The Right Type of Woodworking Apron for You!

Right Type of Woodworking Apron

You know what plays the stamp for a perfect woodworker look, Aprons. Your collection seriously needs improvement if it lacks one of these.

You should not agree with the mess that your clothes create while working on an important project.

There were many instances where I lose my focus because of loose T-shirt or long sleeves dangling on the side. I did just the right thing by buying three aprons after a quick realization that my work should not face any hinders at all.

Types of Woodworking Apron: Choosing Your Ideal Pick?

Your presence means that you’re seriously hunting for a perfect woodworker’s apron. However, the confusion about what types and options are available is getting into your way.

I know, an apron is supposed to be quite simple apparel. It’s more like a clothing protector. But in woodworking, there’s a bunch of differences available between modern aprons.

To make it even confusing, there are even different price points available. So, what makes a good deal is pretty hard to tell.

No worries, I’ve got your back. Let’s have a mini chat over types of woodworking aprons and most importantly, which specific one suits well with you.

1. Canvas Aprons – Easy to Use & Maintain!

One common and pretty popular choice is canvas aprons. The material is very easy to handle and maintain. This low maintenance benefit brings you effortless cleaning and using.

You won’t have to spend for any special treatment. A simple pop into the wash basket is all you’ll do for regular cleaning.

On the bad side, canvas aprons are not well with avoiding wood particles. These have a tendency to collect smaller wood chips. Also staining a canvas apron is very easy. It gets dirty quite often so you need to maintain a daily clean up routine.

2. Leather Aprons – A Hard Wearing Nominee!

If you want something that is strong enough to resist wood debris, leather aprons are the right pick. These are really great at avoiding stains as well. So, you can work wearing these for a good number of days before tossing it into the washing bucket.

However, you do need to cope up with the occasional oiling. This is important if you wish the leather apron stays away from creases and cracks.

Sometimes this worn-over look gives you the feel of being a professional in field. So, it’s not really a bad thing after all.

If you want something that provides ultimate protection, leather aprons are a best choice. These are great at giving you a professional and serious wood turner’s look. Carving fanatics really love wearing and working in these.

Finding Your Ideal Pick!

Both are good in their own ways. But you still need some differences that help to figure out a perfect type for your working needs. That’s what I meant to do in this segment.

Let’s compare these two types of aprons from every perspective that plays important roles in woodworking. By the end, you surely will be in a better place with your ideal apron type.

Who Has Better Protection for Water Damage?

Leather and canvas behave differently whenever they come in contact with water. You’ll be washing the apron several times. So, if the material starts to wear out with water contact, that’s definitely not a good point.

Leather aprons that are very good in quality usually lack in synthetic coating. These may absorb water and so deteriorating is bound to happen. The soft and supple material needs quick-drying for this one particular reason.

You may think about applying a water-resistant coating over it. But remember that this coat might compromise the natural patina. It is supposed to age and develop, which is probably not going to happen with a coating.

On the other hand, waxed canvas is great at water resistance. Since there’s a wax coating over your canvas apron, repelling water will be easy. So, standing strong for the tests of time is probably more waxed canvas apron’s characteristic.

But then again, you’ll have to deal with stiffness due to wax coating. So, you won’t be enjoying the soft and subtle touch like leather

Which One is Easier to Clean?

Leather aprons are very prone to oil and residue transfer. So, you may have to maintain regular wiping with a dry fabric. Sometimes you need to wipe it with a wet cloth. Once a year, a good leather cleaning product will keep it thoroughly cleaned.

Regular dust and debris are not hard to clean with a canvas apron. However, if there’s major dirt to deal with, you may have to try gentle scrubbing.

Waxed canvas is not suitable for machine washes or dry cleaning. And the same goes with leather aprons.

Which One Lasts Longer?

If you choose a reliable brand’s working apron, it’ll probably last a good amount of time. Because both materials come with satisfying durability when bought from a trustworthy source.

Leather has the tendency to look better while gradually wearing out. These are really great at rough usage since aging really keeps it in good shape. And so, for long term endurance, leather aprons are best choices undoubtedly.

With canvas, you’ll probably notice wears a tear. These do look good with the roughness, but not like leather aprons. If I have to give higher scores to one considering durability, it’s probably leather aprons.

The Easy Maintenance Choice?

You absolutely can’t avoid maintenance regimes for both leather and canvas aprons. Every once in a year, you have to use a high-quality conditioner for leather aprons. This is the minimal deep cleaning that you can’t ignore for enjoying maximum durability.

The process is very simple. You just need to gently massage the conditioner over apron surface. Use a soft cloth or sponge for quicker cleaning.

Then use a clean fabric to simply wipe away excess. Make sure to try this cleaning routine every couple of months if you live in the arid climate.

Canvas aprons are not once-in-a-while cleaning type. You have to follow quite regular washing with canvas aprons. These are very quick at building up dirt. So, the best way to treat these is by washing very once in two to three days.

If the wax coating starts to get thin, reapply. A tin of wax and a hair dryer with low speed is all you need for the re-waxing process.

Better Option Between Canvas & Leather Apron?

Apparently, I can’t simply throw an exact answer here. If you want a durable and hard-wearing option, probably the winner is leather aprons. While if easy maintenance and usability is your priority, canvas aprons are the way out.

It actually depends on what you are looking for. Both come with amazing quality, features, and benefits. Given the right care and attention, leather and canvas aprons can last a long time.

Bonus Tips

You can use some common tactics to choose a new woodworking apron for yourself.

  • Choose a woodworking apron that comes with a lightweight design and quick-release buckles. These are easy to use and better at safety.
  • You should opt for a tool belt instead of pockets. Since the later one usually sags and makes working quite uncomfortable.
  • For the best-personalized usage, goo for adjustable neck and waist straps. An apron with these features is very comfortable to wear.


Hopefully, the idea about right type of woodworking apron is clear to you after reading this article. You can make an investment worth it by following a good research habit.

Make sure your priorities are never compromised while choosing a woodworking apron. That’s the smartest way to not regret later. Good Luck!

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