Ryobi Table Saw Review: Ryobi 10 In Table Saw RTS11-Folding Stand

Ryobi 10 in. table saw with folding stand is certainly one popular choice for any homeowner who’s looking for a reliable table saw at a reasonable price.

But is it actually the best option available?

In this Ryobi Table Saw Review, we’re going to take a closer look at features, advantages and shortcomings associated with this particular table saw. So, by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a better idea about whether this model is the right choice for you.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the overview of this particular table saw.

Ryobi RTS11 Review 2021 

Ryobi Table Saw Review Ryobi 10 In Table Saw With Folding Stand RTS11

Ryobi RTS11 is a great table saw for any DIY woodworker or professional that suits most of basic woodworking needs. It’s an ideal unit for home repair, woodworking, and renovation projects. What’s more, it’s a good option for budget-conscious pro.

This unit comes with many must-have features that you’d find in a higher-end table saw at a fraction of the price of competing models. RTS11 offers you a surprisingly effective performance especially in regards to its low price tag.

Core Features & Benefits

Ryobi RTS11 has many basic features including a sturdy stand, all at a very affordable price.

  • Powerful 15-amp motor- to tackle a range of tough materials
  • Steel roll cage design for added durability and frame strength
  • Detachable folding stand for ease of use and storage
  • A built-in extension table- to offer you more flexibility
  • Cast aluminum table top for a flat, durable and lightweight work surface
  • Integrated dust chute accepts all common hoses
  • Tool-free out-feed extension for additional rear material support
  • Onboard storage for included accessories
  • Quick-folding X-stand- to make it easy to move around your jobsite

The Design

Ryobi designed the RTS11 to be flexible and easy to use. The size of the unit and the power of its motor combine to make short work of hardwoods and anything else you’ll need to cut. It is a good-sized, durable enough table saw, thanks to its Steel roll cage design

This unit comes with a stand that does its job greatly. Also, it’s very easy to detach from the saw.

It’s nice to add here that Ryobi RTS11 comes with all the accessories including a push stick which you can conveniently store on the side of the table.


The table saw features a 15-amp motor that can produce a no-load speed of 47000 rpm. As far as the rip capacity, it offers 12- inch right of the blade, thanks to its extension table. On the other hand, you’ll get 8- inch left of the blade. If you want to use a dado blade, this unit let you install up to ½- inch with dado throat plate. This makes it ideal for any small woodworking project.

Safety Features

Ryobi 10 table saw system comes with adequate safety features.

First of all, its fence is safe enough to use. It moves freely. It locks down tight in the front and back position making it more secure to use. It won’t move around to cause any problem. Even if, it lets you adjust the tightness of the moving fence.

Moreover, there is a screw on the back of the fence. You can adjust it to make the back locking system looser or tighter. Additionally, Ryobi table saw blade guard ensures its safe operation.

Package Includes

  • Rts11 table saw
  • Folding stand
  • Mounting hardware
  • 10 in. Blade
  • Push stick
  • Miter gauge
  • Rip fence
  • Guarding assembly
  • Anti-kickback pawls
  • Operator’s manual

Things We Liked About It

  • Well-designed and powerful
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight, but durable
  • Impressive speed of the motor
  • Long lasting 10-inch carbide blade

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The saw is a little tricky to assemble, but not too bad.
  • Its 12- inch ripping surface is great for most cuts. But it’s small for some of the larger cuts. For a larger project where you need to rip anything longer than 12- inch, this unit is not perfect.  However, if you remove the slid and ripping fence, you can easily cut the longer pieces of wood across the saw freehand.
Ryobi Table Saw Review Ryobi 10 In Table Saw

About Ryobi

The RYOBI is one of the most innovative and world’s largest company making the best homeowner power tools for the money. It’s one of the best value brands around, specialized in producing pro-featured power tools and outdoor products that are truly inexpensive. In fact, Ryobi is the name of choice for millions of DIY woodworkers for their reliable yet affordable products.

Ryobi has done a lot of things to set their power tools apart from other manufacturers. In particular, this company focuses on designing power tools that fit your budget and offer feature choices that matter most to homeowners.

Ryobi has invested a lot of time and research into developing power tools that will not only deliver excellent performance but can also be affordable.

In regard to the table saw, buying a product from Ryobi is generally a good investment if you’re looking for something you can count on.

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FAQ On: Ryobi Folding Table Saw RTS11

1. Why does a table saw motor/ blade slow down?

A table saw blade may slow down due to several reasons. First, if you use the extension cord or power source that limits the amount of power to the unit, the motor won’t be able to reach its maximum speed. Second, gum building up on the blade may cause the motor to slow down. Third, if the brushes of the motor wear away due to reaching the end of its life, the motor will start running slower. Finally, a dull blade makes it tougher for the motor to cut through the materials.

2. How can I maintain my table saw properly?

Some of the best maintenance practice for a table saw are-

  • Frequently clean out the saw dust that gets inside the motor housing and saw’s cabinet. It’ll help to prevent build-up.
  • Using an automotive wax, polish the table of the unit. It’ll make help to make the surface slipper for the materials to slide across.
  • Degum the blade by using gum remover or pitch.
  • Clean the plastic parts of the unit with warm soapy water. But before doing any maintenance work, make sure you detach the power cord.

Summing up

Overall, Ryobi RTS11 is an excellent table saw to use for home repair, woodworking, and renovation projects.

We recommend it to any DIY homeowner or Professional for cool projects that won’t break the bank.

Every homeowner should have this Ryobi 10 in. Table Saw RTS11.

Thanks for reading this Ryobi Table Saw Review.

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