Simple Wooden Stool: Everything You Need To Know

A simple wooden stool can be very versatile as it can be used for extra seating or be taken to the beach. Upholstered furniture can enhance the taste of your home if the material, fabric, and design are perfect. 

Stools are compact, lightweight, and easy to store, and you can make them at home with proper instructions and materials. All you need to make a simple wooden stool is good quality wood, heavy-duty fabric, some tools, and perfect measurements. The perfection is almost depending on the size and design you prefer to make

Moreover, stools can be made in many sizes and shapes. That’s why I have collected all the details to aid you with how to prepare a simple wooden stool in no time.

10 Simple Wooden Stool Design Ideas That Are Amazing To Look:

Attractive and modern style can transform the look of a house into a high-level image look. This furniture is essential for the tasteful and aristocratic family. The most popular wooden stool design ideas are given below:

1. Long Wooden Stool:

A long wooden stool is an exquisite stool design idea. Since it is a little longer, it is quite comfortable to use. But try to give more space to use and keep it. In whatever way, It is best as a standard design compliant. Try to choose a great piece of furniture for working comfortably for a long time.

2. Wooden Stool With Storage:

This is an extra benefit of getting storage space with a stool. In this small part of the stool, one needs to keep the necessary small items that need to be kept behind one’s eyes. Due to the storage in the stool, it has more space for comparative seating. It’s more useful for the extra space under the tool for storage.

3. Throne Style Idea:

People in West Africa use this type of throne stool. This style is also seen to be followed in many other countries. If you want to get a very royal look in a seat, then these are the things that are needed. However, its design can also be used as a decoration for a home. This African design has spread to different countries over time.

4. Umbra Designed Stool:

This type of round stool has a polypropylene cover and is very comfortable and comfortable to sit on. You can easily spend a long time sitting on it. It is a very popular piece of furniture in terms of both style and usage. It comes in two sizes, small and large. The small one is used for children, and the big one is a norm and standard.

5. Kitchen Helping Stool:

You may need to sit in the kitchen for different needs. Also, children need a stool to reach high places. These types of seats are quite eye-catching and designable. It is better to choose a supportive style according to the user’s needs. Housewives use this furniture to make the cooking feel comfortable.

6. Display Designed Stools:

Apart from the sitting system, this is furniture that can be displayed and arranged like other show furniture of the house. If you want, surely try to arrange it for sitting and as needed. This is very special for those people who want to decorate their kitchen nicely. So, it’s essential to use this kitty furniture for smartening of a room.

7. Ball Shaped Stool: 

A well-known and popular shape and design is a ball-shaped stool. For using the seating tool, need a big space comparatively. Its classy cover creates a special look from others. You can use it in the dressing room or anywhere you want. So, renovate your home with embellishing furniture.

8. Butterfly Designed Stool:

This stool is a little more beautiful stool and has a relatively nice place to sit. It is shaped like a fan of many species, and one will be amazed to see its tactical craftsmanship. The stool is also very acceptable as a display in the living room or any other room.

9. Rocking Designed Wooden Stool:

A rocking stool is a comfort zone for relaxing in the midst of a busy schedule.  It is important to use it at any time if you want to sit comfortably. Rocking motion stools have many colors and light shaking. For a great designable and comfortable stool, it’s beneficial to choose this pattern surely.

10. Folding Style Wooden Idea:

A folding wooden stool is the most convenient for use. This adorning furniture makes a home embellished and renovated. In addition to being used for sitting, another use of it is that it can be folded anywhere. This is a great opportunity to preserve a big space. It’s also pleasant and restful to use.

8 Steps Should Follow To Make A Simple Wooden Stool: A DIY Project

As you know, getting yourself a rolling shop mechanic stool can be expensive, it’s better to make a DIY wooden stool. Here’s the entire process of making a wooden stool.

Step-1: Materials And Tools

These are the required materials and tools for making a simple wooden stool.


  • 1 (2-inch-thick) pine board/oak wood board
  • 3 small wedges (made of scrap hardwood)
  • Milk paint
  • Osmo Polyx-Oil
  • Polyurethane
  • Sandpaper
  • Brad’s nails

Tools Required:

  • Multiple varieties of saws (such as milter saw, table saw, and band saw)
  • Clamps
  • Brad nailers
  • Wood Glue
  • Tape Measure
  • Draw Knife
  • Compass
  • Belt Sander/Round Sander

Step 2: Planning Out The Project

Firstly carefully plan the project to reduce and avoid any unnecessary complications later on. The planning also lets out the stress and makes the task much more organized and delightful later.

In this step, here, you should lay out what materials you have and what you need to acquire. Consider opting for sustainable local wood boards that are endorsed by the local environment regulating council.

