Powermatic PM1000 Review 2022 – Updated

Powermatic PM1000 Review

As a woodworker, there might be many things you would enjoy having in your work station. Well, enjoy might not be strong enough to explain your need for a cabinet table saw like the Powermatic PM1000. Equipment such as this one is a necessary addition.

Now you may have heard a lot about this device. In order to help you make a decision, we will give you all the details you might need to know about the tool.

Let’s get the show on the road.

Powermatic PM1000 Review

Powermatic PM1000 Review

If you are a seasoned woodworker or have done some research about table saws, then there is a very strong chance that you have heard of the brand Powermatic before. And, there is good reason why people like it so much. The quality of table saw they produce is better than any other.

Even though the price may be high, but there is a good reason behind it. The money spent on a piece of equipment made by Powermatic is like an investment for the future. It will pay its worth in time with all the use you will get from the saw.

You will get a variety of table saws in their product range, but your best bet would be the Powermatic PM1000, as it will give you the best service. It will provide you with a full range of cuts as you will be able to pivot the gauge by 60 degrees.

Also, most cabinet table saws require a lot of power to operate, but that is not the case for this one. It will run smoothly with just 115V power. That makes this a more energy-efficient option than others.

With a dust collection hose, you will have a much easier and a better time working with the saw. You will not have to worry about the debris and the dust particles flying everywhere and make the clean-up process extremely hard for you.

And, let’s not forget about the importance of safety whenever you are working with saws. Accidents cannot be predicted, so a blade guard needs to ensure that any mishaps like that do not take place. The tool-less guard of the saw provides you with the utmost safety.

And finally, the cabinet saw allows you the privilege and the convenience of a hand free power switch. It just makes your work more efficient and fast.

Key Features

There are many aspects of the Powermatic PM1000 that stand up. And you, as a consumer, would want to know about these features in full details so that you can understand what you are buying.

The Motor

The motor is the most important part of the table saw; this is something you have to take into account before the purchase. The better the motor of the table saw is, the better results you will be able to see on the piece of wood you are working on.

Well, the powerful motor of the pm1000 will allow for cutting through wood at a much faster pace. And, in many cases, time is of the essence. You have to be very quick in order to be able to produce the needed output or to finish the job before the deadline.

Fencing System

Cutting in straight lines in a big issue when it comes to wood. Sometimes in different situations, you might need to cut up really large pieces of wood, you might find this a little difficult. However, thanks to the fencing system of the pm1000, you will not have to face hardships.

It comes with a locking system which essentially locks the piece down to the table. This allows you to make much more precise and straight cuts. The table does not allow the log to move, which in turn gives you better control over the task in hand.

Blade Guard

Your safety should be your first priority when it comes to operating power tools like this one. The main reason behind the caution is the blade. The blade on this can do some serious damage and injury if you are not aware of where your hands are placed.

But, to put your mind at ease, the Powermatic PM1000 comes with a blade guard, making the whole experience far less risky. The blade stays put, and you do not have to worry about the blade spinning out and hurting you or your hand while at work.

Dust Collection System

One of the worst parts of working with a saw of any kind is all the dust that comes off of the wood. The debris fly everywhere, and they are extremely hard to clean up.

However, that will not be an issue with this table saw as it comes with an incredible dust collection system. The hose collects all the dust that comes from the piece you are working on and provides you with the most effective cleaning service.

Prevention From Kickback

Any type of obstruction on the piece of wood you are working on might lead to some sort of kickback. Now, what is kickback? It is a sort of jump or shocks that the equipment has when it goes through a material other than your workpiece.

The kickback might lead to you losing balance, and therefore the wood you are cutting may not turn up the way you want it to. But, with this cabinet table saw, this will not be a problem as it was built in a way so that it would not kick back upon encountering unfamiliar material.

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  • Extremely durable
  • Features a locking system
  • Can help make cuts at different angles
  • Has a good quality safety guard
  • The dust collector is very efficient
  • You will have the utmost control over your wor


  • Sometimes it has alignment issues
  • Takes a lot of time to assemble the saw

Why Powermatic PM1000 Best?

If you are a serious contractor looking for a definite investment to make for your career, then we would recommend the Powermatic PM1000 to you right away. Why, if you read the Powermatic table saw reviews online, you’ll understand the reasons.

Now, first of all, this is an electric mechanical cabinet table saw that is much more accurate than any of the other table saws available in the market. It is very robust, and it has all the features to become a treasured tool in your workplace.

We also want to mention that we suggest you get this only if you are a professional and have worked in carpentry for a number of years.

Otherwise, it will be too early an investment for you to make.

That being said, we’ll also point out that the tool is very user-friendly. It can be operated by beginners as well as by professionals.

This tool has a lot of tilts. The gauge of this tool can be pivoted to 60 degrees, which means that you will be able to tilt it up to many different angles for any type of cut you want on the wood.

Another brilliant thing about this power tool is how it requires only about 115V to power through the thickest of wooden boards. Due to this, it would be fair to say that this is the most energy-efficient cabinet tool you can find anywhere in the market. 

Besides, the motor of the Pneumatic PM1000 is powerful, its fencing system has a lock to hold the wood down to the table so that it doesn’t vibrate while it’s being cut. Also, there is a protective cover around the blade to save your fingers from accidents.

The tool will give you the best value, help you with your work and protect you in several ways from accidents during work. It’s also the best budget tool, and the most efficient tool you can find in the market.

So, keep reading below to learn a lot more about this amazing power tool. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which table saw is the better option, the PM1000 or the 64B?

Ans: Well, it does depend on what you want out of the saw; however, the PM1000 has many qualities and features that are not available in the 64B. So, the first one is a better option.

Q: What is the right dado insert for the PM1000?

Ans: As per the instructions provided with the cabinet saw, the 708097 is the right insert that would fit it right.

Q: What is the dimension of the tool?

Ans: The base of the cabinet table saw is 24 by 24; if you want to also include the extension, it is 61 by 33 inches.

Q: Are the trunnion table-mounted or cabinet mounted?

Ans: Even though you can mount them on to cabinets, but upon first glace they will look like table-mounted trunnion.

Q: Does the table saw come with a dado insert?

Ans: No, the cabinet does not come with one. You have to look through the manual and find out which would be the correct size.

Final Thoughts

With all the benefits and the features provided by the Powermatic PM1000 cabinet table saw, you would be able to work very efficiently with the wood and will be able to see great results.

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