How To Remove Chuck From Old Drill Press?

Drill presses go through a lot! Sometimes even the job of turning wood in absence of lathe. It’s also true, result that the best value wood lathe would provide, cannot easily be achieved from a drill press. But let’s not deny the fact that in case of tighter space, they do become a savior. And in lots of other ways too.

Not having the best oscillating sander for a sudden project, but a drill press plays that role and gets you out of the situation. Great Isn’t It? And there’s more in that list. However, there’s a limit to its awesome functionality. Its cry for help is bound to happen today or tomorrow. The most common one? Need for replacing the old chuck.

And that’s when you need to figure out how to remove chuck from old drill press. There’s a safe way to do so, and today you and I will focus on that!

how to remove chuck from old drill press

The Main Key to Remove Chuck from Old Drill Press

Right above the drill chuck, there should be a spindle slot where you need to insert your chosen drill chuck removal tool. Then using a regular hammer, you need to tap it. Eventually, the chuck shall fall and that’s it. Have some sort of padding to catch the dropping chuck or else it’ll break. This is the easiest way to do it!

A Safety Note Before Going into The Process.  

I hope you have an adequate number of ideas on Safety Practices in Drill Press Machine. Since you use it, these should be already in your knowledge so I’m not going deep into it. But just want to make sure, you keep all the safety precautions in mind before engaging with the drill press, even for chuck removal process.

Decide Your Approach of Removing the Drill Press Chuck from Spindle.

One of the most important matters for old drill press chuck removal has to be choosing the approach. I mean, the manner you’ll use for removing the chuck. And it usually depends on one thing! The tool you have.

For Your Information – a drill press is never the same as your portable drills. So don’t even think about loosening the screws in chuck’s jaw, it’s not going to work.

Also, average drill presses would have the chuck with some tapered shaft that is fit by pressure in spindle. That’s something to keep in mind as well. Let’s move on to getting the chuck out using two different tools. The removal key or hammer with hardwood. Some also try drill press chuck removal wedges.

Use The Given Chuck Removal Key.

The first one would be on how to remove drill press chuck from spindle using a chuck removal key. The key usually is the best for removing chuck from drill press. It’s a specifically designed tool that comes with the drill press and helps.

  • You have to start by lowering the chuck as well as a quill to the furthest possible point. The quill should be maintaining its position though. You can assure that by working with the quick lock rotating it.
  • The quill shall have a quill. Look for the shaft part and you should find a vertical slot here. This is where the key goes basically. Now using another tool (hammers work best) knock the key.
  • This will create a force on the chuck and it should gradually prepare to fall. Eventually, it will drop down, have something beneath to catch it.
  • While hammering, make sure you are as gentle as possible. You don’t want to accidentally damage the chuck. Having the drilling table slightly in raised position will also help.

Use Hammer-Hardwood Otherwise.

Now for an alternative drill press chuck removal, you need hardwood as well as a hammer. This is for those who don’t have the removal key.

  • Place the hardwood piece right above the chuck in an angular manner.
  • Use the hammer to very gently tap on the hardwood back. And you already can guess, the chuck will fall out.
  • Depending on the angle, you can go for strikes. Usually, downward strikes work best as that way the spindle or shaft does not get any bending risks.

After Removal, Reinstall, or Replace?

As soon as you get chuck from the old drill press out, either it’s cleaning to reinstall or a replacement that comes after. It’s great of the chuck looks like still workable with basic cleaning up. And in that case, you are more than welcome to get it back on your drill press.

However, keep in mind, after a certain period of time, drill press chuck replacement becomes essential. There’s a limit to how far the part can go and once it crosses that disappointment and poor performance of drill press would accompany you.

So even if you are a pretty good upkeeping person, with regular lubrication and cleaning, don’t ignore a replacement need.

Going through tough materials while holding the bit in place, is a strenuous job. And at one point, the chuck will get damaged. That time, it also becomes a matter of your protection. As then accidents are very likely to happen.

Wrapping Up

How to remove chuck from the old drill press, well, I tried to keep it short and simple. However, some may still find the drill press chuck hard to remove. And there could be many things behind it. If you struggle, to get it out, just go to an expert and they shall help.

Also, my final suggestion would be not to settle for vulnerable conditions of power tools. When a certain part seems to lose its touch and make serious demand for repair/replacement, don’t keep it aside. You working safely is the top priority, I hope you understand that. Bye!

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