Moreover, you should also take a note of what tools are available to you, and what you can use as a replacement to the ones you don’t have in reach. Sketch out the design you’re going to use, as visualization helps. Even if it’s a simple wooden stool, in reality, when building, you’d appreciate a rough sketch that approaches the final product from different angles.

Step 3: Cutting The Board

In this step, we look into how we want to structure the stool. Typically stools are three-legged or four-legged, and they are the support for the sitting pane. Today we will see how to construct a 4-legged stool as they are more stable. In this step, we will choose pine wood as it’s more accessible and can provide the sturdy support required.

Using a Milter saw, we have to cut the board into 4 identical 12 ⅜ quarter-inch long wooden pieces. These would be used as the legs of the stool. After that, we cut the board again with a milter saw into 4 ⅛ inch-long pieces to make the joining pieces between the stool supports. Use a round sander to ensure that the final pieces are 1 ¼ inch wide each.

Step 4: Assemble and Attach

After you are finished cutting the wooden pieces, now is the time to assemble and attach them to each other to create the structure of the stool. Good quality wood glue is enough to attach them together.

Align the wooden boards using clamps and then glue the 4 ⅛ inch wood pieces between the 12 ⅛  perpendicularly so that they can make up the bottom of the wooden stool. After the attachment, let the stool rest for at least 24 hours to have a sturdy finished product.

Step 5: Seat of The Stool

Using a compass, you should draw a 12-inch circle to lay the foundations for the seat. And using a pine wood board, in this case, have the final perimeter set out. After that, do another 8-inch circle using the same compass to have the perimeter for the legs of the stool. After you have identified the markings, cut out the wood with a band saw. This would give the seating area of the stool.

A digital angle gauge or a sliding t level can be used to ensure the levelness of the wood piece that was being cut. After that, drill four holes into the 8-inch perimeter when you would attach the legs of the stool.

Drawing lines before the drilling would ensure that no deadly mistakes are being made. Align the drills with the drill press so that you’re drilling in a perpendicular order, and all the holes will have the same angle.

Step 6: Finish the Legs

After the seat is ready, now move on to the legs so that they properly fit the holes you just drilled into the seats. Firstly, sand the legs and then create a tenon that is 1-inch wide using a skew chisel on a lathe so that we can insert the leg into the seat of the stool.

The diameter of the legs should be such that it’s an exact fit into the drill holes so that the stool stands securely. Usually, tenons should be at least two-inch long so you can trim off any excess wood later on.

Step 7: Final Assembly

Now that we have all the parts ready to go, the last part to do is the final assembly to get your own wooden stool. Glue the tenons and insert them into the drill holes in the seat. Work quickly so that the glue doesn’t dry up, and lastly, push wedges into the ends of the legs’ tenons to ensure the stool’s stability.

Step 8: Paint/ Coat

To protect your stool from further damage and have it last longer, the final step is to either paint it or have a top coating. Usually, you can try out any waterproof coatings or paintwork according to your liking.

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Making A Simple Wooden Stool

If you want to do it yourself, it’s simple to encounter some common mistakes. If one can avoid these mistakes, it is easy to pass the hard steps with no trouble. I am trying to point out the common mistakes below in the DIY project:

  • Material Selection:

First, select the material which you want to work with. The stool quality depends much on the material that is chosen to make it. Select the liking and which type of stool needs to be made. Moreover, considering the material budget is also notable.

  • Painting Mistake:

After completing the stool making, it’s time to paint it. For the wooden DIY project, you need to find the best paint. Don’t use acrylic paint or wall paint for making stools. Try to use the specific best paint if you want to make it perfect.

  • Unconscious About Safety:

Everyone should be conscious of their own safety. It is necessary to use different types of tools. If you are a victim of any danger while using these, you have to be careful in advance. Use any precaution in using any tools. Wear gloves and maintain the rest of the safety.

  • Not Taking Preparation:

Starting work without any preparation is another serious mistake. By starting all the work irregularly, one can miss the target. So prepare in advance about what you have to do. Find out in advance about each tool used to make the stool and how to use it. In this, you can go after more danger. 

If anyone does not know how to use them, there is a chance of being harmed physically. So it is better to know everything in advance. Being wrong in measurement means you are not able to reach the goal. Every material used in the work of stool must be measured accurately. Otherwise, the stool making will not be perfect. 

5 Tips That Will Help You To Make Simple Wooden Stool In A Quick Time

Try to follow some tricks to do it properly. Some tricky ways can ease the work in a quick time. Let’s see some tips and tricks that will help you to make a simple wooden stool in a decent way:

Tip-1 Making A List Of Materials:

First, make a list of material that is needed to make the furniture. Decide which material is needed to work with. If all the materials are noted down in the list, it will not be wrong to buy. Otherwise, there is a possibility to forget and it will waste your time unnecessarily.

