Skilsaw SPT99-12 Review | Heavy-Duty Worm Drive Table Saw

Skilsaw SPT99-12 Review

If you want a good woodworking tool, then you should be looking at the Skilsaw SPT99-12. It has been updated with a new worm drive motor that gives it more power, efficiency, and also the flexibility to cut timber into different cuts.

The higher torque power and the increased RPM rate of the machine make it much more versatile. It comes a full set that stands alone to serve all the uses you might have for this machine. The full set of attachments will cut anything from wood sheets to dense wooden logs.

With the dust collection port, this machine will make it easier for you to clean and maintain your workstation as well.

Skilsaw SPT99-12 Review

Skilsaw SPT99-12 Review

This machine requires 120 volts to operate to its full potential. When there’s no load on the machine, the RPM is at about 5000. An arbor of 5/8 inches comes with it, and this is the support that will give more versatility to the machine, as it will help you to be more flexible with positioning your workpiece.

Due to the worm drive motor, the torque of the machine can move at up to 90 degrees. But you can change this according to the type and the length of the cut you want. When at 45 degrees, the highest cutting capacity is about 2 – 3/10 inches, and at 90 degrees, the highest cutting capacity is 3-5/8 inches.

The diameter of the saw blade is 10 inches, and the weight of the entire table is 98.8 lbs. Some people consider this weight to be a problem. However, most heavy-duty power machines like this will be around this weight range. This, nevertheless, will not be a problem since a good quality rolling stand comes with the package.

With the stand, you will be able to roll the machine around corners and edges with the utmost comfort. Overall, the machine is a great value for money. It has the power to cut through any kind of timber, and the stability to keep doing this for a long time.

Key Features

  • There is a lot that this machine holds in its capacity.
  • To understand more about its functions,
  • we’ll walk you through a small list of its special features.

Comes with a Worm Drive Motor

The machine comes with a worm drive motor, which perfectly complements its build and functionality. One big advantage of such a motor is the speed of torque. The characteristic of a worm drive motor is that they have a very rapid motion – they move at 90 degrees.

This allows them to push out a lot more power than a regular direct-drive motor. You won’t be noticing much of a difference if you are working with sheet goods, but you will love the difference while making rip cuts on 2x or 4x materials. Do you see the numerical value beside the name of the model?

Yes, that number indicates the motor. In previous versions, they used to have a worm drive from the 70-series. Now they have upgraded to the 99-series motors, which are much more powerful than their older versions.

Incredible Fence System with Rack and Pinion

Most manufacturers are upping their game with fence systems in the new rack and pinion style. So, this is what our power tool over here sports as well. With the new system, it will be much easier for you to adjust the height of the machine.

This new style of fencing is more convenient. However, they require a bit more muscle. If you rub oil on it, there will not be much difference, except that more dust will stick to the greasy coat of oil. Oh, and the extension lock will take a little getting used to.

Whenever you turn the lock on and off, you will notice it making a “pop” against the glass of the table. That sound is reassuring. It means that the mechanism has locked into place. The handle of the system is made of plastic. But don’t you worry, the handle is very sturdy and will last you many years without getting yanked out.

Fence and the Support

One of the good things about the rack and pinion system is that they are way more accurate than other fence systems in the market, which have to be locked off-square. Instead, there are individuals locks here that you have to turn in one by one. This provides more stability, thus making the whole set up safe and sturdy.

The fence of this table saw lies very close to the blade. And from there, it supports rip cuts that are about 30-1/2 inches in length. You can also make shorter cuts with the device, and for that function, the support will automatically swing out of the way to allow space and movement.

For doing shave cuts, the fence will give you an extra inch of space between the taller fence and the push stick, so that there is less resistance on the material when you work on it.

In order to make longer cuts, the support can be moved to a lower position to keep it at level with the table, so that the material can lie on the flat place.

Rolling Stand

Since the new SPT99-12 table saw is a bit heavier than its previous version, it needs a stand to support the weight. The rolling stand comes packed in with the machine, and they are very easy to work with. They have large wheels that are 16 inches in size, and this allows them to perform with great speed and efficiency.

The wheels can roll around concrete edges and corners without getting wedged. All the four wheels stay well flat to the ground, and so they roll smoothly. If you have any trouble with it, then it might be due to the size of the stand. That will just require some familiarity to build over time.


  • Comes with a worm drive motor to complement the gears
  • Has a high capacity for rip cuts
  • Includes a dust collection port to keep operations neat and clean
  • The machine can be used with any kind of attachments from other companies
  • Good lock systems on the table saw stand


  • The machine is quite heavy
  • You’ll need some time to get used to the fence

Why SKillsaw SPT99-12 is best

The quality of the tool used can make or break a woodworker. And that is why we think Skillsaw SPT99-12 is best as it has all the right abilities to help you excel. Whether you regularly use a table for professional purposes or use it less frequently as a hobby, you will surely love this tool.  If you go online and read the skilsaw spt99-12 reviews, you’ll see many people praising the tool.

Conquer both wooden sheets and heavier dense logs with this table saw that has been updated and is now equipped with a worm drive motor. The skill saw table saw SPT99-12 is also much more versatile because of the improved torque power and higher RPM rate. Making precise rip cuts and shorter cuts has never been this easy.

This very efficient machine lets you change the torque of however you want depending on the project you are working on.  The rack and pinion system on it is also more accurate, sturdy and safer than regular fence system used in most table saws.

Wheel this machine to wherever your work or hobby takes you as it is equipped with a stand and large wheels for easy transportation and ease of operation. Cleaning up is better and easier with this machine as it comes with a dust collection port to keep your workspace neat and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many watts of power does this machine need to operate?

It will need about 1200 watts of power.

2. Why did they upgrade the model?

The previous model has a 24-tooth carbide blade. In order to make better cuts, the company has installed a 30-tooth Diablo Carbide blade in the new version.

3. Does the system has an anti-kickback system?

Yes, an anti-kickback mechanism comes preinstalled in this machine.

4. Is this machine batter-driven?

No, you will need to have a compatible electrical supply.

5. Can I use this machine without the stand?

The machine is too heavy to be used without a decent rolling stand.


If you need a tale saw with the right balance of power and versatility, then look no further.

Thanks to this wonderful version of the Skilsaw power tool, you will be able to have it all in one machine. Skilsaw SPT99-12 is a mid-range machine that delivers truly a high-range performance.

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