The Right Way To Use A Rotary Tool On Wood For Carving!

To do a wood carving or molding, you can have the best 16 gauge finish nailer but it won’t be enough if the rotary tool is missing.

In 1935, Albert J. Dremel invented the high-powered rotary tool, that has some awesome usefulness till date.

Once you have this tool, it’s possible the manual added in the package isn’t clear enough to know its usage. That’s where most get curious about how to use a rotary tool on wood to complete the task of carving or other woodwork in a right way.

In this guide, I’ll present all the types of a rotary tool and their usage on wood in a detailed manner. Let’s Begin!

how to use a rotary tool on wood

How to Use a Rotary Tool on Wood for Carving.

You have to click on the bar forward to use die grinders or Dremel. Then again, plug the cord into the power source and use the pencil grinders.  

Learning the right way of using a rotary wood carving machine is not a piece of cake and requires some practice before it gets perfect. But, it’s not impossible if you know the procedure through some careful learning. You should get familiar with the types, which are:

  1. Die Grinder.
  2. Dremel. 
  3. Pencil Grinder.

Be sure the place has a good woodshop air filtration system before you use the rotary tool. Also, organize the tools to ensure mess-free working.  

use rotary tool on wood

Some people even get confused on can you use rotary tool on wood? And of course, it’s possible but through right techniques and the tool itself. If you don’t own one yet, quickly grab this, one of the best electric wood carving tools which can make detailed designs easy with all the needed traits. 

My Recommendation.

  • One of the finest rotary tools that got quality and performance would be the Dremel 2050-15 Stylo+ Set. Run at 5k to 22k RPM, you can achieve the hardest to lightest designs in order to make aesthetic craft projects. 
  • Then again, you’ll find the Dremel 8220-1/28 Set as second-best due to its dependability and precision. Love everything about it especially the 28 extras that help create the thinnest design in a perfect way. 

The Right Way to Use a Rotary tool.

After coming this far, you should know the safety concern and preparation to go to the final procedure. And also, gather all the tools right beside you. 

Safety Concerns:

  • Wear a face shield, gloves, and mask as a prep. If possible, change your cloth to old attire which contains longer sleeves.
  • For anyone who can’t bear machine noise, just cover your ear using an earmuff or earplugs.
  • Ensure the room is well-ventilated to avoid wood carving power tools particle roaming in the space.


  • Use a manufactured suggested or provided lubricant in the motor before 30 minutes of the appliance.
  • If you have used the tool earlier and didn’t clean it, then take a cloth to wipe out the particles.
  • Try to secure your floor with a rag where you’ll do the woodworking using the rotary tool.
  • Get 150-grit sandpaper to sharpen out the overall design. 

Here’s How to Use a Rotary Tool in The Wood. 

  • Use a pencil or marker to draw a good floral artwork on the wood frame which you want to achieve.
  • Secure the wood piece on a well-lit surface. It will help you work precisely with no shake or accidental strokes.
  • Wear all the safety gear.
  • Plugin the rotary tool and test whether it works smoothly or not.
  • Grab the tool using your right hand. Maintain a 1-inch distance from your thumb to rotary gear (goes with Dremel, Die grinder, & pencil grinder).
  • Take your time to follow the lines which you just draw using this tool. If necessary, you can get help using different bits to match the shapes.
  • To make short strokes, hold the tool for 5 to 10 seconds and then pull out. And for larger strokes, grab it for 30 to 40 seconds using a sabretooth drill.
  • Make the shaped wood frame detailed using a fluted carbide bit.
  • Sand down the part using a 150-grit sander.
  • User other bitts to sharpen the edges.
  • After the design is complete place everything back to its place.

Disclaimer: All rotary tools are being used in the same way same. But you might need to hold the bar to work with a die grinder or Dremel. Where the pencil grinder requires a direct plug-in to a power source to function.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is a rotary tool worth it?

If you pick a versatile, durable, and reliable rotary tool, then it would be ideal for the purpose. And also, it does a great job to make fine shapes, patterns, and forms.  

2. What is rotary tool?

A rotary tool is a simple machine where the tip of it spins at a faster speed to grind or shape the wood materials. Most of the rotary tools are 10 times quicker than drills.  

3. How do you cut wood with a rotary tool?

To do so, you need to change the tip into a straight router bit. Then, using your hand press the bar and use pressure to cut the lines.

In Conclusion

The clarification of how to use a rotary tool on wood is over. As the described process is clear-cut, hope you find it simple to try in real life.  A good final suggestion would be getting a durable, versatile, and dependable rotary tool with extras to craft good designs on the wood. Plus, don’t skip the safety concerns wearing all the equipment. We’ll catch you on the next article. Bye! 

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