Tip-2 Consulting With An Expert:

It may take the help of an expert to make it for the first time. Rather, it is convenient to discuss with an expert before starting. Find out his experience and consult with him about what is necessary to do. This will allow one to master those strategies and will be able to benefit a lot.

Tip-3 Follow The Easy Guideline:

Don’t choose a difficult step in the first place. We have to proceed in an easy way. In consultation with an expert, try to move in a way that seems easy. If it is started in a difficult way at first, it may fail, and you will be frustrated.

Tip-4 Taking Measurement First:

I have already said that all the preparations have to be taken in full. Measure each surface correctly. If the measurement is wrong, you will have problems again and again and it will not correct the stool.

Tip-5 Design Determination:

Try to draw the desired design of your mind in advance. This will make it easier to proceed with the work. Determine the design by looking at the different designs of Google and YouTube. But it depends on the desire and the decoration of any home.

Related Question:

Which Woods Are Best For Making Simple Wooden Stools?

Birchwood is the best for making simple wooden stools. You can use it perfectly to make the furniture. This hardwood is most often used for making stools in accurate shape with very little effort in a very short time. The light-colored wood is a very nice material and great as a stool construction.

Oak is another popular material and has a huge reputation for making stools. It is commonly used as an alternative to birch. It is also used to make traditional furniture at a very low price. It’s stronger and more durable than any other wood. So, you need to choose both birch and oak for making great stool furniture for you.

How Do You Assemble Simple Wooden Stools?

Perfect tools and measurements are needed to assemble the simple stools. You must cut the wood using a miter saw according to the measurements and glue 3 (4 ⅛-inch-wide pieces) and 1 (2-inch-thick) wide to the seat. On a jointer, place the boards and bring them to 1 ½ inch thick at a planer. 

Ready pieces should be glued with the help of clamps and left to dry for 24 hours. Use a compass to trace a 12-inch circle to shape a seat, and mark an 8-inch circle to lay out the leg’s holes using a jigsaw. Then, drill a 1-inch hole for each leg in the bottom of the seat.

Craft the legs by three pieces of wood 17 inches long by 1 ½ inch wide and then 1 inch wide on the side of the leg, which will be inserted into the stool. Assemble the stool by adding glue at the bottom of the seat and drive the legs through holes quickly before the glue dries. 

How Do You Make A Simple Wooden Folding Stool?

Each leg should be 24 ½, cut 1/2 inch into 4 lengths with 1 straight cut end and another end 45-degree. Cut dowels 7″ in length and one 18 ¾” in size for supporting legs and holding fabric. Measure from the straight top ¾” and the bottom 3 ½” of each leg and drill into the center to insert dowels. 

Measure pivot point from the top to center (12 ¼”) and drill with a 9/32″ bit. Place two legs together facing bottom points towards each other, two short dowels put into the pre-drilled holes of the leg, and two into longer ones. Make a hole for the dowel on each leg and secure it with a 1 ¼” exterior screw.

Slide both legs in between and add two washers’ two legs at the pre-drill pivot point. Secure it with a bolt and nut. The fabric should be 15 ½” x 25″ and heavy-duty. You need to create an X shape, put 2 washers on each pivot point, and slide a bolt through, securing it with a nut. 

How Long Does It Take To Make A Simple Wooden Stool?

It depends on the procedure. If you have to hire a crafted company to make the custom piece, it might take 15 days or a month, according to the quantity of the material and from where the material is being supplied. 

Moreover, making it at home or DIY, depends on your potential and the designs you want to make. Many videos and methods are available on social media, but making a simple wooden stool does consume time as you need a countersink, table saw, and head saw tools. 

Is It Difficult To Make A Simple Wooden Stool By Yourself?

To make a simple wooden stool, you must select the wood board depending on the color or pattern. Moreover, the proper guidelines, extra help, and perfect plan might make the process effortless. If all these supports are available perfectly, you will not have to suffer too much while trying to make a simple wooden stool by yourself.

However, this stool requires heavy tools like a saw head and countersinks that not everyone might have in their household. Also, it consumes time to create a brand new stool. It might be challenging to assemble the stools by yourself. So, it’s needed to decide first if anyone wants to do it themselves or not.

Bottom Line

Stools are less space-consuming and can be used in gatherings or for extra seatings for guests. Besides good quality wood, need a heavy-duty fabric that doesn’t fray and adds additional strength to the stool. It’s necessary to choose the seating decorated for the aristocratic home. It will give a new identity to your taste.

However, you need dowels to fit perfectly for pre-drilled holes because it supports the wood accordingly. So, don’t feel uneasy to comment your opinion below. I’m waiting for the precious statement.

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