Where Do Pulls Go on Shaker Cabinets in Kitchen?

Where Do Pulls Go on Shaker Cabinets

A room’s aesthetics does really depend on how you put little things associated with each other. A put-together approach is more likely to catch attention and look vibrantly gorgeous even with simple furniture, basic color scheme, and detail-oriented attachments. Placing knobs, handles, and pulls into your kitchen shaker cabinet is a topic we need to talk about for the very reason.

So, let’s have a deeper conversation today while answering one of the most asked questions, where do pulls go on shaker cabinets?

Answering Where Do Pulls Go on Shaker Cabinets with All Points You Should Know.

The shaker style cabinets are more in trend and Cabinet Pulls looks fabulous on them if placed right. To figure out how the proper hardware placement can be made in your circumstances, try following areas we are going to focus on. These are finest ways to place the beautiful pull and make most out of it.

Let’s Go On, You’ll Know Exactly What We Are Talking About Shortly.

Ways of Placing Pulls on Shaker Cabinet’s Doors.

So, some people like to have their pulls placed on the shaker cabinet’s doors. This placement has no big takeaway except the fact that personal preference is involved. Because apparently if you feel the placement on door will look flaunting then that’s probably going to work. Some good starting points are what I am going to talk about still.

You can try placing the pull in lower corner of door. This should be around one inch from the edge. Pulls look good when placed vertically here. However, horizontal placement of pull handles can be even better if you find modern looks appealing.

In case your shaker cabinet comes with some stiles and rails that are visible, then use this area. You need to place the hardware right onto middle of these sections. And it will look very put together. Some also prefer placing pulls halfway up the stile on door of shaker. Just make sure the pulls are easy to reach with your hand. Or else the higher up along stile placement can backfire in functionality.

My final advice or tip for the door is placing the hardware just below or above corners. You need to put it 2 to 3 inches from the upper or lower corner. If you are using the pull handles, then go for vertical placement.

Ways of Placing Pulls on Shaker Cabinet’s Drawers.

Just how we talked about the doors for pull placement, there are plenty of ideas to play with when it comes to considering drawers. You can place it without giving much attention to rules if the end result seems to be complimenting entire kitchen scheme. However, here are some ideas I still want to talk about.

The first tip is centering pull in inset panel. The recessed drawer panel is called inset basically. And also, this is the most common placement for pulls on shaker cabinet’s drawers. You can also try putting the pull in top rail right in center.

In some cases, you may have a mix of slab-style and shaker cabinet. If that’s how things are then place the pull in top quarter part of the slab. And for the shaker cabinet, place on top rail. This will give a symmetrical end result.

Also, for heavy and large shaker cabinet drawers, you have to consider the fact that these will be holding weighty items of your kitchen. Placing the pull can be done in two ways here. One method is placing two pulls on the drawer. Here simply follow the rule of thirds. This means you need to divide the drawer in equal three parts. And then place the pull in center of right and left section.

Another way is trying oversized pull handles instead of two. Just make sure that the pull is not less than 1/3 of cabinet width.

Depending on Pull Style Decide the Placement

There are so many different types and styles available for shaker cabinet pulls. And sometimes deciding the placement considering pull style makes things result better. So, here are some factors to know about that.

With Wire & Bar Pulls.

The wire pulls are quite similar to bar pulls. The latter is also known as European pulls. For a modern and contemporary kitchen, both simply rocks. In case of wire pull, you need to screw both ends into the cabinet. Two feet-like projection is the way to go with bar pulls.

Both of these pulls need to be installed upright and vertical on doors. With cabinet drawers, go for flat and horizontal orientation. If it is a 3-drawer base cabinet, then off-center handlebars will give a very contemporary vibe to the whole thing. It creates a very proportional look that seems graceful.

Pull out storage specified cabinets should have pulls placed horizontally. The door frame’s top rail is a fantastic area for this case. In case of a narrow pull-out, go for vertical orientation.

With Cup Pulls

Victorian-era kitchen popularized the cup pulls majorly. These are also called bin pulls. Cup pulls usually look best on drawers of shaker. You can place one in the center or two on both sides for a vintage, farmhouse, and transitional styled look.

With Edge Pulls

The minimalist look providers tab, finger, or more popularly called edge pulls are super contemporary in style. You can place it on the top and bottom edges of drawer or doors. In the doors, placing pulls on opposite corners work best. While for drawer, go for centering the pulls.

Wrap Up.

Styling your shaker cabinet with lovely pulls will need you to use some creativity. Now that you know some clues about where do pulls go on shaker cabinets, play around with the tips and make a proper placement.

Shaker cabinets are super versatile. So, it should not take a lot of effort to create something visually treating. Your kitchen hardware, décor, and flooring should be complimenting each other, that’s the only rule you need to know. And if everything falls under that one line then go for it.

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