How to Use Dremel Router Bits the Right Way

If you are into woodworking and carving, then a classic tool to have been the Dremel. Depending on the bit and type, this thing can help you with a range of tasks wonderfully. The art of whittling with the Dremel wood carving bits and multi-use tool instead of an angular grinder holding wood carving disc for light-duty chores is really preferable.

Then again, people also tend to opt for the router bits to joint, plunge, or shape edges. All you would need to be a bit stress about is the wood chips and shavings, regular shop vacs for woodworking would be enough to help, however. 

Today I have decided to talk about how to use Dremel router bits, something that can help you with mortising and inlaying as well apart from routing. 

Exactly How to Use Dremel Router Bit – Choose the Rout & Router Bit Type First

Different types of routes would work differently. Because they are made for executing distinct tasks. So, your first job is deciding which route would be appropriate for your task. Of course, if you don’t really care about this and choose randomly something that isn’t meant to, damages are sure to happen.

Here are a few notes on making the choice:

  • For making round, v shape as well as flat on the bottom style of long surface cuts, choose grooves. Great for the countertop of kitchen as well as tables made of wood.
  • The cover route works best for any plain surface that needs some interesting edging. It is also known as a rounded grove.
  • For any type of decorative route, you need chamfer using. It won’t allow the extending ancrod the whole profile of a material. And so, it would be great to use as a flattened corner.

After making the choice of route, you need to pick a bit as well:

  • If you need to go for trench and rebated grooves, choose the 654, 652, or 650 numbers that are basically the straight bits. These would help to get a nice square bottom with groves that are also pretty straightforward.
  • For those who chose chamfer and cove rout, a piloted bit would be the right one for keeping things in place. There are two types with this one. The 612 is a beading bit that would work great for decorative purposes. While the 615 is rounding over the type that shows amazing results with edge smoothing tasks.
  • For working with V-shaped decoration purpose grooves, you need to choose the 640 or v-groove bit basically.
  • And finally for rout grooves that are meant for hung suitable stuff such as a frame, would need a bit that gives narrow slot cuts. Such as the keyhole bit, which is 655.

Insert The Bit Right Way

Hold your Dremel tool in one hand. And take the router bit with your other hand. Gradually start inserting the bit inside your Dremel. The hole that stays right on top side of your tool, that’s where bit needs to go.

This is a common spot for most rotary tools. After insertion, you also need to make sure that this is fixed properly and won’t have any hindrance when spinning.

Get Ready with The Plunge Router Attachment. 

If you are working with the Dremel multi-tool, then having your plunge router attachment fixed is important. No matter if it’s a routine project or any other woodworking relevant task. These are usually great for not just rout circles but also for inlay works.

Not to mention the fabulous results with cutting signs as well as letters. The edge guide usually included with attachment would also be necessary for routing in a straight line.

Not Without Safety Wears Of course!

If you have not yet worn your property wears, then don’t wait. Get these gloves on your hand. Make sure the accidental cuts can never reach you. Wear the dust mask even if it’s annoying. And also, the goggles. Routing is a task that can produce a lot of sawdust as well as plastic particle’s and you don’t want them to enter your lungs as well as your eyes. If possible, get a pair of insulating earmuffs as well.

Spin Speed Adjustments To Use It Finally.  

The adjustment switch should be available. You just need to move it until the speed that you’d want to work with gets finalized. And now that you have the Dremel bit inserted with speed adjusted, go ahead and start using the tool.

If this is your first time with woodworking, not just the Dremel tool, make sure to read instructions given in the package of the tool. Also, you want to hold the tool with firm hands while ensuring it never comes close to your body while operating.

After you have successfully completed the task, carefully turn it off and make sure not to touch the bit with your hand.

Wrap up

That’s how to use Dremel router bits after choosing the right route as well as proper bit. Of course, all of that is part of the entire usage. And so, you should never sidestep these matters and try something without proper knowledge.

Especially those who have less idea on these power tools for woodworking. Even with the bits, you should first spend some time practicing before actually involving an expensive workpiece. After usage, don’t forget to store the tool with proper cleaning of all the material waste.

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