What To Do with Sawdust – Smart Ways to Use Every day

Sawdust is one of the least favorite things of anyone dealing with saws and we all know why. Not only does it have a bad impact on our lung health but also whole mess is hard to clean even inside a small workshop.

Thankfully today we have many technologies helping to keep sawdust less disturbing. From going for a complete woodshop air filtration process to simply getting a good quality woodworking shop vac to clean things nice, we do take steps to keep the group of tiny particles under control.

However, not everything in this world is entirely black or white. Sawdust is also something not wholly terrible and can be something useful if you wish to look at it that way. If you don’t know, let me tell you what to do with sawdust piles for use in many ways before you dump them out. 

Learn What To Do with Sawdust Pile in Multiple Ways

Before I move into the ideas that you can use for repurposing those wood shavings as well the piles of sawdust, something to talk about is safety. I can’t dare to move ahead without addressing this, because it’s important.

Whenever you work on anything that involves sawdust, better it be outside. In a place that has enough ventilation. Or you can use your mask. Just make sure no lungs are hurt. Also, keep in mind that not all sawdusts are the same. Some come with a large chipped shape that seems to be a little less irritating if enters your lungs or eyes. While it’s still very dangerous. And considering the fact that there could be additives in it, the whole thing becomes ever serious. So Don’t Try Anything Outside The Safety Boundaries!

Clear? Good!

Now we are ready to start the interesting part of what to do with sawdust from dust collector…

Save It for Some Nasty Spills. 

What do I mean? Well, apparently sawdust is great for dealing with spills. Hard ones, by the way, something such as oil as well as gasoline. We all know how hard to get rid of such spills are. But sawdust can help you out here.

You basically need to sprinkle the wood goodness on stain directly. And then give it a few minutes. Then sweep the whole thing and stain should start to come off. You might need to keep on repeating it as much as necessary.

Fun fact! Did you ever wonder why the janitor keeps bringing sawdust whenever a kid decides to throw up? Basically, this is the reason, because it’s easier to soak up the nasty vomit with sawdust and costs almost nothing.

Skip On Mulch & Use Sawdust Instead. 

If you are a person with multiple hobbies, and apart from woodworking you also love to take care of your garden, then this can be the best thing ever. Buying the highly pricey mulch is never going to be necessary for you to use in the garden.

Because that spot can be easily filled by sawdust. Yap! Not only would you find it super easy to spread right on your flower garden base but also there won’t be any weed or moisture-related troubles to face. Some even believe that it’s way better in preventing weeds as well as retaining dampness if compared to mulch.

The only thing that I would worry about is the nitrogen component. However, adding that to your soil before using the sawdust would be enough. For every 50 pounds of sawdust, make sure to use around 1 pound nitrogen.

Can Be Great Help For Petting Pets. 

With the moisture and odor soaking ability, the list of what can you do with sawdust automatically becomes lengthier. And one area where it literally shines is for pet upkeeping. That kitty litter is pretty expensive, right? Well, use sawdust and get rid of that cost. Buy your cat a cute toy instead.

And also, if suddenly your pet faces a little bit of injury and you are running out of any ointment, a little sparkle of sawdust is all it would take. Quick, Easy & Inexpensive!

Those who own caged pets such as guinea pigs or hamsters would be able to use piles of sawdust to make their darling pets a nice living area to stay comfortably.

Bring Some Sawdust & Start a Fire Outside.

It could be a fireplace that needs some fire. Or maybe the backyard fire pit is calling for one. Perhaps the beach bonfire mood is what taking over you slowly. In all scenes, sawdusts can be a really great fire-burning material.

Better than newspapers and inks actually. As sawdust are safer alternatives. You simply need some twigs and logs while the sawdust is sprinkled on the very bottom in a generous amount for making a nice base. And you’ll be able to ditch the newspaper just like that, having a fire that burns faster.

Has Some Traction Benefits Too. 

Logging in not-so-nice weather can be really hard sometimes especially if it’s an ice-cold climate we are talking about. Workers usually do a simple trick to their truck’s traction. A base of sawdust would be thrown down.

And this basically makes the whole snow compact enough. Plus, safe! Even during a snowstorm, sawdust can be great for using in driveways as well as neighborhoods.

Back To Woodworking.

And finally, you can use the sawdust for filling gaps, cracks, pesky gouges, and holes of any wood. You just need to mix it with wood glue and then apply it on the area that needs some repair.

It should be a putty-like texture. You’ll love how nicely it fixed damaged areas like nothing ever happened. Another quick tip, if the color of wood does not match, just find the same shade of wood stain. You need to color the filler and then use it. Perfect match and nobody would be able to tell!

Wrap Up

And we are done! You can now choose as many ideas from above. Maybe be a bit creative with what to do with sawdust. I’m sure if you think enough, you’ll find some new ways on your own. There are actually many ways to make these tiny particles useful and not just wood waste that stays in the corner waiting to be dumped out. On That Note, I’ll Be Taking Your Leave Only To Come Back With Something More Fun Soon!

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