Powermatic PM2000 Review | Everything You Need to Know

Powermatic PM2000 Review

If you are a professional woodworker, then it’s a must that you get a cabinet saw.

They will help you cut through the thickest of woods with the utmost ease. And the best thing is that the vibration is minimum, so there’s a very low chance of your project getting ruined.

But the question is which cabinet saw to buy.

Now, since you are going to make a significant investment, it’s imperative that you get a quality product. I have a suggestion for you; Powermatic PM2000.

In this Powermatic PM2000 review, I’m gonna tell you everything about the product so that you can decide for yourself.

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Overview of Powermatic PM 2000 3 Horsepower Cabinet Saw

What can I say about Powermatic brand that you don’t know already? This one is one of the most popular brands when it comes to producing power tools. And it must be said that the popularity is well-earned since they have been cranking out top-quality tools year after years.

And the PM2000 is another of the quality cabinet saws that deserves your attention. Its design is simply awesome. Not only does it look classy, but its build quality is the best out there. There’s no way you won’t be amazed by its box-style cast-iron build. And the bearings are of the highest standard.

Regarding accuracy, it excels in this department. The 5/8-inch diameter arbor is designed for precision and will make extremely accurate cuts. There’s also a great Accu-fence system for making the cuts more accurate.

The surface is quite large, so that you can take on big jobs without a hitch. Moreover, the saw weighs about 675 pounds, which helps the saw to keep the vibration to the minimum.

Key Features

Powermatic 1792000K Model PM 2000 3 Horsepower Cabinet Saw

Let’s inspect the main features of the product to understand if you should make the purchase or not.


The makers have ensured that you can complete your tasks with proper safety measures. To protect you from unwanted accidents, they have provided a top-quality guard system. In addition to the blade guard, you’ll also be getting a riving knife to reduce the kickbacks.

Moreover, due to the fact that the knife is installed on the blade mechanism, you’ll see the gap remain unchanged between the blade and knife all the time.

Another great safety feature is the magnetic switch. This will ensure that you do not start the cabinet saw accidentally.


When you spend that much on a cabinet saw, it’s your right to get optimum accuracy. And the makers have tried to give you that.

You’ll get an Accu-fence system that’s as big as 50 inches to make sure that the cuts are precise.

Moreover, the arbor is designed for precision and will not let you down.


Though you are likely to use it only ion your workshop, sometimes, you will need to move around the machine.

And that won’t be much difficult despite its heavy weight thanks to the retractable 4-wheel caster system. What’s great is that despite offering great mobility, these retractable wheels do not compromise with the overall stability. So, the cabinet saw won’t move while you are cutting wood.

Build Quality

I think one of the best features of this thing is its build quality. You just can’t compare it with others.

You’ll be glad to learn that professional woodworkers have provided their suggestions for the construction of this thing. And the makers have built this cabinet saw keeping those suggestions in mind.


As you can expect from any high-end cabinet saw, this one also keeps the vibration level to the minimum. I can assure you that vibration won’t be a problem while working with this one.


Performance-wise, I’d rate this 9.5 out of 10. You will be greatly pleased with the overall performance of the saw. You can work with this machine for long hours without any issues.

Additional Accessories

There are a lot of things you will be getting with the unit. First, there will be a table saw which is of extremely good quality. There’s also a miter gauge for easy measurements.

You’ll also be getting an arbor wrench for adjustments. Apart from all these, there’ll be knobs, push stick, extension tables, and a hardware bag.


You’ll find a manual with the cabinet saw. If you follow the instructions in it, you should have no problem setting up the cabinet saw within a short time.

♦ Pros

  • Regarding accuracy, it’s one of the best in the market
  • The build quality is head and shoulder above the others
  • Comes with all the necessary stuff for use and installation
  • Vibration won’t be an issue
  • Features retractable wheels for greater portability

⊗ Cons

  • Will cost you a lot of money
  • The arbor lock could have been better

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use an extension cord with this machine?

Yes, of course. You should have no problem using an extension cord with this one.

2. Is this made in the USA?

No, the cabinet saw is made in Taiwan, but it’s high quality.

3. Will I have to pay extra for the lift gate truck?

No, that’s free.

Final Words

Overall, it can be easily seen that this cabinet saw is one of the best, if not the very best option out there.

That said, it will cost you a lot of money. But if you have the budget, I’d say that go for it.

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