How To Unlock A DeWalt Table Saw for Different Reasons

How To Unlock A DeWalt Table Saw

DeWalt table saw is extremely popular among woodworkers and DIYers since these are really up to the mark for providing accurate and satisfying cutting results. Someone who is new to using different types of saws will however face certain difficulties related to using, repairing, and simply maintaining it.

And one such matter is about the right way to unlock a DeWalt table saw. Today we will be focusing on how to unlock a DeWalt table saw depending on what actually you’re looking forward to doing after the unlocking.

How to Unlock a DeWalt Table Saw for Blade Removal, Blade Guard Splitter Alignment & Rip Fence Adjustment

For both regular and job site table saw, you’ll discover yourself into a situation where the unlocking mechanism will become a very important matter to proceed. And keeping that in mind, here’s how to perform the unlocking depending on what situation or purpose you are facing. Enjoy!

Unlocking For Removing the Blade

You may need to unlock the table saw knob for getting blade out of it. For this first make sure to turn the machine off. It should not accidentally start in the middle of your operation. Also, you want to disconnect the table saw from power source outlet completely.

You need to get the table insert out. Simply turn the blade elevation handwheel. You want to turn it clockwise here. This will bring the blade to its maximum height. Now you need to lift the blade guard. Simply place it close to the table’s back part.

Now you’ll need to adjust the blade and bring it to a 90-degree vertical position. And here you’ll need the unlocking mechanism to work. The blade’s tilting lock knob is in charge of it. Turn in a clockwise motion the bevel tilting handwheel. Then you need to lock it into position.

Then simply pull the motor locking lever. It should come forward to the tool. Meanwhile, you also need to keep spinning the blade. Stop when the latch seems to lock into its place. And this will ensure no blade movement.

Now you want to place a wrench for the blade in arbor nut. Loosen and then gradually remove it. You also need to remove the flange. Simply use wrench to pull those towards the machine’s front part. Finally, you can remove the blade. Just make sure you don’t detach inner blade flange unless you’ve reassembled the blade.

Unlocking To Align the Blade Guard Splitter

For the blade to cut workpieces right, it’s important to get splitter aligned in a right way. Otherwise, there will be binding and twisting. Make sure to cover the blade guard teeth when you are installing. Use a folded cardboard piece to do this.

For this process, you will make starting moves similar to how we did it for removing the blade before. You need to turn the machine off, remove insert and bring blade to its maximum height just as we discussed earlier. Also, you’ll position the guard towards saw’s rear part as well as bring blade to a 90-degree vertical position following same instructions given above.

Now for the main part, you need to check if alignment between blade and splitter is correct. Use a square along the side of blade and also it needs to be against splitter. The square needs to be between blade’s teeth.

You need to tilt the blade into a 45-degree angle. Now go for another alignment check here. If alignment is not right then you need to get the wing bolt out. This bolt basically locks the guard in its place. You need to remove the blade guard then. Get the screw out from mounting bracket next by loosening it.

The guard mounting bracket that is fixed with saw, you need to place spacers right here. You need to position according to corresponding mounting bolt holes. Make sure to get rid of the washer’s adhesive backing as well.

Change the guard mounting screw and make sure it is tightly attached. You need to reconnect the blade guard assembly too. Make sure it is attached by the corresponding wing bolt. Once again check the alignment of splitter and blade at 90- and 45-degree angle. You can add or remove spacers if the alignment still seems off. And finally, replace the table insert.

Unlocking For Adjusting the Rip Fence

First, you need to place fence right to the blade. It needs to be parallel with the miter gauge groove. The rear clap will go on back rail. Next, you need to lower the front end and bring it over front rail. Now pushing the handle bring it to lock.

Now for changing the fence position, you’ll need to unlock it. Simply raise the handle up and this will unlock. Then you can slide your fence into a preferable position. Once you are done with it, simply push back handle to its place and things will go back to locked.

If you want to check the adjustment then place fence into miter gauge groove’s one edge. Then simply lock the handle. For accurate cuts, it needs to be in parallel with the miter groove. In case it’s not parallel, then you need to lift up handle on rip fence’s top part by loosening both hex bolts. Make necessary adjustments to the fence and make it parallel. Then lock the handle again as well as tighten hex bolts.

You need to unlock the fence handle. Then move the fence on right or left for getting right reposition against miter gauge groove. After double-checking the alignment, lock it into position. If the handle feels loose, then bring it to unlock position by lifting upward.

Make the rear clamp snug by turning the adjustment screw in a clockwise direction. You want to make ¼ turn at a time with the adjustment screw and nothing more than that. If you overtighten here then there’s a chance of rip fence coming out of right alignment.


Now you know about how to unlock a DeWalt table saw according to your needs. Hopefully, there will be no confusion or problem anymore when it comes to unlocking the table saw. Take your time to understand the tools and it’s okay if you find some parts confusing.

The beginning days are all about getting confused and sorting those out. That’s actually a fantastic way to become an expert of using such tools. Looking Forward to Seeing You as a Master Soon!

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