How to Use a Shop Vac on Wet Carpet for Cleaning?

How to Use a Shop Vac on Wet Carpet for Cleaning

When it comes to dealing with wet carpets, you should not be tempted on using the regular vacuum cleaners. I know there are so many videos on the surface telling you to do so. But do understand that a basic regular vacuum cleaner is limited to clear out the dry waste available on any surface.

And here you are supposed to handle a carpet that is wet, not dry. The regular vacuum that is a big boss with all those dry messes lying around might miss out on a water or liquid spill very naturally.

So, you should be using a shop vacuum, which is meant to remove the filter out before any water sucking procedure. Let’s talk about how to use a shop vac on wet carpet and clean it well.

The Guide on How to Use a Shop Vac on Wet Carpet.

For maximum types of carpets, a shop vacuum will do enough justice to get you a dry result easily. However, if the circumstances are related to a recent flood or simply a pet you own that pees a lot on the carpet, this method might not be enough. And you should look for extraction tools in such cases.

On That Note, Let’s Get into The Tutorial….

A Simple Preparation Phase.

There are some common preparation points that you should know before using a shop vacuum. The first thing that needs your attention is space where you’ll be working with wet carpet. If you are considering doing that inside the entre room, remove furniture from that space for now.

This is not just going to help you get a better clean but also saves that expensive furniture of yours from possible damages. Moisture and cleaners meant for carpets are not really good for furniture health you know.

If there are accent rug or area rugs, then bother not to removing furniture. The ones that are sitting above these rugs are already safe.

Also, it will be nice to use a regular vacuum to do a surface cleaning before going with a shop vac. If you get rid of dust and debris beforehand, it’ll be a lot easier for rest of the procedure. People who are asking, how to deep clean carpet with a shop vac note this point seriously. A deep clean means several cleaning phases completed one-after-another if you are aiming for a fantastic result afterward.

Stain Treatments.

Next, you need to give your attention to any stain available on the wet carpet. For this, you’ll need to apply some extra cleaning time as well as a commercial stain remover. Make sure you are not ignoring the bottle written instruction found on its label usually.

Also, check the carpet manufacturer’s instructions. They might have warned about a certain ingredient that you need to avoid when purchasing the stain remover.

Another thing I want you to care about is colorfastness. You should go with testing by applying a little amount of stain remover on an inconspicuous place first. See if there’s any bleaching or color running that happened to the carpet afterward. If there’s no chance of such incidents, go ahead with each stain spot.

Follow the allotted time to leave remover in stain before you clean it. Also, make sure to use some blot papers afterward. This will help to get rid of any excess stain remover from the areas.  You can also use a clean rag instead of blot papers.

While spot treatment does its job, you can mix the carpet cleaner with water. Don’t be careless about the ratio. Follow exactly what the carpet cleaner’s bottle instructions say to get safest and best result.

Using Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Use water can to pour all the cleaning solutions inside. This will make it super-fast and handy to apply on the carpet. You want to go with a smaller section each time. Don’t be overwhelmed and rush into the process. Take your time on each section and gradually apply a generous amount over it.

Next, you need to remove the cleaning solution all by hand. The shop vac will not disperse the solution. That step is your job to do by hand using a bristled brush or broom. Use these tools to evenly spread around and scrub it nicely into places that need it.

Now you want to use a floor attachment with the shop vac. Press the vacuum down firmly to make sure that it removes all those cleaning solutions nicely. Now you want to use some clean water to rinse the water.

Finally use shop vac once again to suck up all the used water to clean. Get a towel to remove all the remaining bubbled effectively. You want to go through one section multiples times to ensure proper clean and dry results.

Tips You Can’t Forget:

Renting a commercial carpet cleaner, again and again, will cost you a huge amount of money. Instead, a shop vac will save a lot of money while needing less time as well.

For wet suction, there are specific filters type that you need to use for a shop vac. And so, it’s important to check the included manual and know about it in detail. Make sure you are using the appropriate filter meant for carpet cleaning.

Shop vacs alone won’t be enough to treat a wet carpet. There are several attachments that are supposedly going to help you here. And these are brush, fine slotted, and floor attachments. Some brand includes the attachments. However, if they don’t you need to purchase them separately.

If your wet carpet is pretty messed up and you’re not sure about the results after going through a DIY, call a professional. Usually, the difficult-to-deal wet carpets are best handled by experts. It will save you from damage costs later and also help in the long run.

In some cases, the carpet’s pad and seams can separate due to excessive water. In such cases, you need to contact a professional.

Wrap Up

That’s all folks! This was all about how to use a shop vac on wet carpet and clean it. Try this formula with keeping all the points and suggestions I’ve just mentioned in mind. And you are going to get a good result for all of your hard work.

However, no matter how specific you are, there can be problems raised when things are done by someone who is not an expert. So, if you believe there’s a situation that might be tricky to handle yourself, go for professional help. Carpets are not a very cheap possession sometimes. And you don’t want to lose it forever because of being indifferent.

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