Make sure to comment down your concern and I’ll reach out as soon as possible. Good Luck till Then!

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