Shop Fox W1851 Review | Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw with Extension Table

Shop Fox W1851 Review

Innovation is the theme that went into the making of this table saw. Most of the ones in the market will do what you want them for – rip and crosscut wood. But when you have the Shop Fox Hybrid W1851, you will feel more power and speed in your hand that you have ever felt before.

This is a hybrid table saw – it looks like a marker saw but has the interior make-up of a contractor saw. The power of this tool is mainly delivered through the blade.  And not only is the blade acutely sharp, but there is also a blade guard around it to keep you safe on the other side of the line.

Cut with great exactness and precision. Make beveled cuts as well as the usual rip cuts and crosscuts with comfort and ease.

Details Review Shop Fox W1851

Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw with Extension Table

We all want to be efficient with our money – only buy the best of things. If you are looking to buy a table saw, then this Shop Fox W1851 will be a definite win for you. Owing to the simplistic design and the intuitive modeling of this machine, working on this machine will seem like a piece of cake.

Whether you were starting out now or had begun years ago, you will be impressed by the efficiency of this machine. It runs on a motor of 2.0 horsepower and has standard wiring set up.  All the materials in the guards and miter have been picked out individually to ensure that every part of the machine runs smoothly.

It also features a dual rip fence, which is very useful in keeping you safe while you concentrate on the work. Moreover, this machine is made by an amalgamation of attributes from the 1824 and the 1837 models. As it has a mix of systems, the power system has also been kept to a moderate degree.

You will only need to have 230 volts flow through a regular hose in order to get the 20-amp motor of this tool to bolt up to the full capacity of its power. A long extension cable will be provided with the table saw, which will add to the flexibility of practical usage in different job sites.

Other than all this, there is the physical assurance of solidity when working with this machine. The belt system of the machine helps make the operation smoother and quieter. All the cranks are set firmly in place, and the safety shield is made of clear plastic, which allows 100% transparency, therefore, making it even safer.

Due to the design of the crankshaft, all the sawdust ensuing from the process of operation will end up in the dust bag.

Key Features:

  • In order to understand more about the product, and decide whether you can trust it.
  • you have to dig deep and check out some of the features.
  • We are helping you to do that right here.

Best Combination of Contractor Saw and Cabinet Style Saws

A problem with some table saws in the market is that they do not stand up straight. In other words, they are uncomfortable to work with. That problem has been solved with some cabinet mounted trunnions for this tool. These small pivoting tools are usually used for full-length cabinet saws.

But they have been installed to this hybrid model for added support.  These trunnions are small metal shafts that help to keep the tilting plates in place. Their job is to give a solid, metal support to adjust the position of the fence and the table in order to keep them in alignment with the blade guard, the riving knife and the dual-position fence.

Aluminum Rip Fence

The rip fence doesn’t look like a fence, but it works to ease the process of cutting the wood properly and neatly. It actually just looks like a long metal bar that is in parallel to the blade. You will be able to change the position of this fence, depending on how wide or narrow you want to cut.

To carry out the standard cutting techniques, you will just need to place the fence in the regular stance. And for narrow cuts, you need to place the blade guard to a lower position so that it has the maximum clearance during the on-going operation.

The solid metal framing of the trunnions keeps the blade stable. These metal pivots also prevent vibrations and ensure that the height and the angle of the blade stay in a fixed position for greater accuracy. The blade stays parallel to the fence, and the miter slot lines up properly – all courtesy of the sturdy aluminum rip fence.

The Tilt of The Blade

The angle of the blade needs to be changed in order to change the style of cutting. Fortunately, this table saw gives a big range in the change of angles. You can tilt the blade to degrees between 0 to 45 and change the style of cuts from bevels to compound miters.

You can make this adjustment very easily by loosening the tilt lock on the blade first. Then you will be able to turn the hand-wheel of the tilt and shift the blade to any angle you need it to be in. After adjustment, just place the tilt lock back, and keep cutting with consistency and precision.

Comes with Anti-Kickback Mechanisms

Kickbacks are machine hazards that happen when the blade of the saw accidentally grips completed stock and launch it back into the operating system. This happens when the work-piece gets caught up in the teeth of the blade or when the stock twists too much and ends up being bound up against the blades.

In this W1851 model, the metal spreader is modeled in such a way that it ensures that the work-piece does not get caught up in the blade. This is mainly ensured by the distance between the blade and the riving knife. The space left between them is enough to help the work-piece to glide over the blade during half cuttings.


  • The machine features both table and dado cut inserts
  • Noise levels are hugely reduced due to the cabinet styled design
  • Has advanced safety mechanisms
  • A very convenient dust port for keeping your workstation clean
  • The spreader table is perfect in weight and space ratio


  • Plugging system is not compatible
  • The conversion kit has to be bought separately

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to buy an extension cord separately?

No, the W1851 comes wired for 220 volts automatic.

2. Can I do the voltage conversion at home by myself?

No, voltage conversions need to be done by a professional electrician, as it may be dangerous for untrained people.

3. How deep does the saw cut?

The saw cuts till the depth of the fence, which is 40 inches in total.

4. Does it have a built-in dust collection system?

No, but it has a dost collecting hose that can be connected to an external dust collector.

5. Does it come with a manual?

Yes, fortunately, many of the minor issues can just be solved easily by following the manual guide.


The Shop Fox W1851 has earned a great reputation in their line of business due to the user satisfaction records of many years. Built with all the minor details and issues, in mind, the machine truly delivers a lot of power and efficiency through its rugged construction.

It is also very safe and easy to use, and therefore, can be used for many different applications without fear.